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10 Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Next Adventure

When we started our Wandering Wheatleys Instagram account in October of 2016, we had no idea how engrossed we would get in taking the perfect photo or writing the most motivational caption. We’ve even had a few creative differences that have, embarrassingly enough, escalated to full-blown arguments (don’t worry, we’ve moved past that now… I hope…). Our Instagram profile is a passion project that gives us both a sense of pride and purpose and keeps our minds active while being fun-employed.

We hope that our travel photos and blog posts inspire you to get out and see the world but if you need even more sway, check out these 10 Instagram accounts that have influenced us along the way!

Brianna Madia (@briannamadia)

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So, I might sorta kinda have a nonsexual crush on Brianna Madia and her adventurous, living out of a van with her sexy bunned manfriend and two dogs lifestyle.

She bums around Utah which is my absolute favorite US state of all time and creates hilarious and engaging stories every day. Her page makes me miss the days of driving aimlessly down bumpy dirt roads while singing our favorite country jams, hiking through uncharted territory, and roasting marshmallows under the stars.

If you love Utah or are planning a trip to Utah or just want to see awesome pictures of climbers and cute dogs, she is a must-follow!

Fun Life Crisis (@funlifecrisis)

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Not only does Laura from Fun Life Crisis take amazing photos in the picturesque locations that she visits (she loves to live that vanlife!), but she is also a lovely person who makes an effort to respond to her many comments and messages from her adoring fans.

We first connected when we were trying to get a permit for The Wave and we saw that she got through with no issues. So we sent her a quick note asking about her experience and never really expected to hear anything back. Turns out she is super friendly, helpful and responsive and we are hoping to actually meet her in person one of these days!

She is Not Lost (@sheisnotlost)

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She is Not Lost is a community for female travelers that highlights photos from other female traveler Instagram pages and also organizes female group tours. They only select the best of the best so all of the photos on their page are colorful, artistic, and breathtaking.

If you are a solo female traveler and want to be inspired to venture out on your own, this page will be your biggest inspiration.

National Park Geek (@nationalparkgeek)

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NPG is an Instagram page that was created by several National Park enthusiasts and currently features the best of the best photos of our parks that circulate the web. They will inspire you to visit all of the 59 parks across the US while respecting our public lands and leaving no trace.

The Bucketlist Traveler (@thebucketlisttraveler) is one of their ambassadors and she spends every weekend hunting for a new adventure.

Travis Burke (@travisburkephotography)

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Travis Burke is one of the first Instagram accounts that inspired us to start documenting our 6-month US road trip. He converted his grandmother’s old van into a camping-mobile 3 years ago and has been wandering back and forth across the USA ever since.

If you want to see some of the beautiful, off the beaten parts of America make sure you check him out!

Gabe Rodriguez (@831gaberodriguez)

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Gabe is based in San Francisco and splits his work between urban shots and beautiful landscapes. If you live on the west coast and want to be inspired to get out an explore or to improve your photography give him a look.

Quin Schrock (@everchanginghorizon)

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Quin posts lots of shots from Oahu which is one of many reason we fell in love with his account. We lived there before and have been to many of the waterfalls and viewpoints that show up in his feed. Now he seems to be travelling more around the USA but his work continues to inspire.

Salt In Our Hair (@saltinourhair)

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We love taking photos that include a little bit of us in the middle of epic and exotic locations. Nick and Hannah of Salt In Our Hair have a similar style to their page and will make you feel as though you are right their with them. Their recent photos of Bali have us dreaming of a vacation in paradise!

And if you’re going to be travelling as a couple then why not follow along with some of these other amazing Instagram travel couples!

Brock Slinger (@brockoli6)

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We may be a bit biased but we believe that Oregon is one of the most beautiful states in the US and well worth taking a few months to explore. Brock Slinger is a landscape photographer living in Bend, OR. He travels around Oregon, Washington, and Utah taking amazing shots that are sure to inspire you to plan a road trip through our public lands.

Marlon Bundo aka BOTUS (@marlonbundo)

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I’d be willing to bet $100 that you had no idea that we have a BOTUS (Bunny of the United States). Well, we do, and his name is Marlon Bundo, and he has over 32k followers on Instagram. Marlon made our list, not because he has epic photos or does anything particularly noteworthy, but because he is significantly more intelligent and better looking than our current POTUS!

If you’re looking for even more inspiraton then check out these travel Instagram accounts.


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