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12 Incredible Airbnbs in Boise, Idaho

Boise, Idaho is a city on the verge of becoming an incredibly popular vacation destination. This wonderfully exciting city has long been overlooked but is now gaining quite a bit more recognition. With its proximity to miles and miles of unspoiled nature, a recent explosion of excellent craft breweries, and a huge variety of fun outdoor activities, who wouldn’t want to visit Boise?

Boise also has some truly unique accommodation options. As a matter of fact, there are so many great vacation rentals in Boise that it can be hard to choose where to stay!

To make your search a bit easier we have rounded up the best Airbnbs in Boise. So instead of scrolling through hundreds of vacation homes, you can get on with planning your holiday to Idaho’s captivating capital city!

Take a peek at our list of the 12 best Airbnbs in Boise and pick the one that’s perfect for you!

Top 10 Things To Do in Boise

Top Things to do in Boise, Idaho: Hiking Trail

The city of Boise, Idaho has something for everyone from nature lovers to art fanatics and sports fans.

  1. Explore the Greenbelt. This 25-mile tree-lined pathway along the Boise River is perfect for biking, jogging, or just a relaxing casual stroll.
  2. Visit the adorable village of Hyde Park, where you can find delicious food and drinks, fantastic live music, and rows of boutique shops.
  3. The craft beer scene in Boise is getting more popular by the day, so stop at one of the city’s microbreweries for delicious food and a locally brewed beer. Too many breweries too choose from? Try White Dog Brewing or Cloud 9 Brewery!
  4. Get your adrenaline fix with a white water rafting trip on the Payette River.
  5. Scope out the amazing street art in Freak Alley and snap a few selfies for Instagram.
  6. Shop at the Capital City Public Market on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Stock up on tons of local finds including fresh produce, aged wines, and handcrafted pottery.
  7. Visit the Old Idaho State Penitentiary which housed inmates up until 1973. There are only a few places in the United States where you can visit a prison that is no longer in use, and this is one of them.
  8. Admire the flora at the Idaho Botanical Gardens. Since the botanists at the gardens work hard to grow seasonal plants, it’s sure to be stunning no matter what time of year you’re visiting Boise!
  9. Spend some time at the Boise Art Museum which features both modern art and local art made by Idaho residents.
  10. Take in a Boise State football game at Albertsons Stadium. It’s famous for having the world’s only blue AstroTurf field – affectionately known as “Smurf Turf” or just “The Blue”.

Why Stay in an Airbnb in Boise

Why Stay in an Airbnb in Boise, Idaho

There are lots of advantages to staying in an Airbnb in Boise. For starters, you can choose the exact area of the city that you want to stay in. You can stay in the heart of downtown Boise, in the adorable neighborhood of Hyde Park, or a little farther out in nature.

Plus, there are so many fun and unique Airbnbs to choose from in Boise! Whether you prefer to stay in a stylish studio in downtown, a large urban yurt, or a potato-shaped home for two, all of these options and more are available as Airbnbs in Boise. You can pick a vacation home that perfectly fits your vibe.

And if you need another reason, most Boise Airbnbs are significantly more spacious than your average hotel room. Plus they often offer cool extra amenities like a private swimming pool, a crackling outdoor fire pit, or even a pet cow named Dolly who will surely become your best friend.

The economic value of staying in an Airbnb can’t be beaten either. If you are traveling as a large group, it’s much more cost-effective to split the price of a single large vacation rental among everyone. If you opt for a hotel, you’ll find yourself paying a premium for multiple rooms.

Finally, one of the greatest perks of staying in an Airbnb in Boise is the ability to connect with a local before you even set foot in the city. If you’re lucky enough to have a friendly Airbnb host, he or she will likely provide you with tips on the best sights, tastiest restaurants, and the hidden local gems that you wouldn’t find on your own. Who knows? You might even make a new friend!

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The 12 Best Airbnbs in Boise

Best Boise Airbnbs for Couples and Solo Travelers

1. The World’s Only Giant Idaho Potato Home

Best Airbnbs in Boise, Idaho: Big Idaho Potato Hotel
Images courtesy of Airbnb

If you’re looking for a truly one-of-a-kind place to stay, the Big Idaho Potato Hotel is by far the most unique Airbnb in Boise! Shaped like the hearty crop that the state of Idaho is known for, the Giant Idaho Potato Home is unlike any other Airbnb – not just in Boise, but in the world.

Once a part of an Idaho potato marketing campaign known as the “Big Idaho Potato Tour”, this giant potato crisscrossed the continental United States promoting, you guessed it, potatoes! Now, it has been renovated into a surprisingly chic and intimate Airbnb just south of Boise.

While the exterior of the Big Idaho Potato Hotel looks like a potato, the inside is a contemporary gem with a custom hardwood floor, plush rose-colored chairs, blooming plants, and a cozy bed. The entire Airbnb is just one room, but there is a surprisingly luxurious bathroom just outside of the potato in a converted grain silo.

If you’re looking for a little peace and quiet, this potato-shaped home may be perfect for you. As an added bonus, your neighbor is a lovable Jersey cow named Dolly who will certainly be your new friend.

The Giant Idaho Potato Home is ~30 minutes south of Boise and is surrounded by acres of peaceful farmland. And while it’s not technically in Boise, we think this is one Airbnb that you simply must spend a night in during your visit!

2. Adorable Tiny House near Downtown Boise

Best Boise Airbnbs & Vacation Rentals: Tiny House Oasis
Images courtesy of Airbnb

Tiny houses are inevitably some of the most unique vacation rental homes – after all, how can you fit so much into such a tiny space? So it’s no question why this adorable tiny house is one of the coolest Airbnbs in Boise.

You’ll have everything you need here, including a kitchen, dining area, and a comfy bed. And somehow, the owner has managed to pack a ton of fun into this petite home as well. You’ll find dozens of books, a handful of board games, bikes, hammocks, and a firepit!

Situated in East Boise, this tiny house is next to a few off-the-radar attractions, including Julia Davis Park, the Basque Museum & Cultural Center, and the Idaho State Capital Building. And downtown Boise is just a twenty-minute drive away!

3. The Bird Nest: Beautifully Remodeled Historic Barn Loft

Best Airbnbs in Boise, Idaho: The Bird Nest
Images courtesy of Airbnb

The Bird Nest easily secures itself a spot as one of the best Airbnbs in Boise. This remodeled historic barn loft radiates warmth and coziness. Between the warm wooden tones, stark white accents, and lovely outdoor deck, you’ll feel at home right away!

The location of the Bird Nest is perfect as well. While this country farmhouse is just a short distance from downtown Boise, it’s surrounded by wildlife-filled nature. You could easily spend a day wandering along the nearby trails and, if you’re lucky, you might even spot a fox or a deer. The Bird Nest is also just a forty-minute drive from Bogus Basin, one of the best ski slopes in the area.

While the Bird Nest can technically accommodate 4 guests, it only has 1 bed (with a blow-up mattress for the other guests) – so this Boise Airbnb may be better suited for a couple or solo traveler.

4. Stylish, Modern Studio in West Boise

Best Boise Airbnbs & Vacation Rentals: 26th Street Studio
Images courtesy of Airbnb

One of the best Airbnbs in Boise, the 26th Street Studio is a modern stylish apartment in West Boise. Outfitted with a chic clawfoot tub, a willowy four-poster bed, and an adorable yellow front door, it’s simply picture-perfect! In addition to its hip furnishings, this Boise Airbnb has everything you need for a wonderful stay including a fully stocked kitchen, a dining area for four, and even an outdoor patio.

And if the stunning aesthetic wasn’t enough to convince you to stay at the 26th Street Studio, the location will put it over the top. Located in downtown Boise, just about everything you could want to do is conveniently nearby – including the Idaho Botanical Garden, the Old Idaho State Penitentiary, Freak Alley, and the Capital City Public Market.

5. Bohemian Yurt in an Urban Setting

Best Airbnbs in Boise, Idaho: Urban Yurt
Images courtesy of Airbnb

Most Idaho locals will tell you that yurts have been all the rage lately in the state – so why not do as the locals do and book a stay in this urban yurt?

While most people picture yurts as just a slight step above camping, this luxurious yurt is packed with modern amenities including electricity, hardwood floors, and a gas stove for heating. But don’t worry, it still has plenty of bohemian charm with a natural skylight in the center, a colorful rug, and wooden lattice slats that hold up the structure.

You’ll also be surrounded by a beautiful garden that has picnic tables, a pergola, and an outdoor fireplace.

Located in a Northwest Boise neighborhood, this yurt is only a few miles from downtown and a 5-minute walk to the start of the Buena Vista Trail. So while you can feel off-the-grid as you curl up each night, you can also spend your day checking out the street art in Freak Alley, shopping at the Capital City Public Market, or sipping a beer at one of Boise’s many craft breweries.

Best Boise Airbnbs for Small Groups and Families

6. Historic North End Apartment

Best Boise Airbnbs & Vacation Rentals: Historic North End Apartment
Images courtesy of Airbnb

This historic North End apartment is the perfect home base for two couples or a family of four looking to explore all that Boise has to offer. This Boise Airbnb is stocked with everything that you could want or need during your trip. Curl up on the comfy gray couch while reading a book from the extensive library, whip up a tasty meal in the pristine kitchen, or crawl into one of the plush pillow-top beds and catch up on your z’s.

Situated in the North End, this apartment also has a fantastic location. Go for a hike in the Boise foothills and take in the views from Camel’s Back Park. Not only do you get to experience the wonderful area of North End, but you’ll also be within walking distance of the adorable village of Hyde Park!

Last but not least, this Boise Airbnb also boasts a fantastic host! As a matter of fact, he is so helpful and easy to communicate with that many guests have returned again and again to stay at this amazing accommodation.

7. Rustic, Cozy Bungalow

Best Airbnbs in Boise, Idaho: Beautiful Bench Bungalow
Images courtesy of Airbnb

This wonderful Boise bungalow perfectly blends elements of rustic charm and sophistication. While a distressed brick column stands tall in the center of the kitchen and living area, the soft grays and whites around it make for a lovely contrast.

The host has put thought into every aspect of this home – just read the reviews left by previous guests. From absurdly comfortable beds to a perfectly manicured backyard, no detail has been overlooked.

This darling Boise Airbnb is situated right next to the BSU campus, so if you’re looking to tour the campus, visit a current student, or simply catch a Boise State football game on the iconic blue field, this bungalow should be at the top of your list!

As an added bonus, it is also relatively close to the Idaho Botanical Garden, the Old Idaho State Penitentiary, and the Idaho State Capital Building so you’ll have all the city’s top attractions right at your doorstep.

8. Contemporary Townhouse in West End

Throughout the reviews of this contemporary townhouse in Boise’s West End, two words consistently come up – spacious and modern. With two bedrooms, two dining tables, a fully stocked kitchen, an outdoor patio, and several living areas, there’s no question of why the word “spacious” was used so frequently to describe this townhouse. And as for “modern,” the natural light, cool color scheme, and sleek surfaces give this Boise Airbnb a luxurious contemporary feel.

And while those two adjectives are the most used terms in this Airbnb’s reviews, they aren’t the main draw of this Boise accommodation – rather, it’s the location. Situated in West End, this Airbnb is equidistant from downtown Boise and the nature-filled part of the city. In other words, you can easily hike or ski in the morning while making your way to a craft brewery in town at night.

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Best Boise Airbnbs for Large Groups and Events

9. Katie’s Holiday House: Modern, Instagramable Home

Best Airbnbs in Boise, Idaho: Katie's Holiday House
Images courtesy of Airbnb

While there is no shortage of beautiful Airbnbs in Boise, Katie’s Holiday House looks like it was made for Instagram. With fuzzy throws artfully draped over the mustard yellow couch, macrame pillows and wall hangings, colorful rugs over hardwood floors, potted plants throughout, and a polka dot wall proclaiming “you’ve got this” in fancy script, this mid-century home is the perfect backdrop for your social media post about your Boise vacation!

While this cool Boise Airbnb is definitely Instagram-worthy, it also manages to have all of the necessities including a well-stocked kitchen, sleeping arrangements for six, and a fantastic location near all of the best things to do in Boise.

That said, the reason that this Boise Airbnb is so fantastic is thanks to the lovely host. Katie’s eye for interior design, prompt communication, and overall hosting availability are what truly make this home one of the best Airbnbs in Boise!

10. Renovated Historic Cottage in Hyde Park

Best Boise Airbnbs & Vacation Rentals: Hand House by Habitue Homes
Images courtesy of Habitue Homes

If you’re hoping to stay in the adorable village of Hyde Park, this may be the perfect Boise Airbnb for you. This 2,500-square foot historic home is perfectly located in Boise’s North End neighborhood near Hyde Park, the Boise foothills, and Camel’s Back Park.

Originally built in 1937, but recently renovated, this Airbnb has a mix of old charm and new appeal. And while it has been updated with brand new stainless-steel appliances and sleek, contemporary furniture, many of the home’s original features have also been retained like the Tudor arches and built-in kitchen hutch.

The host of this Airbnb, Chrissy, also goes out of her way to make her guests feel special. In addition to prompt communication and an easy check-in process, she’ll happily share her favorite restaurant recommendations and clue you in on some hidden gems around Boise.

In other words, you won’t have to stress about planning your Boise vacation because a Boise local has already figured it out for you!

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11. 1912 Boise Firehouse Renovated on HGTV

Best Airbnbs in Boise, Idaho: HGTV Boise Boys Renovated Firehouse
Images courtesy of Airbnb

Of all the unique Boise Airbnbs, this renovated 1920s firehouse definitely stands out. After all, how often do you get the opportunity to stay in a firehouse, let alone the oldest firehouse in all of Boise?

Adding to the cool factor, this Airbnb was renovated as a part of the HGTV show Boise Boys, so make sure you watch the episode before your arrival so you can really appreciate the love that went into this accommodation.

Inside the historic wooden barn doors, the interior is just about as modern and stylish as it gets. Whip up a meal in the fully stocked kitchen complete with stainless steel appliances, get ready for the day in front of the stylish double vanity, and relax while watching your favorite show on a Roku TV.

You’ll also find perfectly preserved touches of the history in this Airbnb including the vintage fireplace and the original firepole (but unfortunately you can’t slide down it since you’ll only be renting the second story of the firehouse).

As can be expected from a firehouse, this Airbnb is centrally located. The Capital City Public Market, Freak Alley, Idaho Botanical Garden, and the Old Idaho State Penitentiary are all within just a few miles of this lovely, one-of-a-kind accommodation.

12. Spacious Home with Pool and Hot Tub

Best Boise Airbnbs & Vacation Rentals: Luxury Home with Pool
Images courtesy of Airbnb

If you’re part of a large group visiting Boise during the heat of the summer, then this spacious home with a swimming pool and in-ground hot tub should definitely be on your radar! Due to the cool weather, it’s rare to find a vacation rental with a swimming pool in Boise so make sure to book your stay well in advance.

With sleeping arrangements for 12, two large sectional couches, an outdoor seating area, and the large inviting pool in the backyard, this Airbnb has loads of space for everyone to spread out.

You’ll also love all the little details of this home including a beautiful sliding barn door that leads to the master suite, a rustic brick accent wall in the kitchen, subway-tiled showers, blooming potted plants, and lots of colorful, cozy pillows throughout the house.

Located on a 1/2 acre of land near the Boise River, the Greenbelt trail is just a few blocks away and it’s only a short drive into downtown Boise. If you’re looking for a vacation home that everyone in your group will love then you’ll be hard-pressed to top this awesome Boise Airbnb!

That’s it – 12 of the best Airbnbs in Boise! Do you have a favorite vacation rental in Boise? Let us know in the comments below.

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