Best Airbnbs in Lihue, Kauai: Vacation Homes & Rentals

12 Incredible Airbnbs in Lihue, Kauai

While Lihue is a popular Hawaiian vacation destination today, it was once a simple town surrounded by sugarcane fields and for a long time, its beauty was overlooked. It was only when the Royal Governor Kaikio’ewa decided to make the town the Kauai’s capital that Lihue finally received the recognition it deserved.

Today, Lihue has become home to some of the top attractions on Kauai, including the award-winning Koloa Rum Company Store & Tasting Room, the sunny Kalapaki Beach, and the history-filled Kauai Museum. It is also the perfect home base if you’re planning to explore the entire island of Kauai as it’s halfway between Kokee State Park and Hanalei, two of the most stunning and remote parts of the island.

There are quite a few vacation rentals to choose from in Lihue. You can spend a few nights at a villa in the five-star Timbers Kauai Resort or opt for an inviting modern penthouse instead. Picking the perfect place to stay is half the fun of planning your holiday!

Here you’ll find my list of the 12 best Airbnbs in Lihue to help you get started. Choose the vacation rental that is perfect for your time on the island and prepare for a wonderful tropical beach getaway.

Note: If you’re still deciding where to stay on the island make sure you check out my list of the best Airbnbs on Kauai.

Top 10 Things To Do in Lihue

Airbnbs Lihue Vacation Homes & Short-Term Rentals
  1. Sample the locally produced, award-winning Koloa Rum at the Koloa Rum Company Store & Tasting Room. Made from the waters of Mount Waialeale and locally grown sugar cane, Koloa Rum has a unique flavor profile that you’ll definitely want to try.
  2. Drive all of Highway 50. This scenic drive starts in Lihue and winds past the memorable towns of Kalaheo, Hanapepe, and Waimea before ending at the secluded beaches of Polihale State Park on the west side of the island.
  3. Learn to make a haku at the Kauai Museum. A haku is a traditional Hawaiian version of a flower crown, and the Kauai Museum hosts a haku making class on the second Friday of each month.
  4. Walk across the Kapaia Suspension Bridge. Originally used by sugar cane farmers to cross the Kapaia Stream and get to work, today it is simply a reminder of that piece of Hawaii’s history.
  5. Swim, surf, and suntan at Kalapaki Beach. This beach is also perfect for kids because the waves rarely reach dangerous heights.
  6. Pay a visit to Ninini Point Lighthouse. Originally built in 1906, this lighthouse is the perfect place to spot whales, dolphins, and seabirds.
  7. Play a few rounds at the Puakea Golf Course. With views of the Pacific Ocean and towering green mountains, this is one of the most picturesque places to golf in Hawaii.
  8. Go mountain tubing down a series of historic irrigation canals with Kauai Backcountry Adventures. It’ll be like floating down a real-life lazy river!
  9. Catch a glimpse of a rainbow at Wailua Falls. The best time is early in the morning when the sun hits this 140-foot waterfall just right!
  10. Head to the Menehune Fishpond Overlook. While there, learn about the legends and history behind this ancient Hawaiian landmark.

Why Stay in an Airbnb in Lihue

Why Stay in an Airbnb in Lihue

There are lots of advantages to opting for an Airbnb in Lihue. For starters, there’s an interesting variety of Airbnbs to choose from in Lihue – you can opt for a fancy ocean view penthouse or a room at one of Lihue’s beachfront hotels. You’ll be able to find any type of vacation rental you’re looking for on Airbnb!

Since many of the best Airbnbs in Lihue are on resort properties, you’ll be able to book a spacious condo while still having access to all of the best hotel amenities. Swim at extravagant pools, work out at well-equipped gyms, and dine at delicious restaurants.

Of course, one of the greatest perks of staying in an Airbnb in Lihue is connecting with a local host before you even land on the island. Airbnb hosts are very friendly and love sharing local tips, which are extremely valuable in Hawaii. Find out about hidden beaches, secret hikes, and delicious restaurants that you might otherwise miss out on.

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The 12 Best Airbnbs in Lihue

Best Lihue Airbnbs for Couples and Solo Travelers

1. Newly-Remodeled Condo at Kauai Beach Villas

Best Airbnbs in Lihue: Kauai Beach Villas
Images courtesy of Kauai Ocean View – 1 Bedroom

This newly-remodeled Kauai Beach Villas condominium fully embraces the beachy theme. Between the gorgeous ocean views outside and the powerful wave pictures inside, you’ll never have to look away from the beauty of the Pacific Ocean during your stay.

This condominium has one plush king bed, an immaculate white kitchen, a sparkling living room, and a sunny balcony. And as a guest at the Kauai Beach Villas, you’ll also have access to all of the amenities of the neighboring Kauai Beach Resort. Swim in one of the four swimming pools, slip down the unique lava rock slide, and savor a delicious shave ice to cool down from the heat.

While most of the Lihue Airbnbs are centered around Kalapaki Beach, this condominium is situated in the northern part of Lihue near the stunning Lydgate Beach. So while you’ll have easy access to all of the best Lihue attractions, you’ll also be able to visit all of the Kapaa attractions that are just a short drive away. Catch a glimpse of a rainbow at Wailua Falls, kayak down the Wailua River to reach Secret Falls, or ride down the oceanfront Kapaa Bike Path.

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2. Upgraded Ocean View Condo at Kauai Beach Resort

Best Lihue Airbnbs & Vacation Rentals: Kauai Beach Resort
Images courtesy of Kauai Beach Resort 3225

This condominium has an ocean view, access to four pools, and a fantastic location. Honestly, what more could you ask for?

This quaint, beach-themed condominium is small with just a comfortable king bed and a well-stocked bathroom. But the real highlights are found throughout the rest of the Kauai Beach Resort property. Spend your days at one of the four pools, treat yourself by getting your nails done at the spa, soak in one of the many hot tubs, and enjoy a meal at one of the delicious onsite restaurants and bars.

As for the location, this Airbnb is nestled in northern Lihue near the town of Kapaa. Be sure to take advantage of all of the best things to do and see in both of these amazing Kauai towns!

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3. Luxurious Villa at Marriott Kauai Beach Club

Best Airbnbs in Lihue, Kauai: Marriott Kauai Beach Club
Images courtesy of Marriott Kauai Beach Club

Since its opening in 1995, the Marriott Kauai Beach Club has been a one-of-a-kind resort. It is committed to preserving Hawaiian history and culture by protecting a wide variety of ancient Hawaiian artifacts, including kapa cloths, hula ipu (dried gourd drums), and shark tooth weapons. All of this Hawaiian history and culture makes this luxurious villa at the Marriott Kauai Beach Club one of the most unique Airbnbs in Lihue!

The nature-inspired villa includes one spacious bedroom, a cozy seating area, and a convenient kitchenette. But you certainly can’t forget to enjoy the rest of the property. Take a dip in the 26,000 square-foot pool, relax in one of the five hot tubs, take a fitness class, and admire all of the ancient Hawaiian artifacts.

As with most of the best Airbnbs in Lihue, you’ll find yourself close to the gorgeous Kalapaki Beach. But you can also easily visit the other Lihue attractions as well as the nearby towns of Poipu and Kapaa from this conveniently located resort.

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4. Inviting Condominium at the Banyan Harbor Resort

Cool Lihue Airbnbs & Vacation Rentals: Banyan Harbor Condo
Images courtesy of Banyan Harbor Resort

This modern condominium at the Banyan Harbor Resort boasts both a wonderful sense of interior design and a fantastic location. This island-themed vacation rental includes turtle-bedecked pillows, tropical print plates, and nature-inspired artwork. It also has one plush queen bed, a well-appointed kitchen, a comfortable seating area, an outdoor deck, and even a washer and dryer for laundry.

And we certainly can’t forget about the resort amenities! Play a few games of tennis or basketball, enjoy lounging in the heated pool, and try your hand at shuffleboard.

As for the location, you’ll find yourself just steps away from Kalapaki Beach. But don’t forget to check out the rest of the things to do in Lihue, including the Kapaia Suspension Bridge and the Kauai Museum, which are all within a short 10-minute drive.

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Best Lihue Airbnbs for Small Groups and Families

5. Island Beach House at the Banyan Harbor Resort

Best Airbnbs in Lihue: Banyan Harbor Beach House
Images courtesy of Airbnb

This cozy island beach house fully embraces a tropical-inspired vibe. Relax in the plush beds with driftwood headboards, put your feet up on the compass-themed coffee table, and catch glimpses of little shell decorations throughout the home.

This Lihue Airbnb includes two island-themed bedrooms, a modern kitchen, a comfortable seating area, and a breezy balcony. And since this vacation rental is part of the Banyan Harbor Resort, you’ll also have access to the property’s swimming pool, tennis courts, and shuffleboard courts.

Despite the fact that many of the larger hotels in Lihue dominate the land surrounding the beautiful Kalapaki Beach, this island beach house still managed to snatch up a prime piece of real estate across the street from the golden shores. So you can spend your entire day swimming and suntanning if you choose.

This Airbnb is also on the border between Lihue and Poipu, so you can make the short 5-minute drive to the lovely little neighboring town, where you can surf the waves at Shipwreck Beach, tackle the Mahaulepu Heritage Trail, and get a tasty acai bowl from Little Fish Coffee.

6. Pali Kai Suite: Stunning Ocean Views

Best Lihue Airbnbs & Vacation Rentals: Pali Kai Suite
Images courtesy of Pali Kai Suite

Undoubtedly one of the best Airbnbs in Lihue, the Pali Kai Suite is definitely a vacation home you should book if you get the chance! This spacious suite boasts lovely modern décor and breathtaking views of Kalapaki Beach from just about every room.

This vacation rental includes two welcoming bedrooms, a beautiful kitchen, an ocean view dining area, and a comfortable seating area. Guests at the Pali Kai Suite also have access to the Marriott Kauai Beach Club property and can swim at the enormous pool or soak in one of the relaxing hot tubs.

From Pali Kai Suite, you can make it to many of Lihue’s main attractions, including Ninini Lighthouse and the Koloa Rum Company Store & Tasting Room, within just a few minutes.

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7. Maliula Residence at Timbers Kauai

Best Airbnbs in Lihue, Kauai: Maliula Residence
Images courtesy of Airbnb

With beautiful ocean views and a relaxing infinity pool, this Maliula Residence at Timbers Kauai is certainly one of the coolest Airbnbs in Lihue!

This vacation rental is filled with fun island touches including lava rock pillars, seashell chandeliers, and driftwood lamps. It also has two plush king-sized beds, an ocean view seating area, a sophisticated dining area, and a lovely deck.

And thanks to the added bonus of staying on the Timbers Kauai property, you can start your day with a scrumptious meal from the breakfast buffet, play a few rounds of golf, and even take a sailing class.

The location of the Maliula Residence is just as amazing as the amenities, or possibly even better! This vacation home is just a few steps away from the hidden Ninini Beach and it’s also not far from the Ninini Lighthouse where you can watch whales and dolphins play in the ocean.

8. Inviting Apartment at Marriott Kauai Lagoons

Best Lihue Airbnbs & Vacation Rentals: Marriott Kauai Lagoons
Images courtesy of Marriott Kauai Lagoons

This inviting apartment at the Marriott Kauai Lagoons gives guests access to all of the fantastic amenities of this amazing four-star hotel. You can swim around the two-level pool, take a few classes in the fitness center, and even roast marshmallows over the oceanview firepits.

This Lihue Airbnbs embraces an island vibe with its leaf-bedecked pillows, warm wooden furniture, and tropical smelling bath essentials. Enjoy the two floral-themed bedrooms, the spacious living room, the wonderful dining area, and the well-appointed kitchen.

As for the location, the Marriott Kauai Lagoons is steps away from the secluded Ninini Beach. And you can also make the short drive to visit the Kauai Museum, Kapaia Suspension Bridge, and Puakea Golf Course.

Best Lihue Airbnbs for Large Groups and Events

9. Pali Kai Estate: Epic Kalapaki Beach Views!

Best Airbnbs in Lihue, Kauai: Pali Kai Estate
Images courtesy of Pali Kai Estate

The Pali Kai Estate is definitely one of the coolest Airbnbs in Lihue! Perched on the Kalapaki Cliffs, guests can stare at breathtaking views of Kalapaki Beach from just about every room in this amazing home.

In addition to fantastic views, this Airbnb also boasts clean lines, an abundance of natural light, and a monochromatic color palette – all iconic marks of contemporary interior design. And the modern style winds its way through the five welcoming bedrooms, extremely spacious kitchen, large dining area, and breezy balcony.

As if the many perks of this wonderful estate weren’t enough, guests also have access to the Marriott Kauai Beach Club property. So you can sit down for a competitive game of chess, swim at the enormous pool, and soak in one of the warm hot tubs.

The Pali Kai Estate also has a fantastic location as it’s close to some of the best Lihue attractions including Kalapaki Beach and Ninini Point Lighthouse.

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10. Pali Kai Palace: Stunning Vacation Home for 14

Best Lihue Airbnbs & Vacation Rentals: Pali Kai Palace
Images courtesy of Airbnb

The Pali Kai Palace is a more elaborate version of the Pali Kai Estate. Rather than just five bedrooms, it combines the Pali Kai Palace with the aforementioned Pali Kai Suite whopping seven bedrooms, so you can invite a bunch of friends or extended family members along with you on your island vacation!

Of course, the Pali Kai Palace has the same pristine kitchen, wooden dining table, welcoming living room, and breezy balcony overlooking Kalapaki Beach – all in a contemporary interior design style. And guests of the Pali Kai Palace will also have access to the Marriott Kauai Beach Club property, including the pool, hot tubs, and restaurants.

From Pali Kai Palace, it’s only a short drive to Kalapaki Beach, Menehune Fishpond Overlook, and Kauai Backcountry Adventures so you’ll be close to fun Lihue activities!

11. Kaiholo Residence at Timbers Kauai

Best Airbnbs in Lihue, Kauai: Kaiholo Residence Villa
Images courtesy of Kaiholo 4-bedroom Signature Oceanfront

The Kaiholo Residence at Timbers Kauai is yet another stunning Airbnb in Lihue! Not only do guests get to take advantage of everything in this luxurious vacation home, but they can also access all of the amenities of the five-star Timbers Kauai Resort.

The Kaiholo Residence is decorated with cream walls, pops of color, and light wood accents. Snuggle up in one of the 5 plush beds, sip a cup of coffee on the balcony overlooking the ocean, and prepare a delicious meal in the well-appointed kitchen.

And as for the Timbers Kauai property, you can enjoy the daily breakfast buffet, soak in salt water hot tubs, and splash around in the gorgeous infinity pools.

The location of this Lihue Airbnb can’t be beaten – it’s just a few minutes away from all of the popular attractions including the Kapaia Suspension Bridge and the Kauai Museum.

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12. Kalapaki Beachfront Penthouse

Best Lihue Airbnbs & Vacation Rentals: Kalapaki Beachfront Resort
Images courtesy of Airbnb

This expansive beachfront penthouse situated on the cliffs above Kalapaki Bay may be one of the most unique Airbnbs in Lihue as it is a single home rather than a room in one of the many resorts around town. So you’ll be able to experience the more traditional Airbnb experience of living like a local while staying at this gorgeous vacation home.

If you’re looking to splurge a little bit, this beachfront penthouse is a great option. With an oceanview balcony, rustic wood furniture, and a deep sunken bathtub, you’ll never want to leave!

This vacation rental also includes 4 cozy bedrooms, a couple of comfortable living room areas, 2 lovely dining areas, and a luxury kitchen. As an added bonus, you’ll also have access to the Marriott’s Kauai Beach Club’s health club, pool, fitness center, and tennis facility.

After enjoying the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, you’ll easily be able to drive to all of the best things to do in Lihue from this conveniently located Airbnb.

That’s it – 12 of the best Airbnbs in Lihue! Do you have a favorite vacation rental in Lihue? Let us know in the comments below!

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