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12 Incredible Airbnbs in Waikoloa, Hawaii

Thanks to its breathtaking beaches and beautiful resorts, Waikoloa is one of the most visited spots on the Big Island. But Waikoloa wasn’t always the touristy town that it is today. Hundreds of years ago, many ancient Hawaiians called this spot home – and they’ve left their mark with the most well-preserved petroglyphs and lava tube dwellings in the Hawaiian Islands.

Today, you can not only see these marks of ancient Hawaiian civilization, but you can also spend a day at the famous Hapuna Beach, do a little shopping at the Kings’ Shops and the Queens’ Marketplace, and even play a few rounds of golf.

There are many amazing Airbnbs in Waikoloa – everything from a quaint island-themed townhouse to a lavish beachfront estate. It might be difficult to pick just one lovely vacation rental for your getaway. But don’t worry, I’m here to help! Check out my list of the 12 best Airbnbs in Waikoloa to help you plan your trip to the Big Island!

Note: If you’re still deciding where to stay on the island make sure you check out my list of the best Airbnbs on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Top 10 Things To Do in Waikoloa

Waikoloa Airbnbs: Apartments, Condominiums, Cottages, Beach Houses, & Villas
  1. Go on a petroglyph walk at the Waikoloa Petroglyph Preserve. Petroglyphs were the ancient Hawaiians’ pictorial writing form, and you can see some of these symbols during your walk.
  2. And the Puako Petroglyph Park is also home to quite a few petroglyphs. There are actually over 3,000 petroglyph designs in this park alone!
  3. Ride the boat and the tram to travel all around the extravagant Hilton Waikoloa Village. Maybe even get off to explore the dolphin encounter, the dozens of shops, the many statues, and the kayaking lagoon.
  4. Admire 49 Black Sand Beach. While this black sand beach is more of a salt-and-pepper beach, it happens to be one of the only black sand beaches with amazing swimming and snorkeling conditions.
  5. Play a few rounds of golf at the Waikoloa Kings’ Course. With ocean views and lava rock obstacles, this is one of the most stunning and challenging courses in Hawaii.
  6. Spend the day at Hapuna Beach. As one of the most famous beaches on the Big Island, you can swim, suntan, and snorkel to your heart’s content.
  7. Explore Beach 69 – the hidden extension of the popular Hapuna Beach. It’s got all the same perks of Hapuna Beach but with fewer people around.
  8. Feel like a royal while shopping the Kings’ Shops and the Queens’ Marketplace. Shop at local retailers, splurge at high-end shops, and stop at one of the many fantastic restaurants for a bite to eat.
  9. Stroll along the Wiliwili Trail in the Waikoloa Dry Forest. Thanks to the help of a local tree-planting initiative, this path is lined with large trees with beautiful bright orange wiliwili flowers.
  10. Wander the trail found in Kalahuipua‘a Historic Park. During your journey, you’ll see marks of the ancient Hawaiian people including petroglyphs, fishponds, and lava tube dwellings.
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Why Stay in an Airbnb in Waikoloa

Why Stay in an Airbnb in Waikoloa, Hawaii

The different Airbnb options in Waikoloa are simply amazing! Stay in a homey condominium or a luxurious oceanfront villa. Plus, there are all of the extra amenities that Airbnbs offer – private pools, cascading waterfalls, family surrey bikes, and home theaters are just the beginning. It’s easy to find a vacation rental that perfectly suits your travel preferences and budget.

Staying at an Airbnb is also much more cost-effective than staying at a hotel, especially at the luxurious beachfront hotels of Waikoloa where the prices can be very high. If you’re traveling with friends or family you’ll find yourself paying for multiple hotel rooms. But with an Airbnb, you and your group can split the price of a single large vacation rental.

Finally, one of the greatest perks of staying in an Airbnb in Waikoloa is the fact that you can connect with a local before your flight even lands on the Big Island. Many Airbnb hosts are very friendly and love to share local tips. Find out about hidden beaches, tasty restaurants, and tucked-away historical sites that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

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The 12 Best Airbnbs in Waikoloa

Best Waikoloa Airbnbs for Couples and Solo Travelers

1. Dancing Dolphins Point Villa

Coolest Airbnbs in Waikoloa, Hawaii: Dancing Dolphins Point Villa
Images courtesy of Airbnb

With its bright accent walls and striking sunsets, Dancing Dolphins Point Villa is one of the top-rated Airbnbs in Waikoloa.

This charming apartment includes one plush king bed, a spacious living room with a lime green accent wall, a well-equipped kitchen with pristine white countertops, a dining room for four people, and a breezy balcony with beautiful ocean views. You’ll also have access to a private beach club, which includes free snorkel gear.

The Dancing Dolphins Point Villa is just a short walk from the heart of Waikoloa, which is home to all of the best restaurants and resorts in the area. Plus you’ll be close to many of the coolest beaches including 49 Black Sand Beach and the Mauna Lani Beach Club.

2. Hale Malulani: Oceanfront Cottage with Private Pool

Best Waikoloa Airbnbs & Vacation Rentals: Hale Malulani House
Images courtesy of Airbnb

With its private pool and oceanfront location, Hale Malulani is a wonderful place to stay in Waikoloa, if you get the chance.

While staying in this fantastic vacation home, you can curl up in the cozy queen bed in the bright bedroom, prepare a cup of coffee in the well-appointed kitchen, relax in the boldly colored living room, and delight in a meal at the island-inspired dining table.

But the backyard is where all the excitement happens! You can go for a swim in the cerulean pool with cascading waterfall, sip a Mai Tai while gazing at the ocean, swing in the hammock, enjoy the warm Hawaiian sun on the loungers, and savor a meal at the outdoor dining table.

Hale Malulani is situated right on the Pacific Ocean so you really can’t ask for a much better location. And it’s only a short walk away from the beautiful Holoholokai Beach Park.

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3. Luxurious Mauna Lani Point Condominium

Best Airbnbs in Waikoloa, Hawaii: Mauna Lani Point Condominium
Images courtesy of Mauna Lani Point

This Mauna Lani Point condominium is definitely an awesome place to stay in Waikoloa, thanks to its unobstructed ocean views and resort amenities.

This condominium includes one plush king bed, a spacious living room with both golf and ocean views, a well-equipped kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a lovely dining area, and a breezy balcony.

While staying at this quaint Airbnb you’ll also have access to the Mauna Lani Resort amenities including a large pool, gas barbecues, and an entertainment pavilion.

This amazing vacation rental also happens to be right in the heart of Waikoloa, giving you access to breathtaking beaches, lavish resorts, and historic landmarks.

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Best Waikoloa Airbnbs for Small Groups and Families

4. Sea Glass House with Private Pool & Spa

Best Waikoloa Airbnbs & Vacation Rentals: Sea Glass House
Images courtesy of Sea Glass House

With its distinctive interior design, the Sea Glass House is certainly one of the most unique Airbnbs in Waikoloa. Between the abstract art, boldly colored bed runners, and contemporary chandelier-like light fixtures, this vacation home is truly something special.

The Sea Glass House boasts three bedrooms filled with bright prints, a comfortable family room with lime green pillows, a modern living room with a large flat-screen TV, a full kitchen with dark wood cabinets, and even a well-stocked laundry room.

As with many of the best vacation rentals in Waikoloa, the most exciting part is actually the backyard! There is a uniquely shaped pool, a bubbling hot tub, a swinging hammock, and a shaded patio.

The Sea Glass House is situated near all of the best Waikoloa attractions, including Puako Petroglyph Park and the Mauna Lani Resort.

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5. Five-Star Waikoloa Beach Villa

Best Airbnbs in Waikoloa, Hawaii: Beach Villa
Images courtesy of Waikoloa Beach Villa

The Waikoloa Beach Villa has a bright, airy feel to it, courtesy of the many large windows dispersed throughout the condominium.

Amidst the many bright windows, this villa also includes two bedrooms with Tommy Bahama sheets, a welcoming living room with leaf-bedecked cushions, a lovely dining room, and a well-stocked kitchen with stainless steel appliances.

And then there are the shared spaces that you’ll have access to as a guest at the Waikoloa Beach Villa, which include a well-equipped fitness center, a large shaded patio, several barbecues, a lagoon-inspired pool, and a hot tub.

If you’re hoping to do a bit of shopping during your time in Waikoloa, this vacation rental might be the one for you as it’s nestled right between the Kings’ Shops and the Queens’ Marketplace.

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6. Islands Paradise Retreat: Beautiful & Spacious Townhouse

Best Waikoloa Airbnbs & Vacation Rentals: Private Paradise Townhouse
Images courtesy of Islands Paradise Retreat

As soon as you stroll through the entryway lined with white columns, you’ll see why Islands Paradise Retreat is one of the best Waikoloa Airbnbs.

This adorable vacation rental includes one comfortable king bed and three cozy single beds, a dining room with palm tree-printed chairs, a spacious living room, a stocked kitchen with pristine countertops, and a well-appointed laundry room. And let’s not forget about all the backyard highlights, such as the picnic-style dining table, the shaded patio, and a teal lava rock pool with a waterfall.

As an added bonus, the hosts behind this wonderful vacation rental included quite a few thoughtful touches, including the beach gear, board games, and even a family surrey bike.

This cute townhouse is nestled in the middle of all of the opulent Waikoloa resorts, including the Mauna Lani Resort, the Hotel Fairmont Orchid Hawaii, and the Hilton Waikoloa Village. You should definitely take some time to explore the shops, restaurants, and activities of these lavish resorts.

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7. Exquisite Beachfront Condo in Kolea Villas

Best Airbnbs in Waikoloa, Hawaii: Kolea Beachfront Villa
Images courtesy of Airbnb

You would be hard-pressed to find a property that is more eye-catching than the manicured landscapes and beachfront land of the Kolea Villas. And by staying at this luxurious condominium, you’ll get a little taste of what it’d be like to live in such a gorgeous complex.

And a beautiful property like the Kolea Villas wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best location as well. While staying at this vacation home, you’ll have direct access to the stunning Anaeho‘omaulu Bay. And you’ll also be quite close to the Hilton Waikoloa Village, the Kings’ Shops, and the Queens’ Marketplace.

The condominium itself includes two cozy bedrooms with private bathrooms, a spacious living room with leaf-patterned pillows, a wonderful dining room, a well-appointed kitchen with speckled granite countertops, and a shaded outdoor patio with a private Viking grill. The host also provides all of the beach gear you could dream of, including beach chairs, beach towels, a cooler, boogie boards, and sand toys.

You will also have access to the shared amenities of the Kolea Villas, such as the lava rock hot tub, the state-of-the-art fitness center, the aquamarine infinity pool, and the sand-bottom kiddie pool.

Best Waikoloa Airbnbs for Large Groups and Events

8. Kahieluana: Modern Luxury Villa in Puako

Best Waikoloa Airbnbs & Vacation Rentals: Kahieluana Villa
Images courtesy of Kahieluana

With a contemporary architectural design, a private tennis court, a beach volleyball court, a Sonos sound system, and a blue oceanfront pool, Kahieluana is certainly one of the most extravagant Airbnbs in Waikoloa!

The first thing you’ll notice about this vacation home is its unique architectural design. And once inside this opulent villa, you’ll find five welcoming bedrooms with hardwood ceilings, a spotless living room with vaulted ceilings and contemporary light fixtures, an outdoor dining room with unparalleled ocean views, and a well-appointed kitchen with beige marble countertops.

Kahieluana is situated right on the shores of the breathtaking Puako Bay. And while you should certainly take advantage of this stunning beach, you should also make time for the other nearby things to do, including Waialea Beach and Puako Petroglyph Park.

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9. Hale Nana Kohola: Stunning Open-Air Villa

Best Airbnbs in Waikoloa, Hawaii: Nana Kohola Beach House
Images courtesy of Hale Nana Kohola

With an aquamarine infinity pool, an eye-catching pond with a crashing waterfall, a home theater, vintage Polynesian decor, and a tower with 360-degree island views, the Hale Nana Kohola deserves an episode on Netflix’s The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes.

This grand Waikoloa Airbnb includes four comfortable bedrooms with patterened rugs, a spacious Polynesian-inspired living room, a lovely dining area for eight, and a chef’s kitchen with spotless gray countertops.

And while the inside of the home is stunning, there’s a good chance that you’ll spend most of your time swimming in the beautiful pool, relaxing on the comfortable lounge chairs, or taking in the views from the tower.

As if all of the amazing features of this grand estate weren’t enough to sway you, this vacation rental also has a prime location. Situated on the golden sands of the secluded Puako Bay, you can spend as much all day enjoying this dreamy Hawaii beach!

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10. Fairway North Villa

Best Waikoloa Airbnbs & Vacation Rentals: Fairway North Villa
Images courtesy of Airbnb

With a turquoise lagoon-style pool, a hot tub hidden in a cave behind a cascading waterfall, a swim-up poolside bar, a Sonos sound system, and unparalleled ocean views, the Fairway North Villa is certainly one of the coolest Airbnbs in Waikoloa.

As you walk on the stone-tiled floor through the dark wood entrance doors, you’ll notice both the luxuriousness and the island vibes of this vacation rental. You’ll make your way into the comfortable living room with a sunny skylight, then into the well-appointed kitchen with stainless steel appliances, and finally into the three bedrooms adorned with island-inspired artwork.

But all of the excitement of the Fairway North Villa takes place in the backyard. You can whip up a Mai Tai in the poolside bar, stare at the beautiful ocean view while relaxing on the lavish sun loungers, swim through the lagoon-inspired pool, and duck under the stunning waterfall to soak in the hidden hot tub.

This beautiful villa is just a short drive from the best beaches in Waikoloa, including Hapuna Beach, Beach 69, and Kauna‘oa Beach.

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11. Puako Hylton: Balinese Oceanside Villa

Best Airbnbs in Waikoloa, Hawaii: Puaka Hylton Villa
Images courtesy of Puako Hylton

With thatched roofing and bamboo pools, the Balinese design of the Puako Hylton Villa makes it one of the most unique Airbnbs in Waikoloa.

This breathtaking villa includes four inviting bedrooms with plush bedding, a comfortable living room with lots of seating for everybody, a fancy dining room with classic island furniture, and an elegant kitchen with marble countertops. Plus you’ll find beautiful hardwood floors throughout the villa.

But the real highlight is the backyard. You can soak up the sun on the loungers, relax on the swaying hammock, take in the deep blue private pool, and even watch the whales breach while soaking in the ocean view hot tub.

This villa is situated in the little town of Puako, which is a suburb of Waikoloa. While in the area, you can check out Hapuna Beach, Beach 69 and the Puako Petroglyph Park.

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12. Na Hale Villa

Best Waikoloa Airbnbs & Vacation Rentals: Private Na Hale Villa
Images courtesy of Na Hale Villa

Between its prime location and fantastic amenities, there’s no question of why the Na Hale Villa is one of the best Waikaloa Airbnbs on our list!

First, this villa is right in the heart of Waikoloa, which means it is near all of the best activities in town. You can explore the Mauna Lani Resort, spend the day at Puaoa Bay, and check out the spotted sand at 49 Black Sand Beach.

The Na Hale Villa itself has an interesting set-up, as all of the different sections of this villa wrap around the gorgeous aquamarine pool. This pool area also boasts a shaded outdoor patio, pair of sun loungers, a crackling fire pit, a stainless steel grill, and a hot tub.

The interior of the Na Hale Villa includes three spacious bedrooms that all open to the pool area, a cozy living room with coral-bedecked pillows, a lovely dining room with a contemporary chandelier and floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and a chef’s kitchen with high-end appliances.

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That’s it – 12 of the best Airbnbs in Waikoloa! Do you have a favorite vacation rental in Waikoloa? Let us know in the comments below.

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