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The Best Balkans Beaches and Beach Towns

The Balkan coastline is home to several culturally vibrant countries that have immense natural beauty. Their breathtaking beaches have turquoise waters, rocky coves, and rugged mountain backdrops. After spending three months traveling through Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, and Greece, we’ve compiled some of our favorite coastal towns to soak up the sun and swim in the Mediterranean Sea.

The rich history of the Balkans means there are plenty of ancient ruins and interesting sights to visit nearby. It will add a dose of adventure to your beach vacation once you’ve had your fill of rest and relaxation.

From Croatia to Greece, here is our collection of the best Balkan beaches and beach towns!

The Best Balkans Beaches & Coastal Towns

Hvar, Croatia

Best Beaches in the Balkans: Hvar, Croatia

It was love at first sight from the moment we stepped off the ferry in Hvar. Hvar has crystal clear water, a bustling but not too crowded main square, delicious-looking restaurants, outdoor cafes lining the perimeter of the square, and quaint colorful boats. It’s such a darling little town that’s a must-see destination in Croatia.

You’ll find several stands selling unique local jewelry and a variety of lavender products on the boardwalk just outside the main square of Stari Guard. Then, you can pick up a few delicious-smelling soaps for your loved ones back home!

Start your mornings with an early jog along the boardwalk, then sip a cappuccino in the main square while you watch tourists hurrying by. Or if you are looking for an early morning hiking adventure, head up to the Spanjola Fort above Stari Grad for stunning city views and a little dose of history – it’s one of the best things to do in Hvar.

You can spend the remainder of your day cruising around the cove and inlets of Hvar and the surrounding islands!

The Best Beaches in Hvar

Best Beaches in the Balkans: Hvar, Croatia

A few of the best beaches on Hvar include Skala Beach, Dubovica Beach, and Prapatna Beach, but they are all a bit outside of the main town of Hvar. There are numerous small, rocky beaches along the boardwalk if you don’t want to venture too far. These run between Pataks Place Hotel and the main square.

There are also several bars offering comfortable lounge chairs to relax in while enjoying a slightly overpriced cocktail.

For a more secluded and relaxing beach experience, then you should rent your own boat and explore the hidden coves around Hvar!

You can hire your own private five-horsepower boat for the day (including gas) from HvarBoats for the bargain price of 400 kuna (~$60 USD). Arrive early, listen while they give you a five-minute lesson on how to actually drive the boat. Then, take the hand-drawn map that they offer, and set out to sea captain!

The Balkans' Best Beaches: Island Hopping in Hvar, Croatia

You’ll pass a few beaches, following the advised route, where you can rent beach chairs and private cabanas. You can also enjoy a meal at the lovely little remote restaurants. Then find your own private beach in a calm and secluded bay. Tie up the boat, and spend the afternoon drinking local Croatian rose. Swim in the cold but incredibly clear water, and lounge on a rocky outcropping (since you won’t find any sandy beaches in Croatia).

Where to Eat in Hvar

Best Beaches in the Balkans: Hvar, Croatia
  • If you’ve been traveling for a bit and miss the comforts of a good old-fashioned American-ish meal like I did, you’ll love Fig Cafe Bar. It is owned by Jeff, a friendly American with loads of outrageous stories. If you’re lucky, he’ll sit at the table next to you, drinking a beer and regaling you with stories of his travels. Try any one of the delicious flatbreads. The hummus with root vegetables still holds the award for the best dish I consumed while in the Balkans.
  • Konoba Menego is a traditional Dalmatian restaurant that has a strict “no pizza, no Coca-cola” rule. Order a liter of house wine and the chef’s surprise and prepare to be amazed.

Where to Sleep in Hvar

Most of the accommodations on the island of Hvar are private villas or apartments for rent on Airbnb or – make sure you check both to find the best deals.

You should stay in the towns of Hvar or Stari Grad if you prefer being able to walk everywhere. It’ll give you easy access to lots of great restaurants and shopping. On the other hand, look for apartments and villas on the other parts of the island if you’re looking for solitude and relaxation; for example, in the towns of Jelsa or Milna.

There are a few really nice options in the town of Hvar if you prefer to stay in a hotel rather than an apartment. Check out the Amfora Hvar Grand Beach Resort, the Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel, or the Riva Hvar Yacht Harbour Hotel. You’ll also find the Hotel Fortuna in the small town of Milna.

Check Rates for Accommodation on Hvar

Himare, Albania

Best Beaches in the Balkans: Gjipe Beach in Himare, Albania Riviera

Himare (Himarë) is a quaint little beach town nestled about halfway between Vlore and Sarande on the riviera of Albania.

Many buses travel along the Albanian Riviera. However, having your own vehicle is definitely the best way to explore this area. There is very little traffic and lots of stunning vistas and hidden beaches to check out along your drive.

The town center of Himare is right off the beach boardwalk. It is littered with darling restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. For shopping, Himare has a few cute but expensive boutiques along the beach boardwalk. There is also a fairly large grocery store to stock up on snacks for the beach and a few small fruit markets with plenty of fresh produce.

You can lounge on the main beach (Spille Beach) in town where many locals hang out or drive to the more secluded beaches in the area. Grab a beer at one of the restaurants at sunset and watch as children ride by on bikes. The locals also enjoy music and some occasional dancing.

The Best Beaches in Himare

Gjipe Beach

The Balkans' Best Beaches: Gjipe Beach in Himare, Albania Riviera

Gjipe Beach is one of the most beautiful and best Balkans beaches sandwiched between tall limestone cliff walls and crystal clear water. It’s without a doubt the best beach near Himare. Even though it’s a little more difficult to reach than some of the other beaches in the area, that’s part of its charm.

It’s a 30-minute drive from Himare to the parking area for Gjipe Beach. You can hire a cab there and back for ~3,000 leke (~$25 USD) if you don’t have your own car. They will drop you off at the trailhead and return to pick you up at a pre-arranged time later that day.

It’s a 30-minute scenic walk down to the beach from the parking lot. Stop and take a few pictures once the beach comes into view. Be sure to pack snacks, lots of water, sunscreen, and any other beach necessities as there are no amenities on the beach and very little shade.

Livadhi Beach

It’s just a 10-minute drive from Himare to Livadhi Beach, but for a little bit of exercise and adventure, you can walk two kilometers from the town. The route isn’t exactly well-marked, but friendly locals can point you in the right direction. Tennis shoes are recommended as the trail is quite rocky.

There is not much on Livadhi Beach save for a few campgrounds and hotels. During the high season, there will probably be some lounge chairs and umbrellas that you can rent for ~500 leke (~$4 USD). Livadhi Beach is quite large and typically not at all crowded. You’ll feel like you have the Mediterranean paradise all to yourself!

Where to Eat in Himare

  • Esperia Restaurant has the best views in town. It looks out over the water at the western end of Spille beach. We highly recommend the mussels, they’re delicious. For the best experience, have your hotel call and make a reservation for you at sunset.
  • Taverna Lefteri is considered the best restaurant in Himare, especially if you’re in the mood for traditional Albanian cuisine. You’ll even get a glass of cinnamon and clove liquor at the end of your meal as a digestif.
  • There are also two kebab restaurants in the center of town – one with orange tables and the other with red. Both serve warm flatbread gyros overfilling with fresh veggies and perfectly seasoned meat. Grab one to-go on your way to the beach!

Where to Sleep in Himare

Best Beaches in the Balkans: Himare, Albania Riviera

Most of the accommodations in Himare are apartments and villas rather than hotel rooms – it’s worth checking both Airbnb and They are built on the sides of the steep hills at the back of the town. This means that you’ll likely have to climb stairs to reach your apartment, but your reward will be beautiful views of the Albanian riviera!

A few of our favorite apartments in Himare include Vila Kosteli, Scala Bungalows, and Beleri House (check out our view in the photo above!).

Check Rates for Accommodation in Himare

Ksamil, Albania

Best Beaches in the Balkans: Ksamil, Albania

Ksamil is a very small Albanian town just 25 minutes south of Sarande. There is a main “tourist area” filled with hotels and restaurants overlooking the beach. The actual town is quite a bit larger and set further inland.

What’s especially special about Ksamil? Unlike all of the pebble beaches in the Balkans, the beach here is actually covered in soft white SAND!

Find your favorite scenic beach, rent a chair, and spend your day lounging under your Sunbrella. Then take a break to rent a paddleboard with a built-in slide for some adventures at sea!

The Best Beaches in Ksamil

We did a pretty thorough investigation of the beach situation before settling on our preferred beach chairs. The beach directly in front of Tre Ishujt Restaurant was the most popular. Don’t expect to have the beach to yourself, but you can ensure you’ll have a great people-watching experience.

Where to Eat in Ksamil

  • Brother’s Taverna is a small restaurant that serves local Albanian and Greek dishes by the most adorable couple. Their English is limited, but they have one menu written in English. Order the homemade tzatziki, a plate of pita, the stuffed pepper, and a piece of moussaka. If you go for an early dinner, they shouldn’t be super busy. They may even sit across the table from you, enjoying a coffee, and attempting through hand gestures to tell you they’ve been married for 40 happy years.
  • Pretty much all of the beaches in Ksamil are covered in beach chairs belonging to one restaurant or another. You can rent a chair for the day for 500 leke (~$4 USD), or you can have a lunch of seafood spaghetti at Tre Ishujt. They’ll throw in your beach chair for free!

Where to Sleep in Ksamil

Ksamil is a top tourist destination, so you can easily find lovely accommodations, no matter your budget. We were trying to stick to $30 USD or less during our best Balkans beach adventure, so we opted for Villa Oden which is in a fantastic location between the main road and the beach.

The room leaves a little something to be desired, but the host is a darling woman who brought us fresh plums and offered to wash our clothes. For the price, you really cannot beat it. Plus, you’ll be spending all of your time on the beach so a lavish room would really just be a waste.

Exploring: Butrint National Park

The Bakans' Best Beaches: Ksamil, Albania (Roman Ruins in Butrint National Park)

You will find a world from another world about four kilometers outside of Ksamil. Several worlds actually. Inhabited since prehistoric times, Butrint has been the site of a Greek colony, a Roman city, and a bishopric. It is now an incredibly well-preserved archaeological site of ruins inside of a national park, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You can catch a local bus to the site, a taxi that should cost 700 leke one-way, or you can walk along the main road which dead-ends at the park for a bit of exercise.

After paying the 50 leke entrance fee, spend the next hour or so wandering around the ruins, reading the incredible history of the site on the placards along the way, and enjoying the peaceful tranquility of the lake (with the occasional pack of wild pigs running around nearby).

Go later in the day to avoid the hot sun – the lavish forest around you will provide some shade but most of the ruins are uncovered.

Corfu, Greece

Best BEaches in the Balkans: Bataria Beach, Kassiopi Bay, Corfu, Greece

Corfu is a Greek island that straddles the Albania/Greece border. We could look across the sea from Ksamil and see its lush landscape. We met several people who had been to Corfu and raved about the beautiful beaches and diverse landscape, so it didn’t take much convincing for us to book the two-hour ferry ride from Sarande.

Just across the street from the ferry dock are several car rental companies, so you can explore all of the great things to do in Corfu at your own pace.

The center of Corfu Town is a sea of meandering alleyways that are teeming with shops selling local (and not so local) wares. Flowing white lace dresses, bright woven printed bags, fringed beach towels, and Panama hats seem to be the most popular goods in the area. Plan on spending an entire afternoon here, but take occasional breaks to check out the beautiful churches and parks in the area.

The Best Beaches on Corfu

Best Beaches in the Balkans: Paleokastritsa, Corfu, Greece

We stopped at many beaches during our three days on Corfu, drove miles of scenic coastline, and came away with our two favorite lounge locations: Paleokastritsa Beach and Kassiopi Bay.

Paleokastritsa Beach actually has several different beach options in the same area and you really can’t go wrong with any of them. This spot is particularly nice as you have an option of a sandy beach or a pebbly beach depending on your preference. The town is really quite small, but there are several nice hotels overlooking the water. Enjoy a tasty meal and a glass of wine while watching the sunset over the water.

Once you feast your eyes on Bataria Beach in Kassiopi Bay, there’s no way you can turn down a dip in the amazingly calm, turquoise water. The beach is in a small cove dotted with rocks that are ideal for lounging in the shade. Buy a floatie at a local shop and spend a few hours relaxing here – it’s the loveliest beach in all of Corfu!

Where to Eat on Corfu

  • While touring the south end of the island, stop at Alonaki Bay Restaurant for beautiful sea views and delicious eggplant salad.
  • If spending the afternoon lounging at Kassiopi Beach, be sure to stop by Limani Bar which sits right on the water and has comfortable seats, a super friendly staff, and a mouthwatering salmon wrap. Get a filtered coffee and they will bring out a french press so you can lounge in the shade before heading back to the beach.
  • If looking for a prime sunset spot at Paleokastraitsa Beach, try Nikos Restaurant.
  • If staying in Agios Gordios, you must try Sebastian’s Tavern. It’s one of the oldest tavernas in the area and serves amazing Greek cuisine. Just make sure you make advance dinner reservations.

Where to Sleep on Corfu

Marina Apartments are located in the Agios Gordios area on the West side of the island. The rooms are spacious and have small kitchens as well as lovely balconies overlooking the courtyard. The main attraction of the apartments is the incredibly large and inviting pool complete with a swim-up bar.

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Exploring Corfu

The Balkans' Best Beaches: Cap Drastis, Corfu, Greece

Rent a car during your time on Corfu (or better yet, rent a 4-wheeler!) and cruise around the many beautiful beaches and interesting landmarks. We hit the south end of the island on our first day and the north end on the second day, but we found it pretty difficult to see so much and still make time for beach lounging.

Pick your top four or five spots and take your time at each of them. Our favorite adventure destination was Cape Drastis near Canal D’Amour – park at the top unless you have a 4-wheel drive and hike the one kilometer or so down to the water. Have a swim or take a boat ride around the cape – it’s truly spectacular!

If you want to visit the Greek Islands but avoid the crowds try Milos and Folegandros!

Kotor, Montenegro

While Kotor isn’t what one would normally think of as a “beach town”, it is quite spectacular with its city walls looming over the old town that overlooks the Bay of Kotor. Rent a car to explore the neighboring towns, mausoleums, and national parks of Montenegro. The country is relatively small and the scenery is unbelievable.

Girl looking out over the Bay of Kotor
Views of the Bay of Kotor

The Basics

Where to Eat

  • Tanjga is an unassuming, inexpensive, and busy restaurant serving a variety of fresh meat that is cooked to order. If you find the menu to be too overwhelming, as we did, ask the friendly guy behind the counter for his preferred platter and you most definitely won’t be disappointed!
  • About 12 kilometers north of Kotor is Perast, where you will find loads of darling restaurants serving delicious seafood with sunset views of the bay. We opted for mushroom risotto and salmon linguine at Caffe Djardin and while the portions were on the smaller side, it was some of the best seafood we had in all of the Balkans.
  • Enjoy a lazy lunch while enjoying live music at Scorpio Restaurant. Their spaghetti carbonara is magnificent.

Where to Sleep

Sadly, I would be hesitant to recommend the room that we stayed in during our time in Kotor. We found lodging in the old town to be a bit pricey and opted for a budget option. While most budget hotels have their slight issues, we couldn’t find a single thing we liked about our room. So go forth and research on and hope for better luck than we had!

Where to Shop

If you are in the mood for shopping, fear not! You’ve come to the right place. The old city of Kotor is a maze of alleyways that are filled with restaurants and shops selling all of the classic Montenegrin treasures you could hope for.


While not a classic lounging destination, Perast is a small town just 12 kilometers outside of Kotor, which is just perfect for a relaxing day along the bay. Take the 10-minute boat ride to see the Our Lady of the Rocks church – a man-made island that was created from captured and sunken ships. 30 minutes is plenty of time to wander around the island and have a peek at the artwork inside the church.

Girl walking towards church on an island
Our Lady of the Rocks

Afterward, enjoy a stroll through the small town and then snack on fresh seafood at one of the many restaurants right on the water for an amazing sunset.


Rising up from the old city of Kotor are the extraordinary and expansive fort walls. It’s a fairly grueling hike to the top, but there are plenty of places to stop along the way. There are amazing opportunities to photograph the views, or to explore the ruined rooms covered in the overgrown foliage. The views at the top are spectacular and definitely worth climbing the hundreds of stairs to witness.

Mountain views over the Bay of Kotor
Worth every step!

If you’ve got some energy left, you can check out the backside of the fort by ducking through a small window on the side of the main trail (marked by red and white painted trail markers).

If you continue beyond the fort, you’ll pass a darling little restaurant that sells goat cheese plates, beer, and overpriced bottled water. The owner will let you munch on all of the cherries you can pick and carry from his many cherry trees. Continue on up the series of switchbacks for even more spectacular views of the fort walls, the old city, and the expansive bay beneath.

There you have it! Eat, sleep, lounge, adventure, and shop your heart out at the best Balkans beaches!



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