Best Breakfast in Saigon: Brunch Cafes & Restuarants - Cafe Marcel

Saigon Brunch: 6 Delicious Breakfast Spots to Try in HCMC!

If you’re planning to spend a few days in Ho Chi Minh City, you’ll probably find that the best things to do in the city involve eating and drinking. Saigon has long been known for its incredible street food, but these days you’ll also find cozy cafes, modern restaurants, and luxurious fine dining. Not only is there endless delicious Vietnamese cuisine, but also Italian, Mexican, Greek, and everything in between.

And if you’re missing comfort food breakfast classics from home, like eggs benedict, crispy bacon, and waffles smothered in syrup, there is no shortage of great restaurants in Saigon to choose from! If a weekend boozy brunch is what you’re after, don’t worry, there are several of those to choose from as well.

Since we have been living in Vietnam for over a year, we have toured some of the most popular cafes and restaurants to bring you our list of the top breakfast spots in Ho Chi Minh City.

Read on to find out what we loved about each restaurant, why you should make a point to visit during your trip to Vietnam, and which spot we ultimately crowned the best brunch in Saigon!

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The 6 Best Breakfast Restaurants in Saigon, Vietnam

1. Cafe Marcel

Best Breakfast in Saigon: Brunch Cafes & Restuarants - Cafe Marcel

Cafe Marcel is a popular Saigon breakfast spot with a brand new location in the ex-pat area of District 2. And in our humble opinion, this adorable French-style cafe has the most delicious brunch in Saigon. And that’s no small feat!

The food at Cafe Marcel is slightly pricey but absolutely worth it! The menu offers fluffy pastries, decadent desserts, and a build-your-own breakfast sandwich where you can choose to add eggs, bacon, avocado, and other extras. Our personal favorites on the brunch menu are the Mushroom & Scrambled Eggs and the Croque-Marcel which are unbelievably rich and cheesy.

There are other yummy breakfast options on the menu as well, but, take our word for it, you’d be doing yourself a disservice to skip the Croque-Marcel.

The new Cafe Marcel is quite small, with limited seating so be sure to make a reservation in advance. It’s one of the most popular brunch spots in Saigon so it’s usually packed, even on weekdays. It’s easy to make a reservation via the “Book Now” button on their Facebook page.

There are just a handful of tables in this cute and cozy little Saigon cafe. It’s not an ideal place to work because it’s too busy to take up a table for any length of time. But it’s a great place to enjoy a rich, decadent brunch while catching up with friends.

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2. Godmother Bake & Brunch

Best Breakfast in Saigon: Brunch Cafes & Restuarants - Godmother Bake & Brunch

Godmother Bake & Brunch is our second favorite breakfast in Saigon. Not just because of the great food and big portions, but also because of the lovely ambiance. You’ll take the elevator to the 3rd floor and step inside a large room with a lot of natural light. It is absolutely picture perfect!

Off to the left of the entrance is a large table you can share where you’ll probably find people busy on their laptops. Small tables with soft green chairs fill up most of the restaurant. There are also a few comfy pink velour couches in the middle. It’s definitely the most Instagrammable brunch in Saigon. In fact, you may forget for a second that you’re in Vietnam and think you’ve been transported to your favorite breakfast spot back home.

Our absolute favorite dish on the brunch menu is the shakshuka – it’s bubbly hot, right out of a cast iron pan, with a side of rustic bread for dipping. They have other brunch favorites like brioche french toast, avocado toast, omelets, and a creative take on chicken and waffles (it’s actually duck instead of chicken). Healthier dishes include smoothie bowls and fresh salads.

If you have any food aversions, allergies, or sensitivities, Godmother offers vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options as well!

Godmother Bake & Brunch also offers an extensive drink menu. It includes classic coffee drinks, a selection of teas, smoothies, fresh juices, kombucha, and some boozy options like wine, cocktails, and bubbles. And with such large portion sizes, you’re sure to leave full, happy, and possibly a bit tipsy. Don’t forget to check out the dessert case before you leave, just in case!

We would highly recommend making a reservation for breakfast at Godmother Bake & Brunch. They are quite popular and tend to get full in the mornings. You can call them directly at +84 085 539 1777 to secure a table.

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3. L’Usine

Best Breakfast in Saigon: Brunch Cafes & Restuarants - L'Uisine

The L’Usine in Thao Dien (District 2) is arguably the best restaurant for a boozy brunch in all of Saigon! Their special includes free-flow wine and craft beer for just 290,000 VND/person (~$12.50 USD). District 2 is a bit out of the main city center. It will take 20-30 minutes in a Grab, but worth it for this deal!

Even if you aren’t interested in a boozy brunch and just want to enjoy a yummy Saigon breakfast, L’Usine ranks high on our list of favorites. There are several locations around Saigon so you don’t have to venture all the way out to District 2. We usually frequent the L’Usine Le Loi location for our morning coffee and breakfast in Saigon.

Best Breakfast in Saigon: Brunch Cafes & Restuarants - L'Uisine

No matter what location you choose, you’ll find that every L’Usine is decorated like a cute French bistro with black and white tiled floors and wooden tables. And the brunch menu offers both Western and Vietnamese favorites, including eggs benedict, pancakes, and a full English breakfast. They also have delicious mains, salads, and sandwiches, my personal favorite being the huge portion of vegetarian lasagna!

We’ve found L’Usine to be a great place to get some work done. They generally have a large space and don’t mind if you stay awhile. So if you are looking for reliable Wi-Fi and a quiet but casual space to work, this is a great option! Check out our complete list of cute and comfy coffee shops in Saigon here.

And don’t forget to stop in the small attached shop before you leave! They sell darling little artisan products that are made in Vietnam. These make perfect gifts for friends and family back home. You can make a table reservation directly on their website.

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4. The Vintage Emporium

Best Breakfast in Saigon: Brunch Cafes & Restuarants - Vintage Emporium

The Vintage Emporium is another Saigon brunch staple. You can choose from two locations – one more centrally located in District 1, and one in the popular ex-pat area of District 2. No matter what location you choose, you’ll love the ambiance, service, and quality of food at this darling little Saigon cafe.

Styled in a similar fashion to bistros in Paris, The Vintage Emporium has black-and-white tiled floors and small tables sprinkled throughout. But they put their own spin on it with traditional Vietnamese artwork and decor. And the restaurant is quiet but not too quiet. It’s a great place to visit with friends or just enjoy a good book on your own.

Best Breakfast in Saigon: Brunch Cafes & Restuarants - Vintage Emporium

Our absolute favorite dish at The Vintage Emporium is the amazingly decadent (and not exactly healthy) french toast with bacon, caramelized banana, passionfruit, and maple syrup on the side. If you’re looking for more savory than sweet, try the eggs benedict or the avocado toast with poached eggs and beets. And if you have gluten intolerance, you can get gluten-free bread here!

The Vintage Emporium has a delicious all-day breakfast menu, but they also have some great salad and sandwich lunch options. And you’ll definitely want to try one of their creative drink concoctions with interesting flavor combinations like turmeric and ginger.

Prices here are quite reasonable and portions are large so you’re sure to leave satisfied. And everyone on staff is super friendly and will take great care of you. It’s easy to see why Vintage Emporium is so popular for breakfast in Saigon!

5. Dim Tu Tac

Best Breakfast in Saigon: Brunch Cafes & Restuarants - Dim Tu Tac

Most of the restaurants on our list of favorite spots for breakfast in Saigon specialize in Western comfort food classics. But if you’re looking for something a little different, why not try our favorite dim sum restaurant in the city?

Dim Tu Tac has two restaurants located in District 1, a location in Chinatown, and a few others outside of the city center. We generally dine at the one on Dong Du Street in District 1 because we love the huge, comfortable, ornate chairs. These will make you feel like you’re eating at a palace! Plus, it’s a large space so even though it gets really busy, you normally don’t have to wait long for a table.

The menu offerings include both dim sum and other full plates. We always stick to ordering only dim sum as all of the dishes are incredibly delicious and reasonably priced.

A few of our favorite plates are the charcoal buns with cream cheese, the oven-based honey-glazed pork pastry, deep-fried prawn rolls with cheese, and the mushroom dumplings with black truffles. Just writing about it makes me want to go to Dim Tu Tac right now!

You can make a reservation directly on their website.

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6. L’Herbanyste

Best Breakfast in Saigon: Brunch Cafes & Restuarants - L'Herbanyste

If you want to enjoy breakfast at a wellness-focused, plant-based restaurant that is a favorite with ex-pats in Saigon, then you must try L’Herbanyste! It’s in District 2, outside of Saigon’s city center, but definitely worth the 20-30 minute Grab ride. Not only is the menu delicious, but they also have a holistic therapy room where you can get treatments and an outdoor pool that is free for you to use!

L’Herbanyst offers the best breakfast in Saigon for Vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free travelers because you’ll have a plethora of options to choose from! Meat-lovers, on the other hand, may want to choose one of the other Saigon breakfast spots listed above because L’Herbanyst is meat-free. Everything on the menu is plant-based although many dishes also contain eggs and cheese, and all of L’Herbanyst’s ingredients are organic and ethically sourced.

The ambiance of L’Herbanyste is really lovely as it’s set in an old house. Seating inside is cozy or you can choose to dine outside near the pool. Cushioned seats and fluffy pillows will make you want to stay for a while.

My personal favorite dishes at L’Herbanyste are the buddha bowls that are full of delicious roasted vegetables (plus I add tempeh). They also have yummy breakfast options like eggs benedict with truffles and spinach crepes. Portion sizes are large and you can’t go wrong no matter what dish you choose!

Click the “Book Now” button on their Facebook page to make a reservation for breakfast or one of their other wellness offerings. It’s the perfect holistic Saigon brunch!

Have fun eating at all of our favorite tasty Saigon breakfast spots!

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