Best Breakfast Brunch Spots in Saigon, Vietnam

Brunch in Saigon: 5 Great Breakfast Spots in Ho Chi Minh City!

If you’re an expat living in Vietnam, or if you’ve been traveling around Southeast Asia for a while, you’re undoubtedly missing a few things from back home. For me, personally, it was grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup. That was until I realized that there are some truly amazing cafes in Saigon serving up Western specialties so there’s no reason to be homesick! For food at least.

Weekend brunch is another luxury from home that I was missing when I first moved to Ho Chi Minh City. And as it turns out, Saigon has countless delicious breakfast spots to get some good old fashioned comfort food with a side of booze or a creative coffee concoction. In fact, indulging in a leisurely weekend brunch is now one of our favorite things to do in Saigon.

So check out our list of the best brunch spots in Saigon and block out a few Saturday mornings so you can try them all!

Best Breakfast in Saigon: Brunch Cafe Marcel Shakshuka

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5 Great Breakfast Spots in Ho Chi Minh City

1. Godmother Bake & Brunch

Best Breakfast in Saigon: Brunch Godmother Bake Brunch

As you take the elevator up to the 3rd floor and step foot inside Godmother Bake & Brunch, you’ll feel like you’ve left Vietnam and stepped into a cute little hipster cafe in San Diego or Portland.

Godmother has large windows on one wall and pink velour couches in the middle of the restaurant, with small tables and comfortable chairs throughout. A central coffee bar with a case full of decadent-looking desserts also sits in the center. This beautiful Saigon cafe looks like it’s straight off of a Pinterest board.

The menu at Godmother has classic brunch favorites such as shakshuka, avocado toast, and brioche french toast. And if you’re looking for something on the lighter side, they have smoothie bowls and fresh salads to choose from. They even have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options so everyone can find something yummy to eat here.

And the drink selection at Godmother is just as large as their food offering! Serving coffee drinks, smoothies, kombucha, fresh-pressed juices, tea, bubbles, wine, cocktails, and mocktails – you’ll want to sample everything!

Be sure to make a reservation, especially if you plan to visit Godmother for brunch on the weekend. We highly recommend the shakshuka and the duck and waffles – you won’t be disappointed!

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2. L’Usine

Best Breakfast in Saigon: Brunch in Luisine

L’Usine is a well-known name around Saigon as they have several cafes throughout the city. I celebrated my 37th birthday with a cheese plate and several glasses of imported rosé at the L’Usine Le Thanh Ton location. And we like to get brunch and work at the L’Usine Le Loi location. Regardless of which L’Uisine location you choose, you’ll get delicious food served by friendly and attentive English-speaking servers.

The atmosphere at every L’Usine location is reminiscent of a French-style bistro with cute little wooden tables and tiled floors. They also all have a shop inside where you can pick up unique made-in-Vietnam gifts for friends and family back home.

L’Usine has a big menu that includes quite a few delicious brunch favorites like eggs benedict. They also serve juicy burgers, sandwiches, and some Vietnamese dishes as well. While not exactly a classic brunch offering, I would highly recommend that you try the vegetarian lasagna – it’s a heaping plate of gooey cheesy deliciousness.

If you have time, head out to Thao Dien (District 2), where the L’Usine location has one of the best weekend brunch deal in town. Their “boozy brunch” includes free-flow wine and craft beer for only 290,000 VND/person. It’s definitely one breakfast spot in Saigon that you don’t want to miss!

3. The Vintage Emporium

Best Breakfast in Saigon: Brunch in Vintage Emporium

The Vintage Emporium is another favorite Saigon brunch spot among expats. And there are also two locations in the city, one in Da Kao in District 1 and the other in Thao Dien in District 2.

As with the other cute Saigon cafes we’ve mentioned, once you step inside The Vintage Emporium you’ll feel like you’ve left Vietnam and have traveled to Paris. With a black-and-white tiled floor, little tables lining the walls, and lovely decor on the walls, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a quiet morning while sipping a latte and chatting with friends.

The all-day brunch menu at The Vintage Emporium includes classic western favorites like eggs benedict and avocado with poached eggs. And you can even swap for gluten-free bread! If you’re not in the mood for brunch, they also offer plenty of lunch dishes like salads and sandwiches.

We are personally partial to the breakfast french toast with bacon, caramelized banana, passionfruit, and maple syrup. It’s not exactly the healthiest thing on the menu but it will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth!

You can always expect big portions, reasonable prices, and a super friendly staff here which makes it one of our favorite places for breakfast in Saigon!

4. Cafe Marcel

Best Breakfast in Saigon: Brunch Cafe Marcel

Cafe Marcel is another incredibly popular brunch spot in District 1 so it’s a good idea to make a reservation (although they don’t accept reservations on weekends). The staff are all super friendly and will do their best to get you seated as quickly as possible.

This cute little Saigon cafe has several different floors of cozy seating areas, including a rooftop with lovely views of the city below. It’s easy to tuck into a little nook here and get lost in conversation and a delicious coffee.

As the name might entail, the menu at Cafe Marcel is French-themed so you can expect some exquisite pastries and desserts. You can build-your-own brunch to your liking by selecting your egg-style, bread, and tasty sides. My personal favorite dish is the Croque-Marcel – it’s rich and cheesy and unbelievably delicious!

Cafe Marcel also has a surprisingly large selection of imported wines and you’ll love enjoying a glass of red wine on the rooftop of this cute cafe. Note that as with most of the brunch spots on this list, with Western food comes Western prices.

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5. L’Herbanyste

Best Breakfast in Saigon: Brunch Cafe la Herbansyte

You’ll have a 30-minute or so Grab ride from downtown Saigon to L’Herbanyste which is located down an alleyway in District 2. But if you are looking for a healthy Saigon brunch in a darling setting, then look no further!

L’Herbanyste is set inside a well-restored historic Saigon home, with the healthy cafe on the bottom floor and a holistic therapy room, design studio, and workshop on the upper floor. This relaxing Saigon cafe even has an outdoor pool that guests are encouraged to use at their leisure.

Vegans and vegetarians will love the plant-based menu offered at L’Herbanyste! And if you’re looking for a meaty dish, this probably isn’t the place for you. They offer healthy, unique dishes like eggs benedict with truffles and beetroot and spinach crepes. All ingredients are organic and ethically sourced.

We’d recommend grabbing an outdoor table (as long as it’s not too hot!) and enjoying a buddha bowl packed with roasted veggies and a refreshing fruit smoothie to wash it down. And after breakfast, you can go for a dip in their swimming pool or enjoy a relaxing spa treatment upstairs!

That’s it – we hope you have a delightful brunch in the city!

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