The Best Overlooks in the Blue Mountains, Australia

The 6 Best Overlooks in the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains, also known as the Blueys, have some of the most scenic and unique views in Australia. They are named because of their blue tinge that comes from the ultra-violet rays that are scattered in the air particles, giving an effect of a blueish color.

The Blue Mountains are located only 30 miles west of Sydney, making it only an hour and a half drive from the CBD. Although there are plenty of beautiful hikes, the overlooks are a great way to explore the area.

Listed below are the best overlooks in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales.

Best Lookouts Blue Mountains: Govetts Leap
The overlook at Govetts Leap

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1. Echo Point (Three Sisters)

Lookouts Blue Mountains: Three Sisters
The Three Sisters

The most popular lookout in the Blue Mountains is the iconic Three Sisters overlook, also known as Echo Point. Although busy, the viewpoint is perfect for sunset as the sun shines on the three sisters before falling behind the mountain horizon.

A 10-minute walk from the overlook leads to a small footpath and a bridge connecting the first two of the three sisters. Our favorite spot to photograph from is the lower level at the overlook.

Best Time to Visit: Sunset
Minutes from Katoomba: Located in downtown Katoomba

2. Pulpit Rock

Blue Mountains Lookouts: Pulpit Rock
The Pulpit Rock Lookout

The most unique and one of our favorite lookouts in the Blue Mountains is Pulpit Rock. The panoramic views of the Blue Gum forest are stunning, but the real wonder of this viewpoint is the lookout itself. Pulpit Rock is a massive rock that juts out into the valley and the trail to the overlook follows the ridge of the rock. If you follow till the end, you’ll be rewarded with some amazing views.

This overlook is great to avoid the crowds as it is not as busy as the other viewpoints. There is a good one-hour walk that is between the Govetts Leap track to the Pulpit Rock overlook. Our favorite place to shoot is at the top level before the trail leads down to the cliff edge.

Best Time to Visit: Mid-Day to afternoon
Minutes from Katoomba: 20 minutes north near Blackheath

3. Lincoln’s Rock Cave

Blue Mountains, Australia: Lincoln's Rock
In the cave at Lincoln’s Rock

Lincoln’s Rock lookout is a great stop with expansive views. This lookout has several prior names, including Honeymoon Rock, Wedding Rock, and Flat Rock Overlook. The large flat rock is worth a stop, but our favorite part takes a little bit of scrambling to get to.

A small trail at the far left side of the rock descends down the cliff. A precarious cave no larger than an SUV vehicle sits along the edge of the cliff. It takes some climbing to get to it but is worth the effort. The cave has a perfect view and is different from any of the other lookouts in the area.

Best Time to Visit: Afternoon or sunset
Minutes from Katoomba: 15 minutes south near Wentworth Falls

4. Govetts Leap Lookout

Blueys Australia: Govetts Leap
Govetts Leap Lookout with a view of the waterfall

The Govetts Leap Lookout is as picturesque as it gets in the Blue Mountains. This classic overlook features panoramic views of the Blue Gum forest and the plunging Govetts Leap Falls. Trails lead along the ridge to other overlooks, such as the one-hour hike to Pulpit Rock Overlook or a 15-minute walk to the Barrow Lookout. This is also the start of the Williams Track, which descends into the Grose Valley to the bottom of the waterfall and connects with the Blue Gum Track.

Our favorite spot to shoot is directly in the center of the Govetts Leap overlook, looking down on the Grose Valley. A short descent down the Williams Track also provides excellent views of the cliff walls and the Govetts Leap Falls.

Best Time to Visit: Sunrise or early morning
Minutes from Katoomba: 20 minutes north near Blackheath

5. Evans Lookout

Best Lookouts Blue Mountains: Evans
Evans Lookout

Another iconic viewpoint is the Evans Lookout. The panoramic viewpoint has beautiful valley views leading to the Rodriguez Pass. This is also the location for the start of the Grand Canyon Trail, a three-hour loop trail through a lush canyon.

Best Time to Visit: Sunrise or early morning
Minutes from Katoomba: 10 minutes north near Blackheath

6. Cahill’s Lookout

Lookouts Blue Mountains: Cahills
One of the viewing platforms at Cahill’s Lookout

Cahill’s Lookout is a wonderful spot with several different viewpoints. Concrete trails lead to four or five different viewpoints of the valley, each offering unique perspectives. Our favorite viewpoint at Cahill’s Lookout was the furthest viewpoint on the right.

Best Time to Visit: Sunrise or early morning
Minutes from Katoomba: 5 minutes in West Katoomba

Best Hikes in the Blue Mountains

In addition to all the awesome overlooks and spots to photograph in the Blueys, some of the best ways to enjoy these mountains are by hitting the trails. There are dozens of awesome hikes in the Blue Mountains, from waterfall hikes, epic viewpoints, gorges, lush canyons, and multi-day treks.

Check out our article on our top five hikes in the Blueys!

That’s it – we hope you enjoy the view from the Best Overlooks in the Blue Mountains!

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