The Best Places to Visit in the USA in November

Awesome Places to Visit in the USA in November

You’re going to be spoiled for choice if you’re planning a US vacation in November. Whether you love soaking up the last of the summer sun or marveling at the fall foliage – from California to Washington, DC, we’ve got you covered with the best places to visit in the US in November.

Sun seekers on the West Coast should head to Monterey or Santa Monica. There are warm climes all year round in Florida, while Texas, Arizona, and Nevada all offer great weather and even better sightseeing. Travel further north, and you’ll find that much of the US is resplendent in autumnal colors. Visit the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina, for spectacular leaf-peeping opportunities as the trees shed their leaves, or visit Plymouth, Massachusetts, for autumnal colors and one of the most unique Thanksgiving parades in the US.

With so many places to visit and see, you might not know where to begin. That’s why I’ve compiled our list of the best places to travel in the USA in November for you. Stick to these November travel recommendations, and there’s no doubt you’re going to have an incredible time exploring this gorgeous country!

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Awesome Places to Travel in the US in November


Best Cities to Visit in USA in November: Hawaii

Do you need to escape the coming winter chills? Then why not book a flight to the Pacific, where you’ll find warm climes all year round in Hawaii

November is always an interesting time to visit Hawaii. You’ve arrived well before the Christmas crowds and can still take advantage of low-season prices and deals on flights and hotels. November is the rainy season, but if you can endure a few showers here and there, then you’ve also avoided the extreme summer temperatures. Instead, you’ll enjoy average temperatures of around 77°F and a magnificent 12 hours of sunshine.

There’s a lot going on in November, and if you’re in Hawaii at the start of the month, you can enjoy the culinary delights of the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, which is the Big Island’s longest-running food fest. In Oahu, the northern coast is one of the best places to visit in the US in November if you love surfing because the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing (an international competition) is in town.

You can spend your vacation on the beach and enjoy snorkeling, diving, surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and any other water-based activities you love. Then there are hiking trails, volcanoes, national parks, and so much more awaiting you across Hawaii’s verdant islands in November! 

Napa Valley, California

Must Visit Places in USA in November: Napa Valley

For wine connoisseurs, one of the best US destinations in November is California’s Napa Valley. It’s Cab Sav season in Napa Valley, and that means there’s an abundance of opportunities to try this delectable wine straight from the source!

Obviously, the best thing to do in Napa Valley in November is a wine tour (it’s the best thing to do any month!), and you can put together your own personalized tour or join a group tour. If you’re planning on trying a few wines at the wineries, we’d probably recommend the group tour option, just so you don’t have to drive.

One of our favorite wineries is Beringer, where you’ll find a grand 19th-century estate in one of the region’s oldest vineyards. They serve up a delectable chocolate Cab Cav sauce that’s the perfect decadent condiment. Other great choices include Domaine Carneros, Pine Ridge Vineyards, and Louis M. Martini Winery

Napa Valley is beautiful in November. It’s fall, so temperatures hover around a cool but not chill 65°F during the day, while all around, the trees are turning golden-brown as they begin to shed their leaves. 

We suggest staying for a few days, reserving a room in one of the best Napa hotels, touring the wineries, tasting a few Cabernet Sauvignons, enjoying autumnal walks, and perhaps rising high above the valley on a hot air balloon ride!

Plymouth, Massachusetts

Best Places to Visit in USA in November: Plymouth, Massachusetts

If you were wondering where to go in November for Thanksgiving celebrations, then look no further than Plymouth, Massachusetts. This historic coastal town played a prominent role in the US’s early colonial history, as, of course, this is where the Pilgrims arrived on the Mayflower and founded New England.

You can see all the historic sites during your trip, including the famous Plymouth Rock, the Mayflower Society House, and Plimoth Patuxet Museums, a unique living history museum that immerses you in the Pilgrims’ story. 

Best Cities to Visit in USA in November: Plymouth, Massachusetts

More importantly, Plymouth also hosts the America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Parade, one of the best Thanksgiving parades in the US. It might not be as big as the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade, but nowhere beats Plymouth’s parade in terms of history and tradition. The town was the site of the first Thanksgiving in 1621, and for four centuries, Plymouth has played a huge role in developing and preserving the celebration. 

For a whole weekend in November (usually the weekend before Thanksgiving), Plymouth is overtaken by Thanksgiving celebrations, feasts, and festivals, as the town embraces its past and welcomes visitors from across the world. Dress up warm, though, because it can get chilly at night.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Where to Vacation in USA in November: Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a city that needs very little introduction, and without a doubt, it’s one of the best US vacation destinations in November. Whether you see it as the “Entertainment Capital of the World” or “Sin City,” it’s impossible not to have a fantastic time in Vegas.

If you’re visiting for the casinos, gambling, and entertainment shows, then November is as great a time as any to explore Las Vegas. You won’t even know what time of day it is inside the casinos (let alone the month!), and the events schedule is always packed throughout the month.

But November is also a great time to explore further afield. Compared to the northern states, it’s warm in Las Vegas, with November temperatures still reaching well into the low 70s during the day. 

With relatively cooler temperatures (for Nevada, we mean), we recommend traveling outside the city to outdoor destinations like the Red Rock Canyon, where you’ll find an otherworldly landscape more reminiscent of Mars than Earth. 

Lake Mead lies just to the east of the city, the Valley of Fire State Park is just north of this, while over the state border to the west is Death Valley, one of California’s greatest national parks. 


Best Places to Visit in USA in November: Utah

One of the best states to visit in November is Utah, where you can explore five of the best national parks to be found anywhere in the US! 

Temperatures are starting to drop rapidly in November as Utah readies itself for the coming winter. You will need to wrap up warm (especially at night), with daily averages of around the mid-40s. 

However, there are only a few days of rain in November, the days are still long, and we think the cooler temperatures beat the scorching heat of summer. Best of all, you’ll miss the peak season crowds in the national parks.

Head to Moab, and you’ll have a great base for outdoor activities. From Moab, you can venture into Arches National Park, where you’ll find gorgeous red rocks and magnificent monoliths. Next, head into Canyonlands National Park, where the Colorado River has carved mighty gorges through the rocks.

Continue southeast, and you’ll meet Capitol Reef National Park, which is home to monoliths and sandstone domes, while in Bryce Canyon National Park, you’ll be mesmerized by the unusual geology and “hoodoo” rock formations. Finally, there’s no better place to end your Utah road trip than Zion National Park, where you’ll find a uniquely verdant landscape that’s perfect for November hikes. 

Just be sure to stop at the visitor center of each park to check road conditions!

Page, Arizona

What Places to Visit in USA in November: Page, Arizona

If you’d love to escape the crowds at some of the best natural attractions in the US, then we suggest taking a trip to Page, Arizona. This small town is close to the state border with Utah and has a population of just 7,000 people, but it’s big on big natural attractions!

From Page, you can visit the epic Grand Canyon National Park, which is one of the best US destinations in November. The East Rim is just a 40-minute drive away from Page, while the South Rim is a little less than three hours, making the town an excellent jumping-off point to see one of the biggest canyons in the world. It’s a bucket list attraction, and while the Grand Canyon is busy all year round, the crowds lessen in the colder November months.

But Page is also close to a number of other impressive natural attractions. Not far from the town, you can visit the equally scenic Horseshoe Bend, which has gained enduring popularity thanks to social media. Again, Horseshoe Bend is much quieter in November, meaning you might just get that photo without the crowds!

Best of all is Antelope Canyon, a seriously scenic spot that’s home to sandstone canyons, caverns, and caves. It’s another beautifully photogenic spot, but it also holds great significance to the Navajo. For this reason, make sure to book your Navajo-guided tour of Antelope Canyon before you arrive!

Santa Monica, California

Must Visit Places in USA in November: Santa Monica, California

One of the best places in the US to visit in November is Santa Monica, California, where you’ll escape the summer crowds while enjoying temperatures that regularly reach the high-60s. 

This is the last chance to enjoy the highs, and with an average of 280 sunny days a year, you can expect (almost) all of November to remain sunny. Enjoy the beach life while it lasts. Enjoy the ocean views from Santa Monica State Beach, take a stroll along the world-famous pier, or catch a few breaks in the surf.

But there’s always more to do in Santa Monica, and foodies will love the regular farmer’s market that moves across the city throughout the week. With Santa Monica as your base, you can day take a trip to Los Angeles, visit the Hollywood Sign, and visit Southern California’s iconic theme parks. 

For outdoor lovers, November is also the perfect time to explore the trails and peaks of the Santa Monica Mountains, which rise spectacularly along the coast to the north of the city. 

Washington, DC

What Places Have Shoulder Season in USA in November: Washington, DC

Washington, DC, is one of the best US cities to visit in November. Temperatures in the capital are wonderfully mild, with highs reaching no more than 60°F throughout the month. 

The mild weather is perfect for sightseeing days in the capital, and you’ll escape the large crowds that descend upon Washington, DC, in the summer months. There are tons of things to do in Washington, DC, so be prepared for an action-packed November getaway.

The Smithsonian Museums are a great place to include on your November itinerary, as are classic sights such as the Lincoln Memorial, the National Mall, and Capitol Hill. We recommend taking a walking tour to discover the history behind all the best sights.

As it’s November, you can also time your visit to coincide with some of Washington’s major annual events. The city hosts the Parade of Heroes, a moving Veteran’s Day event where you can pay your respects to the fallen. Later in the month, it’s Thanksgiving, and there are always events scheduled across the city for this national holiday. 

Monterey, California

Best Cities to Visit in USA in November: Monterey, California

The California coastline is dotted with charming coastal destinations, but one of our all-time favorites has long been Monterey. This historic city is located 2 hours south of San Francisco, and there’s much to see while you’re enjoying the last of the season’s sunshine in November.

In fact, we’d say that Monterey has more history than most Californian cities. Despite its small size and population, this was the original capital of Alta California when the region was part of Mexico in the early 19th century. 

You can still visit the Royal Presidio Chapel, which was built by Spanish settlers in the 1790s, and the customs house above which the flag of the United States was first raised in 1846. This unique history has given Monterey the nickname “California’s First City.”

Monterey is also known for its other cultural attractions, including the colorful Fisherman’s Wharf, where you’ll find a buzzing selection of restaurants and attractions in what was once the old fish market. You can visit Cannery Row (named after John Steinbeck’s novel, which was set in Monterey), where you’ll find a former sardine canning district has been transformed into a tourist hub. 

And along the coast, you might be lucky enough to spot migratory whales as they head south to spend the winter in the warmer waters of Baja California.

Asheville, North Carolina

What Places to Visit in USA in November: Asheville, North Carolina

November is a wonderful time for fall lovers to chase autumn colors. One of the best places to embrace those autumn vibes is Asheville, an up-and-coming destination located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina

Autumn leaf peepers will love the November colors, as leaves turn from verdant green to bright shades of gold, red, brown, and yellow before falling in the winter. The surrounding mountains are perfect for outdoor pursuits, with the mild weather creating fantastic conditions for hiking and mountain biking.

The Blue Ridge Mountains rise up thousands of feet, and you can drive to spectacular viewpoints for an overview of the autumn foliage by following the Blue Ridge Parkway route, which passes through Asheville. If you’re up for a challenge, there are beautiful hiking routes through the Cataloochee Valley, including stops at waterfalls and viewpoints where you’ll find seriously colorful scenes.

Everglades National Park, Florida

Best Cities to Visit in USA in November: Everglades National Park, Florida

It’s the dry season in Florida, which means nature lovers will want to plan an outdoor adventure in the Everglades National Park. This spectacular area of wetlands is located at the southern tip of Florida, and with 1.5 million acres of protected land to explore, it’s the largest subtropical wilderness in the USA. 

We won’t lie, it’s still going to be warm even in November (particularly if you’re used to the colder climes of the north), and temperatures generally sit somewhere between 70 and 85 degrees. It’s much milder than the summer months, though, and we suggest taking the opportunity to explore this vast wetland on foot, by bike, by kayak, or by canoe. 

Cyclists will want to head to Shark Valley or the Snake Bight Trail, while walkers will enjoy the short but informative interpretative Pine Island and Flamingo Trails. As almost all of the national park is a wetland habitat, getting around by boat is the most exciting option. 

The 99-mile-long Wilderness Waterway is an epic canoeing and kayaking experience, while you can also opt for a more relaxed boat or airboat tour through the Everglades. Watch out for manatees, alligators, and the rare Everglades panther! 

Sarasota, Florida

Where to Vacation in USA in November: Sarasota, Florida

You’ll find Sarasota halfway between Tampa and Fort Myers on Florida’s western seaboard. This beautiful coastal city is the perfect place for a beach escape, and it’s easily one of the best warm US destinations in November.

Sarasota is well known for its white sand beaches, but the city still doesn’t see anywhere near as many tourists as other Floridian winter sun destinations like Miami or Fort Lauderdale. The beaches here are absolutely stunning, though, and the best are located within the city limits themselves.

Head down to the coast after checking into one of the best luxury hotels in Sarasota (how about the Ritz-Carlton?), and you’ll find a long chain of barrier islands just across Sarasota Bay. These barrier islands are connected to the mainland by a causeway, and it’s where you’ll spend your vacation soaking up the sun, snorkeling, and enjoying the pristine white sands of Sarasota.

Savannah, Georgia

Must Visit Places in USA in November: Savannah, Georgia

Established in 1733, Savannah is Georgia’s oldest city. This charming coastal destination is packed full of history, and in November, you have the added bonus of glorious fall foliage and colors to enjoy. 

This historic city has wonderfully warm but mild temperatures in November. A high of 70°F is perfect for sightseeing, while you’ll appreciate the relative peace of the city without its summer crowds. 

Join a walking tour of the magnificent Victorian District, where you’ll find beautiful Victorian-era homes in beautiful surroundings. The wider Historic District is home to classic Antebellum and Colonial-era architecture, while Forsyth Park is a wonderful destination for an autumnal stroll. 

Learn more about the city’s long history at Fort Pulaski or Old Fort Jackson (Savannah was once the state capital before Atlanta took over!), take a relaxed ferry ride along the Savannah River that borders South Carolina, and explore the culinary and cultural delights of Savannah City Market, which has been trading since the early 18th century. 

San Antonio, Texas

What Places Have Shoulder Season in USA in November: San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas, is one of the best vacation spots in the US in November. Milder fall weather makes this a great time of the year for sightseeing, and believe us when we say that as the seventh-largest city in the country, there are tons of cool things to do in San Antonio!

The city connects with its Mexican heritage at the start of the month through Day of the Dead celebrations, while at the end of the month, you can join the many Thanksgiving celebrations and parades held across San Antonio.

You can’t miss a visit to the Alamo, which is easily one of the most historic sites in Texas, while the Natural Bridge Caverns are a beautiful subterranean sight just outside of the city. Visit the San Fernando Cathedral, stroll along the San Antonio River Walk, and head to the top of the Tower of the Americas for epic views over the city.

Ozark-St. Francis National Forest

Best Cities to Visit in USA in November: Arkansas’ Ozark-St. Francis National Forest

The vast woodland wilderness of Ozark-St. Francis National Forest is one of the best places to embrace the fall colors anywhere in the US. With temperatures averaging around 60°F in November, it’s a great time for hiking and camping in the great outdoors of Arkansas!

This extensive area of forest is home to some 1.2 million acres of woodland, and there are miles of hiking trails that weave their way through this protected habitat. There are short and long hiking trails for you to tackle, including the Chubb Hollow Trail, the Cave Spring Trail, and the Spring Valley Trail.

The hiking trails (many of which are also suitable for mountain bikes and horseback riding) are split between the Upper Current River Trails and the Lower Current River Trails. These two distinct areas are both glorious, and in the fall, you’ll be surrounded by multicolored beauty wherever your hiking boots might take you!

There you have it! Amazing Places to visit in the US in November. What’s your favorite? 



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