The Best Things to do in Alabama

The 25 Best Things to Do in Alabama

Nestled between Mississippi and Florida on the Gulf Coast, Alabama is one of the South’s shining stars. Perfect for road tripping, you’ll find all sorts of amazing natural, cultural, and historical attractions scattered across the Yellowhammer State.

Nature enthusiasts will love spotting rare “glowworms” in Dismals Canyon, searching for cascades in the Land of a Thousand Waterfalls, and taking a scenic hike to the highest point in Alabama. If you prefer a beach vacation, Alabama’s Gulf Coast is lined with white sand beaches, including the 32 miles of beachfront at the popular Orange Beach.

History buffs will love learning about the Civil Rights Movement at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute or checking out Native American artifacts at Moundville Archaeological Park. And if you’re traveling with kids, Alabama is chock full of family-friendly attractions. 

You can spend your trip doing everything from conducting science experiments at Birmingham‘s McWane Science Center to holding baby gators at Alligator Alley. Whether you plan to get cultured in the capital city of Montgomery, go brewery hopping in Huntsville, or attend the annual Mardi Gras celebration in Mobile, there really is something for everyone!

With so many vibrant cities and regions to explore, you’ll find tons of exciting things to see and do in Alabama. To make it easy to plan your next adventure, we’ve compiled a list of the best things to do in the Yellowhammer State, including the top natural attractions, historic sites, and family-friendly destinations.

Our Alabama bucket list includes the best of the best, including the state’s hidden gems and coastal treasures! With so many things to see, do, and eat, you’re bound to have an incredible time exploring this charming Southern state. 

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The 25 Best Things to Do in Alabama

1. Go Brewery Hopping in Huntsville

Unique Things to do in Alabama: Brewery Hopping in Huntsville

When it comes to craft beer, Alabama is doing something right. You’ll find all sorts of innovative breweries throughout the Yellowhammer State, but if you’re looking for the best city to go brewery hopping, Huntsville is your best bet!

You can start your boozy tour on Campus No. 805, a refurbished school building that’s now home to all sorts of trendy restaurants, bars, and shops. Here you’ll find up-and-coming microbrewery Salty Nut Brewery where you should be sure to sample their popular Imperial Moustache Red. 

After that, head over to neighboring Yellowhammer Brewing, which has been brewing beers with a Southern twist since 2010. Plus, Yellowhammer shares a space with a wood fire pizza place in case you need something to soak up the booze! 

On Campus 805, you’ll also find the trendy Straight to Ale, where you can savor their famous Monkeynaut IPA. If you’ve got the tolerance for more, Pints & Pixels is right down the road. With a solid menu of local brews and all sorts of ‘80s arcade games, this is the perfect place to end your tipsy tour of Huntsville.

2. Learn Something New at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center

Fun Things to do in Alabama: U.S. Space & Rocket Center

If you’re looking for family-friendly Alabama attractions, you’ll love exploring the U.S. Space & Rocket Center. Located in Huntsville, the museum touts itself as the “Earth’s largest space museum,” and it totally lives up to the hype!

Take a look around, and you’ll find over 1,500 rocketry and space exploration artifacts, a wide range of space-related exhibits, and all sorts of information about the history of the space program. 

Plus, you can learn all about what it’s like to work in the International Space Station at the ISS: Science on Orbit exhibit, glimpse a real-life Saturn V rocket, experience 3Gs of centrifugal force on the G-Force Accelerator, board the Discovery Shuttle simulator, and so much more!

After that, check out a movie or presentation at either the on-site National Geographic Theater or the Spacedome IMAX. And don’t miss out on Rocket Park, where you can get up close and personal with 27 rockets and missiles. There are so many cool things to do at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center you can easily spend an entire afternoon exploring this one-of-a-kind museum.

3. Visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Rosenbaum House Museum

Best Things to do in Alabama: Rosenbaum House Museum

Architecture buffs will definitely want to add a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Rosenbaum House Museum to their Alabama bucket list. The single-family home was built for Stanley and Mildred Rosenbaum back in 1940 and now stands proud as a member of the National Register of Historic Places.

The Rosenbaum family used the home until 1999, when they donated it to the city of Florence, Alabama. A prime example of Wright’s Usonian style, the house was designed to be both affordable and utilitarian and is the first of dozens of such Usonian homes. 

Take a tour of the Rosenbaum House, and you’ll have the chance to check out the home’s Wright-designed furniture, multilevel steel-cantilevered roofs, and Wright’s innovative use of natural cypress wood materials. Another key feature of the Rosenbaum House is the heavy use of glass and natural materials to allow each room to blend in with the area’s natural setting and create an indoor/outdoor living experience.

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4. Marvel at the ‘Glowworms’ in Dismals Canyon

What to do in Alabama: Dismals Canyon

Visiting Dismals Canyon at night is easily one of the most unique things to do in Alabama. That’s because this is one of the few places on the planet where you can find dismalites, which are actually incredibly rare fly larvae.

Searching for fly larvae might sound gross, but when the sun goes down, the unique insects will begin to emit a bluish-green light, transforming the pitch-black landscape into an otherworldly light show! 

The 85-acre nature conservatory is draped in moss, which is where the dismalites, or “glowworms,” thrive. If you want to see this unique natural phenomenon for yourself, you can book a 45-minute guided night tour of Dismals Canyon.  

Dismals Canyon is also home to two cascading waterfalls and some of the largest Canadian Hemlock trees in the world, making this a great spot to hike during the day. You can follow the 1.5-mile trail through the canyon floor, which will take you past caverns, massive boulders, gushing waterfalls, and towering trees.

5. Get Outdoors in the Land of a Thousand Waterfalls

Cool Things to do in Alabama: Land of a Thousand Waterfalls

Outdoor enthusiasts will love exploring all the natural wonders in Bankhead National Forest. Located just 90 minutes from Birmingham, this 180,000-acre area is home to beautiful forests, countless waterfalls, and 90 miles of trails. If hiking to waterfalls is your thing, a trip to Bankhead National Forest will not disappoint! 

No trip to Bankhead is complete without paying a visit to the beautiful Kinlock Falls. From the parking area, you can reach this 25-foot-wide fall via the easy 0.25-mile trail. Be sure to bring a towel and bathing suit because this is a popular spot for swimming.

Photography buffs will love snapping scenic shots of the picture-perfect Caney Creek Falls and Sougahoagdee Falls, while hikers will love working up a sweat on the 11.3-mile round-trip trail to the 70-foot-tall Bee Branch Falls. With so many cool hikes and stunning waterfalls to discover, it’s no wonder why visitors return to Bankhead National Forest again and again.

6. Photograph the Otherworldly Neversink Pit

It’s no wonder why this unique geological wonder is one of the coolest Alabama attractions – it’s astoundingly beautiful! A combination of a sinkhole and a cave, Neversink is 40 feet wide at the top and drops down a whopping 162 feet to the floor. Not only is this an ultra-popular spot for climbers, but photographers flock here year-round to capture stunning images.

One of the coolest things about Neversink is that the view on the way down changes with the season. Head here in the spring, and you may spot waterfalls, whereas you’ll be greeted by lush ferns in the summer and ice sheets in the winter.

To reach Neversink, you’ll have to make the strenuous 30-minute hike up the mountainside. But your efforts will be rewarded with amazing views inside the limestone formation. 

Unfortunately, you can only repel down (and climb back up) Neversink if you’re an experienced climber with vertical caving skills. If you’ve got what it takes, all you have to do is obtain a special permit using the online permit system, and you’re good to go!

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7. Search for Lost Treasures at the Unclaimed Baggage Center

What to do in Alabama: Unclaimed Baggage Center

If you’re looking for unique things to do in Alabama, you should definitely visit the quirky Unclaimed Baggage Center. Located in Scottsboro in northeast Alabama, this is the only retailer of lost luggage in the US! 

Although uncommon, roughly 0.03% of all checked luggage is lost, and that’s where the Unclaimed Baggage Center comes in. After all efforts to find the owners of unclaimed bags have been made and claims are paid out to passengers, unclaimed bags are sent to the Unclaimed Baggage Center. The items are either sold, recycled, or repurposed. 

Pay a visit to this unique shop, and you never know what long-lost treasures you’ll unearth. Over the years, shopkeepers have found tons of unique items, including a camera from the Space Shuttle, an authentic Egyptian Burial Mask dating back to 1500 BC, and a hand-carved Renaissance lute. 

Take a look around, and you’ll find everything from clothing, jewelry, and handbags to cameras, suitcases, and books. And if you’re really lucky, you may even find a historic artifact of your own!

8. Go Underground at Cathedral Caverns State Park

Alabama Bucket List: Cathedral Caverns State Park

Cathedral Caverns State Park is located an easy 25-minute drive from Scottsboro. Explore the caves, and you’ll stumble across some really cool natural wonders, including the cave’s massive entrance, “frozen” waterfall, and huge stalagmite forest. The caverns are also home to Goliath, a 45-foot-tall stalagmite that’s one of the largest in the world!

One of the most fun things to do in Alabama is to take a tour of Cathedral Caverns. The 90-minute tour begins at the huge entrance, which measures 126 feet wide and 25 feet high. The paved pathway then leads you to all of the top attractions and ends in the cave’s famous forest of stalagmites and stalactites. 

The cave tour is bound to be fun for the whole family. Plus, once you’re done, you can enjoy a snack at the picnic tables or even mine for gemstones and fossils in the mining dirt!

9. Go Hiking & Swimming in Little River Canyon

Fun Things to do in Alabama: Hiking & Swimming in Little River Canyon

If you’re searching for the best outdoor Alabama attractions, Little River Canyon deserves a spot on your travel to-do list. Nestled in northeastern Alabama near Fort Payne, Little River Canyon is a lush nature preserve that’s home to the longest mountaintop river in the US and one of the most popular waterfalls in the South!

You’ll find plenty to keep you busy at Little River Canyon. Go hiking or mountain biking on the 26 miles of trails, go rock climbing on the preserve’s challenging sandstone cliffs, or go fishing, kayaking, and swimming in the river. 

One of the coolest things about Little River Canyon is that its mountaintop river allows for tons of cascading waterfalls and swimming holes. And one of the most popular activities in the entire state is to hike to Little River Falls and on to the Martha’s Falls swimming hole. 

The rocky trail is just 0.75 miles long and will take you to one of the most popular waterfalls and swimming holes in Little River Canyon, where you can cool off on a hot summer’s day.

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10. Geek Out at the McWane Science Center

Must do things in Alabama: McWane Science Center

If you’re road tripping around Alabama with kids and you find yourself in Birmingham, a visit to the McWane Science Center is an absolute must! This place is chock full of interactive exhibits and opportunities for hands-on science experiments, which means it’s fun for the whole family.

One of the coolest things about the McWane Science Center is all of the permanent exhibits, which educate kids about everything from “Alabama Dinosaurs” to “Sea Monsters.” You’ll also love checking out all of the sea creatures in the World of Water Aquarium and getting up close and personal with them in the Shark & Ray Tank!

The McWane Science Center is also home to the Challenger Learning Center, as well as an IMAX Dome theater and the high-tech Rushton Science Theater. From bubble rooms to intergalactic VR experiences, there’s plenty to keep you and your little ones entertained for hours on end.

11. Feel the Need for Speed at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

Best Things to do in Alabama: Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

Spread across 740 acres of land in the heart of Birmingham, motorsports enthusiasts won’t want to miss out on the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum. This unique museum is not only chock full of rare and vintage cars, but it’s home to the largest motorcycle collection in the world!

The museum was founded in the 1980s by former racer and car collector George Barber. The museum originally featured Barber’s personal car collection, but he later changed his focus to collecting motorcycles.

The museum is now home to over 1,600 motorcycles, as well as an impressive array of vintage vehicles, unique racecars, and the largest Lotus collection in the world. Among the most popular attractions in the museum are the rare Britten V1000, the 1926 Royal Enfield 200 Sport, 1894 Hildebrand & Wolfmüller, and the 1959 Ducati 200SS.

Time your visit right and you may even be able to check out a thrilling racing event at the museum’s 2.38-mile racetrack!

12. Learn About Birmingham’s Industrial Past at Sloss Furnaces

Cool Things to do in Alabama: Sloss Furnaces

Paying a visit to Birmingham’s Sloss Furnaces is easily one of the most unique things to do in Alabama. Formerly the largest manufacturer of pig iron on earth, the Sloss Furnaces operated from 1882 until 1970. 

While they’re no longer functional, this National Historic Landmark is now a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike. Visitors flock here every year to learn about Birmingham’s industrial roots and take amazing photos of this unique site. It’s a popular spot for photoshoots, and some couples even opt to get married here!

Located two miles from downtown Birmingham, getting to the Sloss Furnaces is super convenient. Plus, you can easily do a self-guided tour by signing in at the Visitors Center and picking up one of the self-guided tour brochures.

As you explore the area, you’ll be able to examine the intricate network of pipes, the sky-high stoves, and the industrial interior of the plant. Plus, you’ll learn all about what it was like to work there, the iron-making process, and Sloss Furnaces’ role in the city’s history.

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13. Eat Your Way Through Alabama’s Foodiest City

Best Things to do in Alabama: Foodiest City

No trip to Alabama is complete without sampling some of the state’s famous barbeque, and Birmingham boasts some of the best! SAW’S Soul Kitchen is arguably one of the most famous restaurants in town for traditional soul food. But if it’s ribs you’re after, you’ll want to beeline it for the iconic Dreamland Bar-B-Que or Miss Myra’s.

Thanks to Alabama’s long stretch of coastline, Birmingham is blessed with a wide range of excellent seafood-focused eateries. The award-winning Automatic Seafood and Oysters and 5 Point Public House Oyster Bar are two of the best places to go for farm-fresh Gulf oysters and locally sourced seafood fare. 

For elevated Southern cuisine, try the 72-Hour Grilled Short Ribs with Wild Mushrooms at the upscale Hot and Hot Fish Club or the Buttermilk-Fried Chicken with Truffled Potatoes at Café Dupont. Or for something a bit more low-key, there’s always the homemade chicken and waffles from Yo’ Mama’s and the pulled pork-topped mac and cheese at John’s City Diner.

If you want to veer away from Southern fare, you’ll have tons to choose from. For a one-stop-shop, head over to The Pizitz Food Hall, where you can sample everything from Vietnamese pho to Indian street food to Hawaiian poke bowls!

14. Get Your Culture Fix at the Birmingham Museum of Art

The Birmingham Museum of Art is hands down one of the top Alabama attractions for art enthusiasts. Even if you’re not all that into art, you won’t be disappointed by this incredible museum. 

The Birmingham Museum of Art features over 25,000 works of art across three stories. Plus, you’ll have the chance to glimpse a wide range of different multi-cultural works – from Asian and African to ancient and contemporary. 

Don’t miss out on the popular collection of beautiful Vietnamese ceramics. After that, you can marvel at African headdresses, American textiles, and European paintings. 

Plus, some of the biggest draws of the Birmingham Museum of Art are the works by landscape artist Carrie Hill, miniaturist Hannah Elliot, and Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dalí. Depending on when you visit, the museum may be hosting a special exhibition, a family-friendly class, or one of their popular Art on the Rocks events, so it’s well worth checking the website to see what’s on.

15. Learn About History at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute 

Cool Things to do in Alabama: Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

If you’re a history buff, a visit to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute should be at the very top of your Alabama bucket list. It’s no secret that Alabama was a hot spot for civil rights activists in the 1950s, and ‘60s and there’s no better place to learn about it than Birmingham.  

Located in downtown Birmingham’s Civil Rights District, the museum houses a range of interactive exhibitions that educate visitors about the Civil Rights Movement, its key players, African-American life, and the continued fight for human and civil rights around the world.

You’ll also come across sobering artifacts of segregation, including separate drinking fountains for White and Black students. The Institute also hosts a range of educational events throughout the year, so it’s well worth checking out the website to see what’s happing during your visit.

If you want to learn more about the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama, meander around the Civil Rights District and check out the 16th Street Baptist Church, Kelly Ingram Park, and other top sites in Birmingham.

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16. Root for the Crimson Tide at the University of Alabama

Alabama Bucket List: Crimson Tide at the University of Alabama

It’s no secret that Alabama takes its college football very seriously. If you’re looking for the most fun things to do in Alabama, you’ll definitely want to root for the Alabama Crimson Tide at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Be sure to don the university’s colors – crimson, gray, and white – so you fit in!

Located on the University of Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa, it’s well worth timing your visit to Alabama to catch a game in person. Get there early because the pre-game activities and tailgating are half the fun of going to a game at Bryant-Denny Stadium!

Before you take your seat in the stadium, you’ll definitely want to make a stop at the historic Quad before taking part in the Elephant Stomp pep rally and marching to the stadium. You can also spot the players walking from their buses to the stadium while being cheered on by thousands of rabid fans during the Walk of Champions.

But if you happen to be visiting during the off-season, you can still take a tour of the historic 1929 stadium.

17. Go Back in Time at Moundville Archaeological Park

Located 20 minutes outside of Tuscaloosa, Moundville Archaeological Park is one of the best Native American heritage sites in the US and one of the coolest things to do in Alabama! 

The area was once the political and ceremonial heart of the Mississippians (a Native American society) between the 11th and 16th centuries. Today, you’ll find 29 platform mounds surrounding a central plaza that were once used as residences as well as public buildings.

You can take some time to stroll around the grounds and marvel at these archaeological wonders. Set on a bluff overlooking the Black Warrior River, the area is incredibly picturesque. After you wander the grounds and pay a visit to the informative onsite museum, you can take some time to walk along the half-mile nature trail or have a scenic lunch in the picnic area.

18. Go Rock Climbing at Cherokee Rock Village

Alabama Things to do: Cherokee Rock Village

Nestled in northeastern Alabama, Cherokee Rock Village is a 200-acre park that’s perched on top of Lookout Mountain. The area is famous for its towering sandstone rock formations and boulder-studded landscape. Plus, its mountaintop setting offers stunning views over Weiss Lake.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love spending some time exploring all of the natural wonders Cherokee Rock Village has to offer. If climbing is your thing, you’re in luck because visitors flock here from all over the world to tackle the park’s famous sandstone formations. Experienced climbers will find more than 200 rope routes, as well as opportunities for trad climbing and bouldering. 

If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, you’ll have 14 miles of trails to choose from and a range of hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding opportunities. With so much to see and do, you might even consider staying in the onsite campground for a night or two to maximize your time exploring this beautiful corner of Alabama.

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19. Hike to the Highest Point in Alabama

Best Things to do in Alabama: Hike to the Highest Point in Alabama

Cheaha State Park is another one of the best sights in Alabama for nature lovers. Dating back to 1933, this is not only the oldest park in Alabama, but it’s home to the highest point in Alabama, too!

The 2,799 acres of land are littered with countless age-old trees and granite boulders, creating an impossibly beautiful setting. But for the best views of Cheaha State Park, you’ll definitely want to head to the top of Cheaha Mountain – the highest point in Alabama. 

There are multiple ways to reach the top, but the moderate 1-mile out-and-back Lake Trail is arguably the most popular. This scenic hike takes 2 to 3 hours to complete and takes you to Rock Garden before leading you to the observation tower at the top of Cheaha Mountain. 

Don’t worry if you’re short on time or just don’t feel like hiking. You can also opt to drive to the observation tower at the top to take in the views and tick off this Alabama bucket list activity! 

20. Explore the Rosa Parks Library & Museum

Cool Things to do in Alabama: Rosa Parks Museum
Images courtesy of Rosa Parks Museum

Located on the Civil Rights Trail, the Rosa Parks Museum is one of the top Alabama attractions for those wanting to delve deeper into the Civil Rights Movement. Located in Montgomery – on the very spot where Rosa Parks was arrested in 1955 – the museum is dedicated to telling Park’s story in a way that’s approachable for both kids and adults alike. 

Explore the museum, and you’ll find all sorts of historic artifacts, interactive activities, and educational exhibits. You’ll learn all about the Montgomery bus boycott, what life was like in the segregated South, and the key players in the fight for civil rights.

Best Things to do in Alabama: Rosa Parks Museum

Arguably the most popular exhibit is the replica of the bus Parks was arrested on after she refused to give up her seat to a White man. With this unique exhibit, you can actually watch a reenactment of what happened that day.

If you’ve got the kids in tow, there’s also a children’s wing that tells these stories in an interactive and kid-friendly manner. 

21. Hold a Baby Alligator at Alligator Alley

Fun Things to do in Alabama: Alligator Alley

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Alabama, look no further than Alligator Alley! Located in Summerdale, the alligator farm was started in 2004 as a haven for rescue alligators. The farm is now home to 450 alligators, which range from hatchlings to adults. 

Take a guided tour of the farm, and you’ll have the chance to spot these reptiles swimming in ponds and basking in the Alabama sunshine. The elevated boardwalk gives you the unique opportunity to view these creatures in their natural habitat while keeping a safe distance. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can get up close and personal with the gators after your guided tour. Head over to the Gator Station, where you can hold a baby alligator. Or, if you’re feeling really brave, time your visit with the feeding times (11 am, 1 pm, and 4 pm) and feed the reptiles yourself!

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22. Attend the Oldest Mardi Gras Celebration in the US

Alabama Things to do: Oldest Mardi Gras Celebration in the US

Mardi Gras might be synonymous with New Orleans, but did you know that the very first Mardi Gras celebration in the US took place in Mobile, Alabama, in 1703? If you happen to be in Alabama during this epic celebration, you won’t regret spending it in the coastal town of Mobile!

You’ll for sure want to visit the Mobile Carnival Museum to learn all about the history and traditions of Mardi Gras in the city and check out all of the elaborate costumes, historic posters and photographs, and the popular interactive float exhibition.

Now that you’re in the Mardi Gras spirit, you’ll have weeks of activities to keep you busy. You can join in on one of the many parades, check out a procession of intricately decorated floats, or get all dolled up in an elaborate costume and plenty of beaded necklaces. However, you decide to celebrate, be prepared to have the time of your life!

23. Bike Around Dauphin Island

Unique Things to do in Alabama: Bike Around Dauphin Island

Biking around Dauphin Island is easily one of the most fun things to do in Alabama. Brimming with white sand beaches, naturally beautiful green spaces, and important historic sites, you can easily spend a day or two exploring this beautiful barrier island.

You’ll find tons of places to rent bikes scattered across Dauphin Island. Plus, many rental companies will even bring them directly to you! 

But the best part is the island is extremely bike-friendly. Between the Bienville Avenue Trail and Lemoyne Drive Trail, you’ll have 15 miles of recreational cycling to choose from.

If you’ve only got one day, head over to the east side of the island where you’ll find star attractions like the historic Fort Gaines, the Alabama Aquarium at the Dauphin Island Sea, the Audubon Bird Sanctuary, and East End Beach. 

If you have more time and want to spend the weekend biking around the island, the west side of the island boasts picture-perfect Dauphin Beach, the Goat Tree Reserve, West End Beach, and so much more!

24. Enjoy a Fun-Filled Beach Vacation at Orange Beach

What to do in Alabama: Vacation at Orange Beach

If you’re road-tripping along Alabama’s coastline, you’ll want to make a pit stop at Orange Beach. With 32 miles of gorgeous beachfront, 10 public-access beaches, and endless entertainment options, this is the perfect pick for a family-friendly getaway!

Nature enthusiasts will love exploring Gulf State Park, hiking the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail, and going bird watching in the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge. Or, if you’re just looking for a relaxing beach vacation, head over to Orange Beach, where you can soak up the sun or partake in a variety of water sports. 

If you’re traveling with little ones, you’ll love all of the rides and games at Adventure Island. For even more entertainment, the Wharf boasts all sorts of cool shops, an arcade, and a mini-golf course.

From sea-to-table restaurants to popular surfing spots to the Wharf’s famous Ferris wheel, a trip to Orange Beach is bound to be fun for the whole family!

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25. Have a Relaxing Stay in Fairhope

Cool Things to do in Alabama: Relaxing Stay in Fairhope

If you’re looking for a relaxing retreat, it’s well worth taking a day or two to unwind in the tranquil town of Fairhope. Nestled on the Gulf Coast and the shores of Mobile Bay, Fairhope is your quintessential Southern town that’s just brimming with Southern hospitality and charm. 

Explore the coast, and you’ll find the Fairhope Municipal Pier and Park, a white sand beach, and endless water sports activities. Whether you want to spend your days fishing, boating, or just soaking up the Southern sunshine on the beach, Fairhope has everything you need for a chilled-out stay.

Head just a little bit inland, and you’ll find yourself in the heart of town. Take some time to explore Fairhope Avenue, and you’ll find tons of cute shops, cool art galleries, and excellent Southern-inspired eateries. It doesn’t get any more charming than Fairhope Avenue!

Time your visit to Fairhope right, and you may even be in town for the city’s famous Arts and Crafts Festival, Knights of Ecor Rouge parade, or the annual Mardi Gras celebration. But no matter when you visit, there’s always something fun going on in Fairhope! 

There you have it! The 25 best things to do in Alabama. What’s your favorite thing to do in the Yellowhammer State?

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