2018 Burning Man Packing List

2022 Burning Man Packing List

Burning Man is an incredibly intense experience. You’ll be venturing into the Black Rock Desert where there are frequent dust storms. Your body and everything you own will be covered in the alkaline playa dust, all of the time. You will get bloody noses daily, your feet will get dry and crack, and you’ll be kept awake all night by thumping rave music.

And to top it all off, the only things that are available to purchase are ice and coffee. Preparing for Burning Man can be a daunting task. You’ll need to pack in anything and everything you will need for the week. It’s a scary thought, but don’t fret! Burning Man has a gifting culture and there are countless wonderful people who will help you out if you forget to pack anything.

Burning Man Packing List by Wandering Wheatleys

You’ll also experience the most impressive artwork and meet some truly wonderful people (aka “burners”) along the way. It will undoubtedly be one of the most difficult and one of the most unbelievable experiences of your entire life. Check out our Burning Man packing list to ensure you’re ready for the upcoming craziness!

What to Pack for Burning Man

Burning Man Packing List Essentials


This may seem silly but many disappointed people have made it all the way to the playa and forgotten their tickets at home. There is no way to get into Burning Man without your physical tickets so don’t leave home without double-checking. This is the most essential item on your Burning Man packing list!


You won’t really need money once you arrive at Burning Man as it runs on a culture of gifting. However, you should bring enough cash to restock your cooler with ice every 24-48 hours. Ice costs $3 for a 7-pound bag of crushed ice or a 10-pound solid block of ice.

The only other thing you can buy at Burning Man is coffee and it’s much easier to just make coffee in your own camp than to stand in line for a cup of coffee at the center camp.

Two Gallons of Water Per Person Per Day

Packing for Burning Man by Wandering Wheatleys

It is important to bring plenty of water for drinking, cooking, doing dishes, and showering (if you plan on showering). There is no water available on the playa so it is imperative to plan accordingly. Of course, there are plenty of wonderful people who will be willing to help you out if for some reason you run out.

Many people stock up either in Reno or at the Walmart in Klamath Falls which was quickly running out of water when we stopped there on our way to the playa.

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Camping Gear for Burning Man

Large Tent

There are a few things to consider when selecting your tent for Burning Man. The first is that you’ll want something that closes up completely, meaning no uncovered mesh areas. Don’t get me wrong, when a dust storm comes through, everything in your tent will be absolutely covered. But better to keep as much dust out as possible.

The second consideration is size. You’ll likely want to keep all of your clothing, costumes, and everything else you’ll need daily in your tent. The fewer times you need to open and close the doors to your car, the better. Invest in a tent that you can stand up in and that has extra space once you get an air mattress inside.

Because of the dust and strong winds at Burning Man, most people agree that you’re best off with a heavy-duty canvas tent. Kodiak Canvas Tents are the most popular choice for Burners who choose to go this route, but they can be a bit expensive for your first trip to the playa.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Kodiak Canvas Tent

If you’re only going to Burning Man once then you might not want to invest in a $500 heavy-duty canvas tent. In that case, try this tent by Core which can fit two queen-sized air mattresses and has a center height of 78 inches. It also has a room divider and storage pockets to help keep you organized. Plus, it’s easy to set up.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Kodiak Core Instant Cabin Tent

If you think you’re going to be a Burning Man lifer then you should consider investing in an RV or a ShiftPod.

TIP: Bring neon-colored flagging tape and tie it to your tent lines to keep yourself from tripping over them constantly.


If you don’t use rebar (or really long tent stakes) to hold down your tent, inflatable furniture, and shade structure, a big gust of wind will send your camp flying down the playa. And possibly injuring people along the way. Bring plenty of rebars and don’t forget a 2-lb sledgehammer to drive the rebar into the ground, work gloves, and some way to get the rebar back out once you’re ready to pack up.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Rebar

It’s also a good idea to pack mushroom caps to cover the ends of the rebar. Tennis balls work as well – cut a slit in the tennis ball and place it over the exposed end of the rebar so if you stumble over it in the dark you won’t wind up with a huge gash on your shin.

Recently a lot of people have been moving away from rebar and using 12″ long lag screws. Lag screws are a lot easier to get in and out of the playa plus they decrease the risk of gashing open your shin. You can screw them down so the head sits just above the ground. The downside is you’ll need a battery-powered drill and several spare batteries or a generator to power your drill.

If you’re just planning to set up a small tent you can probably get away with some 10″ long tent stakes. But, if you’re building a shade structure or setting up a large tent, you’re definitely going to want rebar or lag screws.

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Air Mattress

You’re going to be sleeping in the middle of the desert in a tent for a week so don’t skip out on a quality air mattress. If you only bring a little backpacking-style sleeping pad you’ll be miserable by the second night. This queen-sized mattress by Intex will keep you sleeping comfortably and won’t break the bank.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Inflatable Air Mattress

Don’t forget to invest in a portable air pump so you can use your car cigarette lighter to get the mattress pumped up!

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Portable Air Pump


Pack an old set of sheets (be sure they fit your air mattress) and pillows or pick some up at Goodwill. You’ll definitely want to toss them at the end of the week.


Unless you plan on getting up before the sun rises in the morning, your tent is bound to get HOT fairly early every day. Bring along a battery-powered fan to keep the air flowing in your tent even when it’s roasting outside. This one also includes a lantern to keep your tent lit at night.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Portable LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan

If you’re the crafty type then consider making one of these swamp bucket coolers.

Avoiding the Dust at Burning Man

Cover for Bedding

One of the worst tortures of Burning Man is attempting to sleep in a bed that has just been through a dust storm and is covered in a half-inch of the playa. Even if you try to shake out your sheets, it’s impossible to get it all out. Pack an extra fitted sheet to cover your entire mattress, bedding included, and then only remove it when you’re ready to go to bed.

Tupperware Containers

Pack your clothes, costumes, toiletries, and everything else in your Burning Man packing list in Tupperware containers that have locking lids to keep them organized and free of dust. The clear ones make it much easier to find what you’re looking for without having to open every bin.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Sterilite 70-Quart Ultra Latch Tupperware


Having something on hand at all times to shield your nose and mouth from impending dust storms is a must in your Burning Man packing list. Keep a bandana or a piece of cloth tied loosely around your neck, all day and all night, so that you can access it in a pinch.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Bandana for Dust Storms


How to Pack for Burning Man by Wandering Wheatleys

Likewise, you’ll want to keep your eyes shielded from the dust. Be sure to pack some funky goggles and keep them on you all the time in the playa.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Funky Goggles for Dust Storms

However, while those are fun, they probably aren’t the most practical. If you prefer function over form then invest in a cheap pair of ski goggles.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Funky Ski Goggles for Dust Storms
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Having a rug outside of your tent to wipe your shoes and feet before you enter is a little luxury. But don’t spend any money on one and definitely don’t bring one that you like from home. You’ll want to throw this one away as soon as you leave. Pick one up at Goodwill on your way out of town. If you want even more luxury, pick up a rug for the inside of your tent as well.

Lounging at Burning Man

Burning Man Packing List by Wandering Wheatleys

Shade Tent

This is only necessary if you are headed to Burning Man on your own. If you join a camp, they will likely provide shade structures for everyone to enjoy. While there are so many things to see and do in the playa, you’ll likely want to spend at least some time in the afternoons lounging in the shade.

Building your own shade structure that can withstand the epic windstorms you’re likely to encounter on the playa can be difficult. Our best piece of advice is not to use a tarp as they are essentially giant kites once the wind starts blowing. You’ll be much better off using shade netting because it will let the wind pass through while still keeping the sun out.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Desert Camo Shade Netting

Aluminet can also be a great choice for covering smaller structures (like your tent) as it is reflective and will keep your living space a bit cooler during the day. It’s also not a bad idea to throw one of these over your coolers so your ice will last a little longer.

Inflatable Couches

You’ll need to bring along some inflatable seating to lounge on under your shade tent. The more loungers you bring, the more likely you’ll have other burners stop by to hang out. Pool floaties work if you’d rather not invest in proper inflatable furniture.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Inflatable Day Bed for Lounging

TIP: Make sure your inflatable furniture is tied to something sturdy (like a piece of rebar driven into the playa) before you leave for the day or go to bed at night. Otherwise, it will quickly go missing – carried off by the strong winds at Burning Man.

Spray Bottle Fan

Keep yourself cool while you’re lounging in the afternoons with a misting fan! And be sure to pack a few more to share with your new friends at Burning Man.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Spray Bottle Misting Fan

Burning Man Transportation

Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Best Bike for Burning Man by Wandering Wheatleys

For one week out of the year, Black Rock City is the 10th largest city in Nevada. It is roughly the size of downtown San Francisco. So to think that you can walk everywhere you’ll want to go is a bit unrealistic. You’ll most definitely need to bring a bicycle (with a basket!) and you’ll probably want to add some furry padding to the seat so that you’re always riding in comfort and style.

You’ll also want to add some battery-operated lights to your bike so that art cars and other cyclists can see you when it’s pitch black outside. And keep extra batteries with your bike at all times.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Beach Cruiser with Basket

Folding Bike Trailer

If you’re traveling to Burning Man with a larger group or if you are bringing several coolers, you’ll likely need to do some ice runs. And depending on how far your site is from the center camp, you may have to lug the heavy ice a fairly long distance. Make the trek easier on yourself with a folding bike trailer.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Folding Bike Trailer

Bike Lock

No one at Burning Man is going to intentionally steal your bike, but every now and again a drunk person mistakenly rides off on the wrong one. Purchase a lock with a simple combination that will be easy for you to remember. Don’t buy a lock that uses a key as it’s easy to lose while wandering around the deep playa at night.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Combination Bike Lock

Lighting at Burning Man

Packing for Your First Burning Man by Wandering Wheatleys

Luci Lights

Luci Lights are solar-powered inflatable lights that are amazing to hang around your camp. They will charge during the day and stay powered all night. Plus they pack down small so you can pack several without taking up too much space in your car.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Solar Powered Luci Lights

Battery-Powered String Lights

Nights in the playa are absolutely unreal! Deep playa is filled with art cars flashing neon lights, lit-up people and bikes zig-zagging around, and giant art structures that look completely different at night than they do during the daylight hours. But it’s pitch black outside so unless you are lit up in some way, you’ll be impossible for others to see. And no one wants to get run over by an art car…

Add battery-powered string lights to your Burning Man packing list to decorate your bicycle, your hat, and even possibly your body if you feel so inclined.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Battery Powered String Lights


Be sure to pack a headlamp to help you see what you’re doing when cooking in the dark or finding your way to the toilet in the middle of the night. It’s also really nice to have when you’re out in deep playa and need to figure out where you left your bicycle!

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Petzl Headlamp

Extra Batteries

Don’t forget to pack plenty of extra batteries to keep you illuminated all week!

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Extra Batteries
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Keeping your Burning Man Gear Charged

Solar Charger

If you aren’t planning on using a camera or your cell phone while at Burning Man then you probably won’t need to keep your electronics charged. But if you do want to snap some pics or stay connected to the outside world, be sure to pack a solar charger as there’s definitely no electricity to be found.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Solar Charger


Saline Nasal Spray

My nose was a sad state of affairs for the entire week of Burning Man. I woke up every morning with blood streaked across my pillow. Gross, right? That alkaline dust is actually really terrible for anyone to breathe in (hence why nothing and no one lives out there). The nasal spray will help a lot and it is a must for your Burning Man packing list, but be ready to be boogery.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Nasal Spray

Solar Shower

We’ve heard rumors that there is one bathing tent at Burning Man so if you don’t mind sudsing up with a bunch of naked strangers, don’t worry about bringing one of these. However, if you’d prefer some privacy you may want to invest in a solar shower for your bathing convenience.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Solar Shower

Shower Tent

For extra showering privacy, invest in a pop-up shower tent. And to comply with Burning Man’s “leave no trace” mentality, don’t forget a kiddie pool or a tarp to catch your greywater. This allows it to evaporate rather than soak into the playa.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Shower Tent

Don’t Forget to Add These Essential Toiletries to Your Burning Man Packing List

  • Eye drops
  • Biodegradable baby wipes
  • Biodegradable soap ( we recommend Dr. Bronners!)
  • Sunscreen
  • Post-Sol Lotion
  • Vinegar (soak your feet in it to neutralize the effects of the alkaline dust)
  • Chapstick
  • Single-ply toilet paper (the port-o-potties can’t handle more than one ply!)
  • Earplugs
Burning Man Virgin: Packing List by Wandering Wheatleys

Clothing to Pack for Burning Man

You’ll probably spend most of the week in a pink tutu and pasties but there are a few items that you won’t want to forget. The most important of these is a change of clothes kept safe and sound in a ziplock bag for your drive back home. Sitting in a dusty costume for 10 hours when you’re hot and hungover is torture.

  • Sun hat to protect you from the harsh midday rays
  • A warm jacket as evenings on the playa get quite chilly
  • Boots instead of flip-flops as the playa dust is terrible on your skin
  • Sunglasses
  • A backpack to carry your goodies on your daily adventures

Burner Costumes

Part of the fun of Burning Man is the outrageous costumes that people create! Head to your local fabric store, pick out some fabric and any other funky decor, and see what you come up with! Just try to avoid things that may come unattached and become playa “MOOP” (Matter Out Of Place). Feathers and glitter are generally frowned upon.

Need some inspiration? Check out these Instagram accounts!

And be sure to pick up a few fun, colorful wigs to keep from having to wash your hair throughout the week!

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Cooking and Eating at Burning Man

Fancy Drink Cup

Many of the larger camps bring plenty of extra goodies to share with fellow burners. As you cruise around on your bicycle, you’ll encounter people offering various cocktails and snacks. But very few have cups on hand (to cut down on waste). So be sure to bring your own uniquely decorated cup to keep in your bike basket all day every day! I’d recommend that you avoid a glass cup.


You can purchase ice in center camp for a small fee so it’s no problem to keep everything in your cooler cold. You’ll probably want at least a couple of coolers – one for drinks and ice and one for food. This Coleman version can hold up to 100 cans and has cup holders in the lid so you can use it as a table as well!

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Coleman Cooler

Table and Chairs

If you don’t join a camp and you don’t roll to Burning Man in an RV, you’ll need to bring your own table and chairs for dining on. There are no amenities like picnic tables on the campsites. Of course, you can eat while lounging out on your inflatable furniture but you’ll probably want some sort of flat structure for preparing your meals.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Portable Table and Chairs
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Some people go to Burning Man and just eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all week. If you follow that plan you won’t need a cookstove, propane, or pots and pans. But if you’d rather prepare actual hot meals while you’re there, then you’ll want to bring a double burner camp stove.

This one by Coleman will be great as part of your Burning Man packing list as well as any other camping trips in the future.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Coleman Camping Cookstove

Be sure to pack at least three full bottles of propane. And don’t forget to pack a lighter (best to get a ‘wand lighter‘) and backup matches for lighting your stove.

Pots and Pans

Unless you plan on cooking food for a large group, you should only need to bring two pieces of cookware; a large skillet and a large pot. Plan on purchasing ingredients for easy-to-make meals like soups, chili, and curries. And use the pot to boil water for your morning coffee.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Nonstick Pan

Plates, Bowls, Silverware, and Utensils

You shouldn’t need more than one plate, one bowl/mug, and one set of silverware per person unless you want to invite some new burner friends over for dinner. Pack a set that is easy to clean and durable.

Also be aware that metal plates, bowls, and cups have a tendency to get extremely hot when you put hot things in them – like coffee or hot food. You’re much better off with a plastic plate and cup (or double-walled coffee cup).

These mugs by Sistema are perfect because you can drink out of them, eat out of them, and store your leftovers in them. They can also double as your “fancy cup” if you’d rather keep things simple.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Sistema Camping Mug

French Press

This is more of a luxury than a necessity. You can purchase coffee in the center camp and there are also plenty of themed camps that provide some kind of coffee experience daily. But if you can’t function without your caffeine fix, best bring your own just in case. This french press by Secura is super durable and easy to clean.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Stainless Steel French Press

Coffee Mugs

Make yourself a cup of coffee and then set out to cruise around the playa on your bicycle. Pack a few Contigo Autoseal Travel Mugs to keep your coffee from spilling while you’re on the move.

What to Pack for Burning Man: Burning Man Packing List Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug

Other Burning Man Kitchen Packing Essentials

  • A sharp knife and Cutting board
  • Can opener, wine opener, and bottle opener
  • Spatula and Ladle
  • Salt and pepper grinders
  • Measuring cup
  • Sponge and scrubbing brush
  • Paper Towels
  • Biodegradable soap – you can use Dr. Bronner’s for doing dishes and for showers!
  • Trash bags

Food for Your Burning Man Packing List

You’ll probably find yourself snacking on various concoctions offered by themed camps throughout the day. And you may get offers to join others for dinner. But be sure to pack plenty of snacks for when hunger strikes!

Proper Meals

  • Veggies that don’t bruise easily or go bad quickly: onions, peppers, carrots, and mushrooms to name a few
  • Eggs (keep them safe in an egg container)
  • Curry mix
  • Canned beans: black beans, chickpeas, and kidney beans
  • Fajita or taco seasoning


  • Fruits that don’t bruise easily: apples, oranges, and grapes
  • Sliced cheese
  • Deli meat for sandwiches (eat early in the week!)
  • Bread
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • Nutella
  • Dried fruit
  • Crackers and chips
  • Beef jerky
  • Yogurt and granola


  • Coffee creamer
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Liquor
  • Mixers
  • Energy drinks
  • Pedialyte for hangovers – trust us, you’ll want to start every morning with a tall glass of this

We hope you have the most amazing Burning Man experience ever! If you have any other playa packing staples let us know so we can add them to the list! 


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  1. I am obssessed with your blog!! We are hoping to go to burning man in 2020. How expensive are tickets and how far in advance do you purchase?! I did holy ship for two years and now ready for this!!

    1. Hey Laura! So glad you’re enjoying our blog! The process of getting tickets for Burning Man is a bit complicated these days. Tickets typically go on sale in early March. First you need to create a profile on the Burning Man website and then you’ll need to be logged onto the website at the exact moment that ticket sales open. You’re assigned a random number in the virtual sales queue and hopefully you’re early enough in line that you can actually buy tickets. Otherwise you can get one sometimes by joining a theme camp. You can get more info about ticket sales here: https://tickets.burningman.org/

  2. If you’re looking for a lightweight chair that you can pack in / pack out anywhere with, I found it. Its called PAKchair. Lightweight, and super affordable. Enjoy going home this year!!

  3. Nooooooooo glow sticks, PLEASE. Glow sticks are the WORST. They’re single use, make trash, and get scattered all over the playa. I’m pretty sure they’re officially on the don’t bring this moopy nonsense burning man list.

    1. Valerie Wheatley

      Great point Laila! I did say to be sure not to leave them on the playa once they are done but they’re pretty terrible for the environment regardless so we just deleted them from the list. Thanks for taking the time to add your input!

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      Hi Diminique – my husband Nick took all of the photos from our Burning Man trip! Sweet art car!

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