Guide to Hiking the Abel Tasman Coastal Walk in New Zealand

How to Tackle the Abel Tasman Coastal Track

The Abel Tasman Track is an easy walk through the coastal forest with several beaches and coves within the Abel Tasman National Park. The region looks more tropical than any other place in New Zealand; however, this track had us wanting more.

During the peak season, this track is very popular and fully booked with hikers and day-trippers. Boat trips shuttle up and down the coast offering the ability to customize a trip. If tramping, don’t be surprised 18 miles into the track to find families wearing flip flops and touting rolling suitcases. Preferring more solitude during a multi-day walk, this was not our favorite track in New Zealand.

We feel the best way to explore the beautiful coastline is on a kayak, a more unique experience than the walk itself.

Abel Tasman Coastal Track
Abel Tasman Coastline

Content and photographs provided by Yana Kogan and Timon.

Guide to the Abel Tasman Coastal Track

Getting There

Located on the South Island, Abel Tasman is a tropical setting unique to New Zealand. What looks more like the Caribbean or the South Pacific, Abel Tasman is easily reached from Picton (two hours) or Nelson (one hour).

Abel Tasman is located between the towns of Marahau and Wainui Bay, both of which are access points to the national park. Most businesses catering to day trips (kayaks and boat tours) originate from Marahau.

Best Season to Visit

The Abel Tasman track is a year-round track. Huts and campsites require prior bookings. Huts have cooking stoves and a resident hut warden. Campsites have a cooking shelter and sink. This track has a very busy summer season, making the winter and spring a great time to visit.

How Many Days to Stay

We recommend a three-day hike, but for a more relaxed pace, four days is also an option. The main huts to stop at are Anchorage Hut, Torrent Bay Hut, and Awaroa Hut. There is camping available at these huts as well as several other locations.

It is important to know tidal times (see Tide Tables) as there is a bay crossing which can only be done during low tide at Awaroa. For more isolated campsites, check out Te Pukatea and Mutton Cove. For more details on hut locations, distances and maps, check out the DOC website for the Abel Tasman Coastal Track.

How to Book

Huts and tent camping must be booked prior to the walk. Huts can book out far in advance during the peak summer season. Currently, campsites cost $16 pp and huts cost $42 pp; however, these prices may increase in the future. Book online for campsites and huts at the DOC’s website.

Booking Transportation

Abel Tasman, New Zealand
Sunset at Bark Bay campsite

The hike starts in Marahau and ends at Wainui Bay. It is possible to have free transportation with two vehicles, one left at both ends or to switch keys with someone walking in the opposite direction. The drive into Wainui Bay is on an unpaved road which may require 4WD depending on conditions. It is also possible to hitchhike from Takaka.

The easiest way is to book transportation with one of the several boat companies. Boats depart from Totaranui and return to Marahau. The cost for a water taxi is $47. Several companies are available, with four boat transfers per day.

  • Marahau Water Taxi: 0800 80 80 18
  • Abel Tasman Sea Shuttle: 0800 732 748
  • Wilson’s Abel Tasman: 0800 223 582
  • Aqua Taxi: 0800 AQUA TAXI or

Our Experience Hiking the Abel Tasman Coastal Track

Distance and Elevation Gain

Abel Tasman Walk
Starting the Abel Tasman Coastal Track

Distance: 30.2 miles / 48.6 kilometers
Elevation: 4,652 feet (1,418m) ascent, 4,554 feet (1,388m) descent
Time: 3 Days (12 hours 45 minutes)

Day 1: Marahau to Bark Bay campsite

Abel Tasman Walk
Walking in the bush on Abel Tasman

The walk begins from Marahau on an inland track that has a couple of coastal viewpoints. The trail is mostly flat and very busy in the section between Marahau and Anchorage. The scenery continues to get better the further you get from Marahau. There is one larger ascent up a bluff before Bark Bay. The campsite at Bark Bay is a nice location just on the beach.

Distance: 16.4 miles / 26.4 kilometers
Elevation: 2,559 feet (780m) ascent, 2,438 feet (745m) descent
Time: 7 hours 15 minutes

Day 2: Bark Bay campsite to Awaroa campsite

Abel Tasman Great Walk NZ: Torrent Bay
Looking back over Torrent Bay

From Bark Bay, the trail is mostly flat to Awaroa, with one bluff at the end to climb. Awaroa campsite is quite small and not the most scenic; however, due to the tides and the necessity to cross Awaroa Bay during low tide, this is a commonplace to stop for the evening.

Distance: 9 miles / 14.5 kilometers
Elevation: 1,447 feet (441m) ascent, 1,427 feet (436m) descent
Time: 3 hours 30 minutes

Day 3: Awaroa campsite to Totaranui

Cross the bay during low tide only (max two hours on each side). At low tide, water was just below the knees. The trail to the end at Totaranui crosses several beaches and has a true coastal walk feel. On our last day, we had a downpour so we ended our hike a short distance from Awaroa. It is possible to finish the full hike and loop back to Toaranui using the Abel Tasman Inland Track.

Distance: 4.8 miles / 7.7 kilometers
Elevation: 646 feet (197m) ascent, 679 feet (207m) descent
Time: 2 hours

Kayaking in Abel Tasman

Abel Tasman Coastal Track: Kayak
Kayaking in Abel Tasman is the best way to explore the coast

With good weather, kayaking is the best option to explore the stunning coastline and green waters of Abel Tasman. There are several outfitters for kayak rental, but the best in town is R&R Kayaks.  There are several options for a kayak rental:

  • One Day Rental: $75
  • Multi-day Rental: $120 for 2 days, $191 for 2 days and a water taxi, $160 for a 3-day rental, and $142 for 3-day kayak and walk rental.
  • Camp and Hut fees: $16 / $42 per person

Day Hike Alternative

Abel Tasman, New Zealand: Coastline
Walking on the coastline in Abel Tasman

Starting at Marahau, hike for the day to Anchorage and back for a full 8-hour day. However, for only one day, we recommend kayaking. Either rent a kayak for the full day or book the kayak/hike option to kayak to Anchorage and hike back to Marahau.

Tide Tables

This hike requires a bay crossing at Awaroa that is only possible at low tide. There are also several other bays/estuaries (Torrent Bay, Bark Bay, Totaranui, and Mutton Cove) which are possible to cross at low tide and cut distance/time from the trail. It is important to know the crossing times at Awaroa, and only attempt to cross two hours on either side of low tide.  Click here for tide tables in Abel Tasman.

Important Things to Know

  • Tide crossings are posted at Anchorage, Torrent Bay, Bark Bay, and Totaranui. If you do not have the information prior to the hike, make sure to check one of these locations for the latest tide information.
  • During the summer expect high traffic on the track, and several campsites/huts have the possibility to be fully booked.
  • Booking transportation during peak season in advance is advised but not required. There are phones for use at Totaranui to contact the boat shuttles for pickup times and to see which is available.
  • Water is available at all huts and campsites, as well as many day-use areas. Day use areas have unfiltered tap water; however, all huts and campsites have filtered water.

That’s it – have an amazing trip around Abel Tasman!

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