Top Luxury Hotel in Sihanoukville, Cambodia: Alila Villas Koh Russey

Luxury Around the World: Koh Russey Villas & Resort

Just off the coast of the town of Ream in Southern Cambodia, an island paradise awaits. And off the western end of the island is the ultra-lavish Koh Russey Villas and Resort. Koh Russey Island is far removed from the busy, bustling beach towns on the mainland. You’ll love relaxing in this peaceful tropical oasis, taking long walks on the 3/4 mile of private sandy beach, and indulging yourself at the pristine pool overlooking the beach.

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Hotel Location

Top Luxury Hotel in Sihanoukville, Cambodia: Alila Villas Koh Russey - Arrival Pier

It takes just 15 minutes to reach the island of Koh Russey from the mainland town of Ream via the complimentary hotel shuttle boat. For several years, the Cambodian Navy held an outpost here. This tropical wonderland has it all – sandy beaches, jungles, crystal clear waters, and perhaps most importantly, a luxury resort for you to relax.

If you crave a bit of adventure during your stay, there are plenty of activities nearby to keep you entertained. The staff at the Villas can help in arranging tours to Bokor National Park or to a local pepper plantation. And of course, there is a myriad of water sports to enjoy just off the sandy coast.

The Staff at the Koh Russey Villas

Prior to your arrival at the Koh Russey Villas, you’ll be provided with a short survey to customize your experience. From your cuisine preferences to your favorite music, to the frequency that you would like the staff to dote on you, all to ensure that your experience is absolutely magical.

And from the moment you enter the Koh Russey Villas lounge on the mainland, you’ll feel treated like family. The check-in process is seamless and then you’ll head to the beautiful speed boat where you’ll sip champagne en route to the island. The wonderful staff will be waiting for you at the pier with a gift and your own personal staff member to give you a tour of the property.

And throughout your stay, the amazing staff will be there anytime you need them to assist with whatever your heart desires. You’ll be waited on hand and foot at all hours of the day.

Koh Russey Villas Accommodation

Top Luxury Hotel in Sihanoukville, Cambodia: Alila Villas Koh Russey

You’ll enjoy a peaceful, personalized experience at the Villas. With only 63 pavilions and villas, you’ll feel like you have the entire property all to yourself! Each villa has its own private pool for unparalleled privacy. You can lounge on your own private patio that overlooks the secluded beach.

Top Luxury Hotel in Sihanoukville, Cambodia: Alila Villas Koh Russey - Bath Time

All rooms at the Villas are beautifully decorated with modern decor, plush fabrics, hardwood floors, and stone bathtubs. Rooms have high ceilings and large windows that provide ample natural light as well as the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful gardens right outside your window. The beds at the Villas are so comfortable that you’ll sink right in and you won’t want to get out of them in the morning.

Top Luxury Hotel in Sihanoukville, Cambodia: Alila Villas Koh Russey - Private Villa Pool

The Koh Russey Villas property is covered in lush gardens that are impeccably landscaped. With only 15% of the property devoted to the development, 85% has been dedicated to preserving the natural landscape of the island.

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Above and Beyond

As you might expect from such a lavish island resort, the Koh Russey Villas offer every amenity you could ever want and more. They go above and beyond to truly cater to your every whim.

Offering a state-of-the-art gym facility, access to a plethora of non-motorized water activities, a beachfront swimming pool, bars and restaurants, a boutique for souvenir shopping, complimentary yoga classes, and even beach cinema nights, you’ll want for nothing here.

Dine on Delectable Cuisine

Koh Russey Villas & Resort offers two delectable restaurant options onsite. Both have the freshest, farm-to-table ingredients but one offers a more casual environment and one is upscale.

Beach Shack

Top Luxury Hotel in Sihanoukville, Cambodia: Alila Villas Koh Russey - Ceviche at the Beach Shack

The Beach Shack is the casual dining experience at the Villas. It is located right on the beach and has a sandy floor, a central bar, and an open grill. It’s the perfect place to grab a snack or a cocktail while lounging on the gorgeous private beach. Be sure to try the fresh ceviche, it’s divine!

You can enjoy a variety of menu options, including traditional Khmer dishes, fresh seafood, and Western classics. They offer daily specials like “beer and a burger” or “bucket of Angkor beers” so you’ll get a great deal. No need to dress up to dine here, it has a laidback vibe.


Top Luxury Hotel in Sihanoukville, Cambodia: Alila Villas Koh Russey - Sunset from Horizon Restaurant

The Horizon is casual during the day but transforms into an upscale dining experience in the evenings. Overlooking the pool, this is where you’ll enjoy your a la carte daily breakfast. You can choose from classic Western cuisine like Eggs Benedict or a scramble, or opt for traditional Cambodia dishes. Plus, you’ll get freshly baked pastries, fresh fruit, yummy homemade jams, coffee, tea, and juice.

Top Luxury Hotel in Sihanoukville, Cambodia: Alila Villas Koh Russey - Pork Belly at Horizon Restaurant

In the evenings, you’ll love the romantic lighting and the delicious French fusion cuisine. All of the fruit and veggies are fresh from the Villa’s own organic gardens and the other ingredients have been locally sourced from nearby farmers. Start your meal with a beet salad and the Hawaiian-style poke. And be sure to enjoy the pork belly for your main course, it is cooked to perfection!

Cool Off at the Pool or in the Sea

Top Luxury Hotel in Sihanoukville, Cambodia: Alila Villas Koh Russey - Swimming Pool

You’ll want to spend every day basking in the sun beside the fabulous pool at the Villas. The pool is 98×26 feet in length so you’ll have plenty of space to swim laps, lounge on a pool float, or simply hang out while sipping refreshing cocktails.

There are plenty of comfortable beach loungers and cabanas surrounding the pool. You can order a drink or a snack while you relax. The pool is just a short walk from the private beach so you can have a change of scenery when you’ve had your fill of the pool.

Top Luxury Hotel in Sihanoukville, Cambodia: Alila Villas Koh Russey - Beach Walk

The private coastline also offers plenty of seats for lounging. You can take advantage of one of the many lounges or comfortable cushions. There are also picture-perfect swings around the property with views of the sea. And if you’re craving some activity, borrow one of the stand-up paddle boards or kayaks and get in some exercise!

Indulge Yourself at the Spa

You’ll be living in the lap of luxury during your stay at the Koh Russey Villas, so why not treat yourself to a day of pampering at the spa? You can choose from an array of relaxing treatments, including massages, facials, and body scrubs. And you’ll love that the spa products are all-natural and only use local ingredients.

Sustainable Tourism

Top Luxury Hotel in Sihanoukville, Cambodia: Alila Villas Koh Russey - Sunset

The Koh Russey Villas & Resort is proud of its sustainable tourism and promotes it. Development of the villa incorporated environmentally sustainable design (ESD) principles by reducing the negative impact on the island and utilizing resource conservation materials. They also use only farm-to-table local ingredients in their cuisine and organic products in every room and in the spa.

We hope you enjoy your stay at the luxurious Koh Russey Villas & Resort!

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