The Most Instagrammable Places in Australia

The 30 Most Instagrammable Places in Australia

Love it or hate it, Instagram is a valuable resource for planning what to do, eat, and see while exploring new places. Scrolling through various Instagram hashtags and accounts makes us lust after those locations. Australia was one of those places for us. From oceans to deserts and mountains, Australia is like the popular girl in high school. She has it all.

Here are our 30 favorite Instagrammable spots in Australia, in no particular order. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to make it out the wild west so none of WA is listed here. Let us know if we missed anything!

Content and photographs provided by Yana Kogan and Timon.

The 30 Most Instagrammable Spots in Austalia

1. Sydney Opera House, New South Wales

Instagrammable Places in Australia: Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House, New South Wales

Australia’s most recognizable building is also one of the top Instagramable spots in Australia. The stunning architecture is great from all angles. We think the best spots for photography are from Mrs. Macquaries Point. At the end of the point, there are rocks that are great for sunset and long exposure shots.

2. Mona Vale Rock Pool, New South Wales

Australia Instagrammable Places: Moon Vale
Mona Vale rock pool, Sydney

This spot may be best for those with a drone, but Sydney’s best rock pool is still amazing for a swim. The ocean surrounds the pool and the waves engulf it while you take a dip.  It is roughly 45 minutes north of downtown Sydney. To check out other rock pools in the area, read our blog post on the Top 10 Rock Pools of Sydney.

3. Noosa National Park, Queensland

Best Photography Spots in Australia: Noosa Fairy Pools
Noosa Fairy Pools, Noosa National Park, Queensland

The town of Noosa is an up-and-coming hotspot with excellent restaurants and beaches. The national park has a scenic coastline and an excellent walk with viewpoints. The best spot by far is the fairy pools. It is a short walk off the trail, where there are two natural tide pools to enjoy.

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4. Point Arkwright, Queensland

Where to Take Photos in Australia: Point Arkwright
Point Arkwright, Queensland

Located just south of Noosa, this is one of our favorite hidden gems in Australia. If you aren’t a morning person, make an exception because you’ll want to be here for sunrise. The rocky area at the end of the beach was one of the best spots in Queensland to watch the sun come up!

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5. Pebble Beach, Yeppoon, Queensland

Instagrammable Places in Australia: Pebble Beach
Pebble Beach, Yeppoon, Queensland

We stumbled upon this beach, and boy, were we lucky – it’s definitely one of the eeriest and most dramatic beaches in Australia. There are two short trails up to the Rosslyn Bay Lookout, a great whale-watching spot during the migration season. Another trail leads down to Pebble Beach.

6. Cape Hillsborough, Queensland

Australia Instagrammable Places: Cape Hillsborough
Cape Hillsborough, Queensland

When in Australia, seeing Kangaroos will become the new norm. We can’t imagine how anyone couldn’t love these animals, they are adorable. One of the best places to see them is at Cape Hillsborough. Every morning, wallabies and a few roos head to the beach for a feeding. It is the perfect opportunity to get an up-close shot!

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7. Whitsunday Islands, Queensland

Best Photography Spots in Australia: Whitsunday Islands
Whitsunday Islands, Queensland

The Whitsunday Islands are one of the most beautiful places in Australia and contain some of the best beaches in the world! Whether coming on a tour or heading to Whitehaven Beach for an epic camping trip, there are so many spots to photograph.

All tours go to the popular location at the Hill Inlet viewpoint. Our favorite spot was a short walk from the beach just below Hill Inlet and surprisingly, no one else was there.

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8. Wallaman Falls, Queensland

Where to Take Photos in Australia: Wallaman Falls
Wallaman Falls, Queensland

A two-hour drive from Cairns, Wallaman Falls is the tallest waterfall in Australia. There is an overlook, but it is best seen at the base of the falls.

The walk down takes around 20 minutes and the trail is quite steep until you reach the bottom. From here, it takes another 10 minutes of scrambling over massive boulders to get to the base of the falls. Don’t forget a bathing suit, it’s a great place to cool off.

9. Babinda Boulders, Queensland

Instagrammable Places in Australia: Babinda Boulders
Babinda Boulders, Queensland

This park 45 minutes south of Cairns was a perfect stop on a hot day. There is a trail leading from the parking lot to an excellent swimming area in the river and a pretty sweet rock for jumping. Another trail leads down to the massive boulders that the river carves through. It’s a pretty sweet stop in Queensland!

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10. Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Australia Instagrammable Places: Great Barrier Reef
Milne Reef, Great Barrier Reef

No matter if you are visiting the Great Barrier Reef on a boat tour to snorkel or dive, don’t leave without having something to shoot underwater pictures with. Whether it is a Lifeproof case for a phone or professional housing, the pictures of the reef and marine life are stunning.

Although the best pictures of the reef are from above. For drone pilots, Queensland NP does not require a permit to fly.

Scenic flights over the reef are an incredible experience with flights from Cairns or Airlie starting around $80 AUD. Interested in diving into the GBR? Check out our blog post on diving with Coral Sea Dreaming.

11. Devil’s Marbles, Northern Territory

Best Photography Spots in Australia: Devil's Marbles
Devil’s Marbles, Northern Territory

One of the strangest and coolest things in Australia hands down is Devil’s Marbles. How on earth did these rock formations get stacked like that? There is a nice campsite here for only a few dollars per night, and there are several walking trails to explore the area. Even if you’re just passing by, at least give this spot an hour to explore.

12. Uluru, Northern Territory

Where to Take Photos in Australia: Uluru
Sunrise at Uluru, Northern Territory

The iconic view in the outback is Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock. There are countless photo opportunities at this national park. Getting up close to Uluru at the Mutitjulu waterhole has some really cool angles to shoot. But the best shot though is of the rock itself.

We preferred the sunset carpark, which is great for sunrise as well. Kata Tjuta, also known as The Olgas, is a 40-minute drive away and a destination in its own right. And don’t miss the Valley of the Winds walk. Check out our article on the top 13 highlights in the Outback, survival guide, and itineraries for more information.

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13. Kings Canyon, Northern Territory

Instagrammable Places in Australia: Kings Canyon
The Rim Walk at Kings Canyon, Northern Territory

When I think of Kings Canyon, I think of California. It’s my home. But Australia has the better park. And Kings Canyon National Park is the most underrated spot in all of Australia. Not everyone visits this park, and they are missing out.

The rim walk is only three hours but has some epic spots to take pictures. The dramatic cliffs of Kings Canyon were one of our favorite Instagram spots in all of Australia and it is only a two-hour drive from Uluru. 

14. Shipwreck at Cape Banks, South Australia

Australia Instagrammable Places: Shipwreck Cape Banks
Shipwreck in Lighthouse Bay, Cape Banks, South Australia

We love shipwrecks. Whether it is scuba diving or a wreck just offshore, they are always interesting places to explore.

While the coastline in South Australia has several shipwrecks, this little fishing boat in Lighthouse Bay is a hidden gem. Not many people venture to this spot, but it was one of the more picturesque shipwrecks we have ever seen. It is best to go during low tide to get really close to the boat.

15. The Grampians, Victoria

Best Photography Spots in Australia: Mackenzie Falls, Grampians
Mackenzie Falls, Grampians, Victoria

This awesome national park is just 3-hours from Melbourne has tons of epic viewpoints, amazing wildlife, and loads of Instagram spots.

From Halls Gap, the Balconies, the Pinnacle Lookout, and Hollow Mountain, there are tons of places to explore. One of our favorite pictures was from Mackenzie Falls, which has a beautiful flow and a perfect surroundings for that epic Instagram shot!

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16. Twelve Apostles, Victoria

Where to Take Photos in Australia: Twelve Apostles
The 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria

The most famous spot on the Great Ocean Road is the 12 Apostles. While it is super touristy and crowded, the reason why this place is so popular is simple – it’s that stunning. Pictures cannot actually do it justice.

This is one of the most picturesque coastlines anywhere in the world. There are too many spots to list in this area, but the 12 Apostles overlook should be your first and last stop on the Great Ocean Road.

17. Loch Ard Gorge, Victoria

Instagrammable Places in Australia: Loch Ard Gorge
Loch Ard Gorge, Great Ocean Road, Victoria

After the 12 Apostles, this was our favorite place on the Great Ocean Road. The Loch Ard Gorge is a stunning bay with massive cliffs on both sides. The best viewpoint is near the top, walking down the path when the entire bay comes into sight.

While the best photos are from above, it is still worthwhile to head down to the beach. There are plenty of great areas including caves and dramatic spots next to the cliff walls.

18. Hopetoun Falls, Victoria

Australia Instagrammable Places: Hopetoun Falls
Hopetoun Falls, Victoria

Our favorite waterfall in all of Australia was Hopetoun Falls. Something about all the green surroundings and the perfectly placed fallen tree – it’s simply magical. The viewpoint at the end of the trail is nice, but venture a little further and get your feet wet to get the best shot of the falls.

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19. Princes Pier, Victoria

Best Photography Spots in Australia: Princess Pier
Princes Pier, Melbourne

While it is not an active pier, it might be the busiest pier on Instagram. The Princes Pier is south of downtown Melbourne in the town of Port Melbourne. The logs sticking out of the water make this the perfect place for long exposure sunset shots.

20. Camel Rock, New South Wales

Where to Take Photos in Australia: Samel Rock
Camel Rock, New South Wales

The sleepy town of Bermagui in the middle of Melbourne and Sydney is a perfect stop. Just north of town are two well-known rock formations that are amazing for photography – Camel Rock and Horsehead Rock.

A quick stop will not do it justice, this spot is amazing for sunrise. Camel Rock is easily accessible at the end of the beach. At low tide, it is possible to hike over the rocks to Horsehead Rock.

21. Bombo Quarry, New South Wales

Instagrammable Places in Australia: Bombo Quarry
Bombo Quarry, New South Wales

By far the most dramatic scene in Australia is the Bombo Quarry, just north of Kiama in New South Wales. We saw pictures of this place on Instagram and knew we had to go. Don’t be put off by the poop-smelling wastewater plant on the walk down. It is freaking incredible and unlike anything else, we’ve ever seen.

We got lucky and were there during a massive swell, so it made for some pretty cool pictures. This is best seen during high tide for dramatic waves, but mid-tide is good to explore the rocks up close and get a little further out.

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22. Cathedral Rock, New South Wales

Australia Instagrammable Places: Cathedral Rock
Cathedral Rock, New South Wales

Located in Kiama Downs just north of Bombo, Cathedral Rock is an amazing place to take pictures. Low tide is best for exploring this spot. During high tide, it is difficult to get out to the rocks to see the Cathedral Rock. The waves can also be dangerous during high tide.

During low tide, make sure to venture into the cave and on the rocks further away for different angles.

23. Hyams Beach, New South Wales

Best Photography Spots in Australia: Hyams Beach
Sunrise at Hyams Beach, Jarvis Bay, New South Wales

Looking for the whitest sand in the world? Look no further than Jarvis Bay. There are a few spots to explore and a great coastal walk, but Hyams Beach is too epic to not have on this list. We loved coming here for sunrise to have the entire beach for ourselves.

Don’t miss out on the White Sands Walk. Looking for a private beach for the day? Find the secret beach located between Blenheim and Nelsons Beach.

24. Figure 8 Pools, New South Wales

Where to Take Photos in Australia: Figure 8 Pools
Figure 8 Pools, Royal National Park, New South Wales

Royal National Park is a short drive from Sydney and has an amazing coastline. The Figure 8 Pools are a popular attraction. This is an easy two-hour walk and to get out by the tide pools, it is required to be here during low tide. Any other time and the natural tide pools are getting smashed by massive waves, which can be seriously dangerous.

If the low tide is during sunrise/sunset hours, there will be fewer crowds than normal. Going mid-day on a weekend will likely mean hundreds of people around.

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25. Wedding Cake Rock, New South Wales

Instagrammable Places in Australia: Wedding Cake Rock
Wedding Cake Rocks, Royal National Park, New South Wales

Located in Royal National Park is Wedding Cake Rock, also known as the White Rock. This is a very easy two-hour walk starting near Bundeena. There are excellent viewpoints of the coastline on this walk. It is a perfect place for whale watching during the October to December migration as the humpback whales swim south.

The Wedding Cake Rock is made up of layered rocks that are pure white. They are separating from the side of the cliff and experts predict they will fall in the next ten years. Because of the risk, they have fenced off the area so be sure to stay safe!

26. The Blue Mountains, New South Wales

Australia Instagrammable Places: Blue Mountains
National Park, Blue Mountains, New South Wales

Outside of Tasmania, the Blueys have the best mountain scenery in Australia. Just a couple of hours from Sydney, the Blue Mountains have amazing hiking trails, epic viewpoints, and incredible gorges and waterfalls.

The best spots were Echo Point, Cahills Lookout, the Three Sisters, Evans Lookout, the Grand Canyon walk, Govetts Leap lookout, Pulpit Rock, the Valley of the Waters, and our favorite – the National Pass. The beginning section of the National Pass trail down to the bottom of Wentworth Falls has some of the best views in the park.

27. Mount Amos, Tasmania

Best Photography Spots in Australia: Mount Amos
Mount Amos, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

Tasmania is a wild and rugged place. Of the few spots that are easily explored, Freycinet National Park is one of the best. Beautiful coves and beaches are at every turn.

The walk to the Wineglass Bay lookout is super popular. I am sure the lookout is good (we didn’t go), but if you are fit, scratch the lookout and hike up to Mount Amos. The walk-up is short, but not easy. It is very slippery and steep. And the views from the top are the best in the park.

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28. Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania

Where to Take Photos in Australia: Tasman Peninsula
Cape Hauy, Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania

The Tasman Peninsula has a few walks that are pretty epic, with Cape Hauy and Cape Raoul at the top of the list. For an epic overnight tent camping trip, Cape Pillar has the highest sea cliffs in Australia and stunning views of Tasman Island.

Cape Raoul is actually not part of the Three Capes Track, although it is one of the three capes. Ironic. This walk is a five-hour return and totally worth the views at the end of the cape.

29. Bay of Fires, Tasmania

Instagrammable Places in Australia: Australia Bay of Fires
Binalong Bay, Bay of Fires, Tasmania

Our favorite coastline in all of Australia is the Bay of Fires in Tasmania. The orange-hued granite is caused by lichen in this northeast region of the island. Binalong Bay is the main town for this park and one of the best spots to photograph. Look for the lone tree at one of the beaches beside the Skeleton Bay parking area.

The Gardens is a stunning place to explore, with white sand beaches and massive orange-colored boulders. Venture further north to the Picnic Rocks near Eddystone Point, but be prepared for a bumpy ride!

30. Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Australia Instagrammable Places: Cradle Mountain
Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Australia’s most picturesque mountain is Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. It is the highlight of the world-famous Overland Track and there are several walking trails to explore the area.

Dove Lake is a beautiful lake at the base of the mountain, with an easy walking trail. Make sure to check out the boathouse for a good photo spot.

We recommend a circuit up to Hansons Peak and then on the Face Track. This trail meets up with the summit route. A hike up to the summit is a must but requires some bouldering. Views from the top of Cradle Mountain are amazing. On the way down, look for the small tarns to have some fun and epic Instagram shots.

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Tips for Taking Instagram Photos Like a Pro

Taking pictures is an art, not a science. There are several easy steps you can take to start taking your photography skills to the next level. If you already have a good eye, having the right gear and knowing how to use is important. Here are a few tips to get started:

Rule of Thirds

Instagrammable Places in Australia: Rule of Thirds
Rule of Thirds

While this rule is more of a guideline, it is pretty important. Separating images into thirds helps to frame a picture. The easiest way to think of this is a picture of a beach at sunset. Either have two-thirds of the picture be the beach or the sky. This applies to both horizontal and vertical thirds.

If a subject is in the picture, sometimes centering works, but I like trying to put the subject on one of the corner thirds of the image.


Australia Instagrammable Places: Subject
Using a subject to add depth and scale

Adding a subject to the picture, such as a log, a person, a tree, or a rock can make a picture much more interesting. It helps create a more three-dimensional feel and provides depth to the picture.

I don’t have a subject in every photo, but it often helps, especially for landscape photography. In this photo, the landscape on its own could be a photo; however, adding a subject adds depth to the photo. It provides a scale to how big the mountains are and how far below the lake really is.

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Best Photography Spots in Australia: Lighting
Chasing the light during golden hour

Lighting is important and in my opinion the key aspect of photography. Learning how to handle natural lighting is one of the hardest things. Lighting can create soft tones, harsh shadows, or dramatic effects depending on how to use it.

Learning how to shoot fully manual is the best way to deal with natural lighting, especially if the lighting is not cooperating with what you are trying to accomplish. For a basic rule of thumb, the best lighting is during golden hour. This is typically a period of 30 minutes prior to sunrise and 45 minutes prior to sunset.

Create Your Own Shot

Where to Take Photos in Australia: Create Your Own Shot
Creating our own shot, using an interesting location, colors, and a subject

There are times and places where it makes sense to try to replicate an exact photo. But try to create your own shot by creating different angles or adding subjects into the frame. There are many ways to create a unique shot, and this is where the art really comes into play.

There are times I will switch between different lenses, try long exposure, move a subject around, zoom in for more detail, and I might hate all of the pictures except one. Usually, that one picture is not what I originally had in mind. Sometimes you have to find it!


Gear does not create a photographer, and the better the camera does not mean the better the pictures. Sure it helps, but it is better to work on the craft with very basic gear and not have to spend thousands of dollars on high-end equipment.

The first thing with photography is finding an eye for photos and understanding how a camera really works. Once you understand how aperture, shutter speed, and ISO work cohesively together, you are at a great place. Once those are nailed down, and the camera or lens is holding you back, then invest in better equipment.

I believe photography can drastically be improved by buying three things. A tripod, a circular polarizer, and an ND filter.

  • Tripod – Using a tripod allows full controls of working with natural light. It allows all settings to be adjusted, and the picture will be crisper as a result of the camera not moving. The Davis & Sandford 65″ Traverse tripod is compact and lightweight.
  • Circular Polarizer – A polarizer helps with a few things, first of all glare. It is wonderful for bright sunny days with some clouds in the sky. It can make the clouds pop but in a natural way. Lastly, better quality filters can adjust the saturation slightly, which I find useful during sunrise/sunsets. In short, a polarizer will slightly adjust the natural coloring and is an excellent tool for glare and clouds. The B+W Circular Polarizer is a great option.
  • ND Filter – Ever wonder how people get those pictures with milky smooth looking water? It is because they are using an ND filter. Neutral density filters minimize the amount of light coming into the camera. They often will reduce color, but will not change the color. Because of the light reduction, using a tripod makes it easy to capture a longer exposure by slowing down the shutter speed. For example, using an ND10 filter in broad daylight, it is possible to keep the shutter open for 5 or 10 seconds, and the picture will not be overexposed. This is how the water (or clouds) then become milky. The Breakthrough Technology ND10 Filter is a great option.
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That’s it – We hope you take some wonderful pictures in the beautiful country of Australia!

Planning a trip to Australia? Check out our favorite books and travel guides!


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