Highlights of Mahe, Seychelles

Don’t Miss These 5 Highlights of Mahe, Seychelles!

Seychelles is an archipelago in the middle of the Indian Ocean that is comprised of three main islands (out of 115 total islands). Each of these three is distinct and can potentially vouch as having some of the best beaches, not just in the Indian Ocean, but in the world!

Mahe, the main island of Seychelles, is home to the world’s smallest capital city – Victoria. Mountains rise up from the center and beaches dot the island from top to bottom. The Creole background is rich in culture and clearly in their local food.

While La Digue and Praslin each are worth visiting, if you’re short on time in Seychelles you won’t want to miss Mahe! Check out our list of 5 things you have to see in Mahe that hits on all the best views, beaches, hiking, and food.

Best Things to do in Seychelles: Mahe
Mahe Has Many Amazing Places to Visit

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Don’t Miss These 5 Highlights of Mahe, Seychelles!

1. Hike to Anse Major Beach

Places to Visit in Seychelles: Anse Major
Anse Major

One of the best beaches in Seychelles, Anse Major can only be reached by foot or boat. But this secluded beach on the West of Mahe is best to get to by foot. It’s just a one-hour hike from Bel Ombre village. With a rental car, you can cut the hike in half, otherwise, take Bus 21 to the last stop.

This coastal hike cuts through Morne Seychelles National Park and then onto a rocky coastline with stunning views. Ten minutes before arriving, you’ll have an incredible view looking down at the bay and isolated beach.

While it is not the best beach for swimming as there are rocks and reefs close to the shore, it is great for snorkeling. Overall, this is one of the most scenic beaches in Seychelles and one of the not-to-miss island attractions.

2. Buy Fresh Fish at Victoria Market

Seychelles Attractions: Victoria Fish Market
Victoria Fish Market

The market in Victoria (on weekdays only) is an amazing place to buy your local produce, fruit, and fresh fish. Prices aren’t necessarily better than supermarkets in town or Beau Vallon but it’s worth the visit for the lively vibe and unique selection.

There is also a huge array of fresh fish which is the main attraction. Choose between small fish, excellent quality red snapper, or a huge tuna. Fish costs range from 10 Rupees to several hundred depending on the weight.

If you can’t make it to the Victoria Fishmarket, there is also a small stall in Beau Vallon next to the Blue Sea Divers where local fishermen sell their fresh catch of the day. But we’d highly recommend the market as it’s a highlight of Seychelles!

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3. Hike up Morne Blanc

Seychelles Places to Visit: Morne Blanc
View From Morne Blanc

Morne Blanc is a mountain trail in Morne Seychelles National Park that has a platform at the top offering amazing panoramic views. This hike should take one and a half hours round trip from the trailhead. The viewpoint at the top is most certainly a highlight of the island.

The trailhead is on Sans Soucis Road, heading from Victoria to Port Launay. You can park at the Tea Plantation or take bus 14, and get off at the Tea Plantation stop. The trailhead is 650 feet up the road.

4. Drive the Southern Coast

Best Things to do in Seychelles: Baie Lazare
Baie Lazare, One of Seychelles Best Beaches

Even if you’re not planning to rent a car, we would highly recommend that you splurge for one day and cruise around the island on your own ride, at your own pace. You can see the entire island in just one day and see some of the best beaches on the Island.

Make sure to stop at Petit Anse, Baie Lazare, Anse Takamaka, Anse Intendence, and Anse Capucins – we think they’re the best beaches in Mahe.

5. Dine on Street Food

Places to Visit in Seychelles: Fish Creole Curry
Traditional Street Food – Fish Creole Curry

The history of Seychelles and its Creole culture all blend together into its street food. Rich in spices – particularly Indian flavors resulting from the spice route – along with fresh seafood, pair incredibly well.

Many of the popular beaches have takeaway restaurants that offer an assortment of fish and curries for 45 to 75 Rupees ($3 – $6). Head to Beau Vallon on Wednesday for sunset and you’ll find plenty of vendors selling fresh grilled fish and curries.

You definitely won’t want to miss sampling the local food during your trip to Mahe!

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That’s it – make sure you don’t miss these highlights during your Seychelles adventure!


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