Ways to sneak alcohol into a music festival or concert

7 Ways to Sneak Alcohol into a Music Festival or Concert

Music festivals are both epically awesome, and epically expensive, so why not disguise your booze? Not only do you have to pay for your tickets, but you’ll also have to pay for a super darling outfit to wear there and then snacks and booze once you’re inside.

If you want to save some dough, you may want to consider a few incognito options for bringing in your own party-inducing elixir. Of course, we can’t guarantee that you’ll make it through security with these, but at least you’ll have a good shot! And after wearing The Wine Rack all day at Austin City Limits, I can personally attest to its effectiveness.

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How to Sneak Booze into a Concert

1. The Wine Rack

The Wine Rack Wine Bladder

The Wine Rack is a sports bra with a polyurethane bladder hidden inside. It can hold 25 ounces of your beverage of choice, all while padding your cleavage. The long drinking tube allows you to keep the bra on while secretly sipping. Both the bra and the beverage bladder are easy to wash, easy to pack, and easy to fill!

Note: Keep in mind that the Wine Rack will be pressed against your bosom all day. So if you start the day by filling it with a cool beverage (i.e. white wine), it won’t stay cool for long. Better to choose an alcoholic beverage that can be consumed at room temperature or hotter. 

2. Flask Tampons

Flask Tampons

These clever Flask Tampons come with five flasks that hold one ounce each, perfect for sneaking a few shots through security. The booze tubes are leak-proof and the sleeves have adhesive so they can be sealed once the flask is filled. Because what weirdo would question the legitimacy of your feminine hygiene products?

Note: Some people might actually question the legitimacy of your feminine hygiene products since these are a bit larger than normal tampons. Pick a line with a clueless-looking male security guard, just in case. 

3. The Beer Belly

The Beer Belly

The Beer Belly isn’t exactly aptly named because, in my humble opinion, it could also be used as a pregnant belly. It will hold 80 ounces of booze in the polyurethane bladder that will be hidden under the included adjustable neoprene sling. The pouch will feel just like a belly to the touch but seriously, what security guard is going to be checking your pooch that closely?

Note: We would not recommend that you wear The Beer Belly under a half-shirt.

4. Stash Boxer Briefs

These Stashitware Boxer Briefs are a clever way to hide your favorite adult beverage in your crotch. Might be strange for ladies, but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. These undies have a deep built-in pocket in the front with plenty of room to fit a .7 liter bottle full of booze.

Note: It might be just as easy to tuck a flask into your belt buckle as it is to buy this on Amazon.

5. The Wine Tote

Portovino City Black Tote

The PortoVino Wine Tote is the perfect bag to disguise your booze and take it to any gathering where you’ll need two bottles of wine at your immediate disposal. Not only can this tote hold all of your essentials, but it also has a zippered, insulated pocket hidden in the bottom to keep your wine both chilled and incognito.

Note: The pouring flap may be a dead giveaway if the security guard is on the lookout for a sexy, stylish wine tote.

6. Sunscreen Flask

Hidden Sunscreen Alcohol Flask

This Hidden SunScreen Flask is absolutely perfect for keeping eight ounces of your beverage of choice discreetly hidden in the security line. A funnel is included so you can pour in whatever liquor suits your fancy while the screw cap keeps them from leaking! Who would ever guess you’ve chosen skin cancer over sobriety?

Note: You may also want to bring actual sunscreen with you as well… 

7. Disguise Your Booze with the Umbrella Flask

Smuggle Mug Disguised Umbrella Flask

A good way to disguise your booze is using this Disguised Umbrella Flask. It will keep nine ounces of your drink of choice hidden from the annoying alcohol monitors. It looks and feels like an actual umbrella (but doesn’t open like one, so don’t try).

Note: This may not be the best choice if rain is nowhere near the weather forecast for your festival.

Do you have other favorite ways to disguise your booze? Drop it in the comments so we can add it to the list! 


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1 year ago

Nice ideas

2 months ago

These are great! Haha! But I’m not sure they are worth the effort for the little amount they hold. I’m going to need more alcohol then a tampon can hold! Haha!

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