Best Things To Do on Siquijor, Philippines

5 Things You Must do on Siquijor Island in the Philippines

Siquijor is a small island in the Philippines just south of Cebu in the Sulu Sea. And while it has the infrastructure to support tourism, it isn’t overcrowded like the towns of El Nido and Coron. The vibe is laid back, the people are friendly, and there are stunning beaches and waterfalls to explore. It’s an amazing place to spend a week or two relaxing!

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Siquijor Island Travel Basics

Things to Know Before You Go

  • At the time of writing, the conversion rate was 56.85 Philippine Pesos (PHP) to $1 USD. So if we say that something costs 250 PHP, that’s just under $5 USD.
  • Filipinos learn both English and Tagalog in school and you’re unlikely to encounter anyone who doesn’t speak English. If you want to try your hand at Tagalog, “salamat” is “thank you” and “po” is a polite ending to a sentence. So you would say “salamat po” or “nice to meet you po” or “excuse me po”.
  • You’ll be referred to as “sir” or “ma’am” by pretty much everyone you meet. It’s a sign of respect as the Filipinos are very polite.
  • While the island is very safe, always take precautions. We had $40 stolen out of our luggage that was locked in our room at the Danish Lagoon. Opportunistic crime can happen everywhere so keep any valuables locked in your room safe.

Weather on Siquijor Island

You are likely accustomed to enjoying four yearly seasons – summer, winter, spring, and fall. The Philippines only has two – wet and dry. The wet season lasts from June until October and the dry season is from November through May. If you visit during the wet season, you can expect to experience the occasional daily torrential downpour but the waterfalls will be more spectacular!

The temperature year-round is hot, but the hottest months of the year are April and May when temperatures average around 93° F.

Siquijor Island Philippines: Things to do on Siquijor Island: Rope Swing at Cambugahay Falls, Siquijor, Philippines

Packing for Siquijor Island

Read all about what to pack for a vacation in the Philippines here!

Getting To and Around Siquijor Island

From Cebu Island, you’ll need to catch a ferry to Dumaguete, change ports, and take another ferry to Siquijor. It takes 20-30 minutes to get from Tandayag Wharf to the Dumaguete City port. A tricycle is the easiest option to get you there.

When you arrive at Siquijor Island, there will be plenty of tricycles waiting to take you to your hotel. And many of them also offer reasonably priced motorbike rentals (300 PHP/day). They can drop the motorbike off at your hotel and then pick it back up when you are done with it. They can even bring more than one option if you want to have options.

There is one main road that circles the island and traffic is minimal. If you’d rather not rent a motorbike, there are plenty of tricycles that you can flag at any point throughout the day. After 9 pm, they generally congregate around the popular bars, and the price doubles.

While island hopping is not as popular on Siquijor as many other destinations in the Philippines, most hotels can help you arrange a boat trip to nearby Apo Island to go snorkeling (or diving) with sea turtles. If you plan on diving, don’t forget to pack your scuba diving gear!

Where to Stay on Siquijor Island

The most popular tourist area of Siquijor is in San Juan. Most of our restaurant and bar recommendations are in this area as well.

Things to do in Siquijor, Phlippines: Coco Grove Beach Resort

Coco Grove Beach Resort

Coco Grove Beach Resort is the premier place to stay on Siquijor Island. With spacious rooms, a stunningly beautiful pool, a pristine beach just steps away, and plenty of restaurant and bar options, everything you need is right at your fingertips!

Check Prices on

Best Things to do in Siquijor, Philippines: Bermuda Triangle Bungalows

Bermuda Triangle Bungalows

The Bermuda Triangle Bungalows are decorated in a minimalistic style and have loads of natural light which makes them oh so Instagrammable. Plus you’ll love the outdoor shower. And you’re just a short walk from Tubod Beach. It’s definitely one of our favorite places to stay on Siquijor!

Check Prices on

Things to do in Siquijor, Phlippines: White Villas Resort

White Villas Resort

The White Villas Resort is a beautiful beachfront property located on Solangon Beach. The buffet breakfast is the perfect way to start your day and the pool is only just steps away from the beach. Plus, it’s a smaller hotel so it never feels crowded

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Things to do in Siquijor, Philippines: Glamping Siquijor by the Beach

Glamping Siquijor by the Beach

For a truly fun and unique experience, you’ve got to try Glamping Siquijor by the Beach! These luxury tents are equipped with a large bed, a fan to keep you cool in the evenings, and shared bathrooms. They are ideally situated right on the sea. Lounge on your personal hammock in the afternoons and join the other guest for the nightly bonfire!

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The Best Things to do on Siquijor Island

1. Cliff Jump at Saladoong Beach

Salagdoong Beach is the most popular beach on Siquijor Island for locals and foreigners alike. There is a range of activities available for the whole family which makes it a fun way to spend an afternoon. A small island sits right offshore with two diving boards of differing heights and a water slide (although they close depending on the tide).

Siquijor Island Philippines: Things to do on Siquijor Island: Cliff Jumping at Salagdoong Beach, Siquijor, Philippines

The nearby resort rents out fun floaties and floating swings, creating the perfect setting for an Instagram photo shoot.

There is also a restaurant on-site if you get hungry, or better yet, bring your own picnic and rent out one of the covered tables for the afternoon. The beach is small and virtually disappears at high tide but the water is crystal clear and perfect for soaking or snorkeling – don’t forget to bring your snorkeling mask and snorkel!

Siquijor Island Philippines: Things to do on Siquijor Island: Salagdoong Beach, Siquijor, Philippines

On your way back to San Juan, it’s worth a stop at the Century Old Balete Tree for a foot spa in the shadow of this beautiful ancient tree. You’ll also find various love potions and other voodoo-style souvenirs being sold here as the locals believe this tree has mystical powers!

Siquijor Island Philippines: Things to do on Siquijor Island: Century Old Balete Tree on Siquijor, Philippines

2. Swim Under the Waterfalls

The Philippines is a country known for its pristine beaches and dramatic waterfalls. You’ll find a little of both on Siquijor Island.

Siquijor Island Philippines: Things to do on Siquijor Island: Unicorn Pool Float at Cambugahay Falls, Siquijor, Philippines

Cambugahay Falls is by far the most popular swimming hole on the island, with locals and foreigners alike. There are two small waterfalls with large swimming holes at the base of each. Also, there are several rope swings at each and for 50 PHP/person you can use them as many times as you please. There are also small shops selling snacks, cold beverages, and ice candy (a must-try sweet treat!).

Siquijor Island Philippines: Things to do on Siquijor Island: Bamboo Raft at Cambugahay Falls, Siquijor, Philippines

Lugnason Falls is not as popular but serves up its own share of adventure.  It’s just a short walk down to the falls but you’ll likely have a local want to guide you there for a tip. The waterfall is pretty and there’s a deep swimming hole at the bottom.

Siquijor Island Philippines: Things to do on Siquijor Island: Lugnason Falls, Siquijor, Philippines

A guide can help you know the best place to cliff jump and can help you try the very high rope swing. If you have extra time, explore the 11 smaller waterfalls upriver that are all named after Zodiac signs (Lugnason Falls is also known as Aquarius Falls). The other waterfalls aren’t as large or picturesque as Lugnason Falls but the walk along the river is scenic.

3. Dine on the Delicious Food

Siquijor is a relatively small island but you’ll find countless amazing restaurants offering everything from Filipino favorites to oven-baked pizza and everything in-between! They offer that laid-back, beach bar vibe so you’ll want to stay and enjoy more cocktails once you’ve finished your meal. We thoroughly enjoyed every meal we ate on Siquijor Island but these four were our favorites:

  • Luca Loko serves up the best breakfast on the island! Large smoothie bowls made of fresh mango or peanut butter and banana are the perfect, healthy way to start your day.
Siquijor Island Philippines: Things to do on Siquijor Island: Peanut Butter Banana Bowl at Luca Loko, Siquijor, Philippines
  • Marco Polo offers cute covered tables right on the beach. Their pizza is known for being the best on the island. They often offer food and drink combos that are a great value.
  • Fuego Cantina & Grill has a nice open-air restaurant, delicious Filipino food, and super friendly staff. If you like ceviche, you’ll love their kinilaw – the seafood is super fresh and it’s a good portion.
Siquijor Island Philippines: Things to do on Siquijor Island: Kinilaw at Fuego Cantina & Grill, Siquijor, Philippines
  • Baha Ba’r is not only a delicious restaurant, but it also has a great late-night vibe! Be sure to start your meal with the chicken wings, they are scrumptious. They occasionally offer a buffet with perfectly seasoned pork and plenty of other options as well, it’s a good deal for the price.

4. Watch the Sunset From a Beach Bar

Many of the restaurants and resorts are situated right on the beach and offer spectacular views of the sea. Plus most of the beaches on Siquijor Island are private property so unfortunately, you can’t just grab a beer at the market and post up on the sand.

Siquijor Island Philippines: Things to do on Siquijor Island: Sunset Restaurant at Coco Grove Beach Resort, Siquijor, Philippines

Sunset Restaurant is part of the Coco Grove Beach Resort and is situated right on Tubod Beach. The drinks are reasonably priced and the views of the sea at sunset are unreal! Grab a cocktail and a table and enjoy the unobstructed views. This small stretch of beach is actually public so if you’d rather not sit at the bar, just take the beach access road next to the resort.

5. Dance the Night Away

The San Juan area of Siquijor Island is filled with bars touting happy hour drink specials and live music. You can find something to do any night of the week but the locals really turn it up on Friday nights. That’s when they all head to Czar’s Place. The front of this budget hostel becomes an open-air concert hall on Fridays with a stage, heart-pumping live music, and a huge dance floor. It gets packed so get there early if you want to lock down a table.

If you’re looking for more of a chill evening vibe, Monkey Business also has nightly music but is lower key. Comfortable seating areas and even swings make this an enjoyable spot to have a few beers and make some new friends.

Siquijor Island Philippines: Things to do on Siquijor Island: Sunset on Siquijor Island, Philippines

Did we miss anything? Add your favorite Siquijor Island adventures in the comments below.



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  1. Thank you for this great post! We are going to Siquijor in March but haven’t booked a place to stay. We are thinking about Tori’s Paradise and Blue Wave Inn, or Fuego guesthouse. These are in two different areas. Do you have a recommendation based on the accommodations and locations.

    1. Hi Judy, Thanks for visiting our site! I would recommend staying on the southern shore of Siquijor as there is a lot more to do down there. So of the 3 options you mentioned, I would say Fuego Guesthouse is the best. We also really like the restaurant at Fuego – try the Kinilaw! And Tubud beach is right across the road from Fuego Guesthouse which has access if you walk through the Coco Grove Resort – just tell them you are going to Sunset Restaurant for a drink (they actually have great drinks so you should really have one there).

  2. I would also recommend visiting the old churches, not for the sake of religion, but for the sake of a little bit of history of the island. Also not to miss are the Siquijodnon food, which are often served during fiestas (another not to miss occassion if you want to sample Siquijodnon hospitality, anyone is welcome to join the feast).

  3. This guide is like a one-stop shop for planning a vacation. The photos and descriptions are so captivating that I can almost feel the excitement and put it on our bucket list.

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