Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for World Travelers

14 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for World Travelers

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you know what that means? Time to spend way too much money and energy on romantic gestures for your true love! If your partner is an adventurous soul who loves to travel, we’ve got you covered with these 14 romantic gift ideas for world travelers!

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14 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for World Travelers

1. An Inspirational Coffee Table Book

Romantic Gift Ideas for World Travelers: Ultimate Journeys for Two Book

The only thing more romantic than taking a trip together is planning a trip as a couple. So a Valentine’s Day gift of a beautiful, couples-oriented coffee table book will get you daydreaming about your next trip together!

Ultimate Journeys for Two and The World’s Most Romantic Destinations are our favorite books to peruse when we need some romantic travel inspiration. And if you want to make your gift even better, put little notes in between the pages of the destinations you most want to visit with them. Or, if you got that big, fat end-of-year-bonus check then tuck a plane ticket inside the pages instead!

2. Pack a Picnic Basket and Plan a Picnic

Romantic Gift Ideas for World Travelers: Sunflora Picnic Backpack

Most people who love travel don’t always feel the need to go abroad. They also love to explore their own home state! Pick up a super cute and convenient picnic backpack and fill it with wine and goodies for an afternoon hike. The backpack comes ready with wine glasses, a blanket, place settings, and a cutting board.

It’ll be a sweet, romantic Valentine’s date day that your outdoorsy world traveling partner will love!

3. A Romantic Experience

Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Travelers: Tinggly Experience

What’s more romantic than the gift of time spent with the one you love? Tinggly is a company that offers a collection of romantic (and adventurous if that’s more her style) experiences at one price in over 100 countries with no expiration date!

Buy her a gift card from Tinggly and she can choose from a variety of romantic experiences that she’ll love like a hot air balloon ride in Lithuania, a wine and photo tour in Santa Barbara, or a spa day in St. Lucia! If she’s the adventurous type, perhaps a bungee jump in Greece or a parasailing trip in Hawaii will be her experience of choice. She’s sure to find something amazing that you can do together!

Plus, all Tinggly gift boxes are made from recycled materials and they offset CO2 carbon emissions for every gift experience. And they will remove 33 lbs of plastic from the rivers, lakes, and oceans around the planet. So she’ll appreciate that her gift is thoughtful, romantic, AND sustainable.

Browse Tinggly Experiences

3. Two-Person Sleeping Bag

Romantic Gift Ideas for World Travelers: Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag

Does your adventurous traveling partner love to camp? Then they’ll love a gift of a two-person sleeping bag that is absolutely perfect for cuddling in the great outdoors. She’ll love rubbing her freezing cold feet on you in the middle of the night. This sleeping bag is rated at 32° and it’s so warm and comfy that you’ll never want to leave your tent! 

5. Personalized Passport Cover

Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Travelers: Personalized Passport Cover

Nothing says “I love you” like a picture of your face on the front of an everyday necessity! This customizable leather passport cover is the perfect gift for anyone with a mission to see the world. Your jet-setting significant other can think of you every time they board a plane, how romantic is that?

6. Instant Camera and Photo Book

Best Travel Valentine's Day Gifts: Fuji Film Instax Mini Instant Camera

Capture all of your favorite memories together while traveling with an Instant Camera by Fujifilm. You can’t go wrong with this gift for anyone who loves the nostalgia of a polaroid-style photo. You’ll probably even snap a bunch of cute photos of yourselves together on Valentine’s Day night!

Don’t forget a DIY scrapbook so you can document your favorite memories alongside each photo!

Romantic Gift Ideas for World Travelers: DIY Scrapbook Instax Mini Camera

7. Hammock Made for Two

Romantic Gift Ideas for World Travelers: Eagles Nest Outfitters Doublenest Hammock

Whether you’re camping, picnicking, or just hanging out together in your backyard, an Eno Doublenest Hammock made for two is the perfect way to snuggle up. And these hammocks pack up neatly into their own pocket so it’s easy to throw one into your bag before heading off on an adventure!

8. Travel Jewelry Case

Romantic Gift Ideas for World Travelers: Travel Jewelry Case

This travel jewelry case by Bagsmart is my favorite recent purchase, and your female traveling partner will love it as well! It keeps all of your jewelry organized, protected, and easily accessible. It’s lightweight and compact so it won’t take up a lot of room in your partner’s carry-on.

Of course, it’s a Valentine’s Day gift so you should be sure and tuck a piece of world-traveler-related jewelry in there as well!

Romantic Gift Ideas for World Travelers: Gold Globe Necklace

9. Globe Whiskey Decanter

Romantic Gift Ideas for World Travelers: Godinger Whiskey Decanter Globe Set

While it’s not exactly a gift that your partner will want to pack for their travels, this glass globe whiskey decanter is a fun way to get inspired while at home. Fill it with your partner’s adult beverage of choice, run a hot bubble bath, and enjoy a relaxing Valentine’s Day at home this year!

10. Dinner and a Cookbook

Romantic Gift Ideas for World Travelers: Global Kitchen Cookbook

One of the things your partner probably loves the most about traveling is trying all the amazing, authentic food from around the world. Why not bring that tasty deliciousness to them? Pick up a Global Kitchen cookbook and whip up a romantic (and exotic) Valentine’s Day dinner at home!

11. A Weekender Bag

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Travelers: Xinh Weekender Bag

If your partner is anything like me, she can never have too many handbags. And a large weekender bag that she can take on short trips is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Even better if you get a bag that’s from a country that she’s been to and loves.

Xinh Boutique makes handcrafted leather bags using textiles from the northern region of Vietnam. Xinh’s weekender bags are vibrantly colored and large enough to fit all of her essentials. She’ll especially love this Valentine’s Day gift if she’s been to Sapa, Vietnam!

12. 100 Things To Do Bucket List

Romantic Valentine Gift Ideas for Travelers: Buck List Scratch-off Poster

If you both love adventure but struggle to figure out what you want to do on the weekends, you’ll love this 100 Things to Do Bucket List Scratch-Off Poster! With experience ideas as simple as “go strawberry picking” and as complex as “attend the Olympics”, you’re bound to find loads of things to keep you entertained together!

Regardless of whether or not you actually complete every item on the bucket list, it’s sure to get you thinking outside of the box when planning your date nights!

13. A Sexy How-To Book

Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts for Travelers: Sex in a Tent

Why not plan a romantic weekend camping trip for Valentine’s Day and give the gift of a how-to book to get her in the mood? Sex in a Tent: A Wild Couple’s Guide to Getting Naughty in Nature is a book that will give her a good laugh and might also give her a few good ideas.

And if she’s got a really dirty sense of humor, throw in How to Shit in the Woods as well!

14. Book a Romantic Getaway

Travel Valentine's Day Gifts: Airbnb Treehouse
Image courtesy of Airbnb

And the best gift that you can give your partner who loves to travel? Book a romantic getaway for two on Airbnb! Has your partner dreamed of sleeping in an Airstream trailer in Joshua Tree? Or in a tropical treehouse on the Big Island? There are countless unique Airbnb options all across the country that will make for a memorable and romantic experience spent together.

We hope your romantic Valentine’s Day gift is a hit with your world-traveling partner!

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