Best Burning Man Goggles: Surviving a Dust Storm in Black Rock Desert


We’ve compiled a list of our favorite goggles for Burning Man along with the pros and cons of each style so you can find the right pair for yourself!

Motorcycle Goggles

In our opinion this style is one of the best choices for funky goggles at Burning Man!

Steampunk Goggles

These goggles will work in a pinch if you get caught in a surprise sandstorm and don’t have any other eye protection available.

Ski Goggles

In our opinion, ski goggles are the best functional option for Burning Man as they are comfortable and provide good protection for your eyes.

Other Burning Man Eye Protection Options

One of the core tenets of Burning Man is radical self-expression and finding a unique (but still functional) set of goggles is one simple way to express yourself.

Dr. Bird Goggles

Why stick to the basics when you could be wandering around the deep playa in welding goggles, cat goggles, a bizarre-looking set of arctic exploration goggles or a creepy leather bird mask?

Don’t Forget Your Sunglasses

While you’ll need a pair of goggles to survive the dust storms of Burning Man, you’ll probably enjoy clear, sunny weather for most of your time in Black Rock City

Keep the Party Going All Night Long

Burning Man is an around-the-clock affair. Make sure your eyewear night game is just as strong as your day game.

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