8 Epic Outdoor Adventures in Northern Arizona

The best part about these amazing destinations is that although many of them are popular, the areas are vast so you can find your own piece of paradise to enjoy all to yourself!

8 Epic Outdoor Adventures in Northern Arizona

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Havasu Falls

The entire area is surrounded by massive cliff walls, lush vegetation, and travertine sentiment which gives the water the milky effect.

Horseshoe Bend

The turquoise blue water of the meandering Colorado River with the giant orange rock formation raising from the center is truly a breathtaking view.

Coyote Buttes: The Wave

Only 20 people are allowed to visit each of the Buttes every day, so you’ll pretty much have the entire area all to yourself!

Devil’s Bridge

Just one of the many excellent hikes in Sedona, Devil’s Bridge is a gravity-defying rock arch with a stunning backdrop of Northern Arizona’s red sandstone cliffs and mesas!

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