The 15 Best Things to do in Edinburgh, Scotland


Few British cities capture the imagination quite as much as Edinburgh. There’s a reason this timeless Scottish capital should be on every traveler’s bucket list!

Walk the Royal Mile

The Royal Mile is Scotland’s most famous street, and we highly recommend making this the first stop on any Edinburgh sightseeing itinerary.

# 1

Get Historical at the National Museum of Scotland

If you’d love to learn more about history, then there’s no better place than the National Museum of Scotland.

# 2

Stand on the Ramparts of Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is easily one of the must-do things in Edinburgh, and we won’t be surprised if it’s already at the top of your bucket list.

# 3

Feel Like Royalty at Holyrood Palace

You’ll definitely want to make sure this historic royal residence is high up on your Edinburgh bucket list!

# 4

Take a Tour of the Scottish Parliament Building

Adjacent to Holyrood Palace, you can find one of Scotland’s most important contemporary buildings.

# 5

Hike to the Summit of Arthur’s Seat

Make it to Holyrood Palace, at the end of the Royal Mile, and you’ll find yourself in almost open countryside.

# 6

Enjoy the View from Calton Hill

Just north of the Royal Mile and Edinburgh Waverley Station, you’ll find Calton Hill, and at the top, one of the best views of the city.

# 7

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