The 15 Best Things to do in Riga, Latvia

Wandering Wheatleys

Latvia’s little-known capital is a whirlwind tour of UNESCO World Heritage-listed history, Art Nouveau architecture, and captivating Baltic cuisine.

Stick to these fun and unique Riga bucket list recommendations, and you’re going to have an incredible time exploring the Latvian capital!

This is the historic center of the Latvian capital, but with so many dizzying alleyways and cobblestone streets to navigate, you’re going to need a guide to see everything!

Take a Walking Tour of Riga’s Old Town

You’ll have seen this impressive building on your walking tour of the Old Town. It’s an unmissable sight overlooking one of Riga’s oldest squares.

Marvel at the Historic House of the Blackheads

St. Peter’s Church is one of Riga’s most recognizable buildings, and you can spot the tall Gothic spire from almost anywhere in the Old Town.

Admire the View from the Top of St. Peter’s Church

This distinct style of architecture, artwork, and design became incredibly popular around the start of the 20th century, and Riga became a hub for this elegant and fashionable new style.

Join an Art Nouveau Tour of Riga

If you’re a serious culture vulture, then spending an evening at the Latvian National Opera is one of the top things to do in Riga.

Enjoy a Cultured Evening at the Latvian National Opera

If you love a bit of history, then this is the stop for you because the museum itself is as old as many of the artifacts on display inside.

Delve into the Past at the Museum of the History of Riga & Navigation

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