The 15 Best Things to Do in Zurich


The largest and wealthiest city in Switzerland, Zurich is a vibrant metropolis packed with things to do. Get ready for an incredible vacation you’ll be talking about for years! 

Go Ballroom Dancing at the Zurich Opera House

If you’re looking for cultural things to do in Zurich, take a look at what’s on at the Zurich Opera House.

# 1

Window Shop at the Exclusive Stores Along Bahnhofstrasse

There’s an astonishing variety of stores, ranging from independent boutiques and jewelry stores to giant department stores.

# 2

Broaden Your Cultural Horizons at Kunsthaus Zurich

Home to one of the most important collections of art in Switzerland, this art gallery will blow you away.

# 3

Pamper Yourself at the Thermalbad & Spa Zurich

The Thermalbad & Spa Zurich is a peaceful oasis in the center of the bustling city.

# 4

Uncover History at the Schweizerisches Landesmuseum

From sculptures and paintings to handicrafts and everyday objects, this collection offers a great insight into Swiss heritage.

# 5

Eat Your Way Through Zurich On a Food Tour

Swiss food is amazing and the best way to be able to taste it all is to sign up for a food tour.

# 6

Wander the Cobblestone Streets of Altstadt

You don’t have to do much to catch a glimpse of the best Zurich sightseeing opportunities. A simple stroll around Altstadt will do it.

# 7

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