25 Best Things to Do on Oahu


Nicknamed the “Gathering Place,” Oahu is the most visited Hawaiian Island. A perfect slice of paradise, it’s best known for its state capital of Honolulu, historic Pearl Harbor, North Shore surfing mecca, and world-famous Waikiki Beach.

Learn to Surf on Waikiki Beach

Located on the south shore of Honolulu, it’s one of the best places in Hawaii to learn how to surf.

Kayak to the Mokes

Paddling to these picture-perfect islands is at the top of many traveler’s Oahu bucket lists, as the adventure offers a true Hawaiian experience.

Try Kitesurfing at Kailua Beach

With its strong winds, this is the top spot in Oahu to try thrilling water sports activities such as kitesurfing and windsurfing.

See Big Wave Surfing at Waimea Bay

Famous for its 30-foot waves, Waimea Bay deserves a spot on your Oahu bucket list even if you’re not a surfer.

Enjoy Sunrise Views on the Stairway to Heaven 

The Haiku Stairs – also known as the “Stairway to Heaven” in Oahu – is one of the most popular (but controversial) hikes in Hawaii.

Stroll the White Sands of Lanikai Beach

It’s a must on your Oahu bucket list, featuring a paradise landscape of fine white sand, clear blue waters, and calm surf.

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