8 Things to Know Before Visiting El Nido, Palawan

You’ve probably seen photographs of the stunning limestone formations around El Nido rising majestically above the turquoise water. It is one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines and for good reason, the nearby islands and beaches are absolutely stunning.

Check out our list of things to know before visiting El Nido so you can properly prepare for everything that you’ll encounter during your upcoming trip. Enjoy!

EL Nido Island Hopping Tours are Pretty Standardized

There are four island hopping tours to choose from in El Nido; Tour A, Tour B, Tour C, and Tour D.

If it Rains There’s Nothing to Do in El Nido

Download a few movies or a full television series prior to leaving Puerto Princesa so you can keep yourself entertained in case of bad weather. Another option is to visit the Underground River but it’s a long day trip from El Nido.

It’s Expensive (Compared to Other Cities in the Philippines)

The cheapest rooms available will cost you around $30 USD and will be incredibly basic – a bed with only a top sheet, air conditioning, and hot water.

You’ll Probably get Sick, at Least Once

I got sick almost immediately upon arriving in El Nido and I’m still not exactly sure what caused it. I only dined at well-rated, Western-style restaurants and I only consumed bottled water.

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