How to Save Money for Travel: 20 Must-Read Tips

Check out our list of easy money-saving tricks to help you set aside some extra dough each month and take that tropical beach vacation you’ve been dreaming of!

Make a Budget

Yes, it sounds cliche, but the best way to start saving for travel is to set a budget – and stick to it!

Write Down Expenditures

The best way to get a really solid understanding of exactly where your money is going every month is to write it down.

Work Toward a Goal

Whatever it is that you want, set a specific savings goal to work toward and reward yourself once you achieve it.

Set Savings Aside First

Set up an automatic transfer into a separate savings account at the beginning of every pay period.

Put Savings in a Money Market Account

Instead of putting your excess funds into a regular old savings account, invest it so that it can grow!

Get Outdoors

Skip that monthly gym membership and get outdoors! Not only will the fresh air do your body good, but most outdoor activities are free!

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