How Much Does Iceland Really Cost? Plus a Few Tips for Saving Money

If you are planning a trip to Iceland, you’ve probably heard about how expensive it is. Prior to our Iceland trip, we met people who survived off of gas station hot dogs and PB&J sandwiches during their stay. But we found it to be much more reasonable than that!

Iceland Budget: How Expensive is Iceland?

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Unless you plan on seeing Iceland with a tour group, you will need to rent a car. Having your own set of wheels is imperative as taxis are outrageously expensive.


We would highly recommend renting a motorhome for your trip to Iceland as you will have the ultimate freedom and won’t need to do a lot of advance planning.

Gas (Petrol)

Gas is another big expense to consider while planning a trip to Iceland. The entire Ring Road around the island is only 828 miles in total so you’ll only need to fill up a few times.


The best way to save money on food in Iceland is to cook your own. There are several discount grocery stores all over the country where you’ll find reasonable prices on all the essentials.

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