The Best Cruises in Lan Ha Bay: The Non-Touristy Alternative to Halong Bay


One of the best-kept secrets of Vietnam are the two neighboring bays that offer the same stunning scenery as Halong Bay, but without the crowds. Bai Tu Long Bay sits just to the east of Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay is just to the south.

Ylang by Heritage Cruise Line

If you want to pamper yourself while enjoying the beauty of Lan Ha Bay then this is the perfect luxury cruise alternative to Halong Bay..

Ginger by Heritage Cruise Line

If you have a passion for cooking or even just a love of fine cuisine then the Heritage Line Cruise is probably the best Lan Ha Bay cruise for you!

Perla Dawn Sails

As one of the best luxury cruise companies operating in Lan Ha Bay, Perla Dawn Sails should be high on your list.

Azalea Cruises

Azalea Cruises has 26 well-appointed cabins, delectable cuisine, and a superb onboard crew. Azalea was one of the first cruise lines to visit Lan Ha Bay and their experience shows.

La Theatre Cruise

La Theatre Cruise is a gorgeous ship that offers a luxury cruise around Lan Ha Bay. La Theatre Cruise is quite new. So everything on the ship is brand new!

V’Spirit Premier Cruise

As a mid-range option, V’Spirit Premier Cruise is a great choice for families looking for the perfect Lan Hay Bay cruise.

Rosy Cruises

Rosy Cruises provides a 5-star cruising experience around Lan Ha Bay. The large rooms have sophisticated decor and incredibly comfortable beds.

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