The 7 Best Riads in Marrakech, Morocco

If you are planning a trip to Marrakech, Morocco, you MUST book a stay in a riad! Riads are a traditional style of Moroccan house that has a central interior garden or courtyard, usually with a fountain or pool at the center.

It’s an absolute must-do while visiting Marrakech so check out our top 7 favorites that are all amazing choices for your upcoming trip!

Riad Kasbah

Riad Kasbah is a gorgeously decorated riad located in the heart of the medina. A large pool dominates the center of the lower floor while a beautiful rooftop patio offers spectacular views of the city.

Hotel & Spa Riad El Walaa

Such a peaceful oasis in the middle of the hectic medina, you may never want to leave! The indoor pool is absolutely stunning and there are plenty of comfortable chairs around it for lounging in the sun.

Dar Kandi

Every room at the Dar Kandi Riad is immaculately outfitted with traditional Moroccan decor. They are huge, lavish, and so ornate. Much thought has gone into making this riad unique while keeping the traditional charm.

Riad Goloboy

If you’re looking for a riad with a ton of character, the Riad Goloboy is where you want to be! The bright blue walls are highlighted by bright white, intricate latticework. All surrounding the beautiful indoor heated pool in the center.

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