Thailand Travel Tips: 16 Things to Know Before Visiting the Land of Smiles

Known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Thailand really is a dream tropical paradise vacation.

Avoid the Scams

There are a few scams that are prevalent in Bangkok that you’ll need to be aware of before your trip

Take a Grab

Grab is the Uber of SE Asia and will make it exponentially easier for you to get around the larger cities in Thailand.

Beware of Animal Tourism

Elephant riding and tiger petting used to be popular tourist attractions. But over the years the mistreatment of animals has come into the spotlight.

Count Your Change

Another possible scam that you might run into is getting incorrect change back from street vendors. Keep small change on you and be sure to count it – just in case!

Only Engage in Friendly Bargaining

Negotiations can get stressful – especially if you really want something and they won’t budge on the price. Never get angry and remember that you’re probably only haggling over a couple of dollars. If you really want it, just buy it, otherwise, walk away.

Dress Appropriately in Temples

Thailand is not a conservative country by any means. So you won’t need to worry about what you are wearing on any particular day unless you are planning on visiting any temples

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