The Subway Zion National Park Hiking Guide

Wandering Wheatleys

Zion National Park is one of the best and busiest parks in the United States.

Read on to learn everything you’ll need to know to prepare for your Zion adventure!

The “top-down” trail into the Subway is an exciting way to do this hike. This route involves proper canyoneering and the only way into the tunnel is by rappelling into the canyon.

Subway Hike Top-Down Route

The “bottom-up” route from the Left Fork Trailhead does not need any technical climbing skills. Aside from the original descent to the riverbed, the trail is relatively flat.

Subway Hike Bottom-Up Route

We recommend visiting during the spring and fall. If there is little snowfall, the winter is also an excellent time to visit Zion as you’ll find much fewer crowds.

Best Time to Visit Zion

Dozens of canyoneering tour companies offer guided walks near Zion; however, guided canyoneering is prohibited within Zion National Park.

Guided Canyoneering Tours

This hike requires a permit for both directions into the Subway. Online reservations for most canyons in Zion are available during a two-month time frame, one month in advance.

Permits for the Subway Zion Hike

Bottom-Up: The trail starts from the Left Fork Trailhead, 10 miles from the visitor center. Top-Down: The trail starts from Wildcat Canyon Trailhead.

How to Get to the Subway Zion Hike

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