Traveling with a Baby: 9 Things to Expect!


If you’re planning on traveling after you have a baby and think that it won’t be that different, think again. Read on about all the things you may not be thinking about before you plan that next trip!

Your Packing Doubles

If you’re anything like me, you’ll end up packing more stuff for your baby than you do for yourself.

# 1

There’s More to Carry

Getting to your destination with all of the crap that you’ll need for you, your partner, and your baby while carrying your baby will be quite the challenge.

# 2

You Have to be Picky 

The best hotel room for your baby might just be a standard Marriott-style room because you know it’ll be clean, comfortable, and they are used to having babies on the premises.

# 3

Baby Food and Formula Takes Planning

This may or may not be difficult to plan while traveling with your baby depending on their age and what you are feeding them.

# 4

Sunscreen and Bug Spray Might be Necessary

If you are traveling to a tropical destination, you’ll want to protect your baby from the sun and from the bugs.

# 5

The Romance is Gone

If you’re used to your vacations involving a bit of romance, that ship has sailed my friend.

# 6

It’s Hard to Relax

On our beach vacations, the only person who gets to relax is my damn husband since his nipples aren’t an all-you-can-eat buffet.

# 7

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