Guide to Shopping in Uzbekistan: What to Buy and How Much to Pay


You’ll want to buy everything you see in Uzbekistan! But what should you buy and where should you begin? And what should you pay for your Uzbekistan souvenirs? We’ll tell you all of that, and more, below.

Prices and Negotiation in Uzbekistan

You’ll need to negotiate for everything you buy here – even snacks in the market. Be prepared to respond “discount?” to their starting price and don’t be afraid to say no and walk away.

Where to Shop in Uzbekistan

Most of the small shops that sell souvenirs around Uzbekistan are concentrated in the rooms of the Madrasahs that you’ll be visiting during your trip.

What to Buy in Uzbekistan

If you want a quality treasure to take home with you that is traditional to Uzbekistan, you’ll want to buy a “suzani”.

Attitudes of Shopkeepers While Shopping in Uzbekistan

We found the shopkeepers in Uzbekistan to be some of the most pleasant in the world! They are generally not at all pushy (the exact opposite of our shopping experience in Morocco).

Silk Jackets

They are made with a silk blend and that blend determines the price. But generally you can expect the starting price of an ikat jacket to be between $20 and $40 USD.

Embroidered Jackets

I bought my suzani from a little tent shop on Sailgokh Street in Tashkent which is also a nice pedestrian area in the evenings. The price started at $50 USD and I was only able to negotiate down to $45 USD.

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