Best Things to do in Manila, Philippines

Complete Guide to Manila, Philippines: The Best Things To Do

Most people visiting the Philippines fly into and out of Manila but spend very little time actually exploring this large, diverse, and thriving metropolis. And while there isn’t an abundance of touristy sites to see, the city is packed with delicious restaurants, lively bars, and world-class shopping.

It’s worth spending at least a few days in this bustling city before heading to the other islands (like Palawan, Cebu, & Siquijor) for your relaxing beach vacation.

Check our list of the top things to do in Manila, as well as where to eat, where to stay, and where to drink. Enjoy!

Top Things to Do in Manila, Philippines: Manila Guide: What To Do in Manila: Cubao Expo

The Top 10 Things to Do in Manila, Philippines

1. Explore the “Walled City”

Top Things to Do in Manila, Philippines: Manila Guide: Jeepney in Intramuros, Maila, Philippines

The Intramuros neighborhood also called the “Walled City”, is the most photogenic part of Manila. The defensive walls were constructed by the Spanish colonizers in the late 16th century to protect from invasion and it was guarded by Fort Santiago. The area was destroyed by the Battle of Manila in 1945 and in more recent years, the government has worked to rebuild and preserve the remaining landmarks.

Top Things to Do in Manila, Philippines: Manila Guide: Intramuros Statue King Felipe II

You can hire a tricycle driver and get a 30-minute tour and history lesson of the area. Highlights of Intramuros beyond Fort Santiago include the San Augustin Church, the Baluarte de San Diego, and the statue of King Philip II of Spain (the namesake of the Philippines).

2. Lounge in Rizal Park

Top Things to Do in Manila, Philippines: Manila Guide: What To Do in Manila: Rizal Park

Just north of Intramuros is a favorite local hangout, Rizal Park. The park is named in honor of José Rizal whose writings helped to inspire the Philippine Revolution against the Spanish before he was executed here. The park is a perfect place to enjoy a leisurely afternoon stroll. A tranquil Chinese Garden is in the park as well.

And south of Intramuros you’ll find Binondo, the world’s oldest Chinatown. There’s a church that’s worth visiting, delicious restaurants, and some quirky Chinese shops and markets.

3. Shop at the Cubao Expo

Top Things to Do in Manila, Philippines: Manila Guide: Cubao Expo Entrance

Cubao Expo is the hipster area of Manila. It is just a few blocks in size and has boutiques, antique shops, record stores, restaurants, and bars. It gets really busy at night with trendy locals vying for the outdoor tables to sip their craft beers and socialize. Get there around 7:00 pm if you want some time to peruse the shops but expect a long drive in heavy traffic from the Makati neighborhood.

4. Visit the Quezon City Memorial Circle

The area surrounding the Quezon City Memorial Circle is another great area for eating and drinking. You’ll find jazz bars, comedy shows, and karaoke bars in the South Triangle area. The Memorial Circle is also just a nice area to stretch your legs a bit.

5. Take a Walking Tour of Makati

The Makati neighborhood is the best place in the city to stay. It is up-and-coming but you can still find hotels, restaurants, and shopping to fit any budget. Most of our recommendations here are concentrated in the Makati neighborhood.

It’s a great neighborhood to wander around, stopping into the cute boutiques and quaint coffee shops when you want to escape the heat. We spent most of our time eating, drinking, and enjoying Makati.

Fort Bonifacio Global City is a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood located southeast of Makati. The streets are lined with trees, there are security guards sprinkled throughout, and it’s filled with restaurants and high-end shops.

6. Take a Day Trip from Manila

There are some incredibly cool places within a few hours of Manila. Once you have had your fill of the city make sure you check out some of these cool nearby spots:

Taal Volcano: Taal Volcano is by far the best day trip you can take from Manila (it’s actually one of the top activities in the Philippines). It’s a gigantic volcanic crater lake with a volcano cone in the center which contains a second lake. It’s about 2.5 hours south of Manila.

The easiest way to visit is by booking an organized tour but you can save money on a trip to Taal Volcano by just taking local transportation. And if you want the best photos to try sticking around for the night so you can experience sunset and sunrise!

  • Hulugan Falls and Cavinti Falls: If you’re in a waterfall chasing mood then head southwest for ~3 hours to check out these two.
  • Lake Pinatubo: This unbelievably photogenic crater lake was formed after the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991. At about 2,000′ deep it’s the deepest lake in the Philippines. It’s located about 56 miles north of Manila.

7. Go on a Slum Tour

Smokey Tours offers several interesting tours of Manila, including a cemetery tour (where some locals have chosen to take up residence), a slum tour, a market tour, and a bicycle tour. The guides are very knowledgeable and will provide you with plenty of information about the areas you’ll be visiting.

8. Dine on the Delectable Cuisine

The food in Manila is out-of-this-world and you’d be doing yourself a disservice not to eat all of it! Check out our recommendations below of what to eat in Manila for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


The Kismet Cafe ($$) is a darling little coffee shop in the Makati neighborhood. They have only a small menu but it’s perfect if you’re looking for a healthy alternative to the pork belly that is in so many dishes in the Philippines. They only offer vegetarian and vegan options. The jalapeño grilled cheese with tomato soup is a must-try!

Top Things to Do in Manila, Philippines: What to Eat in Manila: The Kismet Cafe in Makati, Manila, Philippines

Corner Tree Cafe ($$$) is another small restaurant in Makati offering fresh, wholesome ingredients. The food takes a little while to prepare but it’s well worth the wait. Try the spinach and mushroom lasagna and the sweet potato fries!

Top Things to Do in Manila, Philippines: What to Eat in Manila: Eggs Benedict at The Corner Tree Cafe in Makati, Manila, Philippines


Hummus Elijah ($) serves up hearty portions of reasonably priced middle eastern delights. They have several hummus flavors to choose from, including mushroom and pine nuts, that is oh so delicious.

Ilustrado ($$) is a great stop for lunch while touring around the Intramuros area of Manila. They have a large cafe menu and their sandwiches and sliders are delicious.

Top Things to Do in Manila, Philippines: What to Eat in Manila: Sliders at Ilustrado in Intramuros, Manila, Philippines

Wooden Spoon ($$$) is located in the Power Plant Mall which is an upscale shopping area. They specialize in Filipino food but put their own spin on common dishes. The Crab Pancit appetizer is rich and delicious and a must-order! The Stuffed Pechay is cabbage leaves stuffed with minced pork and covered in a savory cream sauce that is out of this world.

Top Things to Do in Manila, Philippines: What to Eat in Manila: Pork Adobo at Wooden Spoon, Manila, Philippines


El Chupacabra ($$) is a popular Mexican restaurant for locals and foreigners alike. They have excellent nightly happy hour drink specials and a giant plate of cheesy, delicious nachos. You can’t go wrong with anything you order here!

Barrio Fiesta ($$) serves up traditional Filipino dishes that are spiced and cooked to perfection. The Lechon Kawali is splendid and they are known for their large helpings of Kare Kare.

Best Food to Eat in the Philippines: Kare Kare

9. Experience the Nightlife

Manila has quite the nightlife scene and you’ll find plenty of late-night bars no matter what neighborhood you find yourself in.

  • NightclubValkyrie is a popular nightclub with both locals and ex-pats. The dance floor is small but it’s full of people having a great time. Expect to be held to a dress code and to pay a cover charge.
  • KaraokeCenter Stage has a few locations, including one in Makati. There is an hourly rate for a room but it is consumable (meaning that you must spend a certain amount of money per hour on food and drinks). You’ll get a huge selection of songs and can belt them out in the privacy of your own room.
  • Rooftop ViewsAntidote is on the top floor of the I’m Hotel in the Makati neighborhood. Not only do they offer spectacular views of the city but also have lit-up aquariums filled with jellyfish as a backdrop for the bar. They have funky cocktails that aren’t expensive as you might expect and it’s the perfect spot to watch sunset.
Top Things to Do in Manila, Philippines: Where to Drink in Manila: Antidote Rooftop Bar in Makati, Manila, Philippines
  • Live MusicStrumm’s is a fun venue for an older crowd (the 30s, 40s, and 50s). They have lively bands and a great vibe. Expect to pay a cover but it’s consumable. Another great option for live music is Hobbit House, a quirky, hobbit-themed bar near Rizal Park.
  • Cocktails – If you’re in the mood for a fancy cocktail then you’re in luck!  A slew of speakeasy-style bars has opened up in Manila serving well-crafted adult libations. The Blind Pig has been around the longest and pioneered the Manila cocktail scene.  Alcohol by Volume (ABV) is the most popular bar at the moment.
  • Sports Bar – There are several lively sports bars in the Makati neighborhood. Check out H&J Sports Bar and Restaurant if you’re looking to catch an NBA game or soccer match.

10. Shop Til You Drop

The SM Mall of Asia is located right on Manila Bay and is the 12th largest shopping mall in the world. This massive complex isn’t just reserved for shops and restaurants. It also boasts the first-ever IMAX theater in the country, an Olympic-sized ice skating rink, a concert grounds, and an amusement park featuring 17 rides. You’ll need a full day to explore this behemoth mall!

Ayala Center is a large shopping mall complex located in the Makati neighborhood that contains several different malls (three of which are outlined below). You can find anything and everything you could ever want in this complex. However, the price points of the malls are quite different so you may want to concentrate your time on a specific one depending on your budget.

  • Greenbelt Mall – This mammoth mall contains five sections – Greenbelt 1 through Greenbelt 5 that all have different offerings. The Greenbelt 5 is the poshest of the five with stores, including Kate Spade, Rolex, and Seven for all Mankind. Greenbelt 3 has mid-priced shops such as American Eagle, Asics, and Diesel.
  • SM Makati – Located directly across the street from Greenbelt Mall but with less expensive stores including Forever 21 and H&M.
  • Glorietta – Also located next to SM and Greenbelt mall but this one has plenty of local Filipino brands like Folded and Hung on the bottom floor.

Power Plant Mall is located at the center of Rockwell Center, a fully contained “city within a city” built on 15-acres of land previously occupied by a thermal power plant. It consists of condominium towers, office buildings, restaurants, and, of course, the mall. The area has limited entrances so if you’re on foot it can be difficult to figure out how to get there. The shops are high-end and there are quite a few good dining options on the basement level including Wooden Spoon (described above).

Bonifacio High Street is an open-air shopping area in Bonifacio Global City (Fort BGC ). There are plenty of shops and restaurants to suit all tastes. It’s a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the sunshine while watching other happy shoppers wander by.

Manila Travel Basics

Know Before You Go

  • At the time of writing, the conversion rate was 55.58 Philippine Pesos (PHP) to $1 USD. So if we say that something costs 250 PHP, that’s just under $5 USD.
  • Filipinos learn both English and Tagalog in school. You’re unlikely to encounter anyone who doesn’t speak English. If you want to try your hand at Tagalog, “salamat” is “thank you” and “po” is a polite ending to a sentence. So you would say “salamat po” or “nice to meet you po” or “excuse me po”.
  • You’ll be referred to as “sir” or “ma’am” by pretty much everyone you meet. It’s a sign of respect and Filipinos are very polite.
  • Filipinos LOVE basketball and especially the NBA. If they ask where you’re from, it’s easier to say “do you know the Portland Trailblazers?” than “I’m from Oregon”. They definitely know the Blazers but have no idea what Oregon is.
  • Manila is the world’s most densely populated city so expect traffic to be horrendous, especially during rush hour!

Getting Around Manila

You’ll find plenty of car taxis around Manila that you can hail at any time. There are also many “habal-habal” stands if you’d prefer to take a motor taxi. If you want an entertaining but crowded experience, hop in a Jeepney but be sure to holler when you want to get off.

Top Things to Do in Manila, Philippines: Manila Guide: What To Do in Manila: Ride a Jeepney

The easiest form of transportation in Manila is Grab. It’s similar to Uber but you can choose to pay the driver in cash or you can connect your credit card and make it a cash-less experience. Keep in mind that you’ll probably wait at least 10 minutes for your driver to arrive and the estimated price does not include any tolls.

What to Pack for Manila

Manila is a metropolitan city and you’ll find plenty of name-brand stores in the more upscale areas of the city. While some countries in Asia can be quite conservative, the Philippines seems to be free to dress as they please. No need to cover your knees or shoulders anywhere here. However, if you choose to visit a fancy restaurant or nightclub, you’ll likely need to adhere to the dress code. This typically means no shorts, tank tops, or sandals.

Read all about what to pack for your trip here!

Safety in Manila

As with all large cities, opportunistic crime can be common, especially at night. Women should refrain from walking alone at night and should hold onto their bags as motorbikes can be known to grab them as they drive by. Keep a tight hold on your cell phone as well. Pickpockets are a problem in crowded areas as well. Keep extra money and any expensive jewelry locked in your room safe, just in case.

Although, the biggest danger in Manila is singing a poor karaoke rendition of My Way.

Weather in Manila

You are likely accustomed to enjoying four yearly seasons – summer, winter, spring, and fall. The Philippines only has two – wet and dry. Wet season lasts from June until October and dry season is November through May. If you visit during the wet season, you can expect to experience the occasional daily torrential downpour.

The temperature year-round is hot, but the hottest months of the year are April and May when temperatures average around 34 °C.

Visa and Passport Requirements for the Philippines

Most countries in the world do not require a visa for a 30-day stay in the Philippines (a few exceptions include India, Iran, Jordan, and a few others). Check your visa requirements here. Be sure to purchase your return flight to your next destination prior to arriving at the airport or you may be denied boarding (as there is no option to exit by land crossing).

Where to Stay in Manila

Manila is a huge city so deciding where to book your hotel can be challenging. The Makati neighborhood is an up-and-coming area that is full of great restaurants and fantastic shopping. Most of the places that we recommend here are in the Makati area. You may find that you’ll be less excited to check out some of the other areas of the city because traffic is so congested, and Makati offers everything you need within walking distance!

Here are a few of our favorite spots to stay in Makati:

Best Things to do in Manila: Makati Diamond Residences

Makati Diamond Residences

Makati Diamond Residences is a premier hotel located right by the Greenbelt Mall. They offer large, spacious, and well-equipped rooms and a stunningly beautiful indoor pool. You’ll be treated like royalty by the friendly and helpful staff here.

Check Prices on

Best Things to do in Manila: The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences

Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences

The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences has large, incredibly clean rooms that are vibrantly colored and have a modern design. They also have a delicious restaurant and fitness center, and the location is perfect as it is centrally located in the Makati neighborhood.

Check Prices on

Best Things to do in Manila: Lub D Philippines Makati

Lub D Philippines Makati

Lub D Philippines Makati offers low-cost private rooms and co-working spaces all in the same hip and trendy building. They have nightly activities, including game night and a pub crawl for any travelers looking to make some new friends. The rooms are bright and new, the lobby area is a fun space to hang out, and everyone on staff is cheery and helpful.

Check Prices on

We can’t wait to go back to Manila and explore more of the hip neighborhoods. Have you been? Do you have a favorite hidden gem?



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