What to Pack for a Trip to Iceland: A Complete Packing List


Check out our list of Iceland packing essentials to help you prepare for your trip. Enjoy!

Camping Gear

Your motorhome may come stocked with gear, or you may have the option to add on a camping package for an additional fee.

# 1

Warm Clothing

Expect to be cold during your trip to Iceland, regardless of the time of year that you visit.

# 2

Waterproof Clothing

Iceland generally experiences about 20 days of rain each month so undoubtedly you’ll get wet while you’re there.

# 3


The weather in Iceland may be freezing cold, but you’ll have plenty of opportunities to warm up in their hot spring pools!

# 4


If you’d rather skip the liquids and just bring a carry-on, or if you simply forget a few things, you can absolutely find everything you need in Iceland.

# 5


Iceland has the most incredible and dramatic landscape so you’ll want a camera that is more powerful than your cell phone to capture it.

# 6

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