Two Week Iceland Itinerary: Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall

2-Week Iceland Itinerary: Exploring Iceland’s Ring Road

As we were planning our two-week trip to Iceland, we were completely overwhelmed. We couldn’t figure out which sites were just off the road and which required some hiking. And it wasn’t clear whether the roads were paved or gravel. So we marked a bunch of sites on our downloaded map and hoped for the best.

And as it turned out, we were being a bit dramatic. The “Ring Road” that circles the perimeter of the island is only 828 miles in total. Meaning that you could really tackle the entire island in a few days. Plus, a visit to Iceland in the summer means incredibly long days. You can accomplish a lot between the hours of 8 am and 10 pm.

Iceland Two Week Itinerary: Skogafoss Waterfall
Skogafoss Waterfall

So even though there really is so much to see in Iceland, it’s relatively easy to tackle all of it in two weeks. And we’ll help you figure out everything you should see and how much you can reasonably accomplish in a day. This is a 2-week Iceland itinerary that tackles the Ring Road in a counterclockwise direction.


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2 Weeks in Iceland: A 14-Day Ring Road Itinerary

Days 1-3: The Golden Circle

Day One

Touchdown Iceland! Depending on the time you land, you may be able to pick up your car or motorhome right away. Or, you may choose to spend a night near the airport and pick up your vehicle first thing in the morning. Keep in mind that taxis in Iceland are really expensive. It’s probably best not to spend the night in Reykjavik since it’s 45 minutes from the airport.

If you would like to enjoy any alcoholic beverages during your trip to Iceland, be sure to stop at the duty-free. It’s the best place to buy reasonably priced booze on the island (check out some of our other money-saving tips for Iceland).

Iceland - Two Week Itinerary: Blue Lagoon

The popular Blue Lagoon is just a 15-minute drive from the airport. It’s a common first or final stop for visitors. You’ll need to book a specific time slot and pay in advance. Note that this might be tricky if there is a delay in your flight. It may be easier to save as the final stop of your vacation before flying home.

The Blue Lagoon is a large hot water pool fed by piping hot water from the nearby geothermal plant. The water is full of minerals which turns it a milky blue color. That vibrant color surrounded by the black volcanic rock with the industrial plant in the background is very surreal. Most people choose to spend 2-4 hours relaxing in the pool, sauna, and steam room.

Want more info? Read our complete guide to the Blue Lagoon!

And no trip to Iceland would be complete without a visit to the capital city of Reykjavik! It’s the largest city in Iceland with a few highlights that are worth a visit in the big city. The Hallgrimskirkja Church has a unique stepped concrete facade that is unlike any other church in Iceland. You can visit the church for free but it’s 1,000 ISK to enter the tower.

The Harpa Concert Hall also has an interesting shape due to a large wall made up of colored glass windows. And the Sun Voyager art installation resembles a modern, steel Viking ship. It is set right on the coastline.

Iceland - Two Week Itinerary: Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik
Harpa Concert Hall

If you want to grab a meal or a beer in Reykjavik, there is no shortage of delicious restaurants and lively bars. Icelandic Street Food has possibly the best deal in town with several soup deals with free refills of your original soup choice or you can try one of the others! They also have free unlimited cookies as well.

And Lebowski Bar is a Big Lebowski movie-themed bar with good happy hour deals and friendly locals.

Be sure to stop at a Bonus to stock up on groceries before you head out of town!

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Day Two

After Reykjavik, you’ll start heading east and you’ll see the highlights of the Golden Circle, plus so much more! Wear comfortable shoes today as you’ll be doing a lot of walking.

Iceland Ring Road Itinerary: Reykjadalur Thermal River

The first stop of the day will be the Reykjadalur Hot Spring Thermal River. This is a natural hot spring river where you can soak in the warm water and enjoy the lush, rolling hills surrounding you.

From the parking lot, it’s an uphill 1.8-mile each-way hike to the soaking area of the river. You’ll find a wooden boardwalk and several changing stalls. You’ll want to spend at least an hour or two here enjoying the river!

Iceland Itinerary: Two Weeks - Kerid Crater

The next stop of the day is Kerið Crater. It is a large red rock crater covered in vibrant greenery with a lake at the bottom. The crater was formed some 6,500 years ago and is 180 feet deep, 560 feet wide, and 890 feet across. A hiking trail leads around the perimeter of the crater as well as all the way down to the lake. The land here is privately owned so you’ll need to pay 400 ISK to enter.

End your day with a walk through Thingvellir (Þingvellir) National Park. This gorge is the meeting place of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. It is known as the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

The plates are separating at a rate of about two centimeters a year due to volcanic eruptions, causing an incredibly dramatic landscape. And Iceland is the only place in the world where this tectonic rift is above sea level.

Iceland Two Week Itinerary: Thingvellir National Park (Oxararfoss Waterfall)

There are several well-maintained hiking trails in the park. You can find information about them at the Hakio Visitor Center (be sure to pay for parking). Don’t miss the Oxarafoss Waterfall and the picturesque Þingvellir Church, both are highlights!

There is a fissure in the park known as Silfra which disrupted an underground spring. You can actually dive or snorkel between the tectonic plates here. It is famous for having the clearest water in the world, with visibility of over 320 feet! You’ll need to book a tour and keep in mind that the water is unbelievably cold, even with a wet or dry suit.

Book a Snorkeling Tour!

Day Three

Iceland Itinerary: Two Weeks - Bruarfoss Waterfall

You’ll begin your third day with a 2.2-mile each way hike to one of our favorite waterfalls on the island – Bruarfoss. The hike will begin at the “Bruarfoss Waterfall Official Parking” lot. Then, you can follow the hand-painted signs all the way there.

The hike is flat but muddy in parts so be sure to wear shoes that have good traction. Towards the end, a wooden bridge overlooks the milky, turquoise-colored water that cascades over the black rocks. A path down the hill gets you right up to the base of the falls.

From there, set your map to the Geysir Geothermal Area – one of the three major stops on the Golden Circle Tour. This area is very active so you’ll get to see boiling mud pits and at least a few eruptions from the Strokkur geyser. It shoots water 50-65 feet in the air every few minutes!

The biggest geyser here, named “Geysir” has been dormant for years but used to erupt with spouts reaching 550 feet. A muddy trail leads around the hot springs and up to a viewpoint. There is no fee to park and no entrance fee for the area.

Iceland Itinerary: Two Weeks - Gullfoss Waterfall

You’ve got another impressive waterfall waiting for you at your next stop. Gullfoss is a massive two-tiered waterfall in the Hvítárgljúfur Canyon that drops over 100 feet. The walkway gets you unbelievably close to the falls where you will be in awe of both the force and the volume of water careening through the canyon.

Entrance to Gullfoss waterfall is free and there are two parking lots to choose from. Just be sure you don’t miss the viewpoint from the top parking lot! This is one of the most popular waterfalls in Iceland so don’t miss it!

Iceland Ring Road Itinerary: Secret Lagoon Hot Spring

And finally, after all that hiking, you’ll end your day with a relaxing soak in a natural hot spring. The Secret Lagoon Hot Spring is a large pool that is surrounded by nature. It is the ideal temperature to spend a few hours lounging.

You’ll need to pay 3,000 ISK per adult to swim in the Secret Lagoon and an additional 700 ISK if you need to rent a towel. Stay at the nearby Skjol Campground and you’ll get a 20% discount on the entrance price!

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Days 4-6: Southern Iceland

Day Four

Iceland Itineray - Two Weeks: Keldur Turf House

Day four begins with a trip to the oldest turf house in Iceland. It is one of only a few that have been well preserved on the southern end of the island. Keldur Turf House is a museum that is open to visitors from June 1 until August 31 daily from 10 am – 5 pm. The price to enter is 1,500 ISK per person.

You’ll see several turf houses during your road trip around Iceland. They were built to provide both insulation and ventilation and to hold up against the incredibly harsh climate.

Iceland Ring Road Itinerary: Gluggafoss Waterfall

Next, set your map to Gluggafoss (also called Merkjárfoss) located down a bumpy road, and not along the usual tourist route. There is a dirt path from the small parking lot that leads to both levels of this 170-foot, two-tiered waterfall. You can even walk behind the lower falls if you don’t mind getting a little wet. It’s a nice respite from the crowds along the Golden Circle route.

Iceland Ring Road Itinerary: Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

More waterfalls are on the schedule for the day! Your next stop is the Seljalandsfoss parking lot. You’ll need to pay 700 ISK for parking (unless you plan on camping at the nearby Hamragarðar campsite as it’s easy to access the falls from there).

A path leads behind Seljalandsfoss falls which is fun to see but you’ll need to prepare to get soaked. From there, you can take the path that leads past a few smaller waterfalls and ends at Gljúfrafoss. The waterfall hides in the back of a canyon so you’ll have a short walk through the water to see it up close. Plan on getting soaked from the spray here as well!

Iceland - Two Week Itinerary: Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool

Your last adventure of the day will be a dip in one of the oldest swimming pools in Iceland. Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool was built in 1923 out in the middle of a beautiful valley where you’ll be surrounded by lush green hills with small waterfalls leading to a river below.

The pool has cement walls with a pipe that lets in the natural spring water and so post up by the pipe for the hottest water as the pool has a more lukewarm temperature than other pools around the island. From the parking lot, it’s a 3/4 mile hike to the pool, and be sure to pack out your trash as it is no longer maintained.

Day Five

Iceland Two Week Itinerary: Skogafoss Waterfall

Day five will begin with another of our favorite waterfalls on the island – Skógafoss. Incredibly, you can walk right up to the base of this behemoth waterfall, as long as you’re okay with getting soaked.

And you can climb the stairs to the right of the waterfall to look over it from the viewpoint at the top. Continue on that trail through the valley to see several other smaller waterfalls with far fewer crowds. Tour buses begin arriving around 9:30 am so try to get here as early as possible to avoid them.

Iceland Two Week Itinerary: Kvernufoss Waterfall

The next waterfall is pretty much right next door. You’ll need to park at the Skogar Museum and take the small dirt path on the right side of the building. Climb the small ladder to go over the fence and then walk about a half-mile to Kvernufoss Waterfall.

The muddy path leads all the way to the back of the falls where you’ll enjoy a beautiful view of the lush green valley. You’ll find far fewer crowds here than at your first stop of the day.

Iceland Ring Road Itinerary: DC Plane Wreck

From there, continue along the road to the parking lot to start your 2-mile hike to the DC Plane Wreck. This Douglas Dakota C-117 airplane was transporting seven crew members in November of 1973. It kept losing altitude and was forced to make a crash landing on this black sand beach. Luckily everyone survived.

The hike is completely flat and fairly easy. Or, you can take the shuttle that departs every 45 minutes for a 2,500 ISK round trip per person.

Full disclosure: the plane wreck was not our favorite activity. There are signs at the beginning that clearly ask the visitors to refrain from climbing on the wreckage. But, no one obeys. The area is crawling with people taking ridiculous photoshoots and the disregard for the site is disappointing.

Iceland Ring Road Itinerary: Reynisfjara Beach

Another black sand beach is awaiting you at your next stop, and it’s been voted one of the most beautiful non-tropical beaches in the world! The sand at Reynisfjara Beach is pitch black with large grey basalt columnar joints (called Garðar) as the backdrop for the gorgeous coastline. And out in the ocean, you’ll see tall sea stacks that, according to legend, were once trolls that were turned to stone when they accidentally stayed out until dawn.

Day Six

You’ll have a bit of driving to do today so download a few intriguing podcasts and make sure you have enough snacks! You’ll want to set your map for Skaftafell/Vatnajokull National Park, but there are a few nice stops along the way if you want to stretch your legs.

Iceland Itineray - Ring Road: Green Lava Walk

The Green Lava Walk is a short trail that leads through a huge lava field covered in bright green moss. Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon is another great site to check out but at the time of writing, it was temporarily closed.

Iceland Itineray - Ring Road: Vatnajokull / Skaftafell National Park

Skaftafell/Vatnajokull National Park will be your first introduction to the incredible glaciers of Iceland! This is a huge national park with several well-maintained trails and an informative visitors center.

You can take the half-mile each way trail to Skafta-Fellsjokull Glacier where you can get really close to both the glacier and the runoff lake at its base. There is also a nice hike to Svartifoss Waterfall that takes about 45 minutes each way.

Book a Glacier Hiking Trip

Iceland Itineray - Two Weeks: Fjallsarlon Iceberg Boat Tour

But if you thought that glacier view was amazing, just wait until you see what’s next! Iceberg Boat Tours is a 45-minute raft boat trip that costs 8,300 ISK per adult and includes a flotation jacket, and a life vest. And it’s worth every penny!

Your knowledgeable guide will cruise through the lagoon, narrowly missing the icebergs floating all around you. And you’ll get so close to the base of the Vatnajökull Glacier while learning all about glaciers. It was by far our favorite activity in Iceland!

Boats depart daily at 9:30 am, 10:30 am, 11:30 am, 12:30 pm, 1:30 pm, 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm, 4:30 pm, and in the summer months at 5:30 pm.

Even if you decide to skip the boat ride, you should stop here to check out the view anyway. A path leads from behind Frost Restaurant down to the lagoon where you’ll enjoy an incredible view of the glacier with its reflection on the lake if the weather is clear.

The Best Iceland Itinerary: Jokulsarlon- Glacier Lagoon

And just a short distance down the road is Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, yet another lagoon filled with icebergs. But the water here is a vibrant blue color and the massive icebergs have the most unique shapes and colors.

It is incredibly surreal and truly unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! There is a small trail from the parking lot or you can walk right down to the water. This was definitely a highlight of our trip and not-to-be-missed during your visit to Southern Iceland!

Boat tours are also offered here but keep in mind that it’s a common tour activity so you’ll have to deal with crowds. The “Amphibian Tour” is a 30-40 minute tour in a boat that can drive from the land directly into the water. The price is 6,000 ISK for adults and 3,000 ISK for children aged 6-12. And the “Zodiak Tour” is a bit longer and can get you closer to the icebergs as you’ll be in a raft boat. The price is 11,000 ISK for adults and 5,800 ISK for children aged 10-12.

Iceland Ring Road Itinerary: Diamond Beach

These massive chunks that have calved off of the Vatnajökull Glacier float around in the lagoon, slowly melting while they make their way through the nearby channel and out to the sea. They get tossed around by the waves and then finally end up on the black sandy shores of Diamond Beach.

By the time they get here, the icebergs are much smaller and crystal clear. This beach is unlike any others in Iceland and a must-visit destination!

TIP: The Diamond Beach parking lot on the west side of the bridge is one of the few on the island that doesn’t prohibit overnight parking. It’s not ideal for camping as there is no bathroom, but it will work if your motorhome is self-contained.

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Days 7-8: Eastern Iceland

Day Seven

Today you’ll be driving through the eastern fjords so you’ll be spending quite a bit of time in the car. The views of the rugged coastline and beautiful snow-capped mountains are absolutely incredible so get ready to be in awe!

The Best Iceland Itinerary: Hoffell Hot Tubs

And what better way to start a long day of driving than with a relaxing soak in a hot pool? Hoffell Hot Tubs are five small tubs in a beautiful, natural surrounding. There are two toilets here, some changing rooms, and an outdoor shower. The entrance price is 2,000 ISK per person with a towel rental included.

The tubs are open daily from 10 am until 9 pm but get there early to beat other visitors and have a tub all to yourself!

The Best Iceland Itinerary: Vestrahorn Mountain

Your next stop will be an area of private land that offers beautiful views of Vestrahorn Mountain. You’ll need to stop into the Viking Cafe to pay your 900 ISK per person entrance fee. From there, you’ll have a short walk to the “old farm”, an odd place constructed to be a Viking village movie set.

You’ll then drive down a sandy road to the coast where you’ll find a desolate black sand beach, views of the mountain, and possibly even a few seals swimming in the sea.

And for a quick stop to stretch your legs during your long drive, stop at Fauskasandur Beach. There is a giant monolith rising from the shore here, just a short walk from the parking lot. And when you get tired of driving, Fossardalur Guesthouse has a pleasant, grassy campground and all the amenities you’ll need.

Day Eight

Be prepared for another long day of driving today as there aren’t as many stops on the eastern end of the island as there are in the south. If you want to stop for a coffee during your drive, Havari Cafe is a nice coffee shop seemingly in the middle of nowhere that is also known for hosting up-and-coming local bands.

Two Week Iceland Itinerary: Mjoifordur Fjord

From there, you’ll take highway 953 to Klifbrekku Waterfall (also known as Klifbrekkufossar), and you’ll get to experience one of the most picturesque drives on the entire island!

The road to get to the waterfall is gravel and can be steep at times which may prove challenging in a large motorhome if you’re not comfortable. The peak of the mountain gets a lot of snow so there will likely still be some on the banks, but the roads are well maintained.

And soon enough the majestic view of the valley below will come into view. Klifbrekku Waterfall itself isn’t nearly as impressive as the drive to get there.

The cute little town of Seydisfjordur (the Icelandic spelling is Seyðisfjörður), is the next stop of the day. There are only about 700 people who live here but they are so welcoming and have turned their town into a highlight of Iceland!

At the center of the town is Fjardara Lake surrounding the town are huge mountains and tall waterfalls. The most popular site in town is the colorful rainbow road (Regnboga Vegur) that leads to Seyðisfjarðarkirkja Church. And make sure you stop at Gufu Waterfall on your way out of town!

There is a Bonus Discount Grocery store in the town of Egilsstadir if you need to stock up on supplies. And from there, you’ll be heading to the area surrounding Lagarfljót, one of Iceland’s deepest lakes. There are plenty of pretty campsites around the lake surrounded by trees with lovely views.

Two Week Iceland Itinerary: Hengifoss Waterfall

Also in the area is Hengifoss Waterfall on the northern end of the lake. At 420 feet from the plateau to the base of the falls, it’s the third tallest waterfall in the country – definitely one of Iceland’s hidden gems. It’s a steep 1.2-mile each way hike from the parking lot to the lookout point for the falls. Unfortunately, when we visited the last section of the hike was closed for rehabilitation but hopefully will be reopening soon.

Days 9-10: Northern Iceland

Day Nine

Iceland Ring Road Itinerary: Detifoss Waterfall

Today begins with a 2.5-hour drive to Dettifoss Waterfall. From Hengifoss, you’ll want to take the southern lake route as the northern side is unpaved and rather rough to drive in a motorhome. Set your map for the westside parking lot for Dettifoss Waterfall. The eastern side is less touristy but the road to get there is very long and bumpy. Parking on both sides is free and entrance to the waterfall is free.

Iceland Ring Road Itinerary: Selfoss Waterfall

Every second, almost 200 cubic meters of water flows from the top of Dettifoss to the bottom, 144 feet below, making it the most powerful waterfall in Europe. Icelanders call it “the beast” and you’ll understand why when you see it in person. The walk to the falls is 1/2 mile from the parking lot and there are stairs leading down closer to the falls although you’ll get soaked by the spray. And 3/4 of a mile from Dettifoss is Selfoss Waterfall which is also worth visiting although it’s difficult to get a very good view up close.

The next area that you’ll be visiting is Mývatn, an active geothermal area. The first site that you’ll encounter is Námaskarð, located just off the road. This very smelly area is filled with steam vents and boiling mud pits. If you can handle the stench, it’s interesting to wander around, checking out all of the activity.

Iceland Ring Road Itinerary: Viti Volcano Crater

Your next destination is Viti, a massive crater lake with vibrant turquoise water and a path leading around its rim. Start the hike counterclockwise for the best views, and then you’ll come to a section that is difficult to pass. If you want to see the lake from the other side, you’re better off turning around rather than trying to walk through this part.

And if you’re interested in seeing a massive lava field, the parking lot for Leirhnjukur is on your way back to the main road. The hike takes about 30 minutes each way and you’ll get to see bright teal hot springs and lava for miles.

And as usual, the best way to end a long day of hiking and driving is with a relaxing soak. Mývatn Nature Baths are quite similar to the Blue Lagoon (but much cheaper!) in that the water is a vibrant blue and full of minerals.

The entrance fee is 5,900 ISK per adult during the peak summer months of May 1 – September 30 and 4,500 ISK during the winter months. Opening hours are 10 am – 11 pm during the summer and from 10 am – 11 pm during the winter (hours may differ due to holiday seasons). Ask for a “beer bracelet” at reception if you want to order draft beers directly from the pool while you soak!

Day Ten

Best Ring Road Itineray for Iceland: Godafoss Waterfall

As mentioned earlier, Dettifoss is considered to be “the beast” waterfall, and you’ll start your day by seeing “the beauty”. Goðafoss is a gorgeous waterfall that spans 100 feet in width in a semi-circle shape. There are several viewpoints from the top and you can also walk down to the rocky shoreline to get very close to the base of the falls.

Iceland Two Week Itinerary: Laufas Turf House Museum

From there, you can take a side trip if you want to check out the countryside. Laufás Museum is a group of turf houses that once housed 20-30 people, the oldest one was built in 1840. You can wander around the outside of the five museums for free or pay 2,000 ISK/adult to tour the inside of all five. The views on the drive out to the museum are quite spectacular!

If you skip the detour and head straight for Akureyri, be sure to pay the toll bridge fee online (the detour route bypasses it). The first thing you’ll notice about this darling little town is the heart-shaped stoplights at every intersection in the city. Have a stroll around the pedestrian-friendly downtown area, stopping in the souvenir shops and trying one of their famous hot dogs!

From there you’ll be headed west, toward the town of Varmahlíð. To get there you can choose to continue on the Ring Road, or opt for a longer but more scenic drive through the northern fjords.

If you take the longer route, there are several nice stops along the route. Siglufjörður is a small fishing village with a pretty church, several museums, a very unique turf house, and lots of colorful buildings.

And Sundlaugin á Hofsósi is a hot water swimming pool that overlooks the ocean. It’s open from 7 am – 1 pm and 5 pm – 8 pm from Monday through Friday, and 11 am – 4 pm on Saturdays and Sundays and the entrance fee is 1,000 ISK per adult.

Two Weeks in Iceland: Reykjafoss Hot Spring

Your final stop of the day will be Reykjafoss, a natural hot spring sitting on the banks of the Húseyjarkvísl River. It’s a little tricky to find so we’ve provided detailed instructions to help. Turn down road 753 toward Vindheimar, drive across the small wooden bridge, and you’ll see a sign for “Reykjafoss Fosslaug”.

There is a parking lot with a sign stating that camping is not allowed. You’ll enter the gate with the “Conculeid” sign and then follow the path until you see a wooden bridge on the right. Cross the bridge and then follow that path to the river bank where you’ll find a small, steaming pool. It’s a beautiful, serene setting that doesn’t attract many visitors.

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Days 11-14: Western Iceland

Day Eleven

You’ve probably noticed that you spend more time in the car on the northern end of the island than you did in the south and that there are fewer stops along the way. Today you’ll cover a large distance and spend about six hours in the car so make sure you have gas and snacks to get you through!

Best Ring Road Itinerary for Iceland: Vidimyri Turf Church

You’ll start with a quick visit to the Church in Víðimýri which is an adorable little turf church. The entrance fee for both the church and the nearby Glaumbær Farm and Museum is 2,500 ISK/adult.

The farm has 13 turf buildings constructed using stones, timber, and turf, the oldest one being built in the mid-18th century. The buildings served different functions for the people who lived here – there was a kitchen, a communal sleeping room, various storerooms, a blacksmith workshop, and more. It’s amazing to see what life was like for the people who lived here.

If you want to get some exercise today, consider hiking to the top of Mount Tindastóll, just north of Víðimýri. You’ll gain about 2,000 feet of elevation during this strenuous, 3.7-mile hike that should take about 3-4 hours to complete. It’s not worth busting your butt to get to the top if the weather isn’t clear since the views from the top are the highlight of the hike!

Two Weeks in Iceland: Gudrunarlaug Hot Spring

The next stop is a 2.5-hour drive away, but you’ll get the chance to relax with a soak in Guðrúnarlaug Hot Spring. There is a small parking lot next to a large building and a campsite. If you look up the hill, opposite the building, you’ll see a small turf house. The natural hot pool is in the ground directly in front of the house.

The water is at the perfect temperature and don’t be put off by the amount of algae on the rocks and floating in the water. If you want to break up the drive to the hot spring, stop at Hvítserkur, a 50-foot tall basalt stack sitting right on the coast.

Best Iceland Itineray, Two Weeks: Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall

From Guðrúnarlaug Hot Spring, you’ll want to continue heading west, to Snæfellsjökull National Park on the peninsula. It’ll be a 2-hour drive from the hot spring to your next stop, Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall. You’ve undoubtedly seen photos of this spectacular two-tiered waterfall with the uniquely shaped Kirkjufell Mountain towering in the background. Sunrise and sunset are ideal times to photograph these falls.

You’ll find plenty of campsites in this area and don’t worry, you’ll have far fewer miles to cover tomorrow!

Day Twelve

Snaefellsness Peninsula, Iceland: Snaefellsjokull Mountain

Today you’ll be touring the Snæfellsnes Peninsula where you’ll find quaint fishing towns, beautiful viewpoints, and lots of wildlife. Beware of the winds on the peninsula that can be aggressive. Check regularly to ensure it’s safe for you to drive. If the winds exceed 20 meters/second you should stop driving, park into the wind, and wait. And definitely be careful when opening your car doors!

Snaefellsness Peninsula, Iceland: Ingjaldsholl Church

The first cute town you’ll encounter is Rif, on the northern end of the peninsula. And you’ll most certainly want to stop to take a photo of Ingjaldshóll Church, right outside of town.

Snaefellsness Peninsula, Iceland: Skardsvik Beach

From there, you’ll head to Skarðsvík Beach which actually has golden sand, whereas most of the beaches in Iceland have black sand. Be aware that the road is rocky and narrow so take care when passing oncoming traffic.

The next destination is Saxhóll Crater. Here you can climb the long set of stairs up to the rim and peer inside. It’s just a short walk and the stairs are easy to climb.

Snaefellsness Peninsula, Iceland: Djupalonssandur Beach

Now set your map to Djúpalónssandur Beach where you’ll find a beautiful black rock beach, several lovely hiking trails, and panoramic views of the rugged coastline. If you get lucky with clear weather, you’ll get to enjoy views of the 700,000-year-old glacier-capped stratovolcano called Snæfellsjökull at the center of the peninsula!

If you would like to visit Vatnshellir Cave, you’ll need to pay 3,750 ISK per adult for the 45-minute guided tour. Tours take place every hour, on the hour, from 10 am until 6 pm in the summer. You don’t need to book your tour in advance, just buy tickets at the booth when you arrive.

As you continue your tour of the peninsula, there are several nice viewpoints that are worth a stop. Londrangar Viewpoint and the viewpoints in the towns of Hellnar and Arnarstapi won’t take long to visit and the views are incredible!

Your next stop will be a short hike through Rauðfeldsgjá Gorge. You’ll walk through a stream that runs through a slot canyon. You can walk on the strategically placed stones to keep your feet mostly dry. After about 200 feet, you’ll reach a small waterfall that has a rope on one side if you want to get soaked and go even further. We’d recommend turning around here. There is only another small waterfall beyond this point and the climb down is very challenging.

Snaefellsness Peninsula, Iceland: Budakirkja Black Church

Your next stop along the tour will be Búðakirkja Church, which is also known as “Black Church”. It’s a lovely old, wooden church with a spectacularly scenic backdrop. And finally, the seal colony called Ytri Tunga is a great place to see seals swimming in the sea. Or, you can lounge on the rocks just offshore. This is private property so take extra care to be respectful and pack out any trash.

Day Thirteen

This is your last full day in Iceland! What better way to enjoy it than by relaxing in hot pools while enjoying the beautiful views on the western side of the island? Enjoy a leisurely morning in your campervan today, no reason to get an early start.

Two Weeks in Iceland: Landbrotalaug Hot Pot

Your first stop of the day is Landbrotalaug Hot Pot. But, bear in mind that Google Maps does not have the correct location. It looks like the hot pots are right off the main road. They’re actually at the end of a gravel road. Just take a right where Google thinks they are. You’ll find a parking lot at the end of the road with a trail leading out to a lake.

The lake isn’t where you bathe, there are two tiny “hot pots” on the far ends of the lake. You’ll be able to spot them since they are lined with rocks. Only one or two people can fit comfortably at a time. If others are already soaking, best to wait your turn.

Two Weeks in Iceland: Hraunfossar Waterfall

The next stop is Hraunfossar and Barnafoss Waterfalls which are right next to each other. Here you’ll find a well-maintained trail that leads to several lookout points so you can enjoy the views. Hraunfossar is made up of lots of smaller waterfalls all cascading over the canyon walls. And Barnafoss is further upstream. Cross the wooden bridge to enjoy views from the opposite side of the canyon.

Two Weeks in Iceland: Krauma Hot Pools

More soaking awaits at your last stop of the day! Krauma is a commercialized hot pool popular with the locals. It is less expensive and less crowded than the Blue Lagoon. There are several small, spiral pools of varying depths and temperatures.

You’ll also have access to steam rooms, a freezing cold plunge pool, and a relaxation room with a wood-burning fireplace and lounge chairs. You’ll definitely want to spend several hours here enjoying all of the amenities!

Admission to the pools is 4,900 ISK for adults, 2,450 ISK for children aged 13-16, and 350 ISK for children 12 and under. You can rent a towel for 1,000 ISK, a swimsuit for 1,000 ISK, and a bathrobe for 1,500 ISK. Beer and wine will start at 1,200 ISK per glass. The friendly staff members will come by regularly to take your drink order.

Day Fourteen

Iceland Itinerary for a Motorhome or Campervan

It’s been an amazing 14 days in Iceland where you’ve enjoyed beaches, waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes, and so much more! But sadly, it’s time to pack your bags, clean out your motorhome, and say goodbye.

Whew, that’s an action-packed 2-weeks in Iceland. We hope it helps you plan your perfect Iceland itinerary!

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  1. Thank you for the write-up as well as the other posts on Iceland. Not seeing a lot of sun in the photos. What time of year did you go?

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