Wandering Wheatleys was launched in 2013 when Nick and Val took their first around-the-world trip together.

Originally meant as a way to keep in contact with family and friends, this website has evolved over the years from a personal journal to an award-winning inspirational travel website visited by over 2 million readers each year!

These days the website is run by an incredible team of avid travelers and freelance content creators to ensure you’re getting the most helpful and up-to-date travel guides, tips, and recommendations.

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Who This Site Is For?

Nick and Val love to travel but are definitely no longer “backpackers”. Both are pushing 40 and gave up the hostel-style of travel years ago. They now prefer to spend a bit more money on hotel rooms and tour experiences to really enjoy themselves. 

And because they write about actual experiences, the Wandering Wheatleys website features high-end accommodation and unique excursions. You won’t find any hostel recommendations or “free things to do” articles here. Nick and Val are here to help you plan an amazing vacation without sacrificing any creature comforts from home. 

The Wandering Wheatleys love being outdoors but also appreciate a good pampering session so on this website you’ll find fun hiking recommendations intermingled with luxurious hotel recommendations and everything in between.

On This Site You Will Find

Comprehensive Travel Guides
Tips and Tricks for Making the Most of Your Time and Money
Honest Hotel Reviews
Detailed Packing Guides
Top Pick for Our Favorite Destinations Around the World

Meet the Team

Val Wheatley - Bio Photo
Adventurer in Chief

Val Wheatley

Val grew up in Portland, Oregon but moved to Oahu on a whim back in 2013. She sold her house and all of her belongings and bought a one-way ticket. Since then she’s taken two around-the-world trips and has visited 60-ish countries while living out of a duffel bag.

Val started documenting the Wandering Wheatleys travels back in 2013 as a way to update friends and family about her whereabouts and to relay humorous daily interactions. The only readers were her mom and her mother-in-law but that didn’t stop her!

With a former career in Human Resources and a degree in Business Administration, Val doesn’t exactly have a background in editorial work. She prefers to write like she talks – with a hefty dose of sarcasm, humor, and storytelling mixed in. These days you’ll find Val dreaming up future trips, creating new travel content, managing a team of amazing travel enthusiasts, and chasing around her little traveling toddler, Humphrey.

Nick Wheatley - Bio Photo

Nick Wheatley

Nick took his first solo trip abroad to Ireland and Scotland when he was just 19. Since then he has visited 63 countries and counting

He coupled his passion for travel photography with Val’s passion for writing and thus Wandering Wheatleys was born.

Besides photography, Nick loves eating the weirdest food he can find in a country (sheep’s brain currently sits in first place) and making Val get up an hour before sunrise to make sure he gets “the good light”.

Justine Lopez - Bio Photo
Senior Editor

Justine Lopez

Justine is a California native who always seems to take the unconventional route in life. She also suffers from a serious case of wanderlust!

In 2013, she set out on a yearlong round-the-world journey and never looked back. Since then she’s lived the expat life in Indonesia, Cambodia, China, and Vietnam. She’s now living and working as a freelance writer in Mexico.

As she meanders her way around the world, Justine is always seeking out delicious vegetarian food, pretty beaches, and amazing new travel destinations.

Jem Solis - Bio Photo
Website Manager

Jem Solis

Jem is a passion-fueled Filipina who dreams of traveling to faraway places, meeting people around the world, hearing their stories, and of course, tasting their cuisines!

Jems loves working hard as a freelancer to finance her future wanderlust. She provides an extra set of hands with various administrational tasks, social media handling, content creation, and she’s a wiz with WordPress!

Jem is a self-proclaimed foodie and can’t function without her morning coffee. She’s a people person, loves volunteering, and even joins local beauty pageants on the side because she loves being surrounded by empowered women. Because all women are beauty queens!

Humphrey Wheatley - Bio Photo
The Traveling Toddler

Humphrey Wheatley

Humphrey got an early start to his wandering when he was born at a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. For the first 16 months of his life, he got to experience Vietnamese culture, Vietnamese cuisine, and he got lots of love from old Vietnamese ladies. He also got to see more of Vietnam than most people see in their entire lives!

Now Humphrey’s traveling is mostly US-based but he’s already seen several states including South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Oregon, and Washington. Humphrey only tolerates car rides for about 2 hours so we’ve got some training to do before we set off on a cross-country road trip!

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