Tips for an Adults-Only Walt Disney World Vacation

6 Tips for an Adults-Only Walt Disney World Vacation

Throughout my lifetime, I’ve been lucky enough to go to Walt Disney World more than 20 times. But the trips I went on as a child are very different from the ones I go on today. Just last year, I took my first trip with a group of friends instead of visiting with family, and I learned quite a bit about making plans for an adults-only Walt Disney World trip!

Whether you’re visiting with a group of friends or planning a family trip for all adults, you’re likely looking to do things a little differently from how you would if you had little ones coming with you. If you’re planning your own adults-only vacation to Walt Disney World, check out these tips to help you have a very magical time.

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6 Tips for an Adults-Only Walt Disney World Vacation

1. Link All of Your My Disney Experience Accounts

Tips for Planning an Adult Only Walt Disney World Vacation: My Disney Experience Accounts

My Disney Experience is basically your planning hub. It’s the place where you can manage your bookings and reservations, buy and utilize Genie+ to skip ride and experience lines, join a virtual queue, and much more. 

Ideally, everyone in your party should have the app downloaded, especially if you want more chances at securing a spot on a coveted virtual queue, like the one for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. 

Once everyone has their Disney account, you should link all the accounts so you’re in a group on the My Disney Experience app. If all your accounts are not linked for your trip, you may find yourself having trouble as you’ll only be able to control the accounts that are linked. For instance, if you do manage to score a spot on a virtual queue, it’ll only be for those linked to your account.

You can do this linking by adding a guest on your My Disney Experience app. Follow this process before your Walt Disney World trip to save yourself any trouble. 

If you do manage to join a virtual queue without a member of your party being linked, contact Guest Services for help. And remember, to make Lightning Lane bookings through Genie+ on your My Disney Experience app, every member of your party must have purchased the service.

2. Set a Tentative Schedule

Walt Disney World Tips for Adults: Tentative Schedule

Park reservations are no longer required for date-specific tickets, which covers nearly all vacation packages booked through Walt Disney World or a travel agent. That means that you don’t necessarily have to plan out which park to go to on which day of your trip before you visit the theme park.

However, it’s still a good idea to put together a tentative plan to share with your fellow vacationers. For some of Disney’s parks, you’ll want to wake up ready to go right away. 

If you do want to score a Cosmic Rewind virtual queue spot, for instance, you’ll need to be up at 7 am to click that button on the My Disney Experience app to secure your spot. If you’re waiting until morning to decide where to go every day, you could miss out on some very fun opportunities.

Having a plan of where to go can also help you when it comes time to book dining reservations. Especially if you’re visiting during a busy time of year, you can’t expect to walk into a restaurant and grab a table unless you’re planning on doing quick service meals for the whole trip. 

If you want to do any sit-down dining, you should take advantage of Disney’s advance reservation system, which allows you to book dining reservations 60 days before the first day of your trip. 

If you have an idea of which park to go to and when, you can plan your dining before you get going on your vacation. Keep in mind that dining reservations slots drop around 6 am EST. Waking up too late on the day you’re supposed to book may result in limited options.

3. Schedule in Some R&R Time

Top Tips for Planning an Adult Only Walt Disney World Trip: Some R&R Time

When I was very little, my parents would always make sure that there was a day in the middle of the week of our trip when we just relaxed by the pool, maybe did a little shopping, or cooled down at one of Disney’s water parks. 

This guideline is something I still follow today. On the adults-only Disney World trip we took last year, we didn’t schedule this day in, but we ended up sacrificing a park day we’d already paid for because we just needed the downtime.

Don’t make my mistake. Instead, when you plan out the trip, ensure you plan for at least one day when you can sleep in and recuperate. Your hotel will have at least one pool to enjoy and likely other recreational activities, but you can also go resort-hopping to other hotels to check out their offerings. 

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, for instance, allows you to enjoy archery, horseback riding, and more. You don’t have to stay there to enjoy these activities.

4. Spend Some Time at Disney Springs

Tips for Planning an Adult Only Walt Disney World Vacation: Disney Springs

Whether you want to head there on your R&R day or just want to enjoy the nightlife after visiting one of the parks, don’t skip out on spending time at Disney Springs. Disney Springs is Walt Disney World’s shopping and dining complex, where you’ll find numerous restaurants, boutiques, and live entertainment. 

While Disney Springs has some offerings that are more kid-friendly, like the dinosaur-inspired T-REX Cafe, many more of their shopping and dining locations cater more to adults. Enjoy sipping some whiskey while you listen to jazz at The Edison, revel in some Irish-themed fare at Raglan Road, or sip on some handcrafted cocktails at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar.

You can also find some more adult-centric entertainment at Disney’s Boardwalk, which is home to a dueling piano bar and a nightclub that’s only for those 21 and up.

5. Be Careful When Drinking Around the World

Walt Disney World Tips for Adults: EPCOT

If you’re over the age of 21, there’s a good chance you’ve considered heading to EPCOT and “drinking around the world.” For this activity, you’ll drink something from every country in the World Showcase. Unfortunately, the result is often seeing tons of adults who are very, very tipsy throughout EPCOT.

If you have your heart set on drinking around the world, here are a few tips to keep in mind. First, buy one drink per country for your entire party rather than having everyone get their own. You’ll save money (and your liver will thank you). Second, for every alcoholic drink, drink a cup of water with it. And third, don’t forget to eat!

Personally, drinking around the world isn’t my favorite activity. I’d much rather eat around the world, especially if it’s during the Food & Wine Festival, which is when EPCOT offers sips and snacks inspired by global cuisine from more than 25 booths throughout the park. It’s a lot more fun, and even those who don’t drink can partake.

6. Remember That You’re at a Family-Friendly Place

Top Tips for Planning an Adult Only Walt Disney World Trip: Family-Friendly Place

While you’re on an adults-only trip, many people around you won’t be. While Walt Disney World is for everyone, it is one of the top family destinations in the world. Be respectful, and remember that there may be small children around you at any moment. 

Yes, that means keeping cursing to a minimum and other things that may not be suitable for little ones, but it also means respecting the Disney magic. Be polite to Disney characters, which includes not trying to get them to break character, as some people unfortunately try to do. 

Don’t interrupt shows or performances. And make space for little ones to get a good view during the fireworks, parades, and other shows. One little action can make Disney all the more magical, so help spread the magic by being a good traveler! 

There you have it! The top tips for planning an adults-only trip to Walt Disney World. Have you ever taken a trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth? Share some of your own tips in the comments!



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