The Best Breweries in Portland, Maine

The 17 Best Breweries in Portland, Maine

It turns out that the two Portlands in the US have a lot in common. They’re both artistic hubs that feature celebrated cuisine and gorgeous green spaces. They also share a love of craft beer!

Though Portland, Oregon boasts over 80 breweries in its metro area, Portland, Maine’s brewery scene is nothing to scoff at. There are over 25 in the Portland area, with many more just a short drive away in other locations throughout Maine. 

But the best part about Portland, Maine’s breweries is that many are within a short distance of each other. You could easily make a day of walking between breweries, putting together your own beer crawl. 

Wondering where to start on that beer crawl? Well, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Portland, Maine breweries. Drink your way around this list (safely, of course!), and you’re bound to have quite a hoppy day in this Maine city.

The 17 Best Breweries in Portland, ME

1. Batson River Brewing & Distilling

Unique Breweries in Portland, Maine: Batson River Brewing & Distilling
Images courtesy of Batson River Brewing & Distilling

Looking for one of the best brewpubs in Portland, Maine? You’ll find everything you want at Batson River Brewing & Distilling. This swanky brewhouse was inspired by the great outdoors of Maine, with touches throughout the moody decor that showcase outdoor living, like hanging canoes mixed in with the dim overhead light fixtures and a massive fireplace to warm you up on those chilly nights in Maine. 

This West Bayside location offers American pub fare alongside 12 taps of beers brewed on-site at their Wells, Maine brewery. But made right here in Portland are their spirits, which you can order on their own or try in one of their Heritage Cocktails. Their beers vary by season, though they do have a selection of four pilsners, lagers, and IPAs available year-round. 

Cool Breweries in Portland, Maine: Batson River Brewing & Distilling

Stop in for a drink and stick around for brunch and dinner. On the menu, you’ll find traditional favorites with their own twists, like their Poutine, made with IPA gravy, or their Duck Fat Cornbread, served with bourbon maple butter.

2. Newscapes Brewing

One of the newer Portland, Maine breweries, Newscapes Brewing, is making waves for their IPAs. This small-batch brewery in the East End offers bold flavors. 

Their selection is fairly limited because they focus on perfecting their offerings rather than experimenting too much. Basically, if you love a traditional IPA and steer clear of breweries that have 50 beers on the menu, this brewery is where you want to be.

Their most popular choices are their signature Munjoy Hill Double IPA and their Engine 3 Double IPA, which are both on the hoppier side, with a bold taste. Also on the menu are a few additional offerings, including a pale ale and a selection of traditional pizza options to complement your brews. 

3. Bunker Brewing Company

Unique Breweries in Portland, Maine: Bunker Brewing Company
Images courtesy of Bunker Brewing Company

While much of the Portland brewery scene is filled with hoppy delights, Bunker Brewing Company has chosen to go a different route. As one of the most unique Portland, Maine breweries, their lagers and ales are their specialties. Their lagers and barrel-aged stouts are brewed slowly, giving them time to really absorb their flavors and mellow out. 

And Bunker Brewing Company, found in Libbytown, is truly a place for us all to mellow out. This eclectic spot features a record player attached to a PA system, vintage flea market finds for decor, and a general feeling of being lost in time. Come here when you just want to relax on the outdoor patio with your friends, pooch, and a cold glass of lager!

6. Allagash Brewing Company

Best Breweries in Portland, Maine: Allagash Brewing Company
Images courtesy of Allagash Brewing Company

If you ask a Portlander where the best brewery in Portland, Maine, is, you’re bound to get quite a few people pointing you in the direction of Allagash Brewing Company. This Riverton find has been a staple of the city’s brewery scene since 1995. In fact, many would point to owner Rob Tod as the kickstarter of Portland’s love of craft beer.

Allagash specializes in Belgian-style beers. The beer that started it all for this beloved company is their Allagash White, an award-winning version of a Belgian-style wheat beer that takes on a hazy “white” appearance and has notes of coriander and Curaçao orange peel. 

But there’s quite a lot more to love at this brewery, from their coffee stouts to their bourbon barrel-aged ales to their fruited sours. Allagash is a true crowd-pleaser, and you’re bound to find something for everyone here. While Allagash itself does not serve food, you can enjoy some pretty delicious lobster rolls from Bite Into Maine at their tasting room.

5. Foulmouthed Brewing

Unique Breweries in Portland, Maine: Foulmouthed Brewing
Images courtesy of Craig Dilger

There’s nothing foul about the array of beers and bites available at Foulmouthed Brewing, one of the best brewpubs in Portland, Maine. Located in an old auto garage in South Portland, Foulmouthed does comfort cuisine right.

Though the menu changes with the seasons, you’ll find foods and sips that make you feel right at home, like their Smokehouse Mac & Cheese, cozy mac & cheese made with smoked brisket, jalapeños, and smoked gouda. But they also like kicking things up a notch, like their take on a fried chicken wrap, the Bang Bang Chicken Wrap, made with Korean fried chicken and sweet and spicy bang bang sauce. 

Their beers are equally as cozy and unique, like their Always Blue, a refreshing ale with Maine blueberries. But for those who are less into beer, there’s also a list of wines and specialty cocktails, which also change with the seasons.

6. Bissell Brothers Brewing Company

Over in Libbytown, in a 100-year-old former railway building, you’ll find some of the best craft beer in Portland, Maine. Bissell Brothers Brewing Company was started by Noah and Peter Bissell, who saw a hole in Maine’s beer market and aimed to fill it. They spent two years crafting the perfect beer to start their business, The Substance Ale.

Their flagship IPA is still a major reason why so many visit their Portland taproom. The Substance Ale is perfectly hoppy, with bright and bold flavors. Ales remain at the heart of the company, from IPAs to blonde ales to saisons. But there are more options on the menu for those who like less hoppy sips, like pilsners and milk stouts. 

Also on-site is the Bissell Brothers Kitchen, where they’re serving up local produce, meat, and seafood in innovative ways. Even if you’re steering clear of the booze, it’s worth stopping in for a bite to eat – from their variety of wing options to their signature sandwiches. 

7. Belleflower Brewing

Cool Breweries in Portland, Maine: Belleflower Brewing
Images courtesy of @photoswithcay

Over in East Bayside, there’s a place that’s blossomed into one of the best Portland, Maine breweries. Belleflower Brewing is a family-owned, small-batch craft brewery offering a light and airy taproom and an outdoor beer garden complete with a beautiful, colorful mural befitting the company’s name.

Beers are made with local, seasonal ingredients, as Belleflower believes in highlighting and uplifting their community. That’s why you’ll also find local food trucks serving up snacks and treats at Belleflower throughout the week. They also highlight local artists on their cans, in their taproom, and throughout their social media. 

Although their menu is often IPA-focused, they do have a variety of options for those who would prefer to avoid the hops, like The Awakening Place, a porter that was fermented low and slow and has flavors of roasted nuts and caramel, or Crown of Flowers, a wheat beer with notes of peppercorn and banana bread. 

8. Goodfire Brewing Company

Located in the historic Rockwell building in the East Bayside neighborhood, the entrance to Goodfire Brewing Company can be a bit hard to find. But it’s worth the search. 

Set in a bright, welcoming space, Goodfire focuses on soft, unfiltered New England IPAs, like their hoppy and tropical Waves, featuring notes of Chardonnay, grape, pine, mango, and citrus. 

But they do a little dappling with less hoppy options like their American Porter called Lift, made with a variety of specialty malts, or their popular Imperial Sour, Strawberry Moon Jellies, which they brew each year to celebrate the transition of spring to summer and the Strawberry Moon. 

Portland’s location does not have a kitchen, but there are local food trucks that are available throughout the week. If you want a full meal, you can visit Goodfire’s new location in Freeport, which has its own restaurant.  

9. Oxbow Blending & Bottling

Must Visit Breweries in Portland, Maine: Oxbow Blending & Bottling
Image courtesy of Emily Delamater

With the feeling of a rustic farmhouse, Oxbow Blending & Bottling provides a perfect space to experience their meticulously crafted beers. Located in the East End, this Portland, Maine brewery houses over 200 oak barrels and dozens of stainless steel tanks where they age and store their beers.

Farmhouse ales are the house specialty, like their Catalyst, a barrel-aged farmhouse ale with raw Maine wildflower honey. But they do work with other types of beers, like German and Italian pilsners and lagers.

Oxbow celebrates local culture, from their on-site art gallery, Gallery 49, with its rotating art exhibitions from local creatures to their partnership with local award-winning restaurant Duckfat, which serves their Belgian-style frites and poutine on-site. Oxbow is a place to experience incredible cuisine and culture, from the beer to the poutine to the ambiance. 

10. Lone Pine Brewing Company

Housed in the same complex as Goodfire in the East Bayside neighborhood, Lone Pine Brewing Company is another stop to add to your Portland, Maine brewery crawl. With a minimalist, rustic setting, Lone Pine lets their IPAs do the talking around here.

Lone Pine specializes in all things hoppy, like their beloved Imperial IPA Oh-J, which is packed with late-addition hops and tons of citrus flavor. But with a set of 24 taps to choose from, with options rotating throughout the year, you’ll find that this brewery does its best to cater to every taste. 

From a double-fruited sour inspired by the blueberry donuts found at local favorite donut shop, The Holy Donut, to multiple hard craft seltzers, there really is something for everyone, even if beer isn’t your thing. Plus, if you’re looking for a bite to eat, you’ll find food trucks here on weekends.

11. Definitive Brewing Company

Best Breweries in Portland, Maine: Definitive Brewing Company
Images courtesy of Definitive Brewing Company

When it comes to breweries in Portland, Maine, Definitive Brewing Company is definitively one of the best. Housed in an old scaffolding company’s warehouse in Riverton, the company name stems from their team’s desire to continue striving toward perfection, always innovating and always making each batch better than the last. 

They also aim to please every palate, so they seek to diversify their beers on draft. Though they have several hoppy IPAs, like their passionfruit-and-nectarine-flavored Avenue of Thought, they also have many other beers available, including several types of ales, lagers, and stouts. If you’re a lover of sours, this brewery has got you covered, with options like their Citrus Raindrops, with notes of tangerine, blood orange, and lime.

The brewery also has several snacks available to complement your sips. But if you’re looking for a more substantial meal, you’ll have to swing by from Thursday to Sunday, when local food trucks are on-site.

12. Austin Street Brewery

With two locations in Portland, there’s simply no excuse not to find your way to Austin Street Brewery. Both offer wide-open spaces to gather a crew together and taste your way through the unique menus.

Each location offers a different list of what’s on tap, but this brewery specializes in all types of ale, with a focus on IPAs. But you’ll find other ales on the menu, like the After the Glitter Fades, a tart blonde ale with hints of mint and lime, as well as a handful of pilsners and lagers. 

Both locations put the focus on brews over chews, so you won’t find kitchens here cooking up any meals. However, the Fox Street location does have a rotating list of local food trucks serving up treats alongside their beers. 

13. Foundation Brewing Company

Best Breweries in Portland, Maine: Foundation Brewing Company
Images courtesy of Foundation Brewing Company

What do you get when you put together great beers of all kinds, delicious pizza, and a staff made up of friendly, knowledgeable beer aficionados? You get the foundation for one of the best breweries in Portland, Maine, Foundation Brewing Company.

Located in Riverton, Foundation is always looking to innovate. Though their production is small, the flavors are big. You’ll find that, like many of Portland’s top breweries, they do IPAs particularly well, but they also offer a wide variety, from milk stouts to sours to even hard seltzers for those who want to break away from beer.

Also on the menu is the brewery’s Detroit-style pizza, but just as they like to break away from the norm with their beers and other drinks, they also make their pizza in a unique way. You’ll find that the crust is a bit crispier and lighter than other Detroit-style slices. Build your own pie or try one of their specialty options. 

14. Rising Tide Brewing Company

Must Visit Breweries in Portland, Maine: Rising Tide Brewing Company
Images courtesy of Rising Tide Brewing Company

Set in an airy space in East Bayside, Rising Tide Brewing Company is an independent, family-owned brewery that’s focused on uplifting their community, starting with using local ingredients in every beer. Though ales are at the heart of the company, from American Pale Ales to IPAs, the brand does dabble in many other types of beers that are available throughout the year in their tap room.

From porters to their Seaway Hard Seltzer series, there’s something for every palate. And that’s the central point of the brewery. Everyone at Rising Tide is trained to understand the complexity of every type of beer to ensure an incredible sensory experience, whether you love hops or prefer a smooth porter. Everyone is welcome at Rising Tide, which is why they also offer gluten-free and non-alcoholic drink options.

Also on the menu are comfort food classics, like burgers, chicken tenders, and fries. You’ll also often find live music happening in their tasting room.

15. Battery Steele Brewing

Battery Steele Brewing, located in Riverton, does a lot of things well, but perhaps none more so than their IPAs. Although IPAs are big in Portland’s brewery scene, with many breweries doing these hoppy delights right, Battery Steele Brewing is simply a must-do if you’re an IPA lover. 

Their flagship beer is Flume, a Double IPA with intense hops and notes of citrus, tropical fruit, and a hint of pine, and it more than deserves a try. But in addition to their IPAs, you’ll also find a selection of lagers, pilsners, stouts, and sours, depending on what’s on tap.  

Food isn’t available at this location, but if you’re near Wells, stop by their bar and kitchen. There, you’ll find their craft beers alongside meals inspired by local Maine ingredients, as well as a selection of specialty cocktails. 

16. Maine Beer Company

Unique Breweries in Portland, Maine: Maine Beer Company
Images courtesy of Maine Beer Company

Found over in Freeport, Maine Beer Company is one of the best breweries near Portland, Maine. Located outside the city in a more rural setting, it’s a relaxing place to be at one with nature while you sip your incredible brews. 

And you can feel good about every sip, as the company focuses on taking care of their customers, staff, and the environment. One percent of their gross annual sales are donated to environmental non-profits as a part of their sustainability initiative. Since their 2009 founding, they’ve donated over $2.5 million.

Their pale ales are what they’re particularly known for, especially their IPAs, like their Little Whaleboat, which was inspired by a cluster of islands in Casco Bay that provide a vital sanctuary to a variety of wildlife. The IPA itself takes on floral notes of roses and chamomile. 

They do often have a few other options on tap for those who would prefer to drink without the hops, like pilsners and coffee stouts. Also on the menu are a selection of salads, snacks, and pizzas.

17. Liquid Riot

Unique Breweries in Portland, Maine
Images courtesy of Liquid Riot

Liquid Riot is one of the best brewpubs in Portland, Maine, especially if you’re traveling with some people who aren’t big fans of beer but still want to experience Portland’s brewery scene. Set in a funky warehouse in the Old Port, Liquid Riot is all about putting passion into everything they create.

Calling themselves a resto-bar, you’re in for an eclectic mix when you come to this happening spot. The beers on draft take influences from all over the world but use many local ingredients, like the Ichigo Cream, a strawberry cream ale using Japanese sake yeast and local Maine strawberries. 

But this company is also a distillery. Bourbon, rum, vodka, and many more unique spirits are distilled on-site. You can order them straight up or try one of the brewpub’s specialty cocktails. 

Food is also available on-site. Like the brews and spirits, the food is made with local ingredients, like the Fish Tacos, made with Gulf of Maine white fish, or the Lobster Roll, made with fresh Maine lobster.  

There you have it! The best breweries and brew pubs in Portland, Maine. What’s your favorite brewery in Portland? Let us know in the comments!

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