The Best Hotels in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

The 12 Best Hotels in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Long known to artists, writers, and expatriates, little San Miguel de Allende is one of Mexico’s most creative cities. Located in the highlands of Guanajuato – a few hour’s drive north of Mexico City – San Miguel de Allende’s cobblestone streets are lined with art galleries, courtyard cafes, and colorful bougainvillea.

The pink spires of the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel have become a symbol of the city. Originally built by the Spanish in the 17th century, the church was given its magnificent neo-gothic facade two centuries later when a local architect was inspired by a postcard of a Belgian cathedral. 

Next door, find out more about the life and exploits of the city’s namesake and hero of the Mexican Wars of Independence by visiting Casa de Ignacio Allende. Explore a repurposed textile mill filled with art galleries and boutique shops at Fabrica la Aurora, shop for quirky souvenirs at the Mercado de Artesanias, and find a unique collection of vintage Mexican toys on display at the Museo la Esquina del Juguete.

Venture away from the cobblestone streets and shaded plazas of Centro, and you can enjoy sweeping vistas of the city from El Mirador. Nearby wineries are booming, La Canada de la Virgen is home to excavated Otomi temples and ruins, and the Sanctuary of Atotonilco is one of San Miguel de Allende’s most important pilgrimage sites and an integral part of the city’s UNESCO World Heritage listing. 

If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, then keep reading as we explain exactly where to stay in San Miguel de Allende.

Where to Stay in San Miguel de Allende

Where to Stay in San Miguel de Allende: Best Hotels

With its colonial architecture, shaded courtyards, and heritage-laden townhouses, San Miguel de Allende was made for boutique hotel lovers. There’s no shortage of historic hotels and quirky residences here, and the real trouble is deciding whether you prefer a rooftop swimming pool or a palm-lined plunge Jacuzzi at ground level. 

The best boutique hotels in San Miguel de Allende are located in mansions that are rarely less than a century old. Others are found in creaking haciendas that date back to the 18th or 17th centuries, sometimes earlier. All are infused with the spirit of modern San Miguel de Allende, embracing the work of local artists and designers to the max and providing the city with an unbeatable collection of luxury properties for you to choose from.

Given San Miguel de Allende’s compact size, it’s not always necessary to worry about the hotel’s location. You’re never more than a 20-minute walk from El Jardín de Allende and the Parraqouia de San Miguel Arcángel. That being said, you can escape Centro by picking a hotel on the steeper slopes leading up toward the hills, where you’ll enjoy the cool breeze and have unbeatable views of the city below. 

Here are our picks for the 12 best places to stay in San Miguel de Allende! 

The 12 Best Hotels in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

1. L’Otel Casa Arca

Where to Stay in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: L’Otel Casa Arca
Photos: L’Otel Casa Arca

Isaac Cohen arrived in San Miguel de Allende sometime in the 1920s. A Syrian immigrant, he had almost nothing to his name, but he soon became one of the city’s most influential entrepreneurs. He purchased a run-down, pink house around the corner from the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel in the 1930s, renaming it “Noah’s Ark” as he steadily restored the historic mansion to its former glory. 

Now, Noah’s Ark has become one of San Miguel de Allende’s most intriguing cultural hubs, as Cohen’s former home has been transformed yet again into a series of cafes and art galleries that the businessman would have been proud of. Best of all, the upper floors of the house are now home to L’Otel Casa Arca, where you can stay in five-star luxury in one of the best hotels in San Miguel de Allende.

Loftily calling itself a “Concept House” rather than a hotel, you’ll love everything about this glamorous boutique retreat. Escape the quirky galleries and clothes shops of the lower floor, and you’ll find yourself on a beautiful rooftop terrace where an art deco poolside is just begging to be enjoyed. Order a mezcal cocktail from the bar, cool off in the water, or take in the views of the city all around you.

Rooms at L’Otel Casa Arca are refreshingly modern. While the pink facade of the hotel embellishes the building’s history, the interiors are sparklingly crisp, clean, and new. Light wooden furniture merges with the light, cream decor, while art deco tiling adds to the sense of the roaring 1930s that Cohen himself would have embraced.

2. Hotel Madi

Best San Miguel de Allende Hotels: Hotel Madi
Photos: Hotel Madi

In the Otomi language spoken by the indigenous people of San Miguel de Allende, the word “madi” means “love.” Hotel Madi, a beautiful boutique hotel that you’ll find in the city center, not only embraces the word in its name but in its concept as a whole. 

Hotel Madi offers five-star comforts in a lovingly restored townhouse. There are just 23 rooms, offering the staff the chance to provide personalized service to every single guest. Classically-styled suites feature spacious beds with soft linen, wooden furnishings, and marble countertops in the bathrooms. The best rooms have freestanding bathtubs, while all have sleek wooden flooring and colorful artwork. 

Make your way upstairs to the Madi Rooftop, where you’ll have the delights of a glass swimming pool to enjoy. Order a cold beer or a fresh smoothie from the rooftop bar before taking in stunning views of the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel. 

Bistro Madi serves up an uneclipsable array of bourbons alongside grilled snacks like hotdogs and hamburguesas. The restaurant features an extensive menu of eggs for breakfast and sushi, tacos, and tostadas for lunch and dinner. 

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3. Casa Quebrada Hotel Boutique 

Cool Hotels in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: Casa Quebrada Hotel Boutique 
Photos: Casa Quebrada Hotel Boutique 

Hidden away behind an unassuming stone facade is one of the best boutique hotels in San Miguel de Allende. Step off the cobblestone street, duck through the small entrance, and you’ll find yourself in a charming courtyard shaded by vines, green plants, and pink and purple bougainvillea. Centuries of history are built into the foundations, and you’ll love uncovering more as your stay at Casa Quebrada Hotel Boutique begins. 

A small terrace in the open courtyard is home to a petite restaurant serving up a mixture of Greek and Mexican cuisine throughout the day. The layered levels of this old mansion offer unique views of the surrounding cityscape, while the best of the hotel’s 10 individually appointed rooms and suites have private balconies, small terraces, and outdoor spaces filled with greenery.

While this luxury boutique hotel’s overall style is reminiscent of the colonial designs favored by the first Spanish settlers (the Andalucian inspirations are unmistakable), you’ll love the modern features and amenities. Bathrooms kitted out with luxury Malin+Goetz toiletries, Nespresso machines, and 55-inch flat-screen televisions are standard, and the bedding is absolutely divine. 

4. Clandestino Hotel Recreo

Cool San Miguel de Allende Hotels: Clandestino Hotel Recreo
Photos: Clandestino Hotel Recreo

Clandestino Hotel Recreo is one of the coolest hotels in San Miguel de Allende. You’ll be staying in a colorful townhouse that was built over a century ago, and you’ll love how period features have been preserved, often in a state of romantic decay. 

Each of the eight suites at this boutique hotel has its individual style. Original brick walls have been left exposed next to wrought iron headboards and sumptuous beds. Freestanding bathtubs sit nonchalantly in the corners, and local artwork decorates the corridors. 

Take a seat in the courtyard, and you’ll be immersed in 19th-century Mexico as you admire the bougainvillea and stonework. Head upstairs to the rooftop terrace, though, and you’ll find yourself in 21st-century San Miguel de Allende, where recreation is top of the agenda. Enjoy a sweeping vista of the city, as you await the arrival of your mezcal cocktail or glass of local vino then watch the sun go down over the hilltops.

5. NUMU Boutique Hotel

Unique Hotels in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: NUMU Boutique Hotel
Photos: NUMU Boutique Hotel

The five-star elegance of Numu Boutique Hotel makes it one of the best San Miguel de Allende hotels you could book. This modern, luxury hotel has all of the amenities of a five-star resort, but with just 44 rooms to its name, it somehow manages to preserve that homey boutique style that so defines San Miguel de Allende. 

This hotel is chic, sleek, and modern, but its contemporary architecture and interior design are unmistakably inspired by the historic mansions and townhouses that surround it. You’ll be staying just meters away from the peaceful surroundings of Benito Juarez Park, and if you head up to the rooftop swimming pool, you’ll have an exceptional vista of San Miguel de Allende’s gorgeous skyline. 

Hotel rooms are equipped with small private balconies overlooking the calm inner courtyard or the cobblestone streets of the city, while the best suites have larger terraces – some of which even have private hot tubs. 

Rooms are painted in calming tones of cream and beige, with blackout curtains and deluxe bedding, making for a sleep-inducing combination. You’ll love the walk-in rain showers, marble bathroom surfaces, and, of course, the luxury toiletries. 

El Fogon de Enrique is the hotel’s classy patio restaurant. Locally sourced ingredients are cooked up in traditional Mexican styles with an artisanal flair you won’t forget. If you’re feeling lazy, though, the 24-hour room service offers fine dining direct to your suite!

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6. Hacienda Las Amantes

Cool San Miguel de Allende Hotels: Hacienda Las Amantes
Photos: Hacienda Las Amantes

One of our favorite boutique hotels in San Miguel de Allende is Hacienda las Amantes. Book a luxury room here and you’ll feel as if you’re staying in the 17th century. Worn wooden shutters creak under the weight of the building’s history, while the cobblestones echo with the sounds of Spanish friars, Dominican nuns, and the ranchers of old who have all called this hacienda home.

Overlooking the city from the rising hills to the east of Centro, you’ll love the old-world feel of Hacienda las Amantes. Original features have been preserved throughout, including a rough stone facade, groaning timbers, and a lush green courtyard where you can relax under the shade of colonial-style arches. 

The seven rooms are packed with character. Individually named, each room has unique period features, including ornamental fireplaces decorated with religious icons, antique wardrobes, and lavish four-poster beds fit for nobility. Colorful rugs soften the flooring underfoot, while bathrooms are styled with Moorish designs, brass fittings, and stone wash basins. 

7. Hotel Casa Rosada

Cool Hotels in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: Hotel Casa Rosada
Photos: Hotel Casa Rosada

If you’re looking for an adult-only escape during your stay in San Miguel de Allende, then look no further than Hotel Casa Rosada

You’ll spot this gorgeous boutique hotel as you stroll through Centro. This is the “Pink House,” and you can’t miss the comforting pink tones that await you on arrival. This is a classic colonial-style townhouse in every respect, and you’ll love the sense of heritage as you settle into your room.

Each of the 13 rooms and three suits at Hotel Casa Rosada has been wonderfully restored. Period features, including magnificent tiling and timbers, have been painstakingly preserved, while antique furnishings and historic paintings of friars and dukes add to the Spanish colonial touches. 

The courtyard – where you can enjoy a classic Mexican breakfast and local staples for lunch or dinner – is perhaps one of the finest courtyards in San Miguel de Allende. Take a seat in the shadow of the Parraquoia de San Miguel Arcángel, which backs onto the hotel!

8. Live Aqua San Miguel de Allende Urban Resort

Cool San Miguel de Allende Hotels: Live Aqua San Miguel de Allende Urban Resort
Photos: Live Aqua San Miguel de Allende Urban Resort

Escape Centro with a stay at Live Aqua San Miguel de Allende, an “Urban Resort” perfectly positioned on the northern edge of the city. Although you’re just a 15-minute walk from Jardín de Allende, you’ll love the sense of outdoor space provided by the hotel’s location next to the Obraje dam and water reservoir. 

Stroll onto your private terrace and you can embrace the arid stillness of the Central Highlands as you gaze across the green and brown countryside, but look in the other direction, and the spires of the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel still rise high above the rooftops. This resort caters to your every need, and you’ll love the Caribbean-like layout that includes an outdoor swimming pool, overwater hammocks, and an extensive sun terrace.

The outdoor gin bar is a novelty in San Miguel de Allende, while Bar Casa Dragones serves up local tequilas with refined flair in the hotel’s cigar lounge. The world’s cuisine comes to you at this resort, with seafood served alfresco at the Mario Canario restaurant, while Indian, Chinese, and Southeast Asian flavors merge on a fiery menu at the Spice Market. Our favorite gastronomic experience is to be had at Zibu Allende, where innovative Mex-Thai cuisine remembers the historic relationship between Mexico and Asia. 

Rooms at Live Aqua are modern, spacious, and luxurious. Wooden timbers, whitewashed walls, and black-and-white photographs speak of a colonial past, while feather-down mattresses and 440-thread count bedding promotes a feeling of modern luxury. Upgrade to a suite for your own private Jacuzzi!

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9. Amatte Community

Boutique Hotels in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: Amatte Community
Photos: Amatte Community

One of the most unique San Miguel de Allende hotels, the Amatte Community aims to create what it calls a “sensory experience” in every aspect of its five-star service. The quirky yet almost soothing architectural design was created by Shinji Miyazaki, a Japanese architect who embraces the “Wabi-sabi” ideals of imperfect beauty. 

The name “Amatte” comes from an indigenous Nahuatl word meaning “Nest,” while whitewashed walls and stone archways draw on San Miguel de Allende’s colonial history. But the contemporary layout, multi-level design, and the abundance of local flora throughout speak of the desire to create something new as you immerse yourself in the sensory world of Amatte Community. 

You’ll find different “spaces” throughout, each offering different sensory experiences. The shaded courtyard swimming pool is intended to refresh, the spa is designed to relax, and the rooftop terrace – with its stunning views over San Miguel de Allende from the hotel’s hillside location – is there to stimulate. 

The 34 rooms, 29 suites, and two villas are all designed with light decor and local materials. Cacti line the hallways, while indigenous crafts hang from the walls. Hacmans Restaurant brings the taste of Baja California to the Central Highlands with an overload of wood-smoked octopus and grilled meats that can be served on a shared Omakase table that brings the Amatte Community together for dinner.

10. Casa 1810 Parque Hotel Boutique 

Where to Stay in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: Casa 1810 Parque Hotel Boutique
Photos: Casa 1810 Parque Hotel Boutique

You’ll find Casa 1810 Parque Hotel Boutique on the cobblestone Calle del Codo, one of San Miguel de Allende’s most historic thoroughfares. This unique boutique hotel is steeped in heritage, and as you delve into the past, you’ll discover how the building was once used as a tannery during the heyday of the city’s mercantile era.

The tannery may even have been in operation during the hotel’s namesake year. The year 1810 was a poignant time for San Miguel de Allende, as the city’s most famous son (Ignacio Allende) helped kick-start the revolution that eventually led to Mexican independence from Spain. The tannery’s original stone features have been well preserved as a testament to the past, and you’ll appreciate the archways and stone-built walls throughout. 

The hotel’s history, though, has been preserved alongside a seemingly effortless refurbishment which has totally repurposed the old building into one of San Miguel de Allende’s finest luxury boutique hotels. Step through the heavy wooden door and you’ll be amazed at the grandeur. 

Rooms feature beautiful tile floors, soft velvety armchairs, deluxe linen, and a mixture of wood, stone, and brick furnishings. The best suites feature freestanding bathtubs and charming Juliet balconies with views over the cobblestone street below. 

Make the most of the rooftop sun terrace in the summer, or cozy up by the fireplace with fresh coffee or cocoa during the winter months. Dulce 1810 serves up a delectable array of pastries and sweet treats, while Tené, the hotel’s signature restaurant, offers a gastronomic experience inspired by indigenous culinary techniques. 

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11. Casa de Sierra Nevada

Cool Hotels in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: Casa de Sierra Nevada
Photos: Casa de Sierra Nevada

One of our favorite boutique hotels in San Miguel de Allende is Casa de Sierra Nevada. Escape the sun-drenched streets of Centro as you explore the veritable oasis that awaits you behind the 17th-century stone facade. 

Historic courtyards have been transformed into palm and cactus fringed gardens, where a radiant swimming pool welcomes those in need of a refreshing dip. Mixologists serve your favorite cocktails straight to the sun loungers as you relax in the shade of original stone archways built by the Spanish. 

Laja Spa (named for the nearby Laja River) offers yet another blissful retreat with Casa de Sierra Nevada. Enjoy botanical treatments, massages, and holistic therapies, as you wind down after a day of sightseeing in San Miguel de Allende. 

There are just 37 rooms and suites at Casa de Sierra Nevada. Each is well-appointed in a style that mixes colonial features with modern chic. Tiled floors, vaulted ceilings, and wooden timbers evoke a sense of the past, while freestanding bathtubs, brass bathroom fittings, and individually commissioned paintings add a touch of the art deco to proceedings.

This hotel is intended for foodies as much as it is for history buffs. You’ll be serenaded as you enjoy octopus and patatas bravas at Andanza, while Restaurant del Parque serves tlayudas, tacos, and mole in an al fresco setting. The hotel is also home to the fabled Sazon Cooking School, where legendary local chefs show you the best way to prepare fresh ingredients after a tour of San Miguel de Allende’s markets. 

12. Cantera 1910 Boutique Hotel

San Miguel de Allende Boutique Hotels: Cantera 1910 Boutique Hotel
Photos: Cantera 1910 Boutique Hotel

Cantera 1910 Boutique Hotel is set in a traditional San Miguel de Allende townhouse just a short stroll away from Jardín de Allende. But while the exterior facade of this boutique retreat might be timeless, the hotel’s concept is very much rooted in 21st-century luxury. 

Light decor and wooden furnishings contrast with glass-lined staircases, golden light shades, and contemporary artwork. King-size beds, Nespresso machines, and spacious walk-in showers are standard, while rooms open up onto petite balconies and terraces overlooking the cobblestone streets or the courtyard. 

Cantera 1910 Boutique Hotel is simply beautiful to look at, but it’s the 24/7 Concierge Service that really completes the experience. The on-call concierge can arrange tours of San Miguel de Allende with local artists, the hotel’s chefs serve up fine dining experiences on the rooftop terrace, and the sommeliers can arrange in-house tastings of the local wineries’ finest vintages. 

That completes our list of the 12 best San Miguel de Allende hotels! Did we miss any cool boutique hotels in San Miguel de Allende? Comment below so we can add them to the list!

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