The Best Restaurants in Borough Market in London

The 14 Best Restaurants in Borough Market in London

Sprawled under the arches of London Bridge, Borough Market is one of the oldest marketplaces in London. Londoners have been buying and selling goods here for at least a thousand years, while the modern marketplace you see today began to take shape in 1756. 

The Victorians overhauled Borough Market a century later, and in 21st-century London, this beloved foodie market continues to evolve. Home to chic restaurants and gourmet market stalls alike, Borough Market is heaven for food lovers.

You’ll find salt beef bagels that have been served since 1944, fresh fish sourced from the ocean less than 48 hours ago, and street food cooked by Michelin-star chefs. From Iraqi-style kubba to Italian gelato, you’ll find the world is represented in Borough Market’s best restaurants.  

With so many great places to eat, you might not know where to begin. That’s why we’ve compiled our list of the best restaurants in Borough Market for you. Give these fun Borough Market restaurants and eateries a try and there’s no doubt you’ll have an exceptional time gorging your way through this iconic London food market!

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The 14 Best Restaurants in Borough Market, London

1. Mei Mei

Some of the best food in Borough Market can be found at Mei Mei, a Singaporean-style eatery run by former “MasterChef” contestant Elizabeth Haigh. Born in Singapore, Haigh won a Michelin star at Pidgin, another London restaurant, before founding Mei Mei.

Inspired by the classic coffee shops of Singapore, where food is as much a part of the menu as the coffee, you can dig into Singaporean and Malay favorites like beef rendang and nasi lemak. Mei Mei is suitably casual, even if the food is Michelin-star-worthy, and you’ll love the diner-like atmosphere amid the bustle of Borough Market. 

2. Fish! 

Best Restaurants in Borough Market, London: Fish!
Image courtesy of Red Agency, Borough Market

Get your seafood fix at Fish!, where an old Victorian warehouse has been transformed into a gourmet restaurant in the heart of Borough Market. First opened by Tony Allan in 1999, Fish! has since gained an incredible reputation among Londoners for its fresh seafood dishes.

The menu not only includes British staples like beer battered fish and chips, but exciting fusion options like grilled scallops and black pudding, and chargrilled squid and chorizo. You can choose from an extensive fish of the day menu, too, including options like grilled swordfish or tuna steaks, served with seasonal veggies and homemade sauces.

3. Arabica Bar & Kitchen 

For Middle Eastern fare, our favorite restaurant in Borough Market is Arabica Bar & Kitchen. Found beneath a converted Victorian railway arch by London Bridge, the setting couldn’t be further from the mountains of Lebanon and the streets of Istanbul, where Arabica Bar & Kitchen draws its multitude of Middle Eastern influences.

But take a seat, and the taste of Levantine meze will transport you eastwards as you gorge on hummus, baba ganoush, falafel, and kibbeh to kick things off. Follow up with charcoal-grilled kebabs or an extensive selection of vegetarian and vegan specials before finishing with kunefe and baklava.

4. Hobbs Roast

You’ll see the line for Hobbs Roast long before you reach this Borough Market favorite. Drawn in by the tantalizing smell of roasted meats and the tempting sight of baguettes dripping in gravy and apple sauce, this is one of the most decadent restaurants in Borough Market. 

Little more than a hole in the wall, Hobbs Roast was founded by Julie and Michael Hobbs, who had spent a lifetime working in Borough Market as porters and bookkeepers. You can generally choose between roast pork, turkey, or beef, stuffed into a sandwich and then lathered with sauces. 

5. Tacos Padre

Cool Restaurants in Borough Market, London: Tacos Padre

If you love Mexican food, then some of the best food at Borough Market awaits you at Tacos Padre. It’s difficult to find truly authentic Mexican dishes in the UK, but Tacos Padre has been inspired by Head Chef Nicholas Fitzgerald’s experience working at Pujol in Mexico City.

More taqueria than a restaurant, Tacos Padre offers an extensive menu of Mexican classics, including fish tacos, pork carnitas, cauliflower al pastor, and chicken asado. There are genuine maize tortillas, salsa verde, and mezcal margaritas. 

6. Joli

For an authentic taste of Malaysia, head to Joli. Serving up some of the best food in Borough Market, Joli specializes in traditional clay pot cooking, and you’ll love the slow-cooked recipes lovingly created by owner and chef Salina Khairunnisa.

Cooking away in large clay pots in the kitchen, you’ll find delicious vats of beef rendang, spicy beef brisket, and Singapore-style laksa. On the side, you can enjoy Malay salads, coconut rice, and roti canai flatbreads. 

7. Berenjak

Home-cooked Persian food comes to Borough Market, as Berenjak’s founder Kiam Samyani brings an authentic taste of Iran to London. Using seasonal British produce and Persian spices, Berenjak offers mezze-style sharing plates and charcoaled meats to hungry diners.

On the menu, you’ll find black chickpea hummus and chargrilled aubergine to start. Lamb stews, chargrilled fish, and lamb kebabs are all served with an array of Persian sides, including saffron rice and pickled cucumbers, while creme caramel and almond sponge cake round out the international dessert offerings. 

8. Brindisa Kitchen Bar

Brindisa Kitchen Bar offers a tapas taster in the heart of Borough Market. With just 25 seats, though, you might need to queue for this tapas restaurant, but it’ll be well worth the wait when you bite into a tasty bocadillo packed with pork, cheese, and piquillo peppers. 

Brindisa Kitchen Bar serves all the Spanish favorites you’re craving, including chorizo, baby squid, croquettes, and Manchego cheese. There are pork pinchos, tortilla sandwiches, and portobello mushrooms in goat cheese. And if you can’t find a seat, just order it for takeaway instead!

9. Elliot’s 

Must Visit Restaurants in Borough Market, London: Elliot’s 
Images courtesy of Elliot’s

One of the most famous Borough Market restaurants is Elliot’s, where seasonal British produce is prepared using wood-fired cooking techniques. The wood-fired grill brings a smoky, natural flavor to proceedings, and Elliot’s prides itself on sourcing ingredients from English farms and fishermen, wherever possible. 

Wood-fired pizzas and oven-baked bread are prepared using flour from Gilchesters, while wines are all prepared organically on biodynamic vineyards. Start with some sourdough focaccia or anchovy toast, then share some wood-fired squid or oyster mushrooms with the table. Monkfish, pork sausages, and duck breast are all cooked on the grill and served with seasonal salads and fried potatoes. 

10. Applebee’s Fish

Unique Restaurants in Borough Market, London: Applebee’s Fish
Images courtesy of Applebee’s Fish

All of the seafood served at Applebee’s Fish arrives in the kitchen no more than 48 hours after being caught in the ocean. That’s as fresh as it gets in London, and you’ll taste the salty sea spray itself as you dig into the catch of the day. 

Applebee’s Fish serves up classic fish and chips, using sustainably sourced cod and Maris piper potatoes, while the pole-caught tuna steaks and wild sea bass are delightful. If you can’t choose, then why not indulge in a luxury seafood platter? You’ll have two lobsters, eight king prawns, and four scallops to share, not to mention the sides and sauces. 

11. La Tua Pasta

If you’re an Italian-lover wondering what to eat at Borough Market, look no further than La Tua Pasta. Fresh pasta is handmade every night by the team and then served the next day to hungry diners in need of a solid carb fix.

La Tua Pasta offers hearty portions and gourmet sauces. Beef shin ragu is served with pappardelle pasta, and burrata tortellini is smothered in black truffle sauce. Pick your pasta, then sit back with a glass of Italian wine and wait for it to be freshly prepared.

12. Nana Fanny’s 

Unique Restaurants in Borough Market, London: Nana Fanny’s 

One of the oldest Borough Market restaurants, Nana Fanny’s has been a staple since they first started serving in 1944. Born out of the London Blitz, Nana Fanny’s original beef salt recipe has since been passed down through the generations. 

Today, you can gorge on a packed salt beef sandwich or bagel, served with pickles and slaw. Or you can order one of Nana Fanny’s newer dishes, including their falafel, fish goujons, or chicken schnitzel. Order a portion of potato latkes and sour cream on the side, too, and keep an eye out for the daily specials. 

13. Juma

Juma offers an inspiring taste of Iraqi cuisine, thanks to the skills and passion of self-taught chef Philip Juma, who wanted to preserve his Iraqi heritage. As befits a marketplace, Juma serves Iraqi street food, and it’s some of the best food in Borough Market. 

Their menu includes popular items like kubba, a type of stuffed potato or rice ball that’s similar to a croquette, and delectable dishes like lamb bourek, tabbouleh salad, and kunefe. If you love the food, Philip Juma offers catering services and private chef-ing, too!

14. Gelateria 3BIS

Best Restaurants in Borough Market, London: Gelateria 3BIS

If you’ve got a craving for authentic Italian gelato, then a visit to Gelateria 3BIS is the next best thing to hopping on a plane to Italy. Traditional Italian gelato is prepared every day at this Borough Market favorite, an old-fashioned gelato machine that’s been cranking out sweet treats since the 1950s. 

The recipes are Italian, but the ingredients are British, and Gelateria 3BIS mixes locally sourced cow’s milk with their continental expertise. But as well as gelato, you’ll also find other desserts and sweet-tooth-satisfying creations for sale here, including waffles, crepes, and frozen yogurt. 

There you have it! The 14 best restaurants in Borough Market, London. What’s your favorite restaurant in Borough Market?



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