The Best Restaurants in Copenhagen, Denmark

The 15 Best Restaurants in Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a fascinating city where ancient history and modern innovation coexist in perfect balance. While Denmark’s capital may be best known for its graceful rippling canals, fairytale waterfront houses, and enchanting historic castles, it also has a flourishing foodie culture with all kinds of tempting delicacies just waiting to be discovered.

Copenhagen’s gastronomic side flows with the city’s culture. Take a look around the bustling cafes, food kiosks, and restaurants, and you’ll discover everything from traditional Danish dishes that have been made the same way for generations to contemporary Nordic cuisine that welcomes inventive ingredients and techniques. 

If you’re ready to experience the finest bites that the Danish capital has to offer, then you’re in luck. We’ve worked our way through the most popular dining spots in the city and put together a list of the best places to eat in Copenhagen. Stick to these foodie hangouts, and you’re sure to have an amazing time eating your way around this enigmatic city!

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The 15 Top Restaurants in Copenhagen, Denmark

1. Juno

You can easily recognize the high-profile bakery that is Juno from the huge line that snakes its way out the door. But don’t let a little wait put you off. The reason all these people are patiently waiting their turn is because the flaky, golden pastries that come out of the oven here are better than any you’ll find elsewhere in the city. 

Located in the upscale neighborhood of Østerbro, this modern bakery is guaranteed to captivate you with the heavenly aroma of cardamom buns, seasonal fruit tarts, and Danish butter cookies. Lovingly made by Emil Glaser, a skilled Swedish baker and former Noma (one of the highest-rated restaurants in the city) chef, these handmade treats provide the perfect pick-me-up, whatever time of day it is.

Prefer your treats to be more on the savory side? Then you’re in luck. As well as all the sweet baked goods, Juno also makes a spectacular selection of breads, which come in every shape, size, and style you can imagine. Whether you opt for a roasted plum and custard pastry or a freshly baked loaf of bread, Juno is undoubtedly home to some of the best food in Copenhagen.

2. Alchemist

Best Restaurants in Copenhagen: Alchemist
Image courtesy of Kim-Holtermand

Currently ranked the 5th best restaurant in the world, Alchemist is the place to go when you’re looking for something much more than just a place to grab dinner. This remarkable venue invites you on a mind-bending culinary adventure led by the expert chef Rasmus Munk. 

With the lofty goal of redefining dining, Munk fuses the arts, religion, natural science, and philosophy to elevate your culinary experience. When you’re seated at your table, you’ll embark on a phenomenal journey that takes you through 50 (yes, 50!) exquisite courses, each more sensational than the last.

From bite-sized dishes presented on silicone tongues to miniature snowballs that taste like tomato soup, Alchemist is guaranteed to deliver a dining experience unlike anything you’ve ever had before – or will have again. The whole experience lasts 4 to 6 hours, and you’ll be left absolutely exhausted by the end of it, in the best way possible!

To enhance the experience, several different wine pairings are available, as well as a non-alcoholic drink pairing that’s simply superb. If you want to truly splash out, opt for the sommelier table, and you’ll receive first-rate service from some of Copenhagen’s best sommeliers.

3. Doomsday Deli

Cool Restaurants in Copenhagen: Doomsday Deli
Images courtesy of Doomsday Deli

Dining out doesn’t always have to be a lavish multi-course affair. When you’re hungry and craving a robust, hearty sandwich, head straight to Doomsday Deli. One of the best places to eat in Copenhagen, this unassuming sandwich shop has been making serious waves in the city ever since it first launched in 2023.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Nørrebro, this casual dining hotspot has deservedly become the talk of the town, thanks to its spectacular range of mouthwatering and generously filled sandwiches. Worlds away from Subway, here you’ll find more sandwich combinations than you ever thought possible.

Whether you’re in the mood for something simple like a bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich or something revolutionary like a housemade baguette stuffed with mortadella, Havarti cheese, harissa mayonnaise, pickled chili, tomato, lettuce, and a lemon herb drizzle, you’ll find it here. 

One of the best things about Doomsday Deli is that it aims to please everyone. The sandwich shop bakes has a number of tempting plant-based options available each day.

4. Goldfinch

Hidden out of sight down a shadowy alley just off the bustling Nyhavn street, Goldfinch is one of Copenhagen’s best-kept secrets. As soon as you step inside, you’ll quickly forget that you’re in a Northern European city and instead feel like you’ve been transported to a clandestine gem nestled within the winding lanes of old Hong Kong. 

Goldfinch is a shining star in Copenhagen’s New Asian Wave, a term coined to describe the thriving scene of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese foodie spots that have livened up the cityscape in recent years.

Prepare to indulge in a delectable array of sharing plates, accompanied by glamorous cocktails. And when it comes to the unexpected, don’t be surprised to encounter inventive twists like sweet and sour pork infused with sweet strawberry essence and blue mussels served with mandarin orange peel. 

Forgot to make a reservation? No worries, you don’t need to book a seat at the cocktail bar. You can just walk right in and enjoy whatever you like from the full menu.

5. Barr

Situated within a 16th-century building that was once a whaling warehouse, Barr boasts dreamy harbor views you won’t be able to get enough of. One of the best restaurants in Copenhagen, the culinary focus of the popular date night spot lies in crafting dishes that pay homage to the time-honored traditions of the North Sea.

Among the standout offerings are drool-worthy treats such as light and fluffy Belgian waffles adorned with bleak roe and a dollop of sour cream. The grilled plaice for two served with carrots, dill, and elderflower sauce is a particular favorite of ours. 

Not a big fan of fish and seafood? Barr caters to all palates and offers a number of alternatives, including courgette flower smørrebrød and côte de boeuf with Hokkaido pumpkin. 

While it’s a good idea to secure reservations in advance to guarantee your spot, the bar is a lively alternative. This part of the restaurant welcomes walk-in guests and generously offers most of the items from its enticing menu, including the must-try Wiener schnitzel.

6. Alouette

Unique Restaurants in Copenhagen: Alouette
Images courtesy of Philip Høpner

In the first year it opened, this unassuming yet exceptional fine dining establishment achieved the prestigious honor of being awarded a Michelin star – a recognition Alouette wholeheartedly deserves.

Here, executive chef Nick Curtin puts together seasonal creations inspired by global cuisines. The result is phenomenal dishes like mackerel paired with a delicate fermented cucumber beurre blanc and charred pumpkin enhanced with savory caviar and sweet mulberries.

After its rise to fame, Alouette will relocate to a historic venue in the heart of the city. The restaurant focuses toward sustainable dining, all while retaining the essence of fresh, elegantly presented Danish flavors. 

For a taste of what Alouette has to offer, choose the standard menu, which includes a number of tasting dishes. To make things as fresh and seasonal as possible, you can’t see the menu in advance – you never know what you’re going to get until it’s placed in front of you! 

If you’re celebrating a special occasion, we suggest splashing out on the full Alouette experience with prestige wine pairing. This includes the full food menu, plus champagne, various paired drinks, filtered water, coffee, and exemplary service.

7. H15

Must Visit Restaurants in Copenhagen: H15
Images courtesy of H15

You’ll find some of the top restaurants in Copenhagen hidden in the most unlikely places – H15 being the perfect example. Nestled in the revitalized neighborhood of Kødbyen, also known as the Meatpacking District, this unpretentious cafe is set inside a building that was a freight hall up until 2018.

H15 exudes a subtle bohemian charm courtesy of its understated decor and diverse clientele made up of artistic locals and hungry foodies. The popular meeting point stands out for its incredible food you can gorge on for surprisingly affordable prices. 

The menu showcases a selection of international delights with a Nordic twist, such as ceviche with herb cream and bread crumble. As the restaurant exclusively uses fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients, the menu changes often. But you can rest assured that whatever you order will be wholesome, satisfying, and delicious.

H15 boasts a number of spaces dedicated to events and live entertainment. From weekend DJ sets and live bands to theatrical performances and comedy shows, it’s definitely worth checking the line-up for when you’re in town.

8. Hart Bageri

Best Restaurants in Copenhagen: Hart Bageri
Images courtesy of Fritz Buziek

Hart Bageri, founded by British baker Richard Hart, has earned a well-deserved reputation for being home to the best sourdough bread in Copenhagen, even in the face of some serious competition. The warm and welcoming bakery has since expanded to four locations, making it easy to satisfy your baked goods craving wherever you are in the city. 

You’ll find a huge variety of baked goods, ranging from quintessentially British sausage rolls with a fun Nordic twist to melt-in-the-mouth Danish butter cookies. But that’s not all. 

Here, you can pick up an incredible loaf of bread that’s still warm from the oven, a pain au chocolat with more flaky layers than you ever thought possible, and quirky black sesame cookies with irresistible umami flavor. 

The original bakery is on Gammel Kongevej, while a second one offers outdoor seating with picturesque views of the Marble Church at Holmen. There’s also a venue in Refshaleøen and another in Kødbyen. Essentially, wherever you are in Copenhagen, you’re only a short walk away from your nearest Hart Bageri!

9. ARK

What Restaurants to Try in Copenhagen: ARK
Images courtesy of Zane Kraujina

Without a doubt one of the must-try Copenhagen restaurants everyone should experience at least once in their life, ARK simply keeps getting better and better. 

This stellar restaurant is already known for revolutionizing Demark’s plant-based culinary landscape and being the first vegan restaurant in Scandinavia to earn a coveted Michelin Green Star. But it continues on its passionate mission to expand the horizons of meat-free cuisine, consistently pushing the boundaries to showcase the limitless possibilities.

At ARK, every aspect of the restaurant, from the delectable dishes to the sustainable furniture, is thoughtfully curated to be entirely vegan, environmentally responsible, and locally sourced. Bar stools made from reclaimed floor beams and lighting fixtures made from seaweed and recycled paper are just a tiny part of the decor designed to be awe-inspiring and thought-provoking.

If you can tear your eyes away from the decor, you’ll discover the 9-course tasting menu with the optional pairing of organic wines or non-alcoholic drinks. From seaweed jelly with cucumber skin to blue oyster mushrooms coated in an umami glaze, ARK is guaranteed to take every perception you ever had about bland and boring plant-based food and turn it upside down.

10. nihao YAO

What Restaurants to Try in Copenhagen: nihao YAO
Images courtesy of nihao Yao

If you’ve been in Copenhagen a while and you’re keen to try something a little different from the local food, check out nihao YAO. This cozy Taiwanese restaurant is run by a single family and offers up just 16 seats, giving it an exclusive, VIP feel. So if you want to be guaranteed a seat, make sure you book in advance.

At nihao YAO, absolutely everything is made from scratch, from the pan-fried potstickers stuffed with pork or vegetables to the soup that comes with a generous portion of fat, floating wontons. We love the Taiwanese hamburger made with sliced duck and the mini spring rolls, which are perfectly crispy and golden brown. If you’re craving a taste of home, you can even add a side of popcorn chicken or sweet potato fries!

If you’re lucky, the owner of nihao YAO, Lishiang, may surprise you with two special off-menu bao options – one bursting with perfectly seasoned minced pork and the other featuring a sweet red bean paste filling. If you’re ever offered these two limited-edition delights, it’s definitely worth snapping them up. 

11. Delphine

Best Restaurants in Copenhagen: Delphine
Images courtesy of Delphine

Beautifully decorated with a vibrant array of color-splashed plates and contrasting stark white walls, Delphine transports you to the sophisticated charm of Greece as soon as you walk through the door. All kinds of stunning artwork in gorgeous shades of blue and fresh flowers thoughtfully arranged further enhance the feel that you’re not in a Northern European capital, but a small island in the middle of the Aegean Sea.

One of the best restaurants in Copenhagen when you’re eating out with friends, Delphine dishes up a huge range of small plates designed for sharing. It almost doesn’t matter what you order – every dish receives meticulous attention and is presented so beautifully that you won’t want to spoil it by taking a bite.

Truly embracing the concept of communal dining, Delphine encourages sharing across the entire table, allowing you to freely pick, dip, and savor everything that’s on offer. The grilled zucchini with parsley, mint, olives, and tahini will win over even the fussiest veggie hater, while the grilled guinea fowl skewers will have you booking a trip to Greece before you’ve even ordered dessert!

12. Sixteen Twelve

Named after the popular 1612 funk song, the Sixteen Twelve is an amazing dining spot located in the Nørrebro neighborhood. One of the most incredible places in the city for a mid-morning meal, this restaurant boasts an exceptional brunch menu that’s so good you’ll find it almost impossible to settle on just one thing.

All the names sound familiar, but each dish has a unique twist that makes it better than ever. From the French toast topped with honeycomb, coconut yogurt, and gooseberry jam to the shakshuka, which comes with goat cheese, dates, bell peppers, toasted hazelnuts, and pomegranate, your taste buds are in for a real treat here.

If you’re not much of a brunch person, there are plenty of smaller things to try, too, including delicious sourdough buns with butter and housemade live probiotic coconut yogurt. For a wholesome, earthy touch, pair whatever you’re ordering with a mushroom latte. It’s made with mushroom extract, cinnamon, cacao, and oat milk and is sensational! 

13. Sonny CPH

Home to some of the best food in Copenhagen, Sonny brings a touch of Parisian charm to the Danish capital. Located just a short stroll away from Nytorv Square and the grand neoclassical Court House, this friendly spot curated by owners Sara and David draws inspiration from the couple’s experiences working in the heart of Paris.

A wonderful place to spend a morning or afternoon, Sonny offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, where you can savor homemade dishes and delectable cakes. The Parisian influence is instantly recognizable from the bistro-style tables adorned with images of French icons, such as the Chanel and the Eiffel Tower. 

While the coffee here is distinctly Danish (it’s brewed in collaboration with La Cabra based in Aarhus), the food menu is more international. Here you’ll find breakfast delights such as rye bread topped with avocado, parsley, chimichurri, and spiced seeds, followed by savory treats like egg and parma (rye bread with serrano ham, grilled leeks, spinach, chili, and a fried egg).

14. Selma

Looking for somewhere special for date night or a celebration? Look no further than Selma. Culinary history was made when the Michelin guide bestowed this modern restaurant with a Bib Gourmand, an honor reserved for places offering exceptional food at affordable prices. What makes this achievement even more impressive is that Selma is the first smørrebrød restaurant to achieve this prestigious award! 

As you’d expect from a place with such an incredible reputation, the smørrebrøds from Selma are much more than simple open-faced sandwiches. Here, you’ll find innovative flavor and texture combinations such as black currant herring with creme fraiche, grilled glazed short ribs with chanterelle mushrooms and pine nuts, and Danish cheese with lemon, thyme, and honey.

The menu can feel a little overwhelming at first. For the best experience, we recommend choosing the set menu with drink pairing. This way, you’ll be treated to eight small servings of some of the most popular smørrebrøds, along with complementing drinks.

15. Grød

Cool Restaurants in Copenhagen: Grød
Images courtesy of Grød

Undoubtedly one of the most unique restaurants in Copenhagen, Grød has put together an entire menu centered around humble porridge. Located in the trendy Nørrebro neighborhood, Grød’s flagship venue invites you on a gastronomic journey that will make you see the simple breakfast staple in a whole new light.

You’ll have a totally different experience depending on the time of day you visit. In the morning, you’ll have the chance to dig into the likes of various smoothie bowls made with oats. We recommend the “ALL IN! Porridge” made with coarse rolled oats cooked in oat milk with all the toppings available.

As the day progresses, savory options become available. You can choose from one-of-a-kind dishes like tomato risotto, red daal, a Buddha bowl, and chicken congee, all of which replace the typical starch (often rice) with a type of savory oatmeal. 

Far from being a passing trend, Grød has garnered such popularity that it has expanded to eight other locations across the city, firmly establishing itself as one of the most beloved restaurants in Copenhagen.

There you have it! The 15 best restaurants in Copenhagen. What’s your favorite Copenhagen restaurant? Let us know in the comments.

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