The Best Things to do in Prince Edward Island, Canada

The 15 Best Things to do in Prince Edward Island, Canada

Often abbreviated as simply PEI, Prince Edward Island is located just off the eastern coast of Canada. Small but dense, it’s home to storybook towns, quaint seaside sights, 19th-century lighthouses, and some of the freshest seafood you can imagine.

The island has something for everyone, but it’s especially well-known for two very different attractions. The first is the many award-winning golf courses found all over the island, and the second is its special literary heritage as the inspiration behind the internationally beloved Anne of Green Gables books.

Nature lovers will be spoiled for choice with the number of unique geological features the island boasts. Go on an adventurous mountain biking excursion, cruise along the Central Coastal Drive, or visit a “singing” beach. PEI is also home to the nationally-renowned Confederation Centre for the Arts, where you might catch a special staging of Anne of Green Gables: The Musical or hot-off-the-press local shows.

With so many things to see and do, you might not know where to begin. So we’ve compiled our list of the absolute best things to do on Prince Edward Island. Stick to these fun and unique PEI bucket list recommendations, and there’s no doubt you’ll have an amazing time exploring this beautiful, historic island off Canada’s stunning eastern coast!

15 Fun and Unique Things to do in Prince Edward Island, Canada

1. Experience PEI the Way Anne of Green Gables Did

Best Things to do in Prince Edward Island: Green Gables Heritage Place

Prince Edward Island was the home of Anne of Green Gables‘ creator, Lucy Maud Montgomery, and many of the historic sites that inspired the novel have been preserved as must-visit Prince Edward Island attractions for fans of Anne Shirley.

Begin at Green Gables Heritage Place, a charming farmhouse nestled amidst rolling hills and vibrant gardens. Step into Anne’s world as you explore the rooms filled with period furnishings and artifacts, transporting you back to the late 19th century.

Cool Things to do in Prince Edward Island: Green Gables Heritage Place

Continue your exploration at Avonlea Village, a meticulously recreated 19th-century village that replicates many of the landmarks in Anne’s hometown, alongside buildings important to Montgomery’s life on PEI, like the schoolhouse she once taught in and the church she attended. After that, meander through streets lined with quaint shops and delightful boutiques, where you’ll find unique treasures and handcrafted souvenirs.

To complete the experience, you can even attend a live performance of Anne of Green Gables: The Musical at the Confederation Centre for the Arts in Charlottetown. With nostalgic melodies and captivating performances, you’ll be transported into the heart of Anne’s enduring legacy.

2. Visit the Green Gable Alpacas Farm

Unique Things to do in Prince Edward Island: Green Gable Alpacas

The idyllic Green Gable Alpacas farm offers one of the most wholesome and unique things to do in Prince Edward Island. Spend a leisurely afternoon mingling with these endearing animals, feeling the velvety touch of their coats, and reveling in their gentle nature.

Green Gables Alpacas offers many different activities for visitors of all ages – you can join a guided tour to learn fascinating tidbits about the alpacas’ personalities and their daily lives. You can also join in on the fun and spend an afternoon working alongside the farmers. And, if you want to discover the art of spinning, weaving, and custom-dying alpaca wool, book a session at the Fibre Studio!

Fun Things to do in Prince Edward Island: Green Gable Alpacas

Before bidding farewell to these lovable creatures, visit the charming Fiber House Boutique, where you can find a delightful array of alpaca-related products. From cozy sweaters and scarves to soft toys and exquisite yarn, take a lasting memento of your time spent with these adorable animals.

This farm has been operational since 2009 and is run by a mother-daughter team and a crew of PEI locals, so you’re sure to get personalized treatment on a visit to this alpaca sanctuary.

3. Golf Up and Down the Island Green

Prince Edward Island Bucket List: Golf Up and Down the Island Green

Prince Edward Island is a haven for golf enthusiasts. Beginners and seasoned players alike can find a perfect match in the courses located all over the island.

If you’re looking for golf-centric Prince Edward Island activities, tee off at the Links at Crowbush Cove on the north shore of PEI, known for its rolling dunes and stunning ocean vistas. Awarded five stars by Golf Digest, this is one of the best courses in Canada, offering a combination of beauty and challenge.

Must do things in Prince Edward Island: Golf Up and Down the Island Green

Alternately, discover the beauty of Stanley Thompson’s Green Gables Golf Club, nestled in Cavendish. This classic course features pristine fairways surrounded by picturesque woodlands, along with a nostalgic view of the Anne of Green Gables house.

For a coastal golfing adventure, visit  Dundarave Hills Resort & Golf Club. This 18-hole championship golf course will provide unique bunkering patterns set amidst the island’s iconic red sandstone.

These are just a handful of the over 25 courses in PEI. No matter where you stay, there’s sure to be an award-winning course 10 minutes away – at most. Immerse yourself in PEI’s natural beauty while getting your game on!

4. Visit COWS Creamery in Charlottetown

What to do in Prince Edward Island: COWS Creamery in Charlottetown

If you’re searching for delicious things to do in Prince Edward Island, indulge in the beloved tradition of COWS Handmade Ice Cream – a treat that’s embraced by both locals and visitors to Charlottetown. COWS serves up world-famous ice cream, and it all began on PEI! Whether you’re exploring the city or enjoying a leisurely stroll along the waterfront, this creamery in downtown Charlottetown is a must one your Prince Edward Island bucket list.

Walking in, the aroma of freshly made waffle cones will greet you. Delight in over 32 flavors, all of them meticulously crafted with locally sourced ingredients. From classic favorites to unique creations, there’s a perfect scoop to please every palate.

For an insider’s perspective, you can even embark on a delightful behind-the-scenes tour of the COWS ice cream factory. Witness the dedicated team in action, carefully crafting each batch of ice cream with precision. You’ll gain a new appreciation for all the work that goes into creating each delightful flavor.

This is a must-stop for every sweet tooth or foodie visiting Prince Edward Island. We love the nostalgia at COWS. There’s nothing quite like a classic ice cream cone dipped in sprinkles, made even sweeter by the brand’s commitment to sustainable packaging and supporting local farms.

5. Go on a Deep-Sea Fishing Adventure

Prince Edward Island Things to do: Deep Sea Fishing

Experience the thrill of deep-sea fishing, with the catch of your choice, with Campbell’s Deep Sea Fishing.

Head to Covehead Harbour, where you’ll step aboard a well-equipped fishing vessel and set sail into the Atlantic Ocean. Cast your line into the bountiful waters as you’re guided by experienced captains. You can reel in a variety of species, from cod to bluefin tuna, with expert guidance from the crew.

Best Things to do in Prince Edward Island: Deep Sea Fishing

If you’re feeling more adventurous, schedule a charter excursion or a special lobster expedition. Enjoy the coastal views and refreshing sea breeze as you wait for a bite. If you’re lucky, you might even spot whales or seals. All necessary fishing gear is provided, and the crew will clean and package your catch for you.

Whether you seek adventure or relaxation, Campbell’s Deep Sea Fishing offers some of the most unforgettable Prince Edward Island activities. Embrace the rhythm of the waves, create lasting memories, and savor the excitement of a successful day on the water.

6. Visit the Eptek Art & Culture Centre

The Eptek Art & Culture Centre is the foremost hub of art and culture in Prince Edward Island, a place where you can immerse yourself in a diverse range of artistic exhibits and engaging cultural experiences.

Located in the beachy town of Summerside, a great place for a day trip, this exhibition building always has something new going on, with exhibits that rotate frequently and different events and games being held in the galleries. The center showcases local and regional artwork that will give you a taste of the unique perspective of PEI’s artists.

Kids will enjoy the scavenger hunt game that’s built into many of the exhibits, and before you leave, you’ll be able to step into a carefully curated gift shop. This hidden gem is full of pieces made by local artists and artisans, which would make for a wonderfully unique gift for the artist in your life.

7. Catch a Show at the Confederation Centre of the Arts

Best Things to do in Prince Edward Island: Confederation Centre of the Arts

Immerse yourself in the vibrant arts and culture scene of Prince Edward Island with a visit to the nationally renowned Confederation Centre for the Arts. Located in Charlottetown, this premier cultural hub offers a diverse range of cultural experiences that celebrate Canada’s rich artistic history and its contemporary innovations.

Founded in 1964 as a memorial to the Fathers of Confederation, the center was actually funded by every single Canadian province, all of them coming together to put up this historic monument, now home to some of Canada’s finest performing arts.

If you’re looking for cultural things to do in Prince Edward Island, indulge in the world of live performances at the center’s renowned theaters. Be swept away by captivating plays like Anne of Green Gables: The Musical or musical and dance performances that showcase the talents of local and visiting artists.

You might also pop in for a look at the center’s art gallery, which often showcases as many as 20 exhibits, all by Canadian artists, including the Robert Harris Archives.

8. Shop Victoria Row

Unique Things to do in Prince Edward Island: Victoria Row

Discover the charming ambiance of Victoria Row, a quaint pedestrian street nestled in the heart of Charlottetown. This vibrant destination offers a delightful mix of shops, dining, and entertainment.

As you stroll along the cobblestones at Victoria Row, you’ll be captivated by the historic architecture and the lively atmosphere. Explore the eclectic collection of boutiques and shops that line the street, each offering a unique and curated selection of goods.

Cool Things to do in Prince Edward Island: Victoria Row

Stop by The Anne of Green Gables Store, a beloved shop known for its unique Anne of Green Gables souvenirs, including limited edition books. You might stumble upon items signed by members of L.M. Montgomery’s family and other treasures on your visit!

Other boutiques on the row stock locally-made crafts and artisanal products. Browse through a delightful array of handmade jewelry, pottery, textiles, and more, all crafted with care and reflecting the island’s rich artistic heritage. Find the perfect keepsake or gift that embodies the spirit of Prince Edward Island.

The best time to visit is in the summer when Victoria Row is awash with live entertainment, including talented musicians and street performers, which you’ll be able to enjoy on charming outdoor patios.

9. Bike Across the Island on the Confederation Trail

Fun Things to do in Prince Edward Island: Bike Across the Island on the Confederation Trail

The Confederation Trail winds its way through the picturesque landscapes of Prince Edward Island. Stretching across the island for over 273 kilometers, this trail was built on a decommissioned railway line that ran through the island’s many small towns, so following it is also the best way to do some serious Prince Edward Island sightseeing.

Cyclists will delight in the opportunity to pedal along the nearly flat and well-maintained trail. You’ll pass through charming villages, rolling farmlands, and peaceful forests, accompanied by a gentle breeze, as you explore the diverse landscapes that make Prince Edward Island truly enchanting.

For those seeking a more leisurely stroll, the Confederation Trail provides a tranquil path for walking or hiking. Meander through lush greenery and take in the serene countryside. Discover hidden gems along the way, from quaint picnic spots to scenic viewpoints that offer breathtaking vistas.

For the truly adventurous, parts of the trail can even be traversed on horseback for a truly unique experience of the island. With its accessibility and gentle gradients, the Confederation Trail is an ideal destination for family outings. No matter where you are, places to rest and snack are open all along the trail.

10. Enjoy the Water in Summerside

Prince Edward Island Bucket List: Enjoy the Water in Summerside

If you’re looking to hit the water, there’s no better place on PEI than the dreamy seaside town of Summerside. Hit the island’s only beach bar, grab a paddleboard, and finish up the day with a platter of fresh seafood.

One of the best ways to enjoy the water at Summerside is to actually head for West River, where you’ll be able to paddleboard or kayak across smooth sheltered water and spot many of PEI’s woodland inhabitants: bald eagles, foxes, kingfishers, and more!

Must do things in Prince Edward Island: Enjoy the Water in Summerside

If you’re looking for adrenaline-pumping things to do in Prince Edward Island, why not go mountain biking with some expert guides? Meridian63° MTB has got you covered. It’ll be a ride to remember, and you’ll have a completely different experience depending on the season.

If you need a break from your Summerside adventures, stop by Knot Beach Bar. Conveniently, Knot also rents bikes and kayaks, so you can begin and end your day with a refreshing glass of New World Canadian wine to lounge with by the water.

11. Visit Basin Head Provincial Park

What to do in Prince Edward Island: Basin Head Provincial Park

Basin Head Provincial Park is one of the must-visit Prince Edward Island attractions if you’re on the eastern shores. The park features a well-maintained beach where you can experience a fascinating natural phenomenon called the “singing” sands.

Due to its naturally high silica content, the sand at this beach will “sing,” or more accurately, make a soft sizzling noise when you step on it. You’ll have to listen for yourself to decide! It’s also pure white sand, making it a stunning sight to both see and hear.

Prince Edward Island Things to do: Basin Head Provincial Park

Enjoy the beach, or turn toward the day park side of things. You’ll have plenty to do during a day trip out here. Visit the ice cream stand, an island tradition, before gazing out at the sea under the gazebo, catching a game of beach volleyball, or walking the coastal gardens.

We also can’t forget to mention PEI’s other most defining feature: the red sand beaches! Local favorites include Argyle Shore, Tea Hill Beach, and Chelton, but you’re sure to see many more along the island’s southern coast.

12. See the Orwell Corner Historic Village

Best Things to do in Prince Edward Island: Orwell Corner Village

Orwell Corner Historic Village is one of the most charming PEI attractions. This living museum captures the mood of the island as it was in the late 1800s, complete with a village tearoom, horse-drawn wagon, town shops, and ranch animals.

Spend the day exploring the restored historic buildings, including a blacksmith shop, schoolhouse, and farmsteads, that provide insight into the island’s agricultural history. PEI still produces a large share of Canada’s potatoes, a required ingredient in poutine, the national dish.

You’ll meet interpreters dressed in period costumes who bring the village to life with fascinating stories about the island and demonstrations of traditional skills and crafts. Participate in hands-on activities, from woodworking to butter churning, and enjoy traditional games and dances that were once popular in the community.

Take a break at Anna’s tearoom, where you can savor homemade treats and beverages in a cozy setting. Orwell Corner Historic Village also hosts special events throughout the year, offering even more opportunities to immerse yourself in the island’s cultural heritage. It does close in the off-season, so check the hours before you go!

13. Visit PEI’s 63 Lighthouses

Unique Things to do in Prince Edward Island: Lighthouses

Prince Edward Island’s many famous lighthouses are an inextricable part of the island’s rich maritime heritage. With so many options, even we had trouble deciding which ones to mention, but here are a few to put on your list.

The iconic West Point Lighthouse, perched on the western tip of the island and surrounded by the red sand beaches of Cedar Dunes Park, offers panoramic views of the coastline. You’ll also be able to enjoy history exhibits dedicated to PEI’s past.

Point Prim is the oldest lighthouse on the island, having been built in 1845 and majestically situated on a rocky point overlooking the Northumberland Strait. Uniquely, it’s one of only three round lighthouses in Canada.

Other honorable mentions include the Cape Bear Lighthouse, North Rustico Harbour Lighthouse, and Cape Tryon Lighthouse.

14. Hang Out at King’s Castle Provincial Park

Fun Things to do in Prince Edward Island: King's Castle Provincial Park

This is one of the must-do things in Prince Edward Island for families. King’s Castle Provincial Park is situated along the Murray River beach, and kids will love the sheer number of fun things to do here. The area is super well-maintained, with convenient facilities like washrooms, cooking spots, picnic tables, and a canteen serving up ice cream and other treats.

You’ll be able to enjoy the basketball court, play Frisbee on the open fields, hunt for statues in the forest, or jump and climb on the play structure. Plus, the beach is right there if you need a break from land.

Kid-friendly facilities aside, this park is also a hidden gem of peace and tranquility by the riverside, where you might take a breath and have a little walk in the woods. Feel free to bring along furry family members, too! It’s dog-friendly.

15. Cruise Down Central Coastal Drive

Must do things in Prince Edward Island: Coastal Drive Prince Edward Island

There’s no better way to do some serious Prince Edward Island sightseeing than by taking a leisurely cruise along the Central Coastal Drive, a route spanning approximately 250 kilometers and encompassing many of the must-see Prince Edward Island attractions.

Begin your drive in the vibrant capital city of Charlottetown, where you’ll be able to enjoy a theater show or a day of shopping on Victoria Row. As you head west, immerse yourself in the island’s diverse landscapes, from the dramatic coastline to rolling hills and picturesque fishing villages. You’ll drive through Prince Edward Island National Park, which is home to the island’s iconic red cliffs and sandy dunes.

Along the southwest shore, you’ll find Chelton Beach Provincial Park, the site of one of the island’s most beautiful red sand beaches, so called for the color imparted them by their high iron content. Or, head northwest to find Cavendish, home of Anne of Green Gables and an amazing golf destination.

Need a break? You can cruise right into the Brackley Drive-In Theatre and watch a movie on your way up. The Central Coastal Drive really has all this and more, and you’re sure to be tempted to stop at every storybook destination you see along the way!

There you have it! The 15 best things to do in Prince Edward Island. What’s your favorite thing to do in PEI?



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