Best Baby Gifts for Traveling Parents, Pregnant Moms, and Expecting Monthers

20 Travel Baby Gifts for Pregnant Moms and Expecting Parents

Are you shopping for your adventure-loving friends who are soon-to-be parents and need some inspiration as to what to buy? As a pregnant woman living in Vietnam and traveling around SE Asia, I have a very long, running list of the items that I’d love to own. From products that would make long flights more comfortable to easy-to-pack baby essentials that you should always have in your diaper bag, these gift ideas are both unique and practical.

Check out my list of 20 reasonably priced gifts for traveling pregnant moms and parents traveling with a newborn baby. Enjoy!

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20 Travel Baby Gift Ideas for New Parents

1. Memory Foam Body Wedge

Perfect Registry List for Pregnant Women Travelers: Memory Foam Pillow

“I loved being pregnant” is one of the lies that moms love to tell – no one could possibly love being pregnant. That being said, this memory foam body wedge by OCCObabymakes it slightly more bearable.

It is the perfect gift for any pregnant woman who has long flights and/or stays in hotel rooms ahead of her. It can be used under the belly, between the knees, or behind the back to provide additional support.

One side is made of soft memory foam, and the other side is firm foam for more structured support. And since it comes with its own travel bag, it’s ready to hit the road!

2. Maternity Belt

Perfect Gift List for Traveling Parents: Maternity Belly Belt

As an avid traveler, I find that I walk at least three miles each day. And it gets more challenging the more pregnant I get. A maternity belt helps to relieve hip and pelvic pains, improve posture, and support that growing baby bump. It’s a great gift idea for any active pregnant woman who loves traveling!

3. Compression Socks

Perfect Gift List for Traveling Parents: Compression Socks

A very common and uncomfortable pregnancy side effect is swollen ankles. And they’ll get even worse during long flights. Pick up a few colorful pairs of compression socks for your traveling pregnant friend to help stimulate blood flow and prevent varicose veins. They are particularly handy if you’re flying with family because your ankles are guaranteed to be swollen after a long-haul flight!

4. Waterproof Kindle

Perfect Gift List for Traveling Parents: Paperwhite Waterproof Kindle

The newest Kindle has a glare-free screen, is super lightweight and waterproof, and has twice the storage space. It’s the perfect gift for any traveler who loves to read but doesn’t want to be weighed down by a bunch of paperback books.

You can even preload their new Kindle with a few of our favorite pregnancy books – Bumpology and Expecting Better. Or better yet, get them a subscription to Amazon Audible to give them access to the world’s largest library of audiobooks.

5. Portable Changing Mat

Perfect Gift List for Traveling Parents: Portable Changing Mat

This portable changing mat by Skip Hop Pronto is perfect for moms on the go! The zip-off, cushioned changing pad can easily wipe clean and it has a large pocket for storing wipes and other necessities. Plus it folds up small so you can take it everywhere with you – it’s one item I recommend always packing in your diaper bag!

This portable changing mat is a must-have for traveling parents – whether they are traveling around the world or just taking a road trip with their baby!

6. Lightweight Car Seat

Best Travel Baby Gifts for Pregnant Mothers: Lightweight Car Seat Evenflo LiteMax

A bulky car seat is probably not the first travel baby gift that comes to mind for your pregnant friend. However, car seats are a necessary accessory for traveling with an infant. In many countries, it’s illegal for an infant to ride in a car without a car seat. So if renting a car is part of your friend’s travel plans, they are going to need one.

The Evenflo LightMax is one of the lightest infant car seats on the market making it easier to carry through an airport and to load in and out of a rental car. If your friend is going to be flying with a baby, then a lightweight car seat is a gift that they will definitely thank you for.

7. Travel Diaper Bag

Perfect Gift List for Traveling Parents: Travel Diaper Bag

This travel diaper bag is perfect for keeping traveling parents organized while they are out adventuring. It has an independent, insulated pocket for bottles, a large waterproof pocket for anything that gets wet or dirty, and a special pocket for easy access to tissues. Plus, the main pocket opens wide and has lots of room for all the essentials.

8. Mini Portable Baby Bottle Warmer

Perfect Gift List for Traveling Parents: Mini Portable Baby Bottle Warmer

This mini portable baby bottle warmer by Papablic is awesome for any traveling parents, especially those that are fond of long road trips!

The stainless steel, insulated bottle keeps water hot all day, and the warming cup fits most bottle sizes. It’s compact, lightweight, and super easy to use.

9. Tiny Traveler Baby Gift Set

Perfect Gift List for Traveling Parents: Tiny Traveler Baby Gift Set

This tiny traveler baby gift set contains important baby essentials, all in a convenient travel pouch, and all TSA compliant. Included are shampoo and wash, bedtime lotion, wipes, and diaper rash relief. It’s perfect for parents flying with a baby to throw in their carry-on luggage.

10. Portable High Chair

Perfect Gift List for Traveling Parents: Mini Portable High Chair

A portable high chair is a must for any traveling parents! This genus design fits over the top of a chair, secures in just one click, is machine washable, and comes in a compact carrying bag. It will allow mom and dad to enjoy their meal without having to hold the baby at the same time!

11. Baby’s First Passport Cover

Perfect Gift List for Traveling Parents: Baby's First Passport Cover

The new baby is certainly going to need a passport to keep up with mom and dad, and how adorable are this baby passport cover and matching luggage tag? It’s a gift they can treasure for years to come.

12. Travel Medical Insurance

If your friend has just had a baby and is setting off on a trip abroad then why not give them some extra peace of mind with insurance coverage? We prefer travel medical insurance through SafetyWing.

Not only does SafetyWing provide medical coverage for them while they are on the road, but it also doubles as travel insurance providing coverage for things like delayed flights and lost luggage. Plus, one child under 10 years old is included at no extra cost for each adult on the policy so you can give your friend coverage for both them and their brand new little world traveler for less than $40 per month!

Learn More about SafetyWing

13. Travel Inspired Onesies

Perfect Gift List for Traveling Parents: Travel Inspired Onesie
Perfect Gift List for Traveling Parents: Travel Inspired Onesie
Perfect Gift List for Traveling Parents: Travel Inspired Onesie

Help inspire wanderlust in the future baby by buying them a travel-inspired onesie! Whether it says “Eat Sleep Travel Repeat“, “Let The Adventure Begin” or “Adventure you say? Alpaca my bags!“, these adorable little onesies are bound to be a hit!

Perfect Gift List for Traveling Parents: Travel Inspired Onesies

And if the new baby is headed for hot weather, these airplane-inspired sleeveless onesies are pretty adorable as well.

14. Portable Breast Pump

Perfect Gift List for Traveling Parents: Mini Portable Breast Pump

Traveling moms may choose to breastfeed their newborn, or may not, but either way, they’ll probably need to pump occasionally.

This manual, portable breast pump by Haakaa uses natural suction to express milk. It’s super easy to use, easy to clean and lightweight and portable. No need to worry about charging it, changing the batteries, or figuring out how to take it apart to clean it. It’s so simple and works great!

15. Travel Bottle Drying Rack

Perfect Gift List for Traveling Parents: Travel Bottle Drying Rack

Traveling parents still have to deal with the daily chores of cleaning bottles. So this convenient travel bottle brush and drying rack set is perfect for anyone on the move. Parents can thoroughly clean bottles and then lay them out on this mini drying rack.

16. Wrap Baby Carrier

Perfect Gift List for Traveling Parents: Baby Wrap Carrier

Depending on where your traveling friends are adventuring, a stroller might not be exactly convenient. For example, in Vietnam, no one uses a stroller (or a car seat for that matter) because the sidewalks are uneven and parked motorbikes make it nearly impossible to use them anyway.

This Boba Wrap Baby Carrier is the perfect solution for toting babies around no matter what the conditions.

17. Compact, Folding Stroller

Perfect Gift List for Traveling Parents: Compact Foldable Stroller

If you think a baby stroller is a must for new parents, consider purchasing a super light and compact folding stroller as a gift for the new parents.

At just 22 lbs, this stroller by Baby Joy is a great choice for avid travelers as it folds down to convenient travel size. The seat position can change as their baby grows and the bed can be removed and used as a bed indoors if needed.

18. Folding Bassinet

Perfect Gift List for Traveling Parents: Portable Baby Bassinet

For traveling parents, the Lulyboo Bassinet To-Go Metro is ideal because it can be used inside or outside and folds up into a convenient backpack! The canopy provides some protection from the sun while at the park, and the fabric is easy to remove and machine washable.

19. Portable Baby Monitor

Perfect Gift List for Traveling Parents: Portable Baby Monitor

Traveling parents still need to keep a close eye on their little one so this portable baby monitor by iBaby is a great gift idea!

You can easily access the monitor through your phone and set up feeding and diaper changing alerts. And a few bonus features include air quality sensors and night sky projections with sound options to soothe baby to sleep.

20.  Airport Car Seat Stroller

Perfect Registry List for Pregnant Women Travelers: Car Seat Stroller

There will come a time when your little one will outgrow the baby car seat and graduate to a toddler car seat. We understand that traveling with a toddler seat at the airport is no easy task, so this stroller will be a lifesaver. 

The car seat stroller can carry up to 70 pounds, so it can easily hold your car seat and your strapped toddler as you roll to the gate. No more worries about back pain or running after your toddler in a busy airport. The car seat stroller has smooth gel wheels for easy transport and it folds for easy storage in the overhead bin or under the seat. 

Plus, you can use the car seat on the airplane seat to provide your toddler with better and safer support during your flight.

Do you have any other favorite gift ideas for traveling parents? Comment below so we can add them to the list!

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