The Best Things to do in Boston in April

The 15 Best Things to Do in Boston in April

April in Boston is something Bostonians eagerly await. While the few warm days in March may trick some visitors into believing that spring has arrived, Bostonians know better than to put away their winter coats for the year.

However, come April, spring is usually finally here. Though you may have to deal with some rain and even the very, very occasional snowfall, you’re mostly looking at sunny days ahead, which is why Boston really comes to life in April. 

Gone are the days of rushing from building to building in the hopes that you don’t get frostbite staying out in the cold too long! Now, you can really enjoy Boston’s outdoors.

Planning on visiting Boston in April and wondering what to do? We’ve compiled a list of the best things to do in Boston in April for you, from beloved community events to sports showdowns. Pick your favorite activities from this list, and you’re bound to have an amazing spring trip.

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The 15 Best Things to Do in Boston in April

1. Watch the Boston Marathon on Patriots’ Day

Best Things to do in Boston in April: Boston Marathon on Patriots’ Day

Always held on the third Monday in April, Patriots’ Day is one of Boston’s biggest celebrations of the year and one of the best events in Boston in April. Held in honor of the first battles of the American Revolution, Patriots’ Day technically falls on that Monday, though you’ll often see events happening all weekend long, including historic reenactments, parades, and concerts. 

However, some people know Patriots’ Day better as Marathon Monday, as it’s also the date of the Boston Marathon. It’s one major Patriots’ Day tradition, as is the tradition of the Red Sox having a home game on the holiday.

2. See the Red Sox Play at Fenway Park

Cool Things to do in Boston in April: Fenway Park

Speaking of the Sox, seeing the Red Sox play at Fenway Park is one of the best things to do in Boston in April. The beloved team typically has their home opener in early April, which means you should expect to see several home games happening throughout the month.

3. Celebrate Boston’s LGBTQ Community at Wicked Queer

For 40 years, Wicked Queer has been celebrating stories made by and for the LGBTQ+ community. This film festival is one of the best events in Boston in April and strives to amplify voices that are too often unheard. Screenings and other events happen at venues throughout Boston and Cambridge.

4. Attend the Boston International Film Festival

Another film festival happening in Boston in April is the Boston International Film Festival, which aims to tell stories from all around the world and introduce moviegoers to diverse cultures through the power of cinema. This festival shares movies from over 60 countries, allowing you to spend all five days of this event immersed in all different worlds. 

5. Take a Ride on a Swan Boat

Unique Things to do in Boston in April: Swan Boat

Over in the Public Garden, you’ll find one of the best things to do in Boston in spring: riding on Boston’s iconic Swan Boats

Riding on one of these swan-decorated, pedal-powered boats has been a springtime tradition in Boston since 1877, with the swans being taken out on the water each year starting in April. Enjoy a leisurely ride through the US’s first botanical garden as you take in the beginning of spring.

6. Get Quacking on a Duck Boat

Fun Things to do in Boston in April: Duck Boat

It seems Boston is big on bird-themed boats, as another one of the most fun things to do when visiting Boston in April is hopping aboard a Duck Boat. Boston Duck Tours takes you for a journey around Boston on an amphibious vehicle, where you’ll see the city’s best landmarks.

Your tour leads up to the big splashdown in the Charles River, where you’ll get an incredible view of the Boston skyline. The Duck Tours shut down for Boston’s cold winters, but they’re back up and running come April.

7. Celebrate Spring at the Museum of Fine Arts 

Boston in April Bucket List: Museum of Fine Arts

MFA Boston is home to one of the best events in Boston in spring with their annual Art in Bloom celebration. For more than four decades, April in Boston has meant the return of this spring-themed, weekend-long party that sees art from MFA Boston’s collection paired with unique floral interpretations created by local garden clubs and professional designers.

In addition to dozens of incredible arrangements, the yearly celebration also brings about a series of special events, like flower arrangement workshops. 

8. Take a Ride on the Boston Common Carousel

Must do things in Boston in April: Frog Pond Carousel

April in Boston is when you can (for the most part) safely say that spring is here, which means that many of the outdoor attractions in Boston tend to open up for the spring and summer in April. Such attractions include one of the city’s most famous carousels, the Frog Pond Carousel, which can be found at the Boston Common. 

While you’re over there, enjoy the Common as the weather heats up. The Public Garden is right next door, so you can easily hop on the Swan Boats right after your carousel ride! 

9. Grab a Bite at the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway

What to do in Boston in April: Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway

With its many gardens being in bloom, the Rose Kennedy Greenway belongs on the list of places to be in Boston in spring. You’ll especially want to be here in April, as the month marks the return of the park’s Food Truck Program. 

Starting in April, you can enjoy dining on eats and treats from select food trucks, with new food trucks arriving every day, as you take in the beauty of the park in bloom.

10. Take a Food Walking Tour

Boston in April Things to do: Food Walking Tour

Immerse yourself in Boston’s delicious food scene while also getting the most out of the sunny days in spring. There are so many regions of Boston with incredible food, but you really can’t beat the Italian flavors of the North End, which is why a food tour of the North End is at the top of our list of the best things to do in Boston in April for foodies.

11. Walk the Freedom Trail

Best Things to do in Boston in April: Freedom Trail

Another way to enjoy the spring weather while immersing yourself in Boston’s culture is by taking a walk along the Freedom Trail. This 2.5-mile trail connects 16 historically significant sites, all of which played a role in the founding of the United States. You can walk it yourself, or you can book a tour with someone who can give you even more background on what you’re seeing.

12. Catch the End of Hockey Season

Best Things to do in Boston in April: Bruins

April in Boston marks the end of the Bruins’ regular season, which means it might be your last chance to see the hockey team in action. Grab your tickets early and settle in for a night of flying pucks and maybe a few flying fists.

13. Enjoy Seeing the Celtics Play Until Next Year

Cool Things to do in Boston in April: Celtics

Like the NHL, the regular season for the NBA concludes in April. If you’re visiting Boston in April, grab tickets to see the Celtics play one of their last home games of the year. Cheer on the team with the rest of the Bostonians, who are hoping to see the Celtics make it to the championship.

14. Visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum on First Thursday

Unique Things to do in Boston in April: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Technically, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum offers free admission on the first Thursday night of the month every month, but April in Boston is a particularly great time to take the museum up on the offer.

 The museum’s famous courtyard, which changes every season, becomes a true artist’s palette in April, with azaleas, daffodils, and more carefully curated flowers in bloom.

15. Take the Little Ones to the Boston Children’s Museum

Fun Things to do in Boston in April: Boston Children’s Museum

April typically marks a week off for kids in Boston, which is why the Boston Children’s Museum hosts a week of interactive and engaging activities to let kids continue learning and playing when school’s out. With special classes, storytimes, and live performances, your kids are never going to want to leave!

There you have it! The 15 best things to do in Boston in April. What’s your favorite thing to do in Boston in April? Let us know in the comments!



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