The Best Things to do in London in April

The 11 Best Things to Do in London in April (2024)

London is one of my favorite places to be in April. With highs of 16°C (61°F), the sun is finally starting to shine through the clouds as the city shrugs off its winter haze and welcomes the spring. 

Sure, with lows of 6°C (43°F) in the UK’s capital, you’ll need to pack some layers. There’s bound to be a few rainy days, too, but if you love long walks in the park, cherry blossoms, and flowering daffodils, then you’ll love exploring beloved green spaces like Kew Gardens and Richmond Park. 

The London Marathon takes to the streets in April, while the Changing of the Guard continues its march along The Mall. Be prepared with a few rainy-day alternatives, including the likes of the British Museum, and April is a brilliant time to visit London!

With so many things to see and do, you might not know where to begin. So I’ve compiled my list of the absolute best things to do in London in April for you. Stick to these fun and unique London bucket list recommendations and there’s no doubt you’ll have an amazing time exploring the UK’s gorgeous capital city during the spring season.

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The Top 11 Things to Do in London in April

1. Stroll Along Kew Gardens’ Cherry Walk

Best Things to do in London in April: Kew Gardens

Embrace the spring weather with a trip to Kew Gardens, one of my favorite places to visit in London in April. Kew Gardens is the capital’s most beloved horticultural attraction, and since its founding in 1840, this beautiful botanic garden has amassed a collection of some 8.3 million plants, fungi, herbs, trees, and flowers from around the world.

In April, the Japanese cherry blossoms are blooming pink along Kew Gardens’ famed Cherry Walk, while the daffodils are starting to spring into color. Beautiful bluebells are found across the gardens, and when the sun’s shining, it’s picnic weather! 

Kew Gardens are UNESCO World Heritage-listed, and I’d encourage you to take a guided tour of the greenhouses to learn more about the history and about the species you’ll find here. 

2. Watch the Changing of the Guard 

Cool Things to do in London in April: Changing of the Guard

No trip to London is ever complete without visiting Buckingham Palace, where you might be lucky enough to catch King Charles III in residence (look out for the Royal Standard, which will be flying high if he is). 

You can’t go inside the palace in April, but you can line up along The Mall – the long avenue stretching through St. James’ Park – and witness one of London’s greatest pageantries. The Changing of the Guard is a glorious sight, as soldiers march along The Mall in full military uniforms, accompanied by a band, to change over their duties. 

The ceremony happens several times a week, generally starting at 10:45 am. Check the Changing of the Guard website for exact dates and times so you don’t miss out.

3. Take a Tour of the British Museum

Unique Things to do in London in April: British Museum

This is England, so don’t forget that the weather isn’t always going to play ball with you. It will rain at some point, in which case, you’ll need a rainy-day contingency plan. When the clouds burst, I recommend heading straight for the British Museum, where you can spend the entire day browsing through London’s foremost museum and still barely scratch the surface. 

With over 8 million objects on display, or stored within its vaults, the British Museum is the largest in the world. It’s also one of the oldest, with a history dating back to 1753. Inside, you’ll find artifacts like the Elgin Marbles (ownership of which is still being debated) and the Rosetta Stone. 

The collections span several million years of history, so you might want to take a tour to find out more.

4. Celebrate Easter at St. Paul’s Cathedral

Fun Things to do in London in April: St. Paul’s Cathedral

Easter celebrations typically fall either during or just before April, and if you’d love to experience the festivities, there’s no better place to visit than St. Paul’s Cathedral

This iconic London landmark, with its towering dome and steeples, was designed by Sir Christopher Wren in the 17th century after the Great Fire of London decimated the capital. 

You can tour through St. Paul’s Cathedral (book your tickets in advance to skip the queue), taking in the magnificent frescoes and religious artwork that line the interior of the dome. 

Climb the 528 steep steps that lead to the top of the dome, and you’ll enjoy wonderful views of the capital. Check the cathedral’s events schedule for special ceremonies, concerts, and services over the Lent and Easter periods. 

5. See the Deer at Richmond Park

London in April Bucket List: Richmond Park

Richmond Park in southwest London is one of the most glorious places to visit in London in April. Home to some 955 hectares of parklands and gardens, Richmond Park was created as a hunting ground for King Charles I in the 17th century. 

Luckily, Richmond Park is no longer the sole domain of royalty, and in April, you’ll love watching herds of deer roaming through the mist in the early mornings. Head to the Isabella Plantation to see the best of Richmond Park in bloom as the garden comes to life as the seasons change. 

6. Tackle the Maze at Hampton Court Palace

Must do things in London in April: Hampton Court Palace

While you’re in London’s southwestern suburbs, you can go into Hampton Court Palace, the former residence of Henry VIII, England’s most notorious monarch. Construction of the lavish palace began in 1514, and successive monarchs left their mark on the grand stately rooms and the gardens.

In the 1700s, William III decided that the place needed a maze, and so his gardeners grew an elaborate labyrinthine made from hedgerows. The maze still stands today and is the oldest hedge maze in the country. 

As spring arrives, April is the perfect time to wind your way through the hedgerows, while the surrounding gardens and nearby Bushy Park are beautiful this time of the year. 

7. Watch (or Run!) the London Marathon

What to do in London in April: London Marathon

One of the most popular sporting events in London in April is the London Marathon, which sees upwards of 48,000 people competing across the 26-mile-long course. First run in 1981, the London Marathon sees tens of thousands more spectators cheering the runners along the route.

The London Marathon generally starts in Greenwich, then winds its way along the River Thames to finish on The Mall, just in front of Buckingham Palace. If you’re in London in April, join the crowds and cheer on the runners. 

If you’re an avid runner yourself, you’ll need to secure a spot in the marathon in advance, but be warned, it’s notoriously difficult to do so, given the race’s popularity. 

8. Join the Vaisakhi Festival in Trafalgar Square

London in April Things to do: Trafalgar Square

Embrace London’s multicultural communities by joining the celebrations at Trafalgar Square’s annual Vaisakhi Festival. One of the most fun April events in London, the Vaisakhi Festival marks the Sikh New Year, which officially takes place on the 13th and 14th of April. 

Trafalgar Square is taken over by Sikh, and other Indian food stands, while pop-up art galleries fill the square, and Sikh musicians and dance acts entertain the crowds. It’s a fantastic way to experience more of London’s diversity. 

9. Catch a Show in the West End

Best Things to do in London in April: Palace Theatre

In the evenings, the weather in April in London isn’t always the warmest, but head to the West End, and you can spend a brilliant night indoors, enjoying a high-end musical or theater production.

London’s West End is world-famous, and it’s home to renowned venues like the London Palladium, Palace Theatre, and the London Coliseum. Shows are ever-changing, but some West End staples that have a more permanent base in London include the likes of ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” “Les Misérables,” and the “Book of Mormon.” 

10. Enjoy a Sunday Roast at the Pub

Best Things to do in London in April: The Churchill Arms

If you’re visiting London in April, then it’s the perfect season for a pub lunch. On Sundays, you’ll want to enjoy a classic British “roast,” consisting of your choice of roasted meat (or a veggie option, like a veggie Wellington), all of the trimmings, and lashings of gravy!

The Sunday Roast is a great tradition, and there’s many a pub to dip your feet into in London. The Guinea in Mayfair dates back to the 17th century, for example, The Churchill Arms in Kensington is a classic, and the Marquess of Anglesey does a roaring roast in Covent Garden. 

If you’re not in London on a Sunday, don’t worry because there’s always a great selection of other pub classics to try throughout the week, including fish and chips and steak and ale pies. 

11. Eat at Borough Market

Cool Things to do in London in April: Borough Market

The freshest produce starts to arrive in London in April, and there’s no better place to sample the capital’s food than Borough Market. Located around London Bridge, Borough Market has been in operation for centuries, and today, it’s best known for its excellent food stalls. 

With well over a hundred stalls to choose from, you’ll find artisanal cheese shops stocking the best English cheddars, vendors selling cakes and pastries, and Italian delis and Spanish charcuteries. Best of all is the incredible range of international dishes available, cooking everything from bao buns to mac and cheese. 

There you have it! The 11 best things to do in London in April. What are your favorite things to do while visiting London in April?



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