The Best Waterfalls in Bali, Indonesia

The 10 Best Waterfalls in Bali

We have lived in Bali on and off for five months. It has allowed us to soak in the amazing culture, great food, and all the incredible sights. Of the many places to visit in Bali, at least ONE of the waterfalls in Bali has to make it on the list.

If waterfalls are your thing, then you are in for a treat, because Bali has some amazing ones! After exploring the waterfalls in central and north Bali, we ranked our favorites. Read on to learn all about the 10 best waterfalls in Bali!

Content and photographs provided by Yana Kogan and Timon.

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The Top 10 Best Waterfalls in Bali

1. Tibumana Waterfall

Best Waterfalls in Bali: Tibumana
Long exposure of Tibumana

Tibumana Waterfall is a small, but picturesque waterfall and cracked into the list because of its accessibility from Ubud. It is a popular day trip, including other nearby waterfalls – Kanto Lampo, Tegenungan, and Tukad Cepung.

Located: 40 minutes east of Ubud
Walk: 5 minutes from the parking.
Entry Cost: 10K Rupiah

2. Munduk Waterfall

Bali Waterfalls: Munduk Falls
So much green around Munduk Falls!

This waterfall has an incredible amount of green foliage and moss all around the base of the falls. When there is no direct sunlight on the waterfall, it sure is pretty. Munduk falls is a good waterfall to visit with nearby Banyumala Twin Falls and the temples around Bedugul.

Located: Northern Bali near the village of Munduk and Lake Tamblingan, it is one and half hours from Ubud.
Walk: 15 minutes from the parking area.
Entry Cost: 2K Rupiah for parking and 20K for entry

3. Aling Aling Waterfall

Best Waterfalls in Bali: Aling Aling
Aling Aling Waterfall. Photo by Charlie and Lauren of Wanderers and Warriors

For all adventure junkies out there, Aling Aling is the best waterfall stop in Bali for cliff jumping. However, it comes with the highest cost. A guide is required to make sure you are safe while checking out the natural water slide or jumping from a 5-meter and 15-meter cliff.

Aling Aling is the main waterfall, but there are three other falls included in the price which have different cliff-jumping opportunities. It is one of the waterfalls in Bali that is action-packed and is the most fun.

Located: Northern Bali not far from Lovina, it is a 2-hour drive from Ubud.
Walk: 15 minutes from the parking area.
Entry Cost: For just viewing the waterfall without a guide (no swimming), it is a 10K Rupiah entry. If you want to swim or cliff jump, it is 125K Rupiah which includes a guide. Parking is 2K Rupiah.

4. Nungnung Waterfall

Bali Waterfalls: Nungnung
Getting pictures from this side of Nungnung was tough with all the mist!

Nungnung is one of the popular waterfalls in Bali up north that is often part of a waterfall tour. There is not much around Nungnung, but this is a good first stop from Ubud to other waterfalls in the north. This is a very powerful waterfall, so there is a lot of mist going to the right side of the waterfall. This makes the left side the best place to relax and leave your belongings.

Because of its popularity, it is best to get here as early as possible.

Located: Between Ubud and Bedugal in central Bali, it is a one-hour drive from Ubud.
Walk: Steep 20-minute walk from the parking area.
Entry Cost: 12K Rupiah

5. Gitgit Waterfall

Best Waterfalls in Bali: Gitgit
Side view of Gitgit Falls

There are a few waterfalls called Gitgit as we drove up north, this is the “official” Gitgit Waterfall. The other popular one is called Air Terjun Campuhan, also known as Gitgit Twin Falls. There is a large parking area, where you have to cross the street to the footpath.

Gitgit is a single-drop waterfall. The river is not too deep, so you can get creative with different spots in the flowing water. Our favorite shot though was from up on the trail to the right side.

Located: Northern Bali, Gitgit is a little under 2 hours from Ubud.
Walk: An easy 20 minutes from the parking area.
Entry Cost: 20K Rupiah

6. Tegenungan Waterfall

Must See Waterfalls in Bali: Tegenungan
The trail at Tegenungan leads to this massive waterfall

Tegenungan seems to be the busiest and one of the most visited waterfalls in Bali. It is built up for tourism, with a ton of restaurants and shops at the top parking area. There is a nice viewpoint of the waterfall before all the steps. It is a long way down, but good concrete steps lead to a smaller waterfall, or “natural massage,” and to the massive Tegenungan.

There are several spots for great pictures on each side of the waterfall. There is a swing you can pay to take pictures on, and a trail leads up to the top of the falls. Just below the top of the falls is our favorite spot, where you can get close to the waterfall with pictures of the dropping cliffs.

If you want to enjoy this waterfall “almost” to yourself, make sure to get here no later than 7am. Large crowds start arriving by 8am.

Located: Just south of Ubud, it is a 20 to 30-minute drive.
Walk: A 2-minute walk to the viewpoint followed by a steep 20-minute walk to the base of falls.
Entry Cost: 15K Rupiah

7. Banyumala Twin Falls

Must See Waterfalls in Bali: Banyumala
The beautiful Banyumala Twin Falls

Banymala was an adventure to get to, but it was oh, so worth it. The gentle flowing waterfall is beautiful. This is one of the best waterfalls for swimming in Bali as there is not a strong current and a large deep pool underneath the falls. Getting here is a journey. 

The last few kilometers of road are pretty bad. There is a parking area “at the top” where most people walk from here. It is possible to continue driving a scooter to the ticket booth if you are a very confident driver, but we would encourage everyone to park at the top and walk down. It is a 15-minute walk on a steep sandy path with two small rivers to cross over. From the ticket booth, it is a 5-minute walk down to the waterfall.

Located: North of Lake Buyan, Banyumala is a one and half hour’s drive from Ubud.
Walk: It is a 20-minute walk from the top parking area and 5-minutes from the ticket booth.
Entry Cost: 15K Rupiah

8. Kanto Lampo Waterfall

Must See Waterfalls in Bali: Kanto Lampo
From the side of Kanto Lampo where you enter the waterfall

One of our favorite waterfalls in Bali and the most “playful” would definitely be Kanto Lampo. This waterfall does not get as crowded as nearby Tegenungan because you have to walk through waist-deep water to get the best shots. You can climb up on the rocks in several spots and with a very dark setting, this is the sexiest of all waterfalls in Bali.

Located: 40 minutes east of Ubud, Kanto Lampo is close to Tibumana and Tegenungan Waterfalls.
Walk: Five minutes from the parking area.
Entry Cost: 10K Rupiah

9. Sekumpul Waterfall

Must See Waterfalls in Bali: Sekumpul
Sekumpul comes into view from several viewpoints on the way down

The Sekumpul waterfall is the tallest and one of the most popular waterfalls in Bali. Waterfall tours to the north are usually highlighted with a stop here. There are a few viewpoints of the waterfalls on the long way down, and then there are several great places to get creative with pictures.

The waterfall is strong, so there is a lot of mist in certain spots which can make it difficult for photos. We spent a lot more time here than at other waterfalls waiting for the right lighting and fewer crowds. It is best to come early in the morning for the best lighting. The drive here is on a narrow winding road down a mountain from Bedugul.

Watch out for all the scammers with signs all over the area that say waterfall parking and registration. Make sure to go to the official parking (the last one).

Best Waterfalls in Bali: Sekumpul
Sekumpul is the tallest and one of the best waterfalls in Bali!

Located: Northern Bali, Sekumpul is in the small village of Bebetin, 2 hours from Ubud.
Walk: It is a 40-minute walk from the parking area.
Entry Cost: 5K for parking, 20K for waterfall entry. Additional 15K for nearby Fiji Waterfall.

10. Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Bali Waterfalls: Tukad Cepung
Tukad Cepung cave waterfall

The Tukad Cepung is our favorite waterfall in Bali. It is by far the most unusual and has two different spots to take amazing photos. It used to be a “secret waterfall,” but Instagram has definitely added to the hype and it is getting much busier than in the past.

Before arriving at the waterfall, there are a few large boulders which are a great spot for pictures. The waterfall is essentially inside a cave. For those lucky to visit on a sunny day, you can get the most amazing sun rays inside the gorge, making this waterfall look like it is straight out of a fairy tale.

There are a few stairs leading down into a narrow slot canyon where a stream is located. You have to walk through the stream in a couple of spots, and the waterfall is at the end of the gorge.

Located: Central Bali, Tukad Cepung is 1-hour east of Ubud.
Walk: 15 minutes from the parking area.
Entry Cost: 15K Rupiah

To Scoot or Not to Scoot?

The best way to get around Bali is to rent your own scooter and explore on your own. With that being said,  driving in Bali is special. The traffic is hectic and learning to safely overtake cars can be a struggle. Every fourth tourist in Ubud has some sort of bandage on their arms and legs from a scooter accident, and hopefully not a bad one.

Our best advice is to follow how the Balinese drive and take cues from them. If you aren’t interested in renting a scooter, the best way to get around is to hire a private driver. Renting a scooter for 1 day in Ubud is 50k – 60k. Hiring a driver and car in Ubud is between 500k to 600k for a 10-hour day including petrol.

Best Waterfall Itineraries in Bali

Ubud Waterfalls

Starting from Ubud, leave early (6:30 am early) to Tegenungan waterfall before the crowds arrive. From there, head to Tibumana for some great photo ops. Then, head to Tukad Cepung in time to catch the rays descending into the cave. On the way back to Ubud, cool off with a swim at Kanto Lampo waterfall.

Northern Bali Waterfalls

From Ubud (or wherever you are staying), head to Nungnung waterfall for the first stop. From there, drive to Sekumpul waterfall, one of Bali’s prettiest waterfalls. Then decide what sort of adventure you want. If you’re into cliff jumping head to Aling Aling Waterfalls for an adventure tour. If not, explore Gitgit Waterfall and Banyumala Twin Falls.

Waterfall Packing List

  • Quick-dry towel or sarong
  • Sunscreen
  • Bathing suit ***most waterfalls don’t have a changing room
  • Hiking shoes or sneakers
  • Dry bag for valuables
  • Waterproof camera
  • Camera (I use a Canon 5D MIV)
  • Tripod

That’s it – enjoy swimming in these majestic waterfalls in Bali!

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