The Best Places to Visit in the USA in the Spring

The 15 Best Places to Visit in the USA in the Spring

With freezing temperatures and tons of snowfall, some of the best travel destinations in the US shut down for the winter. But for other locations, summer is too hot to handle, with soaring temps keeping guests away.

But spring is a sweet spot for travel in the USA. With mild weather and the return of festival season in many of the country’s biggest cities, there’s no shortage of things to do and see in the US in spring.

Planning a spring vacation and wondering where to go? We’ve compiled a list of the best places to visit in spring in the USA, from cities bursting with color to smaller towns with a lot to offer. Pick your favorite destination from this list, and you’re bound to have an amazing spring trip!

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15 Incredible Spring Vacation Destinations in the USA

1. See the Tulips in Portland, Oregon

Places in the US to Visit in Spring: Portland, Oregon

Although Portland is known as the City of Roses, which don’t tend to start blooming until the end of spring, the city is also home to plenty more beautiful blooms that come out in spring. Nearby Woodburn is where you’ll find the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in spring, with fields upon fields of blooming tulips!

You’ll also find several locations around Portland painted pink from the cherry blossoms, including the Portland Japanese Garden, during your spring travel. And with the winter weather melting away, you can enjoy the scenic hiking trails around Portland to take in the wildflowers and waterfalls.

2. Enjoy Festival Season in Chicago

Best USA Destinations to Visit in Spring: Chicago

Like Portland, Chicago is one of the best places to travel in spring, thanks to all its blooming gardens. But another of the biggest reasons to visit Chicago during the spring season is because there’s always something to do.

Throughout spring and summer, Chicago is home to many festivals. Spring brings about Uncorked: Chicago Wine Festival, Sueños Music Festival, Mayfest, and much more. No matter when you visit in spring, you’re bound to see some kind of celebration happening in Chicago.

3. Attend All the Festivals in New Orleans

Best Places to Visit in the US during Spring: New Orleans

If you’re looking to do some spring travel and want to go somewhere that’s bursting with events, head to New Orleans. In spring, New Orleans is where you’ll find tons of festivals. Whether you’re a book lover looking for a literary festival, a craft beer fan, a music aficionado, or a movie buff, there is a festival for you in New Orleans in spring!

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4. See the Tulips in Holland, Michigan

What Places to Visit in USA during Spring: Spring Holland, Michigan

For another festival that’s focused on beautiful blooms, Holland is one of the coolest places to travel in spring due to its annual Tulip Time event. Perhaps the only place that matches Holland, Michigan, in terms of the number of tulips is, well, the other Holland in Europe it gets its name from.

Throughout the festival, which arrives in May, you’ll see millions of tulips in different locations around the city, take part in Dutch festivities, and enjoy carnivals, concerts, and art exhibits. 

5. See More Blooms in Skagit Valley, Washington

Must Visit Places in the US during Spring: Skagit Valley, Washington

Like Portland and Holland, Skagit Valley is a hotbed of blooming tulip beds. April brings about the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, which lasts all throughout the month and is the biggest tulip festival in the US. 

You’ll see millions of blooming tulips and take part in tons of activities that are fun for the whole family. In addition to tulips, you’ll also see daffodils, irises, and lilies in bloom here throughout the spring.

6. Marvel at a Very Pink Macon, Georgia

Must See Places in USA during Spring: Macon, Georgia

There are many places around the US and the world that hold festivals focused on cherry blossoms in the spring. But Macon has the title of the “Cherry Blossom Capital of the World” with more than 350,000 Yoshino cherry blossom trees, which is why the city is home to the International Cherry Blossom Festival.

Taking place in March, this festival features parades, parties, contests, races, concerts, and more family-friendly fun.

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7. Enjoy a Blossoming Washington, DC

Places in the US to Visit in Spring: Washington, DC

Macon may be where to find the International Cherry Blossom Festival, but Washington, DC, is another one of the best places to visit in spring with famous cherry blossoms. Spring brings about the National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC, a multi-week, city-wide event with parades, street fairs, a kite festival, art installations, and much more.

8. Take a Scenic Ride through Hill Country

Best USA Destinations to Visit in Spring: Texas Hill Country

Who says that the best spring vacations have to be in one location? Texas’s Hill Country is comprised of several small and scenic towns. 

Check out the enchanting Fredericksburg, which looks like it came out of a German fairy tale. Or head to Llano and Burnet, where you’ll find some of the best fields of bluebonnets that are sure to be in bloom in spring. And don’t miss out on wine tasting throughout the many towns.

9. Revel in the Slow Season in Orlando

Best Places to Visit in the US during Spring: Orlando

With Orlando being such a family-friendly destination, it’s no wonder it’s always packed with people in the summer when kids are off from school. But especially if you want to visit its many theme parks, like Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando, Orlando is one of the best places to visit in spring.

You’ll deal with lower crowd levels and much more mild weather than the sweltering days of summer. Plus, you’ll also get many spring events, like the Flower & Garden Festival in EPCOT and Universal Orlando’s Mardi Gras celebration. 

One note, though, is to try to avoid going during spring break weeks. The crowd levels tend to be higher during those weeks as kids aren’t in school.

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10. Marvel at Scenic Views in Pigeon Forge

What Places to Visit in USA during Spring: Spring Pigeon, Forge

Wake up each morning in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, to rolling hills blooming with wildflowers and spend the day enjoying the moderate temperatures that you just can’t get during the summer season. Pigeon Forge offers one of the best spring vacations, especially if you’re traveling with family. 

You’ll find Dollywood nearby, with all its roller coasters and family-friendly events. But what you won’t find are the high crowd levels that arrive with summer.

11. Go Skiing in Aspen

Must Visit Places in the US during Spring: Aspen

When you think of things to do in the spring in the USA, you likely don’t imagine skiing being on that list. But in Aspen, ski season lasts until mid-April in some locations and all the way until the end of April in others. Plus, the winter ski crowds tend to disperse at the start of spring, meaning that you’ll get to enjoy less busy slopes.

12. Take in Some History in Boston

Must See Places in USA during Spring: Boston

Boston is another great option when it comes to the best spring vacations because spring really sees the city awaken from its winter slumber. Some of the most fun things to do in Boston, like the Duck Tours or the Swan Boats, close down for the winter and only come back when the weather is warm. 

Plus, no one really wants to walk the Freedom Trail when you might have to deal with below-freezing temperatures. Spring also marks the return of baseball season, and there’s no better place to watch a game than Fenway Park!

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13. Enjoy Tucson Before it Heats Up

Places in the US to Visit in Spring: Tucson

Tucson can get so hot in the summer that you don’t want to be outside at all. But in spring, you can enjoy the city’s scenic beauty with more mild temperatures. Throughout spring, you’ll find wildflowers abound, from poppies to lupines, and with the temperatures not yet scorching, you can enjoy your day outside, taking it all in.

14. Take a Carriage Ride through Charleston

Best USA Destinations to Visit in Spring: Carriage Ride through Charleston

Charleston is a lovely, historic city that’s one of the best places to travel in spring. In addition to enjoying the city’s streets on a carriage ride that’ll take you back in time, you can also enjoy several events in Charleston in the spring.

Formerly known as the Annual Festival of Houses & Gardens, the Charleston Festival arrives in the spring to celebrate the city’s history, architecture, and culture. It’s one of the city’s biggest annual celebrations. Other events that arrive in spring include music festivals, seafood festivals, and art showcases.

15. Go Hiking at Joshua Tree National Park

Best Places to Visit in the US during Spring: Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is gorgeous in spring with all its blooming wildflowers. Spring is one of the best times to visit this national park, which can often get so hot in the summer that hiking isn’t a safe idea. But in spring, you’ll be able to hike with more mild temperatures, as well as lower crowd levels.

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There you have it! The 15 best places to visit in spring in the USA. What’s your favorite spring travel destination? Let us know in the comments!

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