The Best Restaurants in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

The 10 Best Restaurants in Ubud for Adventurous Foodies!

Welcome to Ubud, Bali‘s beautiful cultural oasis. Here, lush landscapes, serene yoga retreats, and inspirational artwork meet culinary excellence. Whatever type of food you’re craving, you’ll never have to look far for incredible eats in this thriving hub.

The best restaurants in Ubud aren’t limited to one area – you’ll find them all over the place! From local warungs and vibrant night markets to eco-friendly cafes and fine dining restaurants, the essence of Balinese dining is incredibly accessible, whatever your budget, location, or craving.  

If you’re ready to experience the finest bites that Bali’s cultural center has to offer, then you’re in luck. We’ve worked our way through the best restaurants in Ubud and put together a list of the top places to eat. Stick to these excellent foodie hangouts, and you’re sure to have an amazing time sampling the very best food in Ubud!

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The 10 Best Restaurants in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

1. Restaurant Nusantara

Cool Restaurants in Ubud: Restaurant Nusantara
Images courtesy of Restaurant Nusantara

One of the top restaurants in Ubud when it comes to local Indonesian food, Restaurant Nusantara specializes in high-end eats from all over the 17,000+ islands that make up the sprawling archipelago. 

Here, you can be sure of an authentic Balinese experience, with all dishes made using age-old cooking techniques, local ingredients, and traditional serving styles that epitomize the culinary culture. 

The food here tastes every bit as good as it looks, with fresh, seasonal ingredients guaranteeing every mouthful is bursting with flavor. We suggest ordering a few of the small dishes to share. The lapis daging (flavor-packed braised beef brisket), perkedel nike (crunchy corn fritters seasoned with salted fish), and sambal gami (spicy marinated clams and baby squid) are superb! 

2. Melali Ubud

If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, Melali Ubud serves up some of the best food in Ubud. One of the best Ubud restaurants for Moroccan cuisine, this popular dining hotspot will make you feel like you’ve been transported to Marrakech as soon as you arrive.

The interior is adorned with beautifully patterned Middle Eastern cushions and a personal collection of framed pictures, giving the place a welcoming, homey vibe. Indoor and outdoor seating is available, so it’s a great spot, whatever the weather.

Browse through the extensive menu and you’ll find everything from sweet smoothie bowls, hearty salads, and fresh seafood to loaded wraps, healthy protein bowls, and homemade desserts. We definitely recommend the signature flatbreads – the falafel and hummus variety (made with beet hummus!) was our favorite.

3. Honey & Smoke

Must Visit Restaurants in Ubud: Honey & Smoke
Images courtesy of Honey & Smoke

A modern Australian restaurant, Honey & Smoke is the place to go when you’re looking for where to eat in Ubud for amazing wood-fired eats. Don’t be fooled into thinking this place is your run-of-the-mill steakhouse. One glance at the menu, and you’ll realize it’s a much more innovative, creative place to spend an evening.

All the dishes here are enhanced by delicious cooking techniques that incorporate wood and charcoal fire. We suggest you opt for the “Feed Me Menu” because it gives you the chance to try a little bit of everything. 

Grilled scallops with chili butter, aged snapper with blood orange, soy-glazed peppercorn chicken, and charred pumpkin with ricotta cheese are just some of the eight dishes you’ll get to feast on! 

4. Milk & Madu Ubud

Ask any local what the best restaurants in Ubud are for breakfast and Milk & Madu is bound to crop up. After becoming unbelievably popular in Canggu, the early morning favorite decided to expand and move to Ubud. Here, you can immerse yourself in effortlessly cool and tropical surroundings while sipping iced coffee and devouring all-day breakfasts. 

Not into sky-high pancake stacks, protein-packed chia bowls, loaded breakfast sandwiches, or overflowing egg skillets? No worries – there are plenty of other things on the menu. 

From midday, you can order from a plethora of healthy poke bowls, giant burgers, stuffed wraps, pasta dishes, crispy salads, and sharing plates. The gourmet pizzas (especially the truffle mushroom cacio e pepe) are some of the best in town.

5. Cerita Manisan

Cerita Manisan stands out from other restaurants in Ubud due to its focus on history and heritage. Here, you’re invited to dine on Indonesian and South East Asian dishes that have been inspired by ancient kingdoms and spice routes dating back centuries. The refined menu, along with the spectacular surroundings, make this dining spot an excellent choice for date night.

The open-air setting of Cerita Manisan means that no matter where you’re seated, you have a stunning view of lush gardens and the green rice paddy fields that surround it. Start with the tahu isi sauce kacang (stuffed crispy tofu with peanut sauce) before diving into a generous serving of dendeng balado (tender beef slices cooked in coconut water). Finish your meal off by pairing your main with the spicy sambal of your choice.

6. Casa Luna

Best Restaurants in Ubud: Casa Luna
Images courtesy of Casa Luna

Casa Luna has been one of the best places to eat in Ubud for more than 30 years. This long-established restaurant creates a unique vibe with its combination of traditional wooden furniture, open-air design, and modern twists on authentic Balinese eats.

Plant-based dishes play a huge role here and are tempting enough to win over even the most determined carnivores. The tofu, tempeh, and organic pumpkin fries with tomato sambal guacamole are always a huge hit. 

For something a little more authentic, try the laksa glass noodles with tofu curry, gado gado tempeh salad smothered in peanut sauce, or the addictive homemade dumplings stuffed with your choice of duck and eggplant, tofu and lemon basil, or pork and shrimp. This place definitely serves up some of the best food in Ubud!

7. The Sayan House

What Restaurants to Try in Ubud: The Sayan House
Images courtesy of The Sayan House

Can’t decide what to eat in Ubud? You’ll definitely find something to order at The Sayan House. This unique dining spot blends Japanese and South American dishes to create an incredible menu bursting with deliciousness.

Guacamole sushi rolls dressed with chili mayonnaise, tacos loaded with teriyaki chicken, duck breast served with wasabi mashed potatoes, and tuna croquettes paired with avocado salsa are just some of the delights you can expect.

The Sayan House is one of the few restaurants in Ubud that stock an impressive collection of natural wines made by artisanal growers from around the world. If wine isn’t your thing, there are some fantastic cocktails to choose from that combine Japanese and South American flavors, just like the food.

8. Alchemy

One of the most popular Ubud restaurants for creative and adventurous vegan eats, Alchemy is the place where magic happens. Here, simple, raw, and plant-based ingredients are combined in such remarkable ways that you’ll never want to eat any other kind of food ever again.

From chia puddings, green waffles, and smoothie bowls for breakfast to medicinal soups, superfood salads, and gourmet pizzas for lunch and dinner, there’s absolutely loads to choose from here. The smoky jackfruit burger with caramelized onion and the Philadelphia maki nori made with cauliflower sesame rice are incredible.

Be sure to order some of the raw chocolate truffles to take with you before you leave. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the wholesome, indulgent flavors of Alchemy for days!

9. Rüsters Restaurant

Rüsters is so much more than one of the top restaurants in Ubud. This sprawling estate incorporates a sunset bar, concept store, pottery studio, coffee roastery, and cafe, as well as a superb dining room. 

While this hidden gem is best known for its freshly picked, roasted, and brewed coffee, we especially loved the family-style dining concept that encourages you to share with everyone at your table. Each sharing tasting menu features 10 unique dishes, available with an optional wine pairing that’s definitely worth splashing out on.

Not a fan of sharing? Rüsters Restaurant has you covered. Dig into everything from crispy duck with bao buns and seafood tortellini with laksa sauce to babi guling croquettes and Wagyu tomahawk steaks with chimichurri on the a la carte menu.

10. Mozaic Gastronomic Restaurant

Unique Restaurants in Ubud: Mozaic Gastronomic Restaurant
Images courtesy of Mozaic Gastronomic Restaurant

Possibly home to the very best food in Ubud, the Mozaic Gastronomic Restaurant is an award-winning dining space that blows hungry foodies away with a unique dinner and show experience. 

Here, you can choose from a handful of menus served in different sections of the restaurant. While the fine dining experience in the dining room offering a seasonal and botanical menu with options of 6 or 8 courses. They also have tasting rooms where they offer casual dining featuring an open kitchen and walk-in wine room.

Tucked away from the rest of the restaurant in a private dining room, this one-of-a-kind experience invites you to take a front-row seat as you watch the action unfold. You’ll be treated to a 7-course menu that awakens all your senses, beginning with a surprise amuse bouche and ending with delicate petit fours.

There you have it! The 10 best restaurants in Ubud, Bali. What are your favorite places to eat in Ubud? Let us know in the comments.



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