Guide to Biking Across Savii Island in Samoa

Ultimate Guide to Biking Across Savii Island in Samoa

When traveling in New Zealand, we met a woman who raved about Samoa. She had been to Samoa before and mentioned that she biked around the entire island of Savaii. At that moment, we knew we were in for a week of biking – a nice change of pace from getting around by bus.

Biking across Samoa would allow us more freedom and we could cruise the island at a leisurely pace. With 90% humidity and scorching heat by 9 am, we think we overestimated ourselves. But, was it worth it? Hell yes!!!

Our first day of biking started mid-day. It felt like we lost five pounds just in perspiration alone. Luckily, this is Samoa and meals are enormous. The second day got better. The scenery was nice, the ride was flat, and we cruised into Manase before lunchtime for a two-day stay.

Our third-day biking was the real knee wrencher, literally. Yana’s knee was bothering her the second half of the day. It was 90 degrees and humid. Although Yana hates to admit it, no matter how little I work out, I seem to be cruising right by her. This might be why she got mad at me for no reason and we got into a fight. Maybe it was the heat. Maybe the knee. Just a few miles later, ice cream seemed to solve both our marital and her knee problems.

We pushed on. A day off at Falealupo was a perfect rest from the longest biking day. We enjoyed Savaii’s best beach with our new Aussie honeymooner friends – Tom and Mindy!

By now we were in a groove and biking seemed easy. A scenic ride down the South Coast, rock arches, some of the best snorkeling we have ever done, massive blowholes, and a relaxing waterfall to swim in closed out a perfect week on Savaii.

Read on to learn more about the ultimate biking guide across Savii Samoa!

Content and photographs provided by Yana Kogan and Timon.

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Best Time to Visit Samoa

The shoulder season between May and September is the best time to visit Samoa, especially when planning to cycle. The weather is better, but be ready for hot days and nearly 100% humidity. Always bring extra clothes and quick-dry is the way to go!

How to Get to Savaii

Samoa Biking Adventure

There are two ferries between Upolu and Savaii. The Lady Samoa 3 is the larger ferry (smoother ride and quicker) and runs two to three times per day. The Samoa Express runs less frequently Monday through Saturday.

Times start from 6:00am departing Salelologa (Savaii) and 8:00am departures from Mulafinua (Upolu), but the schedule changes each month. The cost for the ferry is 12 Tala per person. The bike is an additional 10 Tala. Getting from Apia to Mulafinua is one hour by bus (4 Tala) or by taxi (60 Tala). Check out ferry schedules here.

Where to Rent Bikes

Samoa Biking Trip

Outdoor Samoa is next to the Airport Lodge, located 3 km past Mulifanua Wharf. Owned by a super friendly and energetic couple from New Zealand, Ross and Frances are very helpful in arranging tours and self-guided trips in Savaii and Upolu.

The bikes are very good quality and relatively new. The cost for a mountain bike rental is 65 Tala per day or 280 Tala per week. Bike rentals come with a good-sized handlebar bag for valuables, pump, spare tube, tool kit, lock, and helmet. The rental of panniers, child bikes, kiddy seats, snorkel gear, and kayaks (for tours or Manono Island trips) are available for extra costs.

Guide to Biking in Savaii

How to Bike Samoa

Total distance: 126.5 miles / 203.6 kilometers
Total elevation gain: 4,036 feet / 1,230 meters
Time: 13 hours biking*

*Time only includes actual bike time, not including any breaks longer than five minutes or stops at any activities.

Day One

Biking Samoa: Day One

Outdoor Samoa to the Mulafinua wharf, ferry to Savaii, then from Salelologa wharf to Lano.

Total distance: 12.5 miles / 20.1 kilometers
Total elevation gain: 177 feet / 54 meters
Time: 1 hour 20 minutes

The first day was an easy and flat ride, although arriving mid-day in the heat was a little unbearable at times. The first half of the ride was busy with cars. For most of the day, we passed through small villages with children yelling “bye-bye” until reaching our first stop, Lano.

Stay: Lauiula Beach Fales has several beach fales with excellent dinner and breakfast included, managed by a very adorable Croatian couple. 60 Tala per person.

Day Two

Biking Samoa: Manase Beach

Lano to Manase Beach

Total distance: 19.2 miles / 30.9 kilometers
Total elevation gain: 384 feet / 117 meters
Time: 1 hour 45 minutes

The road opens up and there is much less traffic. There are a few hills. Most of this biking day was inland. We made one stop at the Sale’aula Lava Fields and the Lava Church (5 Tala pp). Swimming with Turtles is nearby in Fagamalo; however, we do not recommend this. This sanctuary keeps the turtles in a large cage in a murky lagoon. They allow people to touch and even pick up the turtles. It is best to see these beautiful creatures in their natural environment.

Stay: Tailua Beach Fales, $60pp

Manase Beach Fales

Samoa Biking Trip: Manase Beach

Regina’s – nice grounds with basic fales, thin mattress, small with ~10 fales, retention wall, and no beach at high tide. Breakfast and dinner included. (70 Tala pp)
Vacations –nice main eating area, OK fales with chairs out front, retention wall with no beach. Breakfast and dinner included. Mid-sized with ~15 fales. Sunday Umu is available. Stated the price is 90 Tala pp, but quickly went down to 70 Tala saying it was a discount.
Tailua –nice grounds with cute fales. Nice beach access with the best water for swimming. Breakfast and dinner included. Smaller with ~10 false. (70 Tala pp)
Janes –The most rundown of the fales, but the nicest beach, enclosed false, and large grounds with 20+ fales. Breakfast and dinner included. (70 Tala pp, but will go down to 55 Tala)
Tanu –
Large grounds with 20+ fales, ok fales, retention wall with no beach. Breakfast and dinner included. Sunday Umu and fiafia. (70 Tala pp)
Stevenson’s – resort with AC rooms and luxury beach fales. Swimming pool and beach bar. Beach fales are 220 Tala for the entire fale, breakfast included. (Day use of pool facilities is available for 20 Tala, or 10 Tala with lunch).

Day Three

How to Bike Samoa: Day Three

Off day at Manase Beach.

Day Four

Samoa Biking Adventure: Day Four

Manase to Falealupo

Total distance: 35.6 miles / 57.3 kilometers
Total elevation gain: 2,182 feet / 665 meters
Time: 3 hours 45 min

The north coast of Savaii is a long stretch with hills and some tough inclines. There are only a few small villages between Samauga and Asau, so be sure to stock up on water. The road is inland until getting to Vaisala Bay, a scenic bay with beautiful turquoise water. This was a perfect place for a snack and rest.

It is a good option to stay the evening, but we continued to Falealupo. There were a few more inclines before reaching a big convenience store. A perfect stop for ice cream. It also was a perfect stop for Yana’s knee and a marriage consultation with some completely unnatural-looking yellow ice cream. It was delicious.

Shortly after, the road to Falealupo descended to the Northwestern most point of the island. The last few kilometers are on a sand/gravel road. The long day was worth the extra effort to have an off day at Falealupo. This was by far the best beach in Savaii and had great snorkeling.

Stay: Falealupo Beach Fales for 70 Tala pp, breakfast and dinner included.

**This is the longest and hardest day. For a shorter day, stop at Vaisala Beach Resort for 120 Tala for an AC room.

Day Five

Biking Samoa: Day Five

Off day at Falealupo

You can visit the Canopy Walk ($20 Tala), the House of Rock, the ancient star Mound, or the Mago Cave. Based on pictures and feedback from a few people who went, we do not recommend these places. Instead, enjoy Savaii’s best beach.

Day Six

Samoa Biking Trip: Day Six

Falealupo to Satuiatua

Total distance: 22.7 miles / 36.5 kilometers
Total elevation gain: 988 feet / 301 meters
Time: 2 hours 30 min

From Falealupo, there was a beautiful palm tree-lined road. We had a lot of inclines to get back to the paved road. From there, we headed south to Satuiatua. The road descended to Falelima where there is a rocky shoreline and a beautiful Sea Arch. These were some of the most scenic coastlines in Savaii.

There was another big climb up through small villages where there are cliffs, including the landmark Lovers Leap ($2 Tala). A gradual decline down to sea level ended in Satuiatua. We wish we had more time here. With large fales and excellent food, this also was the best snorkeling spot in all of Samoa.

Stay: Satuiatua Beach Resort, $75 pp breakfast buffet and dinner menu

Day Seven

How to Bike Samoa: Day Seven

Satuiatua to Salelologa

Total distance: 34 miles / 54.7 kilometers
Total elevation gain: 305 feet / 93 meters
Time: 3 hours 30 min

The finish to the ride was mostly flat making for an easy ride. There were a few nice scenic coastal areas as well as two major stops at the Alofa’aga Blowholes (5 Tala) and the Afu Aau Waterfall (5 Tala).

The blowholes were some of the most powerful we have ever seen, and normally there is only one. There were at least 10 blowholes. The waterfall was nice but did not blow us away. The best part about it was cooling off in the freshwater. We finished in town, which was a disappointment as the food was horrible but the options are limited.

Stay: There are several budget motels in town with rooms starting from 80 Tala.

Day Eight

Samoa Biking Adventure: Day Eight

Salelologa wharf, ferry ride, and then from Mulafinua wharf to Outdoor Samoa.

Total distance: 2.5 miles / 4.0 kilometer
Total elevation gain: 0 feet
Time: 10 minutes

A short day to get to the wharf to catch the ferry to Upolu. A quick ride from Mulafinua back to Outdoor Samoa completed our journey. Buses are typically available every 30-45 minutes back to Apia.

What to Bring on a Biking Trip

  • Quick clothing/workout clothes – IT IS HOT, so clothes that will dry easily work best
  • Lavalava – For the beach or around the villages
  • Bathing suit – There are a few beach days
  • Towel
  • Hydro Flask water bottle – We had two water bottles per person. Outdoor Samoa provides small water bottles (x2) with the rental.
  • Clothing for evenings
  • Camera
  • Dry bags or waterproof bags
  • Ziplock bags
  • Goggles or snorkeling gear
  • Alba sunscreen
  • Natrapel DEET free bug spray
  • Sunglasses – My favorite Ray-Ban folding Wayfarer glasses.
  • Cash

Important Things to Know

  • The only ATM in Savaii is in Salelologa. Make sure to bring enough cash for the entire stay. Several beach fales and resorts do take credit cards for a 3.5% fee.
  • Bike early in the morning to avoid the heat. Try to start each morning no later than 8 am.
  • The Panniers are waterproof, but the handlebar bag is not. Bring waterproof bags or dry bags for valuables and camera equipment. Ziplock bags are good for money and phones as well.
  • Dogs are not as aggressive as in Upolu; however, there were a few dogs who aggressively came after us on the bikes. If this happens, stop pedaling (they don’t like your moving feet), raise your hand as if throwing a rock (but don’t ever actually throw one), and yell “Aloo” (go away). That should always work.
  • Reserving fales ahead is not necessary, even during the busiest tourist season in July. Most fales were empty. The only exception might be the Falealupo Beach Fales on weekends, in which there were only 5 fales. Prices were cheaper and negotiable on arrival compared to booking ahead as well.
  • Sunday in Samoa is Church and family day. It is also a tradition to cook Umu. This is a perfect day for an off day to enjoy a free lunch. We planned our trip to have our Sunday as an off day in Manase where some fales offer a free lunch Umu in addition to breakfast and dinner.
  • Female bikers should all have a lavalava. While it is uncomfortable to wear while riding, keep it close by and wear it when in villages when not riding the bike. Always wear the lavalava on Sundays if outside of the beach fales.
  • Theft is not common but has occurred. Make sure to lock your bikes each night and keep your belongings locked up in your fale or with management.

That’s it – we hope you enjoy biking around Samoa!

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